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18 Year OLD | ALL Natural INSANE Teen Body Transformation | Skinny to Muscular | Motivational !

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Heyy there. This is my transformation video, from skinny to shredded. It took me alot of hardwork, pain, dedication, time & money to see the results. BUT you know what the results were worth it. I am happy with myself. I am proud of my transformation, tho still I am looking to better myself as I know its not perfect. Let me clear you one thing too, that I did not take any single supplements. Not even a protein shake. I did it all naturally with eggs, milkshakes and meat. If a regular person like me can do it, then you can also do it. Its not IMPOSSIBLE. Nothing is. Anyhow if you enjoyed this & if it motivated you, I would request you all sincerely to leave a like and subscribe to my channel. It will mean a world to me ') Also leave a comment and I ll reply to every single one of you and help you guys out. THANKS ") Come talk to me here anytime : ✔ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shanzarrr ✔ Twitter : https://twitter.com/shanzarr ✔ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/shanzarr ✔ Snapchat : shanzarrr 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME.. 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁 Tags : _______________________________________________________________ 2016 natural transformation teen body transformation new body Body Transformation from skinny to shredded! ,Bodybuilding motivation transformation,Bodybuilding transformation, Bar Brothers transformation Fitness Transformation, Caestlethics Transformation, LazarAngelov Transformation1 Year Transformation, Body Transformation, 14 Year Old Body transformation, bodybuilding transformation, 16 Year Old incridible body transformation, Body Transformation, Teenage body Transformation, Teenage body transformation, icridible body transformation, Body Transformation, Bodybuilding motivation16 Year Old boldy Transformation, Body Transformation, Incridible Body Transformation, 15 year old body builder, bodytransformation amazing, Skinny to muscleMuscle bodybuilding fitness fit shredded bodybuilder fit lifting bench press flexing motivation workout abs teen fitness model protein creatine inspiration calisthenics barbrothers muscle worship muscle alpha gains teen muscle chest training gym workout zyzz jeff seif ronnie coleman light weight jay cutler aesthetics ifbb pro card kai greene inspirational video fitness motivation music how to gain muscle lean muscle flex how to fitness transformation ifbb kai greene luimarco synthol jeff seid photoshop is zyzz alive? squatting one ton deadlift benchpress 1 ton 16 years old fitness model teen body transformation teenage bodybuilding teenage bodybuilding transformation teenage bodybuilding motivation teenage body transformation teenage girl body transformation amazing teen body transformations teenage fitness body transformation Teen Transformation teenage body transformation from fat to fit teenage body transformation from skinny to fit teenage body transformation from skinny to muscular teenage body transformation before and after photos teenage body transformation from chubby fat to fit teenage body transformation from fat to fit teenage fitness before and after pictures teenage fat to muscular body teenage body transformation from fat to ripped teen body transformation fat to six pack girl female teen body transformation best teenage fitness body transformation motivation teen body transformation inspirational teenage fitness bodybuilding body transformation inspirational teenage fitness bodybuilding body transformation from skinny / fat to fit muscular inspirational teenage fitness body transformation before and after amazing teenage body transformation great teen body transformation __________________________________________________________________ Heyy there ? Are you still reading ? If you'hve made it this far, I just want to tell you that you are the BEST. Have the nicest day ahead. Be positive and just never ever give up on life 😘😍
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Shanzarr (2 months ago)
Hey guys! I finally released my eBook which contains both the diet plan and the workout plan I followed during my transformation. GET YOUR PERSONAL COPY OF eBOOK here : www.shanzarrr.wordpress.com ! GOOD LUCK. Looking forward to your guys transformation :)
Sandeep Sunuwar (27 days ago)
Hello bro, the video is very motivational, and it kinda touched me too. It's been a month that I have started, seeing some changes too. Coud you share me what things to have on diet. Eating 1 Banana, Beans, 1 Egg. That's all. so, could you add something ?
Prashanth Chitti (1 month ago)
Tell me ur diet food bro..?
