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All your dreams have come true and now there are bunnies at the bottom of the ocean. Sea bunnies that is, which are a type of sea slug that look strikingly similar to the furry land mammal. Sea Bunny Footage © masaru/hosoda https://goo.gl/i4x6Vq Animalogic's Sea Slug Video Here: https://goo.gl/5TEi5u Subscribe to Animalogic's Channel Here: http://bit.ly/1zd0zWe
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What IS This Adorable "Sea Bunny?"
So cute! But who knew this was a thing?!? Video courtesy of Jukin' Media Subscribe to HuffPost today: http://goo.gl/xW6HG Get More HuffPost Read: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/HuffingtonPost Follow: https://twitter.com/HuffingtonPost
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SpongeBob Adopts a Sea Bunny! 🐰 EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek | SpongeBob SquarePants | Nick
When SpongeBob brings home a cute sea bunny, he discovers the little guy is BIG trouble! You won't believe what happens in this exclusive sneak peek. Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nick! #Nick #Nickelodeon #SpongeBob #SpongeBobSquarePants Subscribe if you love Nickelodeon and want to see more! http://goo.gl/JJgxNm?xid=YTdesc Nickelodeon is the number-one brand for kids with original cartoons, sitcoms, movies, award shows, products and more! Here on our YouTube you’ll find SpongeBob SquarePants; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Henry Danger; The Thundermans; Game Shakers; Make it Pop; Harvey Beaks; Alvinnn!; School of Rock; The Loud House; Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and Nick content from around the world. Need to know when your favorite TV show is on? Go to: http://www.nick.com/shows/tvschedule/ For even more fun, games, and full episodes log on to http://www.nick.com More from Nickelodeon: Official Nickelodeon Website: http://www.nick.com/?xid=YTdesc Official Nickelodeon App: http://www.nick.com/app?xid=YTdesc Like Nickelodeon: https://www.facebook.com/nickelodeon?xid=YTdesc Follow Nickelodeon: https://twitter.com/NickelodeonTV?xid=YTdesc Nickelodeon Tumblr: http://nickelodeon.tumblr.com?xid=YTdesc Nickelodeon Instagram: http://instagram.com/nickelodeontv?xid=YTdesc Nickelodeon Snapchat: http://at.nick.com/snapchat The Splat! Snapchat: http://at.nick.com/TheSplatChat NickSportsTV Snapchat: http://at.nick.com/NickSportsTVsnapchat
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The Sea Bunny [Our Temp Office]
This past Saturday we visited the temporary office otherwise known as the Sea Bunny! I tried vlogging on the go but got tired. Also I have some boobie mouse pads. I'm a fan of those. I'm getting gooder at vlogging yay!°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ★Mystreet Neko~Themed Backpack: http://shop.maker.tv/collections/aphmau == My Official Social Media == ※Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Aphmau_ ※Instagram: http://instagram.com/aphmau_ ※My Anime List: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Aphmau_Bunni === BluJay Studios Group == ★ Aphmau - Jess [Writer/Aphmau] ★ AwesomeDom - Jason [Director/Developer/Aaron/Husband] ★ Castor - Calvin [Writer/Shaman of Chickens sometimes]: https://twitter.com/_Castr_ ★ Kristina [Writer/Video Editor]: https://twitter.com/imworseatthis ★ GrandpaBats - Sean [Artist/Concept Artist]: https://twitter.com/GrandpaBats ★ KamiWasa - Will [3D Models/Artist]: https://twitter.com/KamiWasa
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Velvet Rabbit Slug | Bunny of the Sea
Some unconventional cuteness! This underwater slug looks just like an adorable bunny. Original Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n0t0iD6ae8 SUBSCRIBE to us! http://bit.ly/CnFonYouTube WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: Sea Lion Plays With Girl | Fetch Doggie! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ec5VgdnQFjo&list=PLnUbxGXCsRvXx8-RJ3UNf0w-1dlLpmleF&index=12 Adorable Baby Stops Crying When She Hears Katy Perry Dark Horse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P28vzD7c0k4&index=1&list=PLnUbxGXCsRvVRciz5vFaB0yzrWonnDBsI LIKE us! http://Facebook.com/CutiesNFuzzies FOLLOW us! http://Twitter.com/CutiesNFuzzies TUMBLR: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/cutiesnfuzzies PIN with us! http://Pinterest.com/CutiesNFuzzies
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Melibe papillosa is sea slug. location:Izu Peninsula JPN.
