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Cambridge Analytica vs Abramelin

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There is much concern now about the abilities of government and industry to predict or shape the behaviour of individuals and populations. Does this "disempower" the individual? My experience during and after the Abramelin Operation would suggest not. It is groups and categories that are being manipulated, not individuals.
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Jordan Ownbey (1 month ago)
Describing your young self gave me a shiver. One day my black hair and capable body will be in the past, but nothing can take education away (besides alzheimers...)
David A. Powers (3 months ago)
You might be free, but what about other people? If your neighbors are manipulated to be fearful of witches and black magic, and come to lynch you and burn down your house, your immunity to propaganda won't be much comfort.
Ramsey Dukes (2 months ago)
I still find that freedom helpful. Not being attached to the label that "I am a magician" helps me to handle their fear more gracefully
andrew heywood (6 months ago)
Choosing lane or loosing chain. Is that what you mean when you are saying about peeling off the labels? I will give you a little silly story to-day. I was in the local CoOp store in Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland to-day and as I am sure you know it is the day of a Royal wedding. In the queue I stood and two women at the checkout were talking to the shop assistant about the watching the Royal wedding and what dress the bride will be wearing. Standing there I thought about "parasites" and spoke up.... "The royals are like mistletoe" I said, "what?" one said "The royals are like mistletoe a parasite that taps its host and in return adds a pleasing embellishment & like mistletoe can be chopped down and hung up on festive occasions" I replied. The women just said "I quite like Liz" and walked out of the shop. Ho-ho have things changed since the 70s? Maybe I need to get my own patter, I hope I have planted a humorous seed, but I think maybe I failed. But I thought it was a funny thing to say albeit stolen from you.
asa wayne (7 months ago)
You're an incredible human.
andrew heywood (7 months ago)
How about a video on your thoughts of recent loss of freedom of speech in the UK? The 2003 communication act (especially section 127) has been used to convict people for telling "spicy" jokes. I see there have been a few gatherings recently, just yesterday (May 6th) in London there was a well attended DayforFreedom event.
Ramsey Dukes (6 months ago)
Thanks, I did not know about that, Andrew. A bit out of touch down here in Cape Town. It is an issue I care about, but I would want to sound it out properly first.
dreadskin1 (7 months ago)
Thanks Lionel
Lleng Such (8 months ago)
Dear Mr Dukes, I would like to ask a question about Abramelin . . . . I recently read a book called "The Meditative Mind - The Varieties of Meditative Experience" by Daniel Goleman. It examines various spiritual practices drawn from multiple Eastern and Western traditions and shows how, if you remove the multifarious trappings and baggage, at their heart each tradition is based on the same concept i.e. meditation. So for example, the list includes several forms of yoga, zen, kabbalah, tantra, sufism and Gurdjieff's fourth way. I wondered whether Abramelin would also slot in there? And do you consider all the angelic stuff (and that business about Crowley's infamous Boleskine demons) to be unnecessary or even hindrances? Thanks in advance. Lleng Such.
Lleng Such (8 months ago)
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Sorry if my question edged over the line into "spoiler" territory, but I've been wondering about it since I read Goleman's book and it seemed somewhat relevant to your video. I'm very much looking forward to reading about your Abramelin experience in detail when the book comes out. Thanks again.
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
So sorry about the delay in answering - partly because I've been busy checking publishers edits on the diary this week! I would never say the angelic stuff is unnecessary or a hindrance as it does give structure and a sense of aim. But I do see 2 aspects to the Abra operation: a long period (eg 6 months) of preparation that is a form of strengthening so one will be able to handle spiritual power, Followed by those final days of receiving the power. Meditation is fundamental to those first months. For me it was an exercise in seeking my True Will, by stripping off a whole lot of layers of illusion, self image etc. In that sense it had a lot in common with other practices you mention
Schismatic Schematics (8 months ago)
Easy to see why psychedelics are so heavily put down by the establishment. The quest to break free of the ruts that we let ourselves slip into (and which you go into in Thundersqueek) are much more troublesome I find, though some of them undoubtedly come from outward pressure. But then society is so much about conforming, in some way it is an already existing AI of persuasion and coercion. I think a lot of the recent data farming etc is just to make it machine readable and thus create fancy graphs to look at.
