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Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl (Official Music Video)

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Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl. Vocals : Kylie Auldist Download / listen to the album here : https://Barclay.lnk.to/KungsLayers Follow me on : https://www.facebook.com/Kungsmusic https://twitter.com/KungsMusic https://www.instagram.com/kungsmusic https://soundcloud.com/kungsmusic Subscribe to the channel : https://Barclay.lnk.to/KungsVevo Produced by La Main Productions Directed by Matt Larson Actors: Irina Martynenko & Louïs Rault Watanabe Dop : Diana Vidrascu Gaffer : Nicholas Kent http://vevo.ly/QnlJ7g Best of Kungs: https://goo.gl/edSyQ3 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/JDZ5Mq #Kungs #ThisGirl #Vevo #CookinOn3Burners #KylieAuldist #House #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (51682)
the extended (2 hours ago)
just came there after porto-galatasaray match
the extended (2 hours ago)
+Sevim Çetinkaya hemşeri hemşeriyi nasil buluyor bu kadar rahat amk
Sevim Çetinkaya (2 hours ago)
the extended where r u from
vago siempre (5 hours ago)
Steven 1988 (7 hours ago)
this is GREAT !!!!
Pixelfreedom1 (10 hours ago)
Ich höre dieses Lied und plötzlich verspüre ich lust auf liebe xD
ッGL4DIPL4Y (11 hours ago)
*Cara eu amo essaaaa músicaaaaaaaaaa*
Nikrusv4 (13 hours ago)
Llegué por joaco Si banzas(?
Oanh Nguyễn (14 hours ago)
Thank God. I found this song AGAIN lol
EVO_ Secret (15 hours ago)
If you went to Brazil and you didn’t make a montage, did you actually go to Brazil?
shantanu sharma (16 hours ago)
Gini wijnaldum da da dada dada.....gini wijnaldum da da dada dada
anne magne (17 hours ago)
00:50 c'est trop cool
ChrisD.ca (18 hours ago)
If you go to a taping of Conan O'Brien, this song will play in the studio to warm up the audience! 😂
Jean Oliveira (18 hours ago)
eren yazıcı (19 hours ago)
0:53 shot on iPhone
Pedro (21 hours ago)
Aaaaaah mano eu amo essa música u.u
The Danial (21 hours ago)
1:11 ей юноша гони бабло😂
Sofizilla (22 hours ago)
I needed to Ask the dj What this song was called lol
Djair Alves (22 hours ago)
Toguro motivação sexta feira. Sheipado no bagulho!!!
Lord Azarak (1 day ago)
Klopp dancing
Esta música esta para un funeral.
Rui Franco (1 day ago)
La la la la la Pinto da Costa allez
Rosebulll (1 day ago)
LOL, after so long, I finally found it
Joseph Adino (1 day ago)
ah so this was the song. yayyy
Adn Gonçalves (1 day ago)
Estava procurando por essa música faz tempooo... FINALMENTE!!! 👵❤️
enclavor (1 day ago)
Encore un bon groupe français ^^
Guy Ravenscroft (1 day ago)
Pattern 144 (1 day ago)
Gonna be a great day!
Wiesław TV (1 day ago)
kto od ewronka :)
Geheni Djiddi (1 day ago)
It was so hard for me to finding this song after searching it, without knowing the artist the name or the lyrics, on yt, Google and mi-something for literally more than 5 mins.
Geheni Djiddi (1 day ago)
Ik I made a typo so
Tiah Gih Açucar (1 day ago)
Quem esta assisntindo as 1:23 curti 🌙💖🎀
This is in the radio right now
Brad Fieldhouse (1 day ago)
This song chills me out!
Dr3aM (1 day ago)
2 years... 2. FKING. YEARS. OF. SEARCHING.
listening this 50000x i love this song 🔥🔥🔥
x eleana skyfall x (2 days ago)
was looking for this song months finally found it!!!!😊 yayyy
Maudina Hanny (2 days ago)
Yahya B5 (2 days ago)
December 2018 anyone ?
Carmen Brashears (2 days ago)
I was in prison and heard this song on that Cricket commercial, then I finally found it!!! YAYY =D
Robin (2 days ago)
why is everyone looking for this song. also someone told me the songs name when I was looking for this lol.
Riley Anderson (2 days ago)
*David Dobrik sent me here.*
"You'll never buy my love" > sells song song to Apple< (' ___ ')
Daniela Torres (2 days ago)
What are you talking about? All of you were searching this song all day long while I was listening and watching it a millon times on TV 😂😂
Roger Gabriel (2 days ago)
Best music of the wold!!!!
Kim Victória (2 days ago)
Rap Français (2 days ago)
Gaby Andrade (2 days ago)
Akbar Ardiansah (2 days ago)
Brayan Elías (2 days ago)
Let's think that there are still people who are still looking for this song, we have to help them find it.....