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Deep Sea Bunny Trailer
The final epsiode in the Hawaii 4'O series. Bunny is a fitness model on Hawaii's big island. She shows off her expensive wedding ring to Alana when the girls meet by the bay to workout. Suddenly the ring drops into the water and Bunny dives in after it! She searches underwater still wearing her leggings, bra, and sneakers. Finally after hours of searching she finds it, but Bunny's hand is trapped. Alana strips down to her lifeguard uniform and goes in after Bunny. Still trapped and struggling underwater, on her last breath of air, Bunny is relieved when Alana gives her a kiss of life. But it takes the girls several attempts to free Bunny's hand from the jagged Hawaiian reef. Out cold, Bunny's wet limp little body is dragged to shore with Alana performs mouth to mouth resesitation on the public beach. Will Bunny Make it???? Watch the complete video to find out.
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Weirdest Animals Ever - -Sea Bunny vs Platypus
Weirdest Animals Ever Sea Bunny vs Platypus Both of these animals are strange. The sea bunny is a sea slug that looks cute but is toxic, and the platypus is a mammal that lays eggs and hunts underwater. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Study Skills Teacher's Secret Guide to your Best Grades" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3bsg8gaSbw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- * * For more Life Science videos and summaries see, http://www.moomoomath.com/Middle-School-Science-and-Biology.html
Golf Master Bugs Bunny | Episode My Bunny Lies Over The Sea | Bugs Bunny
Golf Master Bugs Bunny | Episode My Bunny Lies Over The Sea | Bugs Bunny #LooneyTunes #BugsBunny #Golf #Scotland #GolfMaster #Bugs #Bunny #WB Note: All content belongs to Warner Bros. Animation and its creators, I do not own any rights of Warner Bros Animation or its characters. No copyright infringement is intended or implied. I did not create this TV series nor does the trademark belong to me. For review of children's entertainment. Added color contrast And A Little Bit Fast Forwarded For More Fun! All rights reserved Warner Bros. Entertainment. http://www.warnerbros.com/ https://www.facebook.com/warnerbrosent https://www.youtube.com/user/WarnerBrosOnline https://www.youtube.com/user/WarnerBrosPictures https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9trsD1jCTXXtN3xIOIU8gg
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Sea Bunny Plays Puka A
This is one of the cleverest ways SpongeBob has pulled out to start a track.
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Meet the Adorable "Sea Bunny" Taking Over the Internet
Despite its cute and cuddly appearance, this little sea creature is actually a kind of slug. Say hello to this week's Internet overlord, the fluffy-looking "sea bunny." The animal isn't actually a tiny ocean-dwelling rabbit. The creature eliciting "awwws" around the world is a type of sea slug called Jorunna parva. Most are less than an inch (2.5 centimeters) long and can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean from South Africa to the central Pacific. Though the most popular images of these animals show white animals with black spots, these sea slugs are usually yellow or orange. Jorunna parva's fur-like coat is due to bunches of tiny rods, called caryophyllidia, that cover the animal's back. They're arranged around little knobs that are sometimes black, giving the sea bunny its speckled appearance. "We don't know for sure what these organs do," says Ángel Valdés, a sea slug expert at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. But "they probably play sensory roles." The sea bunny's "ears," or the two antenna-like structures on top of its head, are most definitely sensory organs. Called rhinophores, they detect chemicals in the water that helps sea bunnies find food and mates, says Valdés. The rhinophores are covered in little flaps that boost their detection capabilities, allowing J. parva to sense its environment very efficiently. The structure on the sea bunny's behind that looks like a little "flower" are its gills.
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Sea bunny 雲見ダイビング ゴマフビロードウミウシ 2014/03/28
Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom 通称ゴマちゃんことゴマフビロードウミウシ 白バージョンです とてもカワいいウミウシですね http://www.ds-exiles.com/
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Bugs Bunny - You've Ruined Me Pipes
From "My Bunny Lies Over The Sea", Bugs manages to wreck a Scotsman's bagpipes and insult his kilt all within 1 minute.
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Bunny Maloney- Land & Sea
Nice & Easy 4 The Ka Special Someone.
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Sea Bunny! | Do they actually eat carrots?
I don't think anyone is reading this. Or ever will. Ever.
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Anyway...! [Temp Sea Bunny Vlog!]
