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Interior Design – This Modern Home Is A Lesson In Minimalist Living

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Architect Gillian Green took a pared-back approach when designing this home. See how she transformed a dark and dated space into a modern home with a reduced palette that still feels warm and inviting. Gillian opened up the main floor to create a layout that lets the natural light flood in, brightening the clean-lined interior. Concrete floors provide depth and movement, while white oak wood cabinets further the warmth. The kitchen is storage-heavy with a large island where people can gather. A large piece of limestone with stacked logs acts as art in the living room, while black and steel finishes maintain the sleek aesthetic.
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tmz85 (2 years ago)
The juxtaposition of the warm sleek timber finishes, clean white walls/counters with simple cement floors is perfect. Such a dramatic change, I was wondering if the exterior of the house was changed. Anyway, well done.
Undso Weiter (1 day ago)
Gute Renovierung @
james mc (20 days ago)
I have always hated open plans. Particularly when you are sitting in a living room and you can see somebody cooking in the kitchen. Spacious but ugly.
Patricia Kelly (23 days ago)
Needs colour and art. Well done quality fittings but needs warmth to give it a home feeling.
Drr magneto (1 month ago)
what type if white paint used in the walls
Zeeshan B (1 month ago)
Where to get these barstool?
House & Home (1 month ago)
The barstools are from Avenue Road https://avenue-road.com/
bluebean52 (2 months ago)
Way to majorly ruin an older “houwse!” I love the modern, minimalist esthetic, but would never destroy the bones of a vintage structure. I’d build new or buy a vintage modern structure of the 1950’s or 1960’s.
World Anthems (2 months ago)
I prefer dark house. House with bright interior, full of windows make me sickkkkk...
theddfreak (2 months ago)
Books in kitchen? Why?
Rohini Panakal (3 months ago)
This is nice but it looks like people are yet to move in.
Glory Days (4 months ago)
I loved this simple design
muhd idris (5 months ago)
"abooout.. " oh, She's Canadian?
House & Home (5 months ago)
Yes, this is a Canadian channel.
Mr. RefurbishedBrain (5 months ago)
Nice Swiss hospital
ayesha sharma (6 months ago)
talking about minnimalism and 2 living rooms..
christE (6 months ago)
i don’t really like it tbh. it is beautiful but lacks homeliness and character. it’s too plain and modern
hello hellboi (6 months ago)
empty emotionles colourless soulless
Addi S. Koon (6 months ago)
so the client basically wanted to live in an apple store…
Phillip Chan (7 months ago)
This minimalistic look is not in keeping with the period in which the house was built.Which means it now lost all its character and charm.Poor choice of style.And for gods sake give it more colour.Do these people even know what a colour wheel is?
Majestic_Elle (7 months ago)
This design really shows the difference between interior work from an architects lens in contrast with the other House and Home from an interior designer lens. Interesting remodel but definately lacking character and warmth.
J (8 months ago)
its simply..... simple
nordfresse (8 months ago)
This is beautyful but has nothing to do with minimalism. Who wrote that headline?
Fewyouknewme be for (8 months ago)
its like a dentist's room themed , waiting room
Raphael (8 months ago)
Eh, seems a bit impractical. mud room and coats on opposite ends? Fridge in an awkward place for the kitchen? just a white wall with some weird furniture right as you walk in? kitchen island lights off center, dining table in a weird place, "family room" awkwardly placed in the corner in front of big sliding doors etc.. This is the kind of stuff i would look at and change immediately if i saw the plan for it.. too much focus on flat surfaces and such even if it looks nice, but a nice design incorporates practicality and style in my unprofessional opinion. But to each their own, it looks really nice and if the owners like it i have no problems, i would just personally do it slightly differently
Ferdinand Gross (8 months ago)
Look at this wonderful ceiling https://insgk.com/fotoceiling/8.php
annakeye (9 months ago)
It's funny that in less than two years, there's a look of datedness with the colour scheme. Or should I say, lack of colour scheme. Some like the excess of white but as lovely as it can look, it's a pain to stay on top of. Every splash and mark shows. Also, it feels cold. Imagine if some more texture and colour was brought in. A textured wall covering with a dusky eggshell shade for the wall behind the t.v. and perhaps carry on that shade without texture onto the rest of the walls, or take it up a couple of tones. Don't get me wrong, I love the general theme. It's just time to get out of that neutral pallor that started in the 90s and embrace what I eye likes to see - movement, colour and texture. PS: The most colour thing in the house was the Gibson Les Paul on its stand. And it really stood out. Perhaps they should get it repainted or sell it and buy one in a bland white oak instead.
