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Geek Chic Fashion Lookbook 5

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icelily2010 (4 years ago)
what are the last eyeglasses they are cute
Danielle Elisa (7 years ago)
or yu know... "embrace" it
FrockOff (7 years ago)
@libbypwns Thanks, loved your vid too about geek fashion :D
eraf (7 years ago)
lol. LOL. you guys might also like Libbypwns Geek Chic video. SEARCH IT YOURSELVES. just kidding youtube.com/watch?v=sKpV_RjSQR8
vjneglur (7 years ago)
omgggggg suspenders
FrockOff (7 years ago)
@mikamando Thanks:D
FrockOff (7 years ago)
@MsAislingA Thanks:D
TheMakeupChair (7 years ago)
@idkhowtosmileright Lol that is what my sister (the girl in the video) said to me just before filming this! lol
idkhowtosmileright (7 years ago)
@TheMakeupChair haha weirrrdd. batman is my favorite superhero by far ;)
TheMakeupChair (7 years ago)
@idkhowtosmileright That is so funny she has a batman shirt too that she was going to wear! :)
idkhowtosmileright (7 years ago)
so cute:)third one is my fave.i've worn a variation of it quite often in the winter (black leggings and a blue batman shirt) :)

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