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Returning to Runes of Magic "Starting Fresh in 2017"
Hello Friends! Welcome to the world of Taborea! Today I am taking a look at a pretty old free to play mmo that used to dominate the corner of F2P games. Does it still hold up today? Hopefully this helps you find out! Wanna play Runes of Magic? http://us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/news/index ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ⦁ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/kooliogaming ⦁ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/kooliotwitch ⦁ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/kooliotgaming ⦁ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/KoolioGaming ⦁ Discord - https://discord.gg/vxHhzEv ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Get AD-FREE BROWSING and SUPPORT your favorite Youtuber with Brave Browser! https://brave.com/koo142 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the Koolio Krew Shop for Awesome Gaming Gear! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/KrewClothes/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TIP JAR https://www.tiny.cc/KoolioGamingTips ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Great Gaming Discounts HERE! https://www.g2a.com/r/kooliogaming ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries contact me here dksmyles (at) gmail (dot) com
Views: 87250 Koolio Gaming
Runes of Magic First Impressions /w Kiyev - FREE TO PLAY Series #1
Sorry for the lack of streams lately, I've been busy with studies and work. :D I take my very first look into the Free to Play MMO called Runes of Magic. This First Impression series is something I'll be doing on a weekly basis. :)
Views: 866 Kiyev
Runes of Magic || Ice Blade Plateau by Asgard || Duo dps run - WD/W & S/WD
We had enough ppl online, so we could run second IBP party at the same time. Our party had only S/WD and WD/W as a dps but still it was eazy farm. I start recording a bit too late :( IBP such a boring now... new ini plx ^^ Sound track by NEFFEX: Rumors, Unstoppable, Smackd
Views: 4089 Robert aka Rey
Runes of Magic | SToT - Power of W/s and Wd/w Tank | Arcadia
Play Arcadia: https://playernetgames.com/games/runesofmagic/web/invite_en Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGIKvrkgfhkUObppHKtIzHA?sub_confirmation=1 Secret Temple of Tikal Not many guys play Warden or Warrior combos and just stick to S/wd so wanted to show a little of what they can do. We had Ch/p K/p Wd/s Wl/m buffers with Tac Smash and Midnight Ritual and the very rare physical attack sigil dropped for the W/s burn producing the whopping 652,030 pdmg on w/s!!! Wrote the diyce for w/s 15 min before we started our run because some of us are lazy but it yielded decent results. I am showing loot/scrutinizer at request of some viewers who asked to see the loot drops and scruti in future videos xd ♫♫Music list and Artists♫♫ Audiomachine - Unbroken ➥ https://www.facebook.com/audiomachine ➥ http://audiomachine.com/ ➥ https://twitter.com/audiomachine My PC Case Thermaltake Level 10 GT Motherboard MSI Gaming Z170A M7 CPU i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO GPU MSI GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4GB RAM CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16gb) PSU CORSAIR 750W Gold Storage SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB SSD Seagate BarraCuda 3TB Seagate SkyHawk 4TB Surveillance
Views: 1434 Calolim Games
Runes of Magic - CoE with 3 DPS
Got bored. 35 minute run :D
Views: 618 Wesley Fullmer
Runes of magic//How to 1 button!! w/wrd
addons: "tooltiplds" to see the ID from buff/debuff and "kitty combo" to make the actual combo. probably i will make a serie showing different combos for different classes, enjoy :D macro for kitty combo: /run Kitty.attack("");
Views: 218 rollhack
Runes of Magic -  PPK Crypt of Eternity  (Wd/W DPS)
Only person without IBW :(
Views: 866 Wesley Fullmer
Runes of Magic   s/w dod boss 1 rapemode
Messing around in DoD with soldiers attack. aka-fire training 2..before the next possible nerf bomb hits with ch4. this was without fire training and tambourine. and no, no sigil. 92k pattack, 13k dex for the fight.
Views: 1333 pazopeth
Clean stating - Runes of Magic
Clean stating gear starting at tier 6 with current stats (June 2017)
Views: 1136 DaydreamingInsomniac
W/k SOLO geba hoto runes of magic
W/K solo geba Us server artemis
Views: 14920 xinkai lin
Runes of magic -  Warrior/Mage IBP
recorded some w/m ibp last boss action last 2 days.
Views: 1753 Arcanenl
Runes of Magic- minigra na stepach tutorial- slowa w tle!!