Schismatic Schematics (7 months ago)
I feel the same way in regards to strong feelings of antipathy towards my human family or perhaps the entities therein when some massive contrast is struck, one way or another, with what I know in my inner experience as bliss, all of everything. I was watching fairly closely when, on reaching the age of getting out and mingling, people starting adopting mobile phones as allies, about 1994, and the social throng that I was just getting used to evaporated into the ionosphere. Well, it took another decade or so before it properly delivered the promise of a certain mentality, but then it's always the end and always the beginning. But the point being that the people most ardent in their endorsement of these allies seemed to be avoiding...me. But then, messages get lost. Everything fragments. The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. I have several operating systems on my hard drive. A matter of taste. And every taste will be usurped. The outsider desires some definitive act, or some such according to Colin. W. Magical ritual becomes an interest, conscious or not. Some people are pure rocket fuel. Do androids dream of annihilating their own kind? Do they care?
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
That's a great article! For me the question of Internet as "community" is still not answered, because it does link peoples' minds but not really put them "in touch". In writing up my Abramelin experience I realise I was disappointed because, although there was a strong sense of "presence", I never actually saw or spoke with the angel. In those days visual contact was the dream - we had TV but not videophones. Now audiovisual connection has become too commonplace to be exciting, and I long for that sense of presence you get when actually sitting with friends.It is like what you say about Internet art, it does not get the same sense of presence. I think others are feeling that need for a more physical sense of community.  Internet communications are too fragmented for me - what with SMS, Facebook, LInkedIn, Messenger, Skype and YouTube, I get messages from people and can spend a long time trying to remember where they came from. I only came across this reply from you just now and by chance. The SSOTBME model is a blessing and a curse for me too, one that I tried to resolve in MYOMT. I wanted too move on but each time someone new asked about my interest in magic I had to go over my model yet again so that we can begin on the same page, and not only talking about ritual sacrifices and spellcraft.
Schismatic Schematics (8 months ago)
I seem to recall something in one of your books about the model or idea of the 4 cultures being so powerful that it can be all consuming and hey presto the world will then become that. But I might be thinking of the ace of swords - as in a fresh new insight is a sort of finely balanced thing that can quickly take on a life of its own. When I found SSOTBME (about 2005 I think) it was one of those moments of "oh look someone's already written everything I was trying to formulate in my mind, and more", sort of like my insides becoming manifest in the outside world without me even really fully comprehending what it was I was trying to get to (and here the whole notion of "I" gets very strange of course). Am I right in thinking that the magical theory of the 4 cultures is the mainstay of a lot of your discourse in order to demonstrate magical theory in general? A sort of "off the peg" theory to practice with and get a feel for how acting "as if" or seeing if one can adopt the belief and find its usefullness and effects, rather than prosletysing A Truth. A magical theory of 3 or 5 cultures would do just as well (e.g. like alchemy or the Chinese elements respectively). There's that Blake quote - "I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's." and what you are trying to do is free people in that way, to be able to identify when the ideas dominate rather than serve the individual (or society for that matter). I had a few weeks after first reading SSOTBME when I felt an enormous scope of potential to find some keystone to tap that would change the world, as it were, if I could just intuit the belief that was holding so much in place. (I associate this with being heavily Aquarian!) The scope for somehow inventing my own rules was tantilisingly there. Though, saying that, one of the wonderful things about SSOTBME was that it provided confirmation that I was already doing that in some way (a bit more Zen than Ritual - I'd read a lot of D.T.Suzuki in my youth). However as I read more and more SSOTBME became a bible rather than a manual and so I felt that I fell into a classic sort of trap associated with any powerful concept, which you describe in that book - that of being convinced of the truth of it. Not sure I've gotten that right but that's the feeling. So the "why am I being shown this?" of SSOTBME was its own blessing and curse in a way. So why are we being told about Cambridge Analytica? To convince people that they are being watched? That "we know where you live"? That their vote or opinion is worthless? Something needs to be done to "fix" democracy? It does seem rather intimidating. Magnanimously - we no longer participate in ....something. By the by - one of the things that instantly got me about SSOTBME was that it started off talking about that Dawkins BBC programme and I'd had a (somewhat hamfisted perhaps) stab at talking about that myself on my first website back in 1999 (there's a waybackmachine archive of that here - https://tinyurl.com/ybxw8zvv "the fairly new science thing").
