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How to change Port number of Oracle Data Base

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by kumar This video is going to tell you how to change your port no of oracle data base ,default port 8080.(oracle)
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Text Comments (18)
SagaRock101 (2 months ago)
infinity x Thank You bruh.
Abebe dessie (4 months ago)
10 q you so much
Ravi Shankar Singh (5 months ago)
You told everything but we want to know how we can see oracle port number ? Don't want to change idiot
saroj purbey (8 months ago)
Thanks man .It helped me alot
Bikash Samanta (1 year ago)
thanks yaar.
Bikash Samanta you welcome
jahid alli (1 year ago)
I am using oracle 10g enterprise edition....................how to know port number?????? .........1521 not working
Azhagiri S (1 year ago)
Thanks man. Really very useful
Azhagiri S thank for watching
Mkhan Notkani (1 year ago)
thank you
Mkhan Notkani thanks for watching
Vaidehi Khavnekar (2 years ago)
thank u :)
Venki (2 years ago)
Thank u bro, its working...
Kumar Sumit (2 years ago)
after executing the command it is taking a lot of time with no result. plzz help me mr. brijesh
Its Working Thank u :)
Aruljothy Sundramoorthy you welcome
Akash Ghorpade (2 years ago)
thanx it worked for [email protected] music is also great
shah ahmad shaikh (4 years ago)
ek no. (-(-_(-_-)_-)-)

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