We're in the temp sea bunny today! So I did a random vlog!
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Animal Jam Sea Bunny art process
Song: Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid Sea Bunny = Jorunna Parva
Views: 32 CupCakeCeline Aj
Coelhinho do Mar / Sea Bunny
Conhecem o Jorunna Parva ? http://www.rotaunderground.com.br/2017/06/ja-ouviram-falar-sobre-o-jorunna-parva.html
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Sea Bunny
Sea Slug
Views: 365 Jane Kim
Introducing the... SEA BUNNY!
#magisto Weird huh But CUTE!!!
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My Bunny Lies over the Sea Top # 5 Facts
My Bunny Lies over the Sea Top # 5 Facts
Views: 454 Sisodiya Kalpana
Sea bunny
Views: 361 Fire_ WorkGirl13
Sea bunny
Rabbit of the sea
Views: 101 Dani Taco
Looney Tunes My Bunny Lies over the Sea Intro (1948)
Rights belong to Warner Bros.
Views: 1479 Anthony Martin
My Bunny Sea Slug in Tap Tap Fish
Cute thing
Views: 50 Philip Wu
The Sea of Love - Cute Blue Bunny Rabbit Tribute Movie
We really miss our New Zealand Blue rabbit. Blue had loads of personality and wasn't shy in front of a camera. He survived four months after a thymoma diagnosis (there was no surgery/radiation option where we live). Sound effects by www.soundjay.com
Views: 816 slownewsdaily
Sea bunny Drawing OwO
Just a sea bunny... 030
J Alvarez - Haters (Remix) ft. Bad Bunny, Almighty
Music video for Haters (Remix) feat. Bad Bunny & Almighty performed by J Alvarez. http://www.jalvarezmusic.com Copyright (C) 2017 On Top of the World Music. http://vevo.ly/eYOtS5
Views: 66136286 JAlvarezOfficialVEVO
Bugs Bunny My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
It's been in the family for years
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Mermay speedpaint: Sea Bunny
patreon: http://patreon.com/scatterpunk commission me: http://scatterpunk.tumblr.com/c sorry i'm only doing shit late into mermay! finals killed me dead. this wound up less "aww cute" and more "pinup" than i anticipated but ah well. the song is "under the sea" from the little mermaid NES soundtrack
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my sea-bunny oc (read disk)
Name;???? (He need name) crush;nope gf:nope Likes:time swim,dance in water, Hates;bullies,blood,kill Personality;very shy,nice,sweet,help others people ???;h-hi! Inspired by;Whity The Fox :33 (sub to her!!!) U can give me credit if u want ^^
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TrapTrapTrap - I'm An Unlovable Sea Bunny Who Drowns Repeatedly (WINAMP+Milkdrop+EvilLyrics)
If I was a bunny rabbit in the ocean I would let myself drown 2,000 more times before I got in your ? ? ? ? If I was a bunny rabbit in the ocean I would let myself drown 2,000 more times before I got in your ? ? ? ? and everyone wants to feel loved and everyone wants to get humped and everyone wants to get stuffed but all I do is get dumped and everyone wants their dick sucked and everyone wants their hairs plucked and everyone wants a bile duct but all I do is get chucked and It's like I can't even hold your attention and it's Like I'm some sort of old invention and it's Like I'm outside your comprehension and it's Like I'm in a Baptist convention If I was a bunny rabbit in the ocean I would let myself drown 2,000 more times before I got in your ? ? ? ? If I was a bunny rabbit in the ocean I would let myself drown 2,000 more times before I got in your ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? It's like I can't even hold your attention and it's Like I'm some sort of old invention and it's Like I'm outside your comprehension and it's Like I'm in a Baptist convention BlackSquares / Devi McCallion / Devi Sparkies / Eat Babies? / Mom / Cats Millionaire / Girls Rituals / Triangle Giant / Giant Triangle / Eto / The Little Fears / More Bears / The Various Endeavors? / TrapTrapTrap / Tiny Magnesium / Dr. Massive And The Headwound Extravaganza
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Melon Sea Bunny (speed draw)
Slugs are sea bunnies. Join my slug cult
Views: 2 Jinchee
SEA BUNNY | Random Speed Paint [3]
music rightfully belongs to the artist song: Suga Shuga by Baby Bash App: Autodesk Sketchbook Aphmau wanted Sea Bunny are SHE WILL GET SEA BUNNY ART LMAO if the audio is removed i'm sorry XD it has done that through copyright claims
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Viral animals the Internet loves - sea bunny real life pikachu
These adorable sea bunnies have been another viral sensation from Japan. The yellow one looks almost exactly like a real life Pikachu Pokémon. If you love playing Pokémon GO you would love this amazing adorable micro sea animal
Views: 427 Uniqtech
"Bunny Hunt" 🐰 Official Promo | SpongeBob SquarePants
Friday, a sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute.
