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Oracle username and password and Account unlocking

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Everly (22 days ago)
Thank you.This really helped me .
Shashi Chandra (25 days ago)
SQL> alter user scott account unlock; alter user scott account unlock * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01109: database not open Having above error, please suggest
khatravath swapna (1 month ago)
thank you.This really helped me out
khushboo deep (2 months ago)
thnx sir 4 this video it is really awsm
Kaye Simpson (3 months ago)
Ashik Kabeer (3 months ago)
thanks sooooooooo much
Saiprasad Samudrala (3 months ago)
superb videoooo
Sakshi Verma (4 months ago)
You just made my day.thank you.This really helped me out
Ashwath Prabhu (5 months ago)
Your great thanks😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Adi (5 months ago)
Also see https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH220299.html
Adi (5 months ago)
Abhishek Tanwar (6 months ago)
Yelesham Rajashekar (6 months ago)
How can I get default table after unlocking
fahad shakoor (6 months ago)
it helped,thankyou
Ankur Gajurel (7 months ago)
Thanks alot man. Its really helpful..
raghavreddy cheluri (7 months ago)
thanks bro
Gurpratap Sangha (7 months ago)
it works
Shahana Shah (7 months ago)
Thankyou 😊😊
Thank you very much.........
kumar susanta (8 months ago)
thank you so much for helping me.
Kapil Roy (8 months ago)
i am able to alter my user.but whats the password i should put second time (direct sqlplus logon after altering)?please help ASAP. I used 'system' instead of scott.
piyush tiwari (8 months ago)
thanks man it's realy helped me out
Sangani Shivaprasadh (8 months ago)
thanks a lot sir
Ranjan Ku Barik (9 months ago)
Ranjan Ku Barik (9 months ago)
Nano Guerra (9 months ago)
Thank man!! This was the only video that was usseful for unlock and change de pass... I had whatched a lot of un usseful videos
Nawendu Singh (9 months ago)
worked for me . thanks
sarthak singh negi (9 months ago)
Thank You very much
Ramesha S (9 months ago)
I didn't give any username and password hoststring name while installation but it asking to connect database where do I get that please show to me how to resolve this issue
Sarika Parsana (9 months ago)
Thank you ☺
Adnan Ashraf (10 months ago)
VDO contents are good and thanks for help... But need more patience to watch entire VDO, please remove music.
jansi rani (10 months ago)
Thank you so much it's really work...
Ajay kumar (10 months ago)
Thanks for sharing
computer study in urdu (11 months ago)
what is password that are use
Ravikansyakar Kumar (11 months ago)
sir kya SQL me by default serial number leta hai?
Surya Mohanty (11 months ago)
thanks buddy it is very useful
Yudhik kamboj (1 year ago)
Great, was searching for the solution of this problem from past few weeks and now i finally fixed it.
Rajat Rana JC (1 year ago)
hahhahahh great bro u help really alot
Mashhood Ahmed (1 year ago)
nice video chandra worked for me thanks
Radha Raman Mishra (1 year ago)
thank u bhaii
Sumit Khillare (1 year ago)
english sikh le pehle
pankaj kumar (1 year ago)
asomeone video for helping paasword recovery...
Lakhan badure (1 year ago)
very helpful thanks bro..
ahmed dewair (1 year ago)
on the enter password blank : shown as protocol adapter error
Who's hear from Twitch?
Rabbi (1 year ago)
thanks chandu for helping me out.
Mahamud Pervez (1 year ago)
sir thank u so much. u r awesome
tejeswar reddy tadi (1 year ago)
thnx bro
Mengwei Fan (1 year ago)
thx for helping me! It works !
Naveed Jan (1 year ago)
thanku,,,,, i am using 10g
Nikill Kodam (1 year ago)
SQL> connect sys as sysdba Enter password: ERROR: ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
ahmed dewair (1 year ago)
the same with me , i can't find an answer for it
Uroosa Fatima (1 year ago)
connect sys/sys as sysdba* try this command
Kim Edison Clemente (1 year ago)
thanks very much!
Prajyot Karnik (1 year ago)
That helped
Pooja GR (1 year ago)
Thank you
Mallikarjuna malli (1 year ago)
good job grate
GopiSankar CB (1 year ago)
Thanks Bro
Abhijeet Gaikwad (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video it helped to unlock scott
Prasanthi Kuchipudi (1 year ago)
thanks alot its working
vande bharat (1 year ago)
Hindi me commentary Bhi Karo Bhai
kapil sharma (1 year ago)
when i connected my hr user then warning message is showing -you are no longer connected to oracle.
Krithika Bhojanala (1 year ago)
I was told to uninstall sqlplus and reinstall it because i skipped the step of unlocking accounts during the installation procedure. This video saved me all the time and effort. Thank you.