Kurniawan Sipenggoda (2 days ago)
This hits me in the feels so hard :,) Because the actor basically like me and my past lovers in 2016 09 30
Butterkeks Animation (2 days ago)
Shazam send me here... 😂
Claudia clauu (2 days ago)
Money rains from the sky above But keep the change cuz I've got enough A little time and some tenderness You'll never buy my love !! No other thing that's as precious to No other ! There's no other ! Than a heart that feel and a heart that's true Somethin' that you've got to know this girl Woh ! Take my hand... Or them over Take my hand...you O-or them over Take my hand ... you Or them over Take my hand Or them over1 His presents don't really come for free Your paychecks don't mean that much to me Just take my hand and hold me tight You'll never buy my love ! You buy me this and you buy me that To win over ! Win me over ! You got me wrong and thats a fact Somethin' that you've got to love this... Will you realize when I'm gone That I dance to a different song Will you realize when I'm gone That I dance to a different song It's a shame but I've got to go Woh ! Take my hand... Or them over Take my hand... you O-or them over Take my hand... you Or them over Take my hand Or them over
Fanta ohne Geschmack (2 days ago)
the sad thing is that the most of you dont even know how the original is.... :(
BRAYAN COIMBRA (2 days ago)
Achei a música que eu queria obrigado já deixei o like
JT killERfrOST (3 days ago)
I found it
Rym HARRAT (3 days ago)
I finally found it 😅😅
Alemão da quebrada (3 days ago)
2018 alguém que som mano 🤘🤘
vanemanocho (3 days ago)
Veo que a muchos les tomó tiempo encontrar Está canción. ..Gracias a Dios , a mi sólo un mes ..
vanemanocho (3 days ago)
Why did I discover it in December 2018?
Terrence G (3 days ago)
Why did it take me a year and a half to find this song
Go Pro (3 days ago)
Lit took me awhile to find this
saliih Dridii (3 days ago)
gini wijnaldum song ❤️
ironizando a ironia (3 days ago)
ain amo tanto
Dawid Glania (3 days ago)
The first time I heard this song I can't remember because i thought this song is not cool but in a few months my cousin and me came home From outside, The Radio was playing this song after it my cousin says That this is a cool song and I thought he can be right. I listen to this song more and more and finally I like it! xD
Degradee (3 days ago)
Robak 03 (3 days ago)
Giorgi Nachkebia (3 days ago)
This song is perfect in every way
Vasilis Asimopoulos (3 days ago)
Those places are in Greece if someone wants to know
I Z (3 days ago)
Looks like I'm not the only one who finally found it. Thanks Shazam.
Jonathan Joaozinho (3 days ago)
Spaghetti Joe (3 days ago)
The extent I went through to find this song is unbelievable. I couldn’t understand any lyrics and describing the film clip was a waste of time so I came up with the bright idea to just start from 2010 and type “summer hits of the year” and holy shit did it work. Should change my name to detective joe.
Bruce Wayne (2 days ago)
Spaghetti Joe are u virgin ?
TDK Legend (3 days ago)
I came here from a meme .-.
Rob Slater (4 days ago)
Favourite tune of 2017
Gini Wijnaldum
Abuzer Kaptan (4 days ago)
Akhisar 😂😂♥️
Nebula Lotus (4 days ago)
After long searching i finaly found it again omg. i loveee ittttt sooo muchhhhhh💙💙💙 Had to search "Summer song 2016" on google. took me multiple hours to find and i'm sooo satisfyed💜💙💚💛❤
Tom Kuhbrügge (4 days ago)
Wat ein geiler Song/Sound....schön beim Karussel- u. Autofahren...fast so gut wie "Lola´s Theme"...
What’s up
Anwar Múzquiz (4 days ago)
I heard this for the first time in Walmart while I was trying some headphones. I've never heard the song before, even tho I tried so hard to find it... Today, months later, I used shazam to find out its name when I heard it on my radio. It's soooo satisfying to see that a lot of people struggled as much as me lol
chloe steele (2 days ago)
Yes! I work at walmart and finally got time to listen to the headphones and find this song ❤
Mr. Knuckles. Jr (4 days ago)
1 Year... I Guess it was worth it👌
Mustafa Alp Demir (4 days ago)
Fenerbahçe 0 Akhisar 3
Lara Moreira (4 days ago)
1:3 melhor parte (força Porto alle...)
pineapple Fanta (4 days ago)
Chris t (4 days ago)
I'm probably the only one who thought they were lesbian. Then later I found out it was a man.
Scooby Doo (4 days ago)
This was a copyright on a hit or miss meme compilation lmao
Trevor Bailey (4 days ago)
Brilliant song
Viper TheProXD (4 days ago)
Amm you guys searched this song so hard but i found it on recommended lol
Mr_ Ninj4 (4 days ago)
وين متابعيــ #راكانوووو_البطــــــل
Mildret Martinez (4 days ago)
Let Her Go and This Girl are the best songs ever (just my opinion)
I bet you know this song but don't know the title.
Thomas atigh (5 days ago)
To find this song I literally searched “That one David Dobrik song that he plays in his vlogs.”
RedKarp3 (5 days ago)
Shot on iPhone
Sofa_King_Lazy :3 (5 days ago)
*Finally found this Song* 😏
Ashley’s Makeup (5 days ago)
Who’s that guy in the music video 😭😭
Ashley’s Makeup (5 days ago)
ViciousViper777 X (5 days ago)
Filmed on the iPhone X
Dino Tabak (5 days ago)
gini wijnaldum de de der de de gini wijnaldum
GunnaStunnah (5 days ago)
An Irish Tale anyone?
Ruwayda Shuks (5 days ago)
shot an iphone. literally shot an iphone.
ChickenNugget tsang (5 days ago)
I'm only here for the beats
sukruoosten (5 days ago)
akhisarspor FB sikti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0
Homero yMusica (5 days ago)
ATR viejaaa jajaja

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