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Sea bunny| speedpaint
I was told to do this for a friend. Hope you enjoy, CC! full resolution at https://totallsellout.deviantart.com/art/Sea-Bunnnn-701837520
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Sea Bunny
Views: 35 hrjappe
spritelings rainbow sea bunny
http://spritelings.storenvy.com https://m.facebook.com/Spritelings/ http://spritelings.com http://spritelings.blogspot.com/?m=1 https://m.tapastic.com/series/Spritelings https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/767091112/spritelings-kawaii-plushie-project
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[Speedpaint] I'm a Fricking sea bunny
Is a type of animals in 2017 the sea bunny Ik I copy bendyrobot so I'm sorry
Sleeping sea bunny speed art
Sea bunnies are so cute but very dangerous
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5 Cards 1 Collection | Bo Bunny Down by the Sea
Supplies I used are listed below. ********************************************************************* --- DESTASH: http://etsy.me/2oqKX7a --- I sell Stampin' Up: http://bit.ly/2mmpOZF --- Stampin with Alicia YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2jJBpND --- ETSY SHOPS: use coupon YOUTUBE for 10% off: https://www.etsy.com/shop/crazypaperchick https://www.etsy.com/shop/sewlovetosew ********************************************************************* - - - SUPPLIES - - - - Bo Bunny Down by the Sea Scrapbook.com: http://shrsl.com/12uf3 Amazon - Paper Pack: https://amzn.to/2JY5eap Layered Chipboard Stickers: https://amzn.to/2NMQSw8 Die Cuts: https://amzn.to/2LwAVxv - LFL Peel Offs: http://shrsl.com/11gqr - Nuvo Morning Dew: http://shrsl.com/12ufb - ATG Gun: http://amzn.to/2yf3IN8 - Foam Tape: http://amzn.to/2jgRJFt - Glue Dots: http://bit.ly/2qNOexO - Stampin Up Dimensionals: http://bit.ly/2mBZKdF - Mini Stampin’ Dimensional: http://bit.ly/2uaws5L - Big Shot: http://bit.ly/2qIbPQ8 - 110# Recollections white cardstock: http://amzn.to/2kuTNif - Tonic Aqua Shimmer Pen: http://shrsl.com/11gwp - Tonic Trimmer: https://amzn.to/2KRJrme - Sidekick: http://shrsl.com/piuo - Acrylic Blocks: http://bit.ly/2lZRFeO ********************************************************************* --- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/crazypaperchick/ --- INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/crazypaperchick --- BLOG: https://crazypaperchick.wordpress.com/ ********************************************************************* MY FAVORITE CRAFTY CLASSES - 40 Techniques Every Stamper Should Know: http://shrsl.com/pghj - Simply Stunning Art Journals: http://shrsl.com/pghl - Wild Cards: http://shrsl.com/pghn - Lovely Layered Cards: http://shrsl.com/pghq - Gorgeous Greeting Cards: http://shrsl.com/pghs - Vibrant Stamping: http://shrsl.com/pghu - Radiant Stamping Techniques: http://shrsl.com/pghw ********************************************************************* If you would like to send me card(s) to feature in my monthly Mail Call, please send to: Alicia Havranek PO BOX 2451 Conroe, TX 77305 Here are some themes: July: School Themed/Primary Color/Teacher August: Friendship September: Halloween October: Autumn/Thanksgiving Cards November: Christmas or Other Religious Holiday December: Coffee/Cocoa/Tea **Please note: Cards will not be sent back** ********************************************************************* * I use affiliated links* What does that mean? When you click on my link and make a purchase, I receive a small percentage of your purchase total at no extra cost to you. **DISCLAIMER** Unless stated, all items used in my videos are purchased with my own money (with the exception of design team items). Furthermore, all opinions expressed in my videos are my own. Use your judgement when purchasing any products that I may use.
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