David Vianello (9 months ago)
Great design! Maybe I could complain about the range, slide-in instead of drop-in, and the toilet, very old fashion instead od a wall mount. But it's a great job. I really like it. I can't stand the Victorian, fake castle, craftsman, country and whatever style you can find in US. This is the right direction. This is the link to the toilet: https://www.projecttoilet.com/product-page/gap-toilet-seat-sold-separately
I love this remodel of the house! This is definitely inspiration for my future house since I'm a minimalist😊😊😊
juliane (9 months ago)
The owner simply did not want to retain the history of the house, rather modernized it. People please stop complaining since you are not gonna ever live here. Kudos to the designer . You did a good job.
strawberry shortcake (9 months ago)
I loved the dark wood😢
john shu (9 months ago)
Why is the root ad I watch from this video 7 seconds long, I normally don't watch 15 second ads. 7 is just misleading. Go back to 6 or less
Tokyo Warfare (9 months ago)
I like the house but the fact that concrete floor "adds a quality to the space that you wouldn´t have otherwise" ahem... no matter how much BS and buzzwords you add, floor is just ok.
Edivaldo Fragoso (9 months ago)
Are you a Fornasetti fan? These pillowcases are a must! :) Check them out here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Appartamento?ref=l2-shopheader-name
Daniel Voehringer (9 months ago)
„The Craftsmanship was very much a PART of the project from start to finish“.... DUH.... ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!! It’s the majority of the project, and the design was just a part!
cream (10 months ago)
concrete floor with white walls is just too much for me
London Atlantic (10 months ago)
Rand Zopyr (10 months ago)
You could have kept the older feel while still going minimal. You keep talking about "warmth" but the house feels cold, contemporary, industrial with the open everything.
Angrier Photographer (10 months ago)
This is not minimalist, its plain architecture
Gene Louie (10 months ago)
It’s beautiful but it needs real plants to really warm it up. I applaud to those owners that keep a place so neat and organized.
Amu Mathye (11 months ago)
very nice
Mat Iq (11 months ago)
Can NOT believe they would destroy the true beauty of this house, rip out all the old characteristic features and replace with a private hospital feel of a house.... VERY BAD design.. That old fireplace was BEAUTIFUL. what they have done should be illegal.
Hiếu Toyota Bắc Ninh (11 months ago)
http://vinhomes-giangvos.com/vinhomes-gallery-giang-vo-2.html vinhomes vietnam
Hector Babenccio (1 year ago)
Minimal taste too. Ugh!!!
Flight Of Spice Blog (1 year ago)
A nice place is lifechanging
Dana Yager (1 year ago)
I love modern. However, the choice to remove that beautiful staircase was a huge mistake.
Mary Williams (1 year ago)
3:47 a custom draw for one tank top????!!! Or is that a drying rack?? Either way...
A wonderful, and warm designer, who builds awful, sober, and dreadfully cold places that speak of Protestant virtue, dark bread, and gluten free regimen, lol
Mya Rowlands (1 year ago)
I really want to redesign this house to make it two houses in one. Idk
Rafa Hdez Cid (1 year ago)
Very beautiful!
Rudi Susanto (1 year ago)
I really like this style. I really like to know the contractor and designers name. If can any contact reference to them.
Abbasi 01 (1 year ago)
Great work mam
sheentheexplorer (1 year ago)
I love this!!!
beingelmo (1 year ago)
People either love this or hate it. For me, I love it! Love the natural light, the openness, the concrete element, the huge sliding door/windows and the shower.
Cyanyde (3 days ago)
I absolutely love it crisp clean organized design it's not wild and screaming, the way it comes together is very calm and relaxing with mentally helps in reducing living stress etc. generally people are so used to a cluttered chatoic color splashed "messy" living style that they can't appreciate something not that chaos until like you said they experience it for themselves and realize how much better it is not just visually soft to the eye no longer straining but mentally and emotionally beneficial to have a living space like this as well.
Jacob Woods (1 year ago)
beingelmo Agree, no average person likes modern design, until they experience it themselves.
Jennifer Hernandez (1 year ago)
I absolutely love that violet sleek hairstyle! WERK.
Himanshu Ghadigaonkar (1 year ago)
It looks like a hotel suite.. it's not bad but it's not habitable for daily life I think..
Dan Shimandle (1 year ago)
Living here is like what living in an Apple Store must be like. It is so boring.
TruStory (1 year ago)
1 American is equal to 20 European. for me to get this house here I'll need to be a CEO. That's one enormous house.
sky nguyen (1 year ago)
minimalistic design = spending tons of cash on building it and have the minimal cash left for shit
Mir Mahmood (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where those pendant lights are from?
ChibaCityBlues (1 year ago)
Amir Rockett (1 year ago)
There is nothing minimalist about this interior design. Please learn from the Japanese to know real minimalist design ideas.
psumiz (1 year ago)
How much would a gut renovation like this cost??
MEHUL MANGLA (1 year ago)
That is the problem. They never mention the fuc***g costs.
Arul (1 year ago)
Western architects are so plain and just can't use colour. I would be driven mad in a house with such lack of colour
oltedders (1 year ago)
Brilliant! except for the concrete floor. I hope the exterior is still intact for maximum visual impact. Now Gillian, honey, time for a little make over yourself. Your hair looks like roadkill.
Minxy love (1 year ago)
it will be very cold during winter
Siri (1 year ago)
3:48 xD
Veronica (1 year ago)
wow thats incredible!