Jak w tytule... Za bledy slowne sorry, ale krecone na spontana :]
Views: 5568 Rafał B
Ant queen DUO by w/k+p/k runes of magic
Ant queen DUO by w/k+p/k runes of magic
Views: 10156 xinkai lin
[Runes of Magic] Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep (Hard Mode) - First Boss: Golem Guardian
The only fun boss in the instance. Gotta use that w/m for once. Party: Kessa K/W Papa R/M Spam R/M Borella W/M Mearkin W/Wd Flyingcactus K/P Aleysha D/W Aristatic D/Wd Alts: Mylap wl/m Dance k/p Kaysia (not inside) wd/s Oblivionshadow (not inside) ch/p Jlin (not inside) m/wl
Views: 925 Borella RoM
runes of magic warrior/rogue 87 @ kolanda
17.14m damage as w/r t12 +16 87lvl 2h axe "Lifelessness" 126k physical attack ub (with title) 28464 ub str
Views: 1518 turska
Runes of Magic: tosh b6 vid 2/7 M/W
mattack buffing vs mdmg...no d/wd or p/s support buffages.
Views: 751 pazopeth
Runes of magic w/s DPS
Hello everyone this is my first runes of magic video, testing see how it looks hope you enjoy :D Its me showing how much damage i can do as a Warrior/scout lvl 50/50
Views: 27279 kyleandy777
Statowanie sprzetu w tym skrzydełek)   runes of magic ROM
Statowanie sprzętu w tym skrzydełek) - Runes of Magic ROM przepraszam za "yyyy-przerwy"
Views: 1412 Konrad Buzak
Runes of Magic #1 - NARESZCIE!!!!!!!!!!!
► Link do gry: http://bit.ly/1UWeAqI ► Kanał Purpose+: http://www.youtube.com/purposeplus ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/poorpose ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/japurpose ► Sklep: http://mrpurpose.cupsell.pl _________________________________________________
Views: 23940 Purpose
Runes of Magic - Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep [Easy Mode][Solo Wd/W]
Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep (Easy Mode Solo) Second time in the ini, so still have to learn, but besides B1 the rest are just nuke (as far as I can tell same in HM) B1 3:19 B2 12:36 B3 15:14 B4 18:35 B5 22:12
Views: 1127 Tami RoM
Runes of Magic K/W tank Skills.
Hello Well my Guild Notorious and I decided we needed a tank so we worked hard and made Earthquake my original main a Knight/warrior he was a Warrior/rogue but using a fruit of forgetting to make the rogue to a knight after 3 HARD long days we got the newly made knight side from lvl 1 to 52 Also managed to get his 50/50 elites :) Thanx to my Guild and I we will go far and i will make many videos of our accomplishments. Sadly Aftershocks gear my warrior/scout was all transferred to Earthquake so there will be no more Videos with him :( but in the long run i think you will still like these videos. Enjoy. Lvl 52/52 K/W Earthquake, Artimus Server, Guild Notorious.
Views: 34055 kyleandy777
Runes of magic Tomb of seven heroes Full Hard mode 5 man run
20.03.2012. Full tomb of 7 heroes Hard mode by Blackhand 5 ppl run. No st.Phoenix used in video, no attack or defense sigil used. Team : Druffbaum wd/warr, Booobs s/wd, Syndirail d/s, Trynda w/r and Fördärvlig r/s Server : Macantacht Guild : Blackhand Songs used in this video : Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson Transformers: The Score - Scorponok Two steps from hell - Invincible Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Sick puppies - Pitful Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get Darkseed - Speak Silence RAINTIME - Rolling Chances Blue Stahli - Everything You've Got
Views: 127076 MocniTROL
Lets Play Runes of Magic With Friends - Part 1
This is our first Video of the series. Setting up our Characters and complaining about the long download time for Runes Of Magic. -Psycho This is our first video for a let's play of the runes of magic mmorpg. I am the only person here who knows what the hell is going on Collin (cdiddy) and Brandon (psycho) have never played. In this video you get to see Brandon create his character and even better hear my (Alex/Alex5775) sexy voice (I am the crappy sounding one with the 200 dollar head set XD) -Alex5775
Views: 1667 Collin Alex Brandon
Runes of Magic - Crypt of Eternity after K/W nerf
Still doable, would have been better burns if our wl/m wouldn't fail every boss.