Samuel Michaels (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing this video, incredibly inspiring. I've watched through so many "skinny guy gets fit" videos and this is the only one where the person actually starts skinny (not just out of shape). Personally, I started 10 months ago at 121 pounds. Up to 138 and this video inspired me for some more chinups before bed!
MrMackaaaaa (2 months ago)
damn... i can follow this diet and lose all my gains
Ermuun Gansukh (2 months ago)
nice change brother!
KoooRa VEVO (15 hours ago)
Charlton Ogbebor (2 days ago)
Your video gave me the motivation I needed
Tapan Dandawala (6 days ago)
what was the diet?
Creed_ (7 days ago)
Why the fuck you have jeans in gym xdddddd
AB Amir (8 days ago)
Amazing 😍
Motivation Everywhere (10 days ago)
Hi ... I want the same physique... I do the gym too.. but due to this job in( IT SECTOR )... I have grown my belly size... And I am just 25 right now.... Can you provide me some suggestions.. it will be really helpful.
Motivation Everywhere (10 days ago)
The belly size is increasing not the entire body... Please revert when possible.. Thanks again.
Lesson- If you want some gains then remove your moustache😂😅😄
And what about your diet? Suppose you added protien in your diet but did you added calories in your diet?
Jose DelaCruz (11 days ago)
AmericanRusty (12 days ago)
I'm a freshman in highschool and I'm pretty skinny just like you were and I really want to start working out and change but I struggle with other things (acne, stress in particular) and am having a hard time staying motivated );
Luka Zivkovic (13 days ago)
Wearing gloves, what a pussy
Jaime Perez (14 days ago)
The tech Market (14 days ago)
great video ... it is easy to watch and comment but it is hard to build a muscles like shanzar's ... no one can maintain his workout for one year ..... it is much harder as it looks..thumbs up for shanzar
Seamus (15 days ago)
Work on good form before you make a fool of yourself using advanced exercises
Seamus (15 days ago)
6 days a week is a waste. Even with good exercising diversity, anything over 5 is limiting recovery time
Seamus (13 days ago)
Go Away hmm, idk about that. I’m 18 and am just getting into weightlifting and reading everything I can about it and it seems like even as a young guy, working out that much doesn’t really improve gains at all. I kind of wish I could lift more but I’m really trying to listen to the pros and just be patient so I’m doing a 4 day split now. Even at 18 years old, I probably have slightly higher testosterone but it’s not anything near what the juicers have that allows them to workout every day.
Go Away (13 days ago)
agreed. Although when you're 18, you have more testosterone coursing through your body so you can just about get away with it. Not a viable long-term strategy though
Seamus (15 days ago)
Went from tgay to bobs and vagenes
Joel Ashton-Fogle (15 days ago)
I am a skinny person wanting to work out please help. I get made fun of
COD With besxm (15 days ago)
Im 6'4 and 58kg. Time to start my journey !
COD With besxm (14 days ago)
+Parabody Thanks bro means alot!
Parabody (14 days ago)
Good luck man, wish you the best, starting out was the hardest part for me, i'm 6'3'' and I was 68 kg, but once I started it became much easier and the results made it easier as well!
Adam A. (16 days ago)
I see you also became a douchebag
Cloudy Oreos (17 days ago)
So will you show vegan and bobs now?
vidyut vidyut (16 days ago)
Vegana? Lol
moonStruck gamers (17 days ago)
the pull ups are horribly wrong and who are u trying to fool by saying that its a one year transformation? dude have some shame even the push ups are wrong
moonStruck gamers (16 days ago)
+Vu and first of all that fool is the biggest fraud I have ever seen... It's almost a 4 year transformation and that bastard is saying it's a one year transformation
moonStruck gamers (16 days ago)
+Vu first learn ur self n then comment
moonStruck gamers (16 days ago)
+Vu the range of motion is horrible
Vu (16 days ago)
pullups are ok....cure ur complex somewhere else
SnEakY HoG (17 days ago)
0:49 Pull ups *
Ar Orakzai (19 days ago)
Wow great bro😊
Dipangkar Bania (21 days ago)
Moja de
Aditya Gupty Clashers (23 days ago)
Bro how much time it take build
Vince T (23 days ago)
thanks a lot ill take this as a huge motivation for myself. :)
Shanzarr (23 days ago)
STANK_V (24 days ago)
rocking those jeans in the gym
Mark RM (25 days ago)
3:40 what the fuck, why would you do that, you are bulking and you are really skinny biologically, why would you waste so many calories stupidly.