Commentator541 (1 year ago)
This is type of thing you don't do. Sure it was not functional, but to remove ALL the original character, of which there was plenty of and replace it with new for the sake of new? NO. This is what new builds are for.
Rhetorical Claim (1 year ago)
You turned the place around.. Very Beautiful. Eye pleasing. Comfortable by looking at it..
design savy (1 year ago)
well done, really gd
exas4791 (1 year ago)
I love the restraint and sleekness in not having unnecessary stuff.
sara m (1 year ago)
the concrete flooring 😍
Commentator541 (1 year ago)
It looks amazing. That being said THIS IS NOT MINIMALIST way of presenting a space. What the hell are those blankets, flowers, ornaments, cushions doing there? You wanted to make it pretty for the general public and made your channel director look like a fool in front of an educated design circle. Strip away those tacky ornaments and let the designer's vision be what is presented. She did a wonderful job.
NewYork (1 year ago)
I love a minimal interior and think this would look great in a new house or apartment. However its a shame an already beautiful home was ruined for it and stripped from all its history, details and personality.
Natalia Rojas (1 year ago)
Love the island pendants, someone knows where I can find similar?
PhamsWorld (1 year ago)
Still too much decoration.
Bel Zel (1 year ago)
Missing the old charm. If this was a new bill then I would give it  thumbs up for the living room.
Home Design (1 year ago)
MInimalist is likely the most home design people looking for..
Trent Hankinson (1 year ago)
Lesson in minimalism.... AND a lesson in how to spend as much money as possible
Robyn Brown (1 year ago)
UGG, to me the history and beauty of the home was destroyed.  I wish I'd never seen the before pix.
farolitodepapel (1 year ago)
I like the before better than the after. All the personality of the original house gone with the wind.
Magdalena (2 years ago)
Wow. I love this so much. Great work!
Subhan's Vault (2 years ago)
Jed Phish (2 years ago)
still looks a bit too cluttered for me
Music Music (2 years ago)
loved the room , layout and design, very open , clean n quite feel to it. Question. Do the large glass windows cause a problem in the winter or rainy season with the glass being cold and reflecting the same into the rooms. There is a lot of light in the summer but I find rooms or house with a lot of glass to have challenges in the winter. What is your take on it ?
Fresh Linen (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing this great video
Lisa Paponetti (2 years ago)
This is my DREAM HOME! So peaceful, so serene. Wonderful job. :)
Ro GuPa (2 years ago)
I live in a second floor by myself, alone. When you live like that, having all that space clean is hard and time consuming. This is a wonderful approach to a down to earth solution to my situation. I even have a 50 m2 covered terrace that I really REALLY hate to mop... Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy... nevertheless I don't want to spend my life cleaning and organizing stuff...
Mendy Goldshmid (2 years ago)
this is my dream home, so minimal and contemporary😍😍😍😍
Alice Randi (2 years ago)
i love this minimalistic home! so beauty, so simple!
dorfone (2 years ago)
Wow! This is so cold and impersonal, not inviting at all. It kind of looks like one of those modernistic airport terminals they were building three years ago. The house has completely lost its charm and heart. Not a place I would want to live. If a real estate agent showed it to me, I would just turn around and walk out. There is nothing left to work with.
Marcos Yudi Kimura (9 months ago)
Could you explain a little bit better. What do you mean with "There is nothing left to work with"?
Fabian Farbeyond (2 years ago)
Love her approach! Truly successfully designed and executed. Nothing is better than a trusting relationship between client and designer. One can perceive she has a true understanding of her client and as mentioned they are friends. Refreshing.
adultblues (2 years ago)
Nice to view But maybe not easy to live in - too open, wasted space Could have been minimalist but with some privacy
diningonstyle (2 years ago)
man i love this!!!!!
VioletIceFire (2 years ago)
While I appreciate modern designs I do not like it very much when the exterior of the house doesn't match. I like the idea of preserving some traditional elements since it is an older home.
AmberRooster (2 years ago)
Very interesting space
Denique O'meally (2 years ago)
Love the clean minimalist look, however it lacks the essence of feeling homely and strikes me more as a showcase rather than a place of solitude and family comfort. A touch of Artwork on the walls and a few potted plants would have done wonders for the space.
Joe G (2 years ago)
Andrew Anthony (2 years ago)
What a gorgeous project with a beautiful palette. The dividing mechanism in the living space was a beautiful element
oliver thomas (2 years ago)
looked better before. 😂
mhgirlie (2 years ago)
I don't like this remodel at all. There was no preservation of the old house. The house lost all its charm.
Rudi Susanto (1 year ago)
mhgirlie maybe because the owner like the environment where the house is located and the neighbour while they want a conpletely like new house.
ZombieMommy (1 year ago)
I agree. They could still do traditional minimalist and sneak in some contemporary clean lines.
BlackStarBlues (2 years ago)
Agreed. The owners should have just bought a new construction.
oliver thomas (2 years ago)
I totally agree, it looks like upmarket Ikea!

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