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S04E08 The Seer
Todd's scenes from The Seer
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Stargate Atlantis - The Future
From The Episode "The Seer"
Stargate Atlantis The Seer
actuall epizode for next week premiere on 11.16.2007
Views: 8597 Milan Haško
Todd the Seer
I've Finally made another Todd vid. Basically it's about Todd and John's relationship. Todd shows John his destiny .How they met, John's betrayal by using Todd and Todd's revenge by making Teyla a Wraith Queen and placing her at the head of the alliance and Finally defeating Atlantis. John decides to go for help only to return thru the Stargate to find a ruined Atlantis. Music by Within Temptation -- Empty Eyes Fandom: Stargate Atlantis. Todd the Wraith.
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Stargate Atlantis - Wraith Humor
From The Episode "The Seer"
Preview Stargate Atlantis  - Episode 08 - The seer
Preview Stargate Atlantis - Episode 08 - The seer
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Just a little Wraith humor.
From the season 4 episode "The Seer".
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sga 5x17 I will remember this John Sheppard
john keeps his promise to todd
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Stargate Atlantis - The Wraith Delegation
From Season 5 - Episode 10 (First Contact) The crew of Atlantis invites Todd onboard the Daedalus. He aids Dr. Keller with the research of the Wraith cure to never feed on humans again.
Views: 370 Dutchsilab
Beware the Lioness ~ Wraith Queens ~ Stargate Atlantis
Video for the Wraith Queens of Stargate Atlantis (and a little of Wraithified Teyla) and I think the song fits just perfectly!
Views: 46664 TatyanaOracle
Wraith Hunger...The Hand that feeds you...
The Wraith are always hungry..so..feeding time..!! Song by N.I.N..The hand that feeds you..
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Stargate Atlantis - We Can Rule The World
This is a fan-made video all footage is the property of MGM Entertainment and no copyright is intended. The music is We Can Rule The World by Take That. Footage is from Stargate Atlantis episodes including The Siege (Part 2), Echoes, First Strike (Part 1), Adrift (Part 2), The Seer, This Mortal Coil (Part 1), The Last Man (Part 1) and Infection.
Views: 526 LORDANUBlS
Stargate Atlantis - Make Me Wanna Die
Tribute Music video to the Wraith fan community on YouTube. Music by: The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die Clips from Stargate Atlantis. Stargate is a Trademark of MGM Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. DVD Links Stargate SG-1 Individual SG-1 Seasons http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-1 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-2 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-3 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-4 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-5 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-6 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-7 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-8 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-9 http://tinyurl.com/SG-1-Season-10 SG-1 The Complete Series 1-10 http://tinyurl.com/StargateSG-1-season-1-10 Stargate Infinity http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Infinity Stargate Atlantis Individual Atlantis Seasons http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Season-1 http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Season-2 http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Season-3 http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Season-4 http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Season-5 Atlantis The Complete Series 1-5 http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Atlantis-Seasons-1-5 http://tinyurl.com/Atlantis-Fans-Choice-Blu-ray Stargate Universe http://tinyurl.com/SGU-1-0-DVD http://tinyurl.com/SGU-1-5-DVD http://tinyurl.com/SGU-Season-1-DVD http://tinyurl.com/SGU-1-0-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/SGU-1-5-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/SGU-Season-1-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/SGU-Season-1-Download http://tinyurl.com/SGU-Season-1-Download-HD http://tinyurl.com/SGU-2-0-Download http://tinyurl.com/SGU-2-0-Download-HD Stargate Movies http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Feature-Film-DVD http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Feature-Film-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-The-Ark-of-Truth-DVD http://tinyurl.com/The-Ark-of-Truth-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Continuum-DVD http://tinyurl.com/Stargate-Continuum-Blu-ray http://tinyurl.com/Children-of-The-Gods-DVD http://tinyurl.com/SG-AOT-Continuum-combo-DVD http://tinyurl.com/SG-AOT-Continuum-combo-Blu-ray
Views: 2528 GCm4n
Stargate Atlantis - The End Of Michael ?
From The Episode "Search And Rescue"
Stargate Atlantis - Extinction
After watching all of the five Stargate Atlantis seasons I started working on this video. It is some sort of pre-trailer for the movie Extinction, which was originally said to be produced as a finale of the Atlantis story. The video contains material of all five seasons. The overall idea was to make a little story line in the video what I did by taking out important, impressive or special scenes from all seasons. Some important scenes are missing, I did not have all episodes avaible for this video. Enjoy the video in HD! ----------------------------------------- I lost the song file so I don't know what it is called. Lost the original saved video file as well. -----------------------------------------
Views: 282960 TheStargateChannel
Todd’s Storm
Song: Every Storm Runs Out of Rain by Gary Allan Stargate Atlantis Shots taken from: Common Ground, The Seer, Spoils of War, The Kindred Pt. 1, The Queen, Infection, Enemy at the Gate This is a not-for-profit fan video made under fair use. No copyright infringement is intended.
Views: 51 Joanne Spangle
Take That - We Can Rule The World (Stargate Atlantis Version)
We Can Rule The World by Take That. Footage is from Stargate Atlantis episodes including The Siege (Part 2), Echoes, First Strike (Part 1), The Seer, This Mortal Coil (Part 1), The Last Man (Part 1) and Infection.
