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Teenager vs. World's Strongest Man Diet Challenge (12,000+ Calories)

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I attempt to recreate the strongman diet for the 4 time (4x) World's Strongest Man, Brian Shaw. Recently a video was made showing the World's Strongest Man's Full Day of Eating diet. I decided that I, an 18 year-old, 165lb teenager would give the strongman diet a shot. Over 12,000 calories worth of food in one day is I guess what you would call performance nutrition (crazy grocery bill...) for men like Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall. This is my attempt. Teenager vs. World's Strongest Man Diet Challenge. The original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQEJyjKTH9g&t=901s My Website! - http://www.ZachGonring.com -- Jesus Merch: http://www.ZachGonring.com/merch Online Fitness Coaching: http://www.ZachGonring.com/fitnesscoaching Go check out my 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgoJjZo1emF-DLLPWPlyHQQ Three Nails Clothing - "ZACH10" for 10% off!! https://threenailsclothing.com?rfsn=1418126.5b2ae Follow me on Instagram: @zachgonring Follow me on Twitter: @zachgonring Too many teenagers are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and harmful, negative things. I'm addicted to training. I want to spread the fitness movement and motivate others to do something positive with their life. We are powerful beyond measure. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" -P4XIII LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more! Comment what you want to see next!
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Text Comments (549)
21elkaholic (4 months ago)
his last two meals are fat as fuck
Carl Olsen (5 months ago)
I only weigh 220lbs I normally eat 3-5k calories a day
LeadoffWalnut T (5 months ago)
How long was this man takin a shit, the food got cold
Zach Gonring (5 months ago)
Yo. When you've got dang near 10k calories in you, there's a lot to get out...
Tyler Blevins (5 months ago)
I’m watching this as I eat the pasta meal in Alan Thrall’s bulking diet video. I feel like I’m about to burst, but your humor makes it bearable. You’re an inspiration dude, thanks for this!
Youtube Mm (5 months ago)
Zach Gonring (5 months ago)
Thank you my friend!!
sidahmed djabri (6 months ago)
my beast hhh i am so jealous bro,,, here i am dieting for my competition ,,, for about six month ,,, already out from one in 4th october and other one is 19January you lucky hhhh
Quinten Wallace (6 months ago)
Never-ending pasta
BurningHeavy (7 months ago)
Your workout is his warmup xD he also cut out pasta and eats rice
Joe Franco (7 months ago)
Shaw don't eat half of nothin😀
I think ive eaten more than this
Daniel Heller (7 months ago)
Okay young man brain shaw is on lots of gear it helps him eat.
Matthew Lahaie (8 months ago)
R1 Canuck (8 months ago)
Cool beard
MayMay (8 months ago)
Damn. You deserve more thumbs up on this video. 👍🏼👍🏼 Smashed that like button for you!
Nelson Housos (9 months ago)
10:43 Brock Lesner
Zach Gonring (9 months ago)
Radeon Vector (10 months ago)
there's no way this is legit, this video took a week to make.
Zach Gonring (10 months ago)
Noooooo sir! All in one day, I promise you that.
Smile Dawg (10 months ago)
My man lookin like faze banks
MonsterTVchannel (11 months ago)
Dude I just sat and watched you eat for 17 min. Wtf is wrong with me 😂
Honeysuckle Blossom (11 months ago)
He doesn't have eight whole eggs, he has more egg whites with a few whole eggs. I don't know what's more gross eggs, I'm allergic to, milk on them...allergic again (btw he uses almond milk) and cinnamon ughhh evil in powder form. I once made the stupid mistake of putting big red gum in my mouth, never made that mistake again. Wouldn't it have been easier to contact Brian Shaw and ask him for advice?
Zach Gonring (11 months ago)
I don't even know how to respond to this comment lol
All Kitchens (11 months ago)
Mate, you can tell your mom you ate this sh.t in one day. :) Gangster:D
Adam Rojas (11 months ago)
Good job bro lotta food
Zach Gonring (11 months ago)
matt clark (11 months ago)
I hope Brian saw this you are one funny dude. Good job.
Drew Combs (11 months ago)
Holy shit man even the fact you reached over 10k is impressive as hell I saw his original vid and thought it looked like suicide for an average jor
Drew Combs (11 months ago)
Zach Gonring haha well still I give you mad props I normally consume like 2,500 calories a day. And you and him ate that shit before noon. I was like damn that must have been so fucking hard. Like I said mad props man your a beast for being able to consume that much! Nice work
Zach Gonring (11 months ago)
Oh yeah it was pretty terrible 😂😂
Michael Felix (11 months ago)
It's all about eating, you don't even need to work out if you eat enough. I personally just eat at McDonald cause it's cheap. Quantity over quality. This kid is a genius!
everaceSx everaceSx (1 year ago)
dont forget he works out super hard and he is very big and tall
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Oh don't you worry, I won't forget 😂👍
ARMAGEDDONx9276 (1 year ago)
Entertaining, but, you cannot simply jump into this type of diet. You gradually increase your caloric intake over time as you grow. 165lb guy probably should max out at around 2200 calories to start, good workouts, sleep, grow, increase caloric intake by a couple hundred, repeat. There is a science to this, its not just shoveling food. 400lb guy 165lb guy, big difference in calorie needs.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Uhhhh I'm fully aware of how this works haha, this was just a challenge to see if I could even consume that much food...
