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SECRET GARDEN - Adagio. Live In concert. A Night With Secret Garden. (HD).
SECRET GARDEN - Adagio. Live In concert. A Night With Secret Garden. (HD).
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Secret Garden - Adagio - Live - HD
Esta é a nona canção do álbum "Songs From A Secret Garden", de 1995. "Adagio" foi escrita na Espanha, enquanto trabalhava em um projeto em 1988. Isso é muito natural para mim, porque eu sempre tive uma grande vontade de definir a minha própria identidade criativa, enquanto trabalhava para outros artistas. Um equilíbrio criativo. Adagio é inspirada por Bach, o grande mestre. Então, muitas vezes fui tomado pela forte melancolia dos movimentos lentos da música de Bach. "Adagio" foi lançada originalmente em um livro de piano chamado "Nove Peças para Piano" para Maria e as outras crianças, em 1989, com o título "Onde Terminam as Palavras". Música é para mim mais forte do que palavras e quando eu não consigo encontrar palavras para expressar meus sentimentos, eu uso a música." Rolf-Lovland Nota : Adágio (do italiano Adagio) é um andamento musical lento, por consequência composições musicais com esse tempo são conhecidas como adágios. O termo deriva de "ad agio" (comodamente). Costuma situar-se entre 66 e 76 batidas por minuto em um metrônomo tradicional, sendo, portanto, mais rápido que o Lento e mais lento que o Adagietto e o Andante. São comumente adágios o segundo movimento de um concerto e o segundo ou terceiro movimento de uma sinfonia.
Secret Garden - Adagio HD 1080p
Weblinks / Partners http://www.vsmusicnet.com http://www.rocknews.gr Secret Garden - Adagio HD 1080p ( Remastered Sound ) Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing new instrumental music, also sometimes erroneously known as neo-classical music. Secret Garden features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer-pianist Rolf Løvland. The duo has sold over 3 million albums and won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway's second time in 1995, with the composition "Nocturne". It was the only time to date that a predominantly instrumental piece has won the Eurovision Song Contest, although a few Norwegian lyrics, written by screenwriter Petter Skavlan, were included to ensure that the entry adhered to the contest's rules. Norwegian singer Gunnhild Tvinnereim sang the song in the Eurovision Song Contest and Swedish nyckelharpist Åsa Jinder also guested on the occasion, although neither is a regular member of the group. Ten years earlier, Rolf Løvland also co-wrote the song "La det swinge" (Let it swing) that secured Norway its first Eurovision Song Contest victory in 1985.Their success at Eurovision spearheaded the success of their first album Songs from a Secret Garden. It sold a million copies around the world going platinum in Norway and Korea, gold in Ireland, Hong Kong and New Zealand and spending two years in the Billboard new-age charts in 1996 and 1997. Barbra Streisand adapted "Heartstrings" from this album as the song "I've Dreamed of You" on her A Love Like Ours album. She also used "Heartstrings" in her wedding to James Brolin. More...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Garden ........................................­­.......................................­.­................ This view is intended for personal use only and in no way aims to take advantage of any commercial opportunities on YouTube.
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Adagio appears on the album Songs From a Secret Garden. Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some as Neo-classical music. It features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Please, watch my new and better video editation of this brilliant piece:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHMKG1uzAEc
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Secret Garden- Adagio - HD
by Adriana Stella
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Secret Garden - Adagio ( Live In Norway 1999 )
FROM ''A NIGHT WITH SECRET GARDEN'' DVD The centerpiece of the DVD, “A Night with Secret Garden”, is the magical 90 minute live concert of the same name that was recorded in Lillehammer, Norway and aired extensively throughout the USA on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in the summer and fall of 1999. This time presented in Dolby Digital Surround Sound and PCM Stereo. There are 22 songs to experience with optional concert narration by Rolf Lovland. You will also discover a large amount of bonus material on the DVD in addition to the Lillehammer concert. After choosing one of 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and German), you are transported through a moongate (painted by Norwegian painter Tone Aanderaa) into a 3D Animation that arrives at the main menu. Here you are offered among other things, two 30 minute documentaries interviews that cover Secret Garden’s early days up to the present, a “Knowledge” section including a information and sound clips from all three of Secret Garden’s CD’s and a photo gallery. All of this visually framed and complemented by exquisite graphics and paintings.