Omariedettaboss (27 days ago)
Well done bro.... I love this .... I've started just like you but because of work I lost passion but you've motivate me once again ..... thanks A lot mon😄😄😄
Alberto/ 027 (1 month ago)
4:00 music?
CR7NEYMAR (1 month ago)
3:54 i'm sorry but that form....
Solomon Raj (1 month ago)
You looking like hero when you take that mostache
saksham jain (1 month ago)
How tall are you bro?
Pcific Deal (1 month ago)
And what about legs ... ?
EseChava 22 (1 month ago)
Bro u have the potential to be THE ULTIMATE ECTOMORPH GAINS CHANNEL. Everyone is so dead end focus on fat people trying to loose weight that they forget about us skinny guys here. Help us out man, u seem like an honest guy that gets straight to the point instead of trying to sell me a program. U earned my subcription
Juan M (1 month ago)
with his mustache he looked ugly
vipin rawat (1 month ago)
Bhai me v aap ki trh ptla hu jese phle tum the avi Jim join kiya ha tum diet kya lete the before aur after workout
Iamreallytwiggy TV (1 month ago)
You exercised in jeans 😮 lol. I just realized that
jhanser Lopez (1 month ago)
Eres toda una motivación me inspiras a seguir con mis ejercicios , buen vídeo
its a brent new day (1 month ago)
ty! actueally natural!
dhananjoy shantu (1 month ago)
That was really inspiring bro, I think u should also mention what u eat on a daily basis to have that body, that would be so helpful.
Jean Michel (1 month ago)
Nice upper body transformation ! Although the lower part is very undevelopped, you should make sure to train your core a lot more and legs/butt as well bro otherwise you will start developping imbalances
Md.Wahid Hassan (1 month ago)
Great job. Best of luck brother...
Cesar Caceres (1 month ago)
Si es natural, me puede convencer.
Vattux (1 month ago)
It takes no longer than a year but when i should starting going to the gym and move on from push ups/pull ups?
zayboo hunzai (1 month ago)
Thanks for making this video! Now i will take this challenge for next 12 months, and show you my body transformation. Again a lot of thanks for such a inspirational and dedication video.
Akram Iqbal (1 month ago)
Superb bro..keep it up...
Gym Train (1 month ago)
Good bro
Good body bro
Oa tu to bara Pindi boy tha
Mike Saturno (1 month ago)
not you!
weve PLAY (1 month ago)
Alguém sabe o nome da música?
Onkar Jagtap (1 month ago)
Saw your video in march 18 and decided to join the gym.... gained 15kg till now feb 19 ....wish i could show my transformation photo ...thankyou for uploading this video.
Dip (1 month ago)
How many Years 😂
oh yea yea (1 month ago)
Don't Press Read more... Wow now your cursed for 2019... Like to undo...
Dusty !HD! (27 days ago)
i pressed the comment not read more so suck my dick
Dhomini RP (1 month ago)
Wow suck my dick
Akshay Sharma (1 month ago)
Bhai ese body building nahi aur zyada Kamzori aana kehte hai... Don't mind...
Dude Sanskaar (1 month ago)
Bro can u help.me in transformation
simanta das (1 month ago)
Very tired video
malvip (1 month ago)
That’s really natural, finally I can see a honest boy here
Monika Nhadiya (1 month ago)
Supperbbb, Now u r looking like a Hero nd You r also very hardworking nd really soo inspiring, Nd also teach us dts never give up ever. Alll d best for future 👏
code core (1 month ago)
Good man Keep up the good works
Akira sharma (1 month ago)
Ooyyyeeee HOooooye ladke.