Alejandro Wei Chen (1 year ago)
It would be great if you do like a strongman diets serie
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
That's an interesting idea... might consider it!!
Tgunzz (1 year ago)
Well done bro, I enjoyed watching u take on the task. Considering I came right over from Brian Shaw’s channel and that video in particular. Pretty good editing too, all the best to you and your channel, i’ll b sure to check in from time to time.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Hey thanks man! Might as well consider hitting that subscribe button, join the family my man, it's the year of the vlog and we're growing like crazy!!
Charlie Price (1 year ago)
omg no lol
Piccolo (1 year ago)
Believe it or not, this video made me hungry
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Lol niiiiice
sammy124 (1 year ago)
The first meal of the day is literally how much i eat in an entire day 😂
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Ahahaaa shoooooot 😣😣
some dude (1 year ago)
How much did you shit lol
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Daddy-D (1 year ago)
I want to believe you but it really could be edited over the course of many days. I will take your word for it that you did complete the challenge however I do have my doubts...
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
I'll bet my mother's left leg it was in one day.
EasyEscape (1 year ago)
13:32 How you used to look when yo mom told u to eat your vegetables
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Hahahaaa true 👍
Shawn Baker (1 year ago)
That and lifting ALOT!!!!!!
Half_Bloodx3 (1 year ago)
What a beast
The thing is, the only thing he did that day, is eat. He didn't workout at all. You cheated this sir.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Uhhh not sure how that's cheating... also not sure why it would be a serious issue if I "cheated" it 😂😂
Still Life (1 year ago)
I couldn't do this. I feel sick just watching.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Oh ya, it was rough 😂😂
the dude (1 year ago)
Impressive for 165
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Hey thanks the dude 🤙
OFFICIAL NSA (1 year ago)
you think skim milk is real milk??? hahahha foh
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
It is... just with the fat skimmed off...
kevin truong (1 year ago)
teenager? nigga you look 30
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Was 18 my dude 👍
Victor Blair (1 year ago)
I don't believe you.
Niki Hudák (1 year ago)
Like for those spaghetti xd
Jacob Garza (1 year ago)
lol dope video bro
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Thank you man 👍😂
concho sewing (1 year ago)
congratz man! :D
iWingzFromKFC (1 year ago)
bullshit he split this up into seperate days
Some Guy (1 year ago)
I wouldn't mind trying to eat like this everyday, but Shaw's groceries for his diet costs him about $2000 which lasts him less than a week.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, the food wasn't that bad, it was just an insane amount (and expensive)
Some Guy (1 year ago)
The blue berry shake looks like the Ooze from the first Power Rangers movie. 😂
Boaz Shachaf (1 year ago)
Mans still lives at his parents house lol
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
I was in high school when I made this... lol
Simple Soup (1 year ago)
24 hours diabetes, or at least some meat sweats
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Some SERIOUS meat sweats 😂
chsstagemanager2012 (1 year ago)
"The blueberries might have made it too thick"... maybe that's why he uses almond milk???
NicebutDim (1 year ago)
I'd be shitting that out by a 10th through... @4:40
stevens richer (1 year ago)
Looking at beard he is older then teenager
Keith Adams (1 year ago)
Keith Adams (1 year ago)
Zach Gonring. You fucking earned it... Props
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
For the views of course 👍
Legacy Nutrition (1 year ago)
This is Allan Thrall before the challenge
Micah Naone (1 year ago)
Allan Fuge (1 year ago)
You failed the challenge you do not do it exactly how he has you won you edit calories sources you should not have had and your portion sizes are not the same
Bulk Logan (1 year ago)
5'7 400lbs and round as Shaw is tall
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Bulk Logan (1 year ago)
Your skinny slim, I'M FAT ALBERTS SON hey hey hey
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
You trying to say I'm fat?? 😂😂
Mr. Cornbread (1 year ago)
Props to him for trying. I have a slow metabolism and this prolly would have sent me to the ER. Lol
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Yeah, was not a fun time lol
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Im surprised you even ate that much lol
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Yeah it did not feel good 😂😂
Powerlove (1 year ago)
LOL. stop before you end up in the hospital. he did not make the change overnight and is MASSIVE. Can't believe this
Mike Contente (1 year ago)
I dont tell you how to live your life
Adolf Hitler (1 year ago)
p0werl0ve fuck BLM
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Uhhhh I'm aware lol, this was QUITE unsafe 😂😂
Kristijan Jurisic (1 year ago)
Damn dud you did good . That's so much food
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Ohhhh yeah, it was a lot lol
Eric Chandler (1 year ago)
Because he is alot bigger and lifting bigger weights. You don't think deadlifted 400 and 1000lbs in gonna burn the same amount of calories do ya? Not to mention this kind of eating is even tough for him. Thor said it was the hardest part about strongman.
Eric Chandler (1 year ago)
alright, good enough
Eric Chandler (1 year ago)
The only way to know that is if you were him or shit did make you strong, which it don't. I say stuff with a straight face all the time, but I am exaggerating.