Views: 290 LORDANUBlS
My Favourite Line Stargate Atlantis The Catch-up Edition
David Hewlett's shameful red-faced return to his favourite lines from Stargate Atlantis Season Four. This mega-episode covers episodes Reunion, Doppelganger, Travelers, Tabula Rasa, Missing, The Seer! -- http://www.adogsbreakfastmovie.com "Man's Best Friend Makes The Worst Accomplice" PS. Don't forget to vote for Atlantis on "The People's Choice Awards" http://www.pcavote.com
Views: 42489 dHewlett
Rodney & Todd the Wraith
Rodney and Toddie*Love* working together. :D --- SGA 4x11 "Be All My Sins Remember'd"
Views: 36769 Anna Rollina
John & Teyla sparring
John and Teyla sparring. He pretty much gets his ass handed to him, hee! I love it...
Views: 21246 toxikae
Stargate Atlantis - A Short History
Almost 4 years in less than 6 minutes. Seasons 1 through 4, episode 12. Almost ALL episodes, except for: Childhood's End, Home, The Gift(season 1), Condemned, Epiphany, The Tower, Coup D'Etat(season 2), Irresistible, The Game(season 3), The Seer(season 4) because either the episodes sucked or I couldn't find them. So that's still 62 other episodes left...:D Music: Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now. STARGATE IS THE PROPERTY OF MGM. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. CREATED PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.
Views: 36306 klausthereddevil
Stargate Atlantis SGA Wraith Poet Todd HD 1080p
I do not own this Video/Audio Content No Infringement Intended Uploaded for Entertainment Only Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Todd being Todd Video : MGM Edited by Avidffan http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=videos&search_query=avidffan&search_sort=video_date_uploaded Backup Account http://www.youtube.com/Avidffanimation Enjoy
Views: 13762 Avidffan Alpha
Ravenheart ~ Todd the Wraith ~ Stargate Atlantis
Another vid for Todd, it's not my best, and the video fought me every step of the way, but, you can't really go wrong with Todd, now can you :P And my computer has been acting up for a while now and I can't post any comments, thank goodness I'm getting a new computer soon :D Song by Xandria No infringement intended, I don't own anything, all rights to their respective owners.
Views: 33308 TatyanaOracle
Finding Atlantis..Waking the Wraith...Entrance ..Stargate .
The humans from Earth discover Atlantis, but by waking the city..they also awake the Wraith..who follow them back to earth... Song by PagansMind..Entrance : Stargate..
Views: 22688 Hiveship
Todd meets Sheppard.....Never say Die...
Todd and Sheppard meet for the first time... Clips from Common Ground and the Seer all clips belong to MGM song by 69 Eyes...Never say die
Views: 24152 Hiveship
* The Seer and Todd * - SGA - Pour Diane Hamel !
Todd is a wraith unpredictable, as far as premonitions of Davos!
Views: 358 ManofMysteria
Stargate Atlantis -- Teyla Emmagan -- Whisper -- Evanescence
Stargate Atlantis is my newest fandom; I saw season 1 for the first time last week. Of course I love Teyla and John, and I'm fascinated by her link to the Wraith. I also adore Evanescence. . .so this fanvid was the foregone conclusion! LOL ------------------------- Lyrics: "Whisper" by Evanescence Catch me as I fall Say you're here and it's all over now Speaking to the atmosphere No one's here and I fall into myself This truth drives me Into madness I know I can stop the pain If I will it all away Don't turn away (Don't give in to the pain) Don't try to hide (Though they're screaming your name) Don't close your eyes (God knows what lies behind them) Don't turn out the light (Never sleep never die) I'm frightened by what I see But somehow I know That there's much more to come Immobilized by my fear And soon to be Blinded by tears I can stop the pain If I will it all away Fallen angels at my feet Whispered voices at my ear Death before my eyes Lying next to me I fear She beckons me Shall I give in Upon my end shall I begin Forsaking all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end Servatis a pereculum. Servatis a maleficum -------------------------- This is a fan-created homage to Stargate Atlantis and in no way intended to infringe the copyrights of either Evanescence, MGM, or any other parties associated with Stargate Atlantis.
Views: 29600 Jacqueline L. Landry
Stargate Atlantis Todd and Sheppard - common memories
Stargate Atlantis My favourite characters: Todd the wraith (Cristopher Heyerdahl) John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan)
Views: 10279 Phoenix
Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller My Wish music video
Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller music video with music Rascal Flatts - My Wish
Views: 17383 xSeNedra
Remember Steve the Wraith.....Tides
Tribute to Steve the Wraith , for all the girls in the Wraithgroup and all Steve the Wraith lovers out there... all clips belong to MGM song by Tarot...Tides
Views: 84491 Hiveship
Todd The Wraith - Fruitbowl
One of the great lines from Todd the Wraith. This was from Episode 8 (The Queen) Season 5. The Atlantis team come to broker a deal to get Dr Kellers new drug circulating around Todd's Hive. Such a short and sweet line delivered PERFECTLY!
Views: 16018 Mike
Stargate Atlantis 4x7 Missing
Stargate Atlantis. scifi
Views: 10275 Milan Haško
sga 5x17 john asks todd for help
john asks todd for help
Views: 14795 rodneyscat
Just Todd
This is for all those fans who are insanely in love with Todd. I know there are one or two out there besides me,lol, Hope you enjoy.
Views: 20484 wraithlollipop
Todd Steve and Micheal...    Forever
Tribute to Todd Steve And Micheal. Imprisoned by Atlantis , escaped and fighting back.. On request for White Lily 1987 Song by Kamelot...Forever..
Views: 11650 Hiveship
Stargate Atlantis - Enemies (John & Todd)
Music: Simon curtis - Enemies
Views: 521 TheAraTsuki
Best Wraith scenes
The Wraith are the best vilians of the Stargate franchise sorry for possibly mistakes this is my first video please be gentle
Views: 3946 Jenniferg3383
Stargate Atlantis 4x12 Spoils of War
This epizode start at 11.1.2008 on scifi. More fun
Views: 31846 Milan Haško

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