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Secret Garden - Nocturne - Live - HD
Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing new instrumental music and consist of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer-pianist Rolf Løvland. The duo won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995, with the composition "Nocturne". For their performance at the Contest they featured two guest musicians; Norwegian vocalist Gunnhild Tvinnereim and Swedish nyckelharpist Åsa Jinder. I do not own any rights to this video or audio. Lyrics: Now left for a hard day Just live the hard way So the dark night may watch over you Nocturne.. No darf no flay With will give way When the dark night will leave us a day
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music:SECRET GARDEN - Adagio http://www.secretgarden.no Video edited by Andreea Petcu http://www.youtube.com/Newoceanflower2008
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* Raindrops ~ Secret Garden Adagio -  The Only Original Video in (HD 1080p)
Адажио - секретный сад (Дождевые капли) Я считаю, что это одна из моих лучших HD 1080p видео, которое я сделал. Если вы согласны опубликуйте ссылку I believe that this is one of my best HD 1080p video I made . If you agree share the link --------------------- I do not make any profit of this video . The copyrights of the music belong not to me. All rights to the respective owners.
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Secret Garden - Adagio...
Secret Garden - Adagio
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Secret Garden- Adagio - HD
Musica per sognare.registrazione sonora gestita da SME
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12.Secret Garden - ''Adagio''. ( A Night With Secret Garden ).
12.[HD] Secret Garden - ''Adagio''. ( A Night With Secret Garden ).
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Secret Garden- Adagio
This is the ninth song from Secret Gardens album Songs From a Secret Garden, from 1995. "Adagio was written in Spain while working on a project in 1988. This is quite natural for me as I have always had a great urge to define my own creative identity while working for other artists. A creative balance. Adagio is inspired by Bach, the great master. So often Ive been taken by the strong melancholy in Bachs slow movements. Adagio was originally released in a piano book called Nine Pianopieces for Maria and Other Children in 1989 with the title Where the Words End. Music is to me stronger than words and when I cant find words to express my feelings, I use music." -Rolf Lovland
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Secret Garden Full
01.Opening 0:00 02.The Rap 1:08 03.Songs From A Secret Garden 4:00 04.Pastorale 6:30 05.Children Of The River 10:15 06.Sigma 15:00 07.Nocturne 18:38 08.Steps 21:59 09.Passacaglia 26:17 10.Sona 30:10 11.Poeme 35:52 12.Moving 41:00 13.Adagio 44:29 14.Windancer 49:08 15.In Our Tears 52:51 16.Elan 58:17 17.Prayer 1:01:40 18.Heartstrings 1:06:43 19.Dreamcatcher 1:09:38 20.Celebration 1:14:30 21.Ode To Simplicity 1:19:40 22.Hymn To Hope 1:23:02 23.Dawn Of A New Century 1:28:07
Secret Garden - Adagio
Sirarpi Samvelyan - Viola, Yeghia Dolbakyan - Flute, Ani Fahradyan - Piano, Tsolak Manukyan - Guitar.
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Adagio from "Secret Garden"
2014 Solo and Ensemble Concert
Secret Garden
Secret Garden~Tolga Sunter
SECRET GARDEN  - Sona . Live In Concert. A Night With Secret Garden. (HD).
SECRET GARDEN - Sona . Live In Concert. A Night With Secret Garden. (HD).
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Klaudia Simonova - Secret Garden - Adagio
Клавдия Симонова (электроскрипка) - Secret Garden - Адажио. Концерт в клубе Радио Сити. 22.07.2015. Оф.сайт - www.artviola.ru
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By Yalcin Balkanci
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Secret Garden - Nocturne Live
Secret Garden - Nocturne Live Twitter https://twitter.com/LeandroMoikano Facebook https://www.facebook.com/leandro.moikano
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Secret Garden - Poeme - Live - Full HD
Poeme é uma da músicas que fazem parte do álbum "White Stones" de 1997 do duo Secret Garden. Official website : http://www.secretgarden.no/
Secret Garden - Adagio
Secret Garden - Adagio
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2046, Adagio
2046 Soundtrack, Adagio (David Agnew & Secret Garden)
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Secret Garden - Adagio
Composer : Fionnuala Sherry & Rolf Løvland
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HAUSER - Song from a Secret Garden
https://www.instagram.com/hausercello https://www.facebook.com/hauserofficial Hauser performing Song from a Secret Garden by Secret Garden with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, October 2017. Elisabeth Fuchs, conductor Filip Sljivac, piano Filmed and edited by MedVid production Sound and mixing by Morris Studio 2CELLOS
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Rolf Løvland - Adagio "Secret Garden" (HD)