Chandrashekar K (1 year ago)
thanks good information to unlock the sqlplus
Ankit Sagar Singh (1 year ago)
thankyou so much very helpful video.
LaGallinaTuruleta (1 year ago)
Go to sqlplus directory, shift + right click , open cmd in this directory sqlplus /nolog SQL>conn / as sysdba SQL>alter user Username identified by PASSWORD; It worked to me on 12c, I unlocked mine user too.
shishir mundu (2 years ago)
i have forgotten username and password for sqlplus please help me what to do m using Windows 7 32bit
UJJAWAL SHUKLA (1 year ago)
nothing buddy just do re installing it
Biprodip Sanyashi (2 years ago)
in doing so...may we lose all the user defined tables of the admin account(username:SYSTEM) ????
Sanjeev Mahli (2 years ago)
thanks man it worked.
sravan kommera (2 years ago)
Thank you bhayya... It was helpful
wael mohamed (2 years ago)
thanks bro it's worked
hamza shah (2 years ago)
thank you sir..
Ali Khan (2 years ago)
Danyal (2 years ago)
After entering Password. my black screen disapear. can u help?
what is the password?
Gurpratap Sangha (7 months ago)
or u can press enter
Surya Mohanty (11 months ago)
Mohan Mudaliar (2 years ago)
bro i forgot the password help me to reset it...
Ben Withington (2 years ago)
lol i just typed in 'nigga' and it connected
Pawan Kumar (2 years ago)
really helpful ... Thanks bro ..
Kalyan Kranthi (2 years ago)
will it applicable to oracle 11g enterprise edition?..............sir!
Aravind Elumalai (2 years ago)
tanq so much dude...
Amit Sahu (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot brother : ) : ) Indians rock at this : )
Christine Zulueta (2 years ago)
thank you , very helpful
sai jyothi (2 years ago)
Thank you.. It worked :)
Venkatesh samala (2 years ago)
name is scott and pass word is tiger so we can connect to it
dheeraj rai (2 years ago)
mast hai ,,,thanks
Sachin Sharma (2 years ago)
its working
Sachin Sharma (2 years ago)
Thanks mate
Mohammad Raees (2 years ago)
Php Root (2 years ago)
I forgot my password that i've given on oracle installation.Pls help me to retrieve my username and password and make it to work. thanks
shishir mundu (2 years ago)
PHP Root same problem i have, please tell me to retrieve username and password i have forgotten
Hermann Steinrucks (2 years ago)
Ill have to fallow your steps. Nice.
Deepak Sujith (2 years ago)
every thing was woring fine till altering in cmd....But i'm unable to login using sqlplus.... what to insrt in password ?? my username is sys...
Sáng Vũ (2 years ago)
what is scott? i can't connect scott, i don't have scott password ><
Cricket club (4 months ago)
add oracle
Ajay kumar (10 months ago)
try username:system and password:manager.There are different default usernames and passwords
Subhransu Das (1 year ago)
how to create user in db?
username (1 year ago)
scott is an examplary user for this video, which is not presen in all oracle versions. you need a db user with "CREATE USER" priviledge (to creat a user, f.e. "scott") and "ALTER USER" to change user settings, like the password. >create user Scott identified by scottspassword; User created >grant connect, resource, create session, create any view to Scott; Grant succeeded Now you haave a user called scott >alter user Scott identified by scotsnewpa$$word; Now Scott has a new password, but hes still locked. Now watch the video agian and try it on your DB. Have fun
Bipin Singh (1 year ago)
put system instead of scott u r able to alt the user :)
Mahalaxmi Sadula (2 years ago)
i do not know the password used at the time of installation of oracle. what should i do now? plz help me out
Amol Anpat (2 years ago)
thank u from bottom of my heart... I tried so many videos but u r really helpful to me.. finally I proceed to jdbc
Fabiana Ramos (2 years ago)
I have a problem, once I opened the SQLPLUS directly, this error comes out after using SYS and password: ORA-28009 connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER
Chandra Shekhar Reddy (2 years ago)
+use sysdba Fabiana Ramos
sameekshya pattnaik (2 years ago)
video is really useful. Thanks
swagat kumar sahoo (2 years ago)
Rocking background music with nice tutor....... thanks........
Zubair Khan (2 years ago)
HasXan Khan (2 years ago)
Thankyou so much it worked. A shout out for chandu :)
Parth Sarathi (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, bro. I have been trying many methods to unlock. Finally, this video helped me just now.
Rajeev Reddy (2 years ago)
Thanks Chandu !
Sushmita Ghosh (2 years ago)
thank you so much for this video. very helpful

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