Views: 1734 Cannonize
Runes of Magic: m/w with nubsigil boss6
sigils are fun and stuffs
Views: 476 pazopeth
Runes of Magic - Fast Way to Get Gold (energy of justice)
**QUEST NERFED, NOW ONLY GIVES 100 POINTS. RUN WITH 2 PEOPLE ON SEPARATE CHANNELS. RIGHT BEFORE EVENT IS OVER, GO TO SAME CHANNEL, TURN-IN AND DO THE SAME FOR 2ND CHANNEL. ** It takes about 24 minutes to do this event, so it is pretty effecient. Some stats can pull up to 30 million gold...THATS NUTS! Energy of Justice is a form of Runes of Magic currency which you can use to trade at a EoJ vendor for stats / gear. This guide teaches you how to use this new currency to stat your gear, and/or obtain stats to sell and get gold. Which gear pulls what stats (sarlo zone) - http://goo.gl/YkFCQH Which gear pulls what stats (syrbal pass) - http://goo.gl/F3f2wJ To open this quest : Nick Ferry : An urgent Message | Leo Chansen Leo Chansen : Deconding | Leo Chansen | Enemy Camp Rampage | Shut Down the Energy Source Lenn Tysser : Recycling Weapon Resources | Lenn Tysser | Breaking the Siege Hanna Rey : Battlefield Brilliance | Hanna Rey Steve Capsen : The Experimenter's Permit -- www.twitch.tv/i1own0u/c/3136557&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=i1own0u&utm_medium=youtube
Views: 11469 A Step Into Seclusion
Runes of Magic Pillars of Morfan Pug with PPK
No K/w Maimed - Wd/W Lone - Wd/w Heim - Wd/s Xtwohanderx - R/m Kaysia - S/wd Sunleth - P/k And a bunch of alts.
Views: 621 Wesley Fullmer
Teraz dostał w pizde ;( Runes Of Magic
Runes of magic buff - 20% Deff
Views: 370 Mateusz Furmaniak
Runes of Magic: sandlord sephiroth solo m/w
this took a million tries..his 50% attack power debuff sux! didnt need the phoenix but a winblows update popup screwed me up at the very end
Views: 1000 pazopeth
Runes of magic -  Knight/Mage IBP
Trying some dps with k/m
Views: 1616 Arcanenl
runes of magic dod m/w electric bolt kill
was bored....figured i would see if electric bolt could kill him before he killed me since m/w so squishy
Views: 866 pazopeth
Runes of Magic  WA boss 1 solo- s/w burn
WTB my m/k's pdef...just soloing up through yawaka in RT-normal before ch4 :/
Views: 1156 pazopeth
Runes of Magic | Secret Temple of Tikal - Wrakal Nuke/Post W/M Buff | Arcadia
Play Arcadia: https://playernetgames.com/games/runesofmagic/web/invite_en W/m pro-afk-dps burn Wrakal in Mithras Guild after W/m buff Support - Wl/m, M/wl, Wd/s Music: Killabyte - Our Story [NCS Release] My PC Case Thermaltake Level 10 GT Motherboard MSI Gaming Z170A M7 CPU i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO GPU MSI GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4GB (1070 Gx8gb soon!) RAM CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16gb) PSU CORSAIR 750W Gold Storage SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB SSD Seagate BarraCuda 3TB Seagate SkyHawk 4TB Surveillance
Views: 519 Calolim Games
Runes of Magic W/R Solo Bloodthirsty Claw Guild Quntaqinte [Cath]
Quntaqinte[Cath] The Best Guild
Views: 2064 Incredible Raul
w/k + P/k DUO medusa hoto 5th  runes of magic
w/k + P/k DUO medusa hoto 5th runes of magic
Views: 3044 xinkai lin
Runes of Magic - Crypt of Eternity Hard Mode [POST K/W NERF]
So... this is the day after the patch that brought the level 92 zone. The patch brought a lot of changes to scout, changed K/W's taunt AD, and a few other things. I read the rage threads on EU/US side aswell :) There is a lot of rage on the forums saying this is going to kill endgame players, but it didn't... as the video shows. This will probably hurt mid level guilds more than anything. http://board.us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/board272-runes-of-magic-us/board284-gameplay/board295-player-vs-environment/85014-the-death-of-k-w/ Patch Notes: http://board.us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com/board272-runes-of-magic-us/board265-news-announcements/board269-technical-information/board270-official-patchnotes/85011-patch-6-3-0-2742-kashaylan-scout-rebalance-music-festival-bug-fixes-may-19th/
Views: 3656 A Step Into Seclusion
Runes of Magic Random instance 99 W/M 2h
Pedał na instancji :) Muza Mix
Views: 328 Adam Pakuła
Runes of Magic: Count Hibra Solo - W/S
My soloing Count Hibra - 88.7k HP (final boss in BG) with my 37W/25S. 2076 P.attack 879 P.damage 6889 HP 3243 P.defense
Views: 571 mmoxgold
Runes Of Magic W/K DPS @ Dorlos
Runes Of Magic
Views: 7329 Handy yonathan

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