(Kristiansand, 19 aprile 1955) è un compositore, direttore d'orchestra e musicista norvegese. Ha studiato al Conservatorio di Kristiansand. Nella sua carriera ha scritto numerose canzoni ed è il principale fautore del successo delle Bobbysocks all'Eurovision Song Contest 1985. Sue sono anche "Mitt Liv" e "Duett" che hanno rappresentato il paese scandinavo all'Eurofestival nel 1987 e nel 1994. Dal 1995 fa parte del duo dei Secret Garden che con la sua composizione "Nocturne" vinse l'Eurovision Song Contest e che da allora, dopo più di dieci anni di carriera, gode di un notevole successo a livello internazionale. Secret Garden è un duo irlandese/norvegese che suona musica new age e new instrumental. Il duo è formato dalla violinista irlandese Fionnuala Sherry (Naas, Irlanda) e dal compositore e pianista norvegese Rolf Løvland (Kristiansand, Norvegia, 1955). I Secret Garden hanno venduto più di 3 milioni di dischi e hanno rappresentato la Norvegia all'Eurovision Song Contest del 1995 con Nocturne, conseguendo la vittoria. È stata la prima ed unica volta in cui un pezzo quasi interamente strumentale ha vinto l'Eurovision Song Contest, per poter incontrare le regole del festival il gruppo affidò le parti vocali alla cantante Gunnhild Tvinnereim.[1] Grazie al loro trionfo all'Eurovision Song Contest anche il loro primo album Songs from a Secret Garden uscito alla fine del 1995 ebbe un successo notevole. Vendette un milione di copie in tutto il mondo e fu disco di platino in Norvegia e in Corea, disco d'oro in Irlanda, Hong Kong e Nuova Zelanda. Anche i loro album successivi sono entrati nella top ten della Billboard New Age charts. Barbra Streisand ha adattato Heartstrings trasformandola in I've Dreamed of You pubblicata nel suo album A Love Like Ours. La loro canzone You Raise Me Up, originariamente eseguita assieme a Brian Kennedy, è stata poi incisa da Josh Groban, dai Westlife e recentemente ne è stata fatta una cover in spagnolo intitolata Por ti seré interpretata dal gruppo Il Divo.
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Secret Garden - Adagio saxophone
Download this track here https://soundcloud.com/seqvence/secret-garden-adagio-saxophone
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ROLF LOVLAND - ADAGIO 2046 - Secret Garden - MELAN MESTRE - Lviv Opera House
"CINEMA GOES TO OPERA" ROLF LOVLAND - ADAGIO 2046 - Secret Garden Melani Mestre - arrangement & orchestration Leopolis Symphony Orchestra (Lviv - Ukraine) Melani Mestre - conductor 17th of September 2007 LVIV OPERA HOUSE
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10.Secret Garden - ''Poeme''. ( A Night With Secret Garden ).
10.[HD] Secret Garden - ''Poeme''. ( A Night With Secret Garden ).
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Secret Garden - Sona HD
Me encanta esta hermosisima canción en irlandés.
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secret garden-adagio greg
secret garden-adagio greg
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(HD 1080p) "Adagio" by Secret Garden,  Claude Monet
Adagio from the album "Songs From a Secret Garden" by the Norwegian Duo "Secret Garden". An enchanting piece of neo-classicism. Images from paintings by Claude Monet (1840 -- 1926), founder of French impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions.
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Adagio Secret Garden (guitar cover)
Аранжировка на заказ: https://goo.gl/GP4PPB ************************************************************** НОТЫ И ТАБЫ: http://guitar-arrangements.jimdo.com https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5a7216... ************************************************************** Sheet music and gtp 6 tabs: http://guitar-arrangements.jimdo.com/ ************************************************************** Видео-курс "Гитара для начинающих": https://goo.gl/McXcxi ************************************************************** МОЙ КАНАЛ: http://www.youtube.com/user/72Pasha ************************************************************** ГРУППА вКОНТАКТЕ: http://vk.com/public42042137 ************************************************************** ГРУППА НА FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AranzirovkiD... ************************************************************** TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dashikpav ************************************************************** Вы можете поддержать сайт: https://money.yandex.ru/to/4100116205... Яндекс Кошелёк: 410011620529887 Webmoney: Z126186369305 R617295301599 U594352441588 ************************************************************** аранжировки для гитары бесплатные аранжировки для гитары аранжировки для гитары ноты переложения для гитары гитарные аранжировки аранжировка для гитары табы аранжировки песен для гитары гитара в современной обработке гитара ноты обработки ноты переложение гитара переложение песен для гитары ноты песен для гитары скачать ноты для гитары мелодии для гитары ноты ноты для классической гитары ноты и табы для гитары ноты gtp гитара гитарные аранжировки ноты гитарные аранжировки табы гитарные аранжировки ноты табы #аранжировкидлягитары #бесплатныеаранжировкидлягитары #аранжировкидлягитарыноты #переложениядлягитары #гитарныеаранжировки #аранжировкадлягитарытабы #аранжировкипесендлягитары #гитаравсовременнойобработке #гитаранотыобработки #нотыпереложениегитара #переложениепесендлягитары #нотыпесендлягитары #скачатьнотыдлягитары #мелодиидлягитарыноты #нотыдляклассическойгитары #нотыитабыдлягитары #нотыgtpгитара #гитарныеаранжировкиноты #гитарныеаранжировкитабы #гитарныеаранжировкинотытабы
Adagio (2046) - Secret Garden (guitar cover)
Аранжировка П. Дашкевич Табы - Ноты (Tab); https://www.dropbox.com/s/c3h2pswicjh558k/adagio.rar?dl=0
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Secret Garden - Moving (live)
The song is taken form Secret Garden's album - "White Sone".