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
I don't know if this is relevant, but here goes. I have a strong tendency (I associate it with being Aries) to become a "gun" for other people: when I hear about some huge injustice, especially an abuse of power, I can feel so angry that I could kill. Recognising that, means that I have struggled to find ways to cope with this and the removing labels exercise was one of the most effective. The other is the question that must always be asked - even more crucial than "is this true?" - is "why am I being told about this?".
Schismatic Schematics (8 months ago)
Ramsey Dukes A pleasure. Thank you so much for posting these vids, as it makes my brain make some effort in a direction I know is good for me. Yes confirming does offer rewards, but I can't say I appreciate the smugness of those that settle for most of them, especially when there's so much work to be done on transformation. I certainly have a lot of way to go making peace with myself and thus allay my bitterness (and confessional impulse seemingly). What I experience an awful lot of is being used as a sort of whipping post by those who have capitulated, where my unformed Taoist block of rock (so to speak) is easily enrolled by others, especially as their identification with powerful and widely adopted stance seems to leave me at the mercy of the shadow side of their bargains/pacts. (That make sense?). And that's why things like AI and data farming are scary. Decisions made on inferences that no longer have a human heart guiding it leave the weak and strange and eccentric in an even more vulnerable position.
ramos ramos (8 months ago)
no https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2UDv0r4mtNPEWbve5YHDeg/videos
ramos ramos (8 months ago)
i directed you to his channel because he have a book that talk the make up of mankind how god created us https://youtu.be/cY6I3jG47qQ https://thegreatwhitebrotherhood.org/books/path-mankind-book/
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
I liked your hoopoe video. They are frequent visitors in Johannesburg
MintythecatIsABeast (8 months ago)
Thank you for raising these points, Lionel. It is indeed astonishing as to how the 'satiated' set up this sort of network of labels and how they converge on them. I find it quite strange and I only realised it having left University how wound up people get about labels and how they relate to themselves. Perhaps it is a form of power to associate with a label as it's invested in by many. Take the christian cross or the nazi swastiska for example: by aligning oneself with that 'symbol' and adopting the labels the individual attains a power that is invested in them. On the subject of big-data, algos, etc. you know as well as I do that they aren't trying to reach the 'individual' as such but rather they seek to ride the waves of trends and group behaviour for mostly economic benefit. Still, the notion that everything you wrote, you did, etc. and having to 'hand it over' - well, we know that they don't need that as such so they must be doing it to satisfy some kind of legal requirement of the ilk of 'I freely give right to the state of X looking into my online habits/etc.'. To my mind we give far too much away as it is but people just aren't made sufficiently aware of how these things affect them. We live in an age where tweeting that we're being fucked is more important than actually being fucked shall we say :) I think people are missing out and give themselves over to constrained experiences and it's pretty dull :)
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
Yes, identifying with a label is like joining a club with the privileges and contacts that it provides - at the cost of having to conform. I like what you say about tweeting experiences!
420Pablojuana (8 months ago)
This is the new magic you are stumbling into that I wish to create a game around. You are singing a marvelous symphony of ideas about realizing identity of discovery. Every thing that is discovered causes a fork in judgement adds another you into reality. The identity added to those discoveries are necessarily available to allow hiving of data. This is my intrepid quest to make knowledge an every man's game instead of only those who are chosen for it. This is the age of new thinking and better believing.
Ramsey Dukes (8 months ago)
That game sound intriguing. Go for it.
Anton Slavik (8 months ago)
Another refreshing dose of reality according to Ramsey Dukes

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