Hara-kiri (1 month ago)
Prisdef (2 months ago)
1 month natural body alsfkafa
Gon Ponieman Klionski (2 months ago)
1:41 i think you can already see gains from here
Daniel Vindas (2 months ago)
I weigh 47 kg and I can lift 50kg
Aayush Dua (13 days ago)
sure matey
Connor Oneill (19 days ago)
Daniel Vindas lift, and rep, are two different things, I could lift the back end of a small car, can’t send it for reps thou.
MaCaBeR X (26 days ago)
ez need higher
Aravind Guttedar (2 months ago)
bro ur do only work or any food or fruits ?tell me bro
Aron (2 months ago)
hey you look like Amir Khan
Arun K (2 months ago)
thats insane hard work over there. Motivating transformation. Keep it up.
Josh Briggs (2 months ago)
Did my man forget that he had legs?
marsh mallow (1 month ago)
No leg days only arm days
Ivy Robel (2 months ago)
Oh my god he forgot his legs.. not only exercise dude and also the food you intake..
M a r o o n (2 months ago)
All of your positions are wrong
Ram Roy (2 months ago)
U r height
Daniel Azri (2 months ago)
You have chicken legs
Zeeshan Anwar (2 months ago)
In 2015 you were 16 years old and in 2016 you are 18 ..... wtf bro ?
Zeeshan Anwar (2 months ago)
In 2015 you were 16 years old and in 2016 you are 18 ..... wtf bro ?
Daan (2 months ago)
How many pushups did you start with? Also, how did you combine eating a lot (assuming you did) with school? I'm getting into changing my body and I'm curious how to get started
Daan (2 months ago)
Does watching these videos make me muscular?
JJ GeekPas (2 months ago)
Amazing 🙌🏾 congrats
Don't visit my channel (2 months ago)
*His transformation started with shaving that mustache*
Ali Hangouts (1 month ago)
Rip no likes on here
Josh (1 month ago)
What's up, fake Justin Y.? Oh no no... don't impersonate deities. oh yeah yeah?
Rubenbanana (2 months ago)
+Baby Driver why, do you have a mustache too?
Baby Driver (2 months ago)
Sorry Justin you're not getting any likes this time
Roshan Shervin (2 months ago)
1st to comment on a justin.y comment
Pradeep Rajpoot (2 months ago)
Please aapna phone number please bhi
Esteban Ortiz (2 months ago)
Que gonorrea de boso el que te mandabas!!
Fitness Syndicate (2 months ago)
Well done, keep up the good work man. Congratulations!
N̶i̶k̶h̶i̶l̶ S (2 months ago)
Awesome transformation man.how much time did it took
RØmeo Mára (2 months ago)
Cg to transformation, but legs are where?
subrat kumar mohanta (2 months ago)
I also like that am frusted for my body...am very thin ...i have done exercise daily ...
subrat kumar mohanta (2 months ago)
Hlw bro ...ya bt have u use any protein powder??
Devadeth official (2 months ago)
Really motivated up
Devadeth official (2 months ago)
Awesome bro
smalls (2 months ago)
yo this is a good ass transformation but you didn't really work your abs at all
Sweet Olivia (2 months ago)
emiway ka disstrack (2 months ago)
Ye mere skul se h
Sawyer Knobloch (2 months ago)
I love how he always works out in jeans
Addie Prince (2 months ago)
everything is about will power. I m 16 and not even visited d gym. i started in 7th standard free hand workout and now at 10th i got 12inch biceps with just push ups nd pull ups.
Aj Bangcuyo (2 months ago)
nicely done bruv. I'm motivated. want to do it all the way up .
Aj Bangcuyo (2 months ago)
nicely done bruv. I'm motivated. want to do it all the way up .
North Nokris (2 months ago)
Clearly had no love for his legs tho...
Emilio Ñ (2 months ago)
he went from a 5/10 to a 9/10
Brendan (2 months ago)
What was your diet like?

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