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Secret Garden - Heartstrings - Live - 3D & High Definition
Barbra Streisand adaptou a canção "Heartstrings" do álbum "Songs from a Secret Garden" como a canção "I've Dreamed Of You" no seu álbum "A Love Like Ours". Ela também usou "Heartstrings" no seu casamento com James Brolin.
Secret Garden - Adagio
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Jim Morrison - The Severed Garden (Adagio)
Wow, I'm sick of doubt Live in the light of certain South Cruel bindings. The servants have the power dog-men and their mean women pulling poor blankets over our sailors (And where were you in our lean hour) Milking your moustache or grinding a flower? I'm sick of dour faces Staring at me from the TV Tower, I want roses in my garden bower; dig? Royal babies, rubies must now replace aborted Strangers in the mud These mutants, blood-meal for the plant that's plowed. They are waiting to take us into the severed garden Do you know how pale and wanton thrillful comes death on a strange hour unannounced, unplanned for like a scaring over-friendly guest you've brought to bed Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws No more money, no more fancy dress This other kingdom seems by far the best until it's other jaw reveals incest and loose obedience to a vegetable law. I will not go Prefer a Feast of Friends To the Giant Family. ========================================= Wow, estoy harto de dudas Vivir en la luz de la certeza Sur Crueles ataduras Los esclavos tienen el poder hombre perros y sus mezquinas mujeres tirando pobres mantas sobre nuestros marineros. ¿Y dónde estabas en nuestra recostada hora? ¿Ordeñando tu bigote, o moliendo una flor? Estoy harto de estas severas caras Mirandome desde la torre de la televisión, Quiero rosas en mi enrejado jardín, ¿cava? Bebes reales, rubíes deben ahora reemplazar a los abortados. Extranjeros en el fango. Estos mutantes, comida de sangre para la planta que es arada. Están esperando para llevarnos dentro del cortado jardín. ¿Sabes cómo de pálida y lasciva aterradora viene la muerte en la desconocida hora? Sin previo aviso, imprevista como una aterrador y amigable invitado que has traído a tu cama. La muerte hace ángeles de todos nostros y nos pone alas donde teníamos hombros suaves como garras de cuervo. No más dinero, no más disfraces Este otro reino parece desde lejos el mejor hasta su otra mandíbula revela incesto y obediencia perdida a una ley vegetal. No iré Prefiero una Fiesta de Amigos a una Familia Gigante 8 de diciembre de 1943 - 3 de julio de 1971
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Secret Garden-  Adagio- PIANO EN DIRECTO
-De nuevo me pongo a los pies del piano para traeros un nuevo cover con 2 canciones. Dj Chusso ---------------------------------------------- SIGUEME EN FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Chusso/341567952621798?ref=hl TWITTER:https://twitter.com/DChusso SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-69587604
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Secret Garden - Adagio
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Secret Garden - Sigma (live)
Taken from Secret Garden Live
Views: 55679 skyhawk747
Secret Garden - Adagio (2046 Movie Soundtrack)
Secret Garden - Adagio (2046 Movie Soundtrack) Secret Garden - Adagio (2046 Movie Soundtrack) Secret Garden - Adagio (2046 Movie Soundtrack) Music video from wong kar wai movie "2046" song Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/ZGo5Lb Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #2046adagio
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Secret Garden "Adagio"
Views: 352 Erkan Yure
Secret Garden - SWAN (Adagio) feat Youngok Shin
All audio and visual parts are the sole property of their respective owners (record labels and producers). This video is purely for entertainment and recreational purposes. No Copyright infringement intended!
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Secret Garden-Adagio
...musica per l'Anima. .
Views: 103703 Juljulj
Secret Garden- Song from a Secret Garden
This is the third song from Secret Gardens album Songs From a Secret Garden, from 1995. "The idea of Secret Garden is one that everyone can relate to. We all have landscapes inside us, secret rooms where feelings and impressions grow as a little garden. We have individual ways of finding this garden. Some talk about it, write poems or letters, paint, or even talk a walk to reflect over life. We all have our own way. But what is common to us, is a strong emotional feeling that is an essential part of our nature. My way of dealing with this is through music, and everything I write comes from my secret garden. This simple piece had no other name than Pianopiece in C Minor for many years. But when the Secret Garden project evolved, I felt this piece could express the essence of my ideas- the simple melody strait from the heart, expressed through Fionnualas soulful, vulnerable and naked violin playing." -Rolf Lovland
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