Eric Chandler (1 year ago)
and you took that literally?
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Thanks brother!!
Eric Chandler (1 year ago)
Im 6'2" 308 lifter, and personally I was impressed you got down as much as you did. Valiant effort
Buzz Light year (1 year ago)
You deserve a thumbs up bro good on ya
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Appreciate you buzz lightyear 👊
Moors Hound (1 year ago)
nice try kid!
Dmitryzakharov (1 year ago)
One doesnt just eat. He needs 12kkk a day because he burns it too. You dont. Thats why you cant. When i cycle i burn 1500kk so i make protein shake with around 1000kk . The rest is normal meal.
Dmitryzakharov (1 year ago)
To a gym after so much food? You must be loving yourself so much.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Goooooood times 🤙🤙
Turop guenther (1 year ago)
That's not milk thats water lying about being milk.
Turop guenther (1 year ago)
Awesome attempt though im not a small person and i dont think i could come as close as you did.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Turop guenther (1 year ago)
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Ahhhhhhhh have to disagree with ya on this one Austin
Wijibo (1 year ago)
You have to remember, that just resting, Brian Shaw is burning a buttload of calories.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
I am fully aware lol
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
How big was your dump the next day? 4lb baby?
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Small child.
CrashMarioSonic (1 year ago)
Remember Brian Shaw is 6'8 and 423lbs, so is not only taller than most people but also has a larger stomach to contain a large amount of food.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Oh I'm fully aware lol 😂😂
David Bigelow (1 year ago)
Dudes a champ
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
My man 👊
Keegan Hymer (1 year ago)
Why the fuck would I wanna watch you make the same video as Brian. I only clicked cuz I thought you’d throw up
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Hmmm sorry
Keeley Egan (1 year ago)
Love that T-Shirt 👌🏼
Dylan Gabriel Frost (1 year ago)
Oh shit dude the calculations aren't wrong he added seasoning to his food and that adds calories right?
Alex w (1 year ago)
With that beard there’s no way your a teenager
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Yes way. 18 years old at the time. Just got the beard genes lol
Khizo (1 year ago)
how tall is he?
Khizo (1 year ago)
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Tyler Lavigne (1 year ago)
You cut essay to many parts so you can't prove YOU finished these foods..... ide redue it
Tyler Lavigne (1 year ago)
What's with the gay music?? Ruined the video.. if you even call it that
Desmond Alexis (1 year ago)
I feel full just from watching this
Ruben 2x (1 year ago)
Teenager? You look 30
KingSoap88 88 (1 year ago)
Pasta is BY FAR the best food on the planet whether it's with butter or red sauce it does'nt matter.
provenelk (1 year ago)
He must have puked
Li Osmani (1 year ago)
This looks fake to me...that amount of food and you did it easily...his 6ft8 400lb odd pound..i think u ate it over few days.
david frankland (1 year ago)
not a teenager either
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Was 18 at the time. Promise
Rx7Tool (1 year ago)
Work your way up to it but for your height and structure
EpicStarman (1 year ago)
They say he gained 20 pounds that day.
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Something like that haha
Free Helicopter Rides (1 year ago)
You look like either a neckbeard or a Muslim
B1G R3D (1 year ago)
The only way I’d be able to do this is to smoke hella weed and hope the munchies take over.....
Juzzy TV (1 year ago)
I'm struggling to get bigger at the gym because the hardest part for me is the eating, i struggle to eat 2500cal a day.
Wish I had that problem haha
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Honestly can't relate haha, my appetite is ridiculous... just takes getting used to, push yourself to bump the calories!
Sean Lee (1 year ago)
Now to take the biggest shit of your life! 💩
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Or like 12 of them..
Jimmy stampied (1 year ago)
Man I feel full just watching this
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Haha you're telling me man 😣😣
Amin Haioty (1 year ago)
I feel bad for your stomach
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Ahaha it was rough!
blacctilly (1 year ago)
youre dumbass "breaking table" soundseffects scared the shit out of me wth
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Sorry lol, don't have the volume up so high I guess 😂😂
BATZE 22 (1 year ago)
anybody else notice how many times he changes shirts a day ?
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
It's cuz A.) I worked out, and B.) It was a hot day and I was literally drenched in sweat after eating some of those meals lol so much food
Edwin Atwell (1 year ago)
How did you not get sick?
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Not really sure haha I definitely felt like I was gonna die tho
Jordan Dudley (1 year ago)
When you take enough test, tren and all the other gear, probably even anavar, its easier to put away the calories. This dude is a natty
Willhuff Tarkin (1 year ago)
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Yuuuuuuuuuuup. 18 years old at the time
Aaron Martin (1 year ago)
Lol when you went to go throw up then came back and still couldn’t finish your meal XD you got put in your place haha
Aaron Martin (1 year ago)
Zach Gonring lol yeah that’s an incredible amount of food
Zach Gonring (1 year ago)
Promise I didn't throw up. But I certainly could not put down that much pasta ahaha...
Jai Taylor (1 year ago)
Nice 👍🏼

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