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Cartoon Impressions A-Z, set to Blackalicious's "Alphabet Aerobics." SHARE ON TWITTER: http://www.clicktotweet.com/h_dAZ Previous Video: http://youtu.be/AbHDkOmIB0Q FOLLOW ME ON THE THINGS! twitter: http://www.twitter.com/brizzyvoices facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brizzyvoices vlogs: http://www.youtube.com/brizzyvlogs instagram: http://www.instagram.com/brizzyvoices LYRICS: Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazing Analytically, I assault, animate things Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat Buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding Casually create catastrophes, casualties Cancelling cats got their canopies collapsing Detonate a dime of dank daily doing dough Demonstrations, Don Dada on the down low Eating other editors with each and every energetic Epileptic episode, elevated etiquette Furious fat fabulous fantastic Flurries of funk felt feeding the fanatics Gift got great global goods gone glorious Getting godly in his game with the goriest Hit em high, hella height, historical Hey holocaust hints hear 'em holler at your homeboy Imitators idolize, I intimidate In a instant, I'll rise in a irate state Juiced on my jams like jheri curls jocking joints Justly, it's just me, writing my journals Kindly I'm kindling all kinds of ink on Karate kick type brits in my kingdom Let me live a long life, lyrically lessons is Learned lame louses just lose to my livery My mind makes marvelous moves, masses Marvel and move, many mock what I've mastered [Knitters] nap knowing I'm nice naturally Knack, never lack, make noise nationally Operation, opposition, off, not optional Out of sight, out of mind, wide beaming opticals Perfected poem, powerful punchlines Pummelling petty powder puffs in my prime Quite quaint quotes keep quiet it's Quantum Quarrelers ain't got a quarter of what we got uh Really raw raps, rising up rapidly Riding the rushing radioactivity Super scientifical sound search sought Silencing super fire saps that are soft Tales ten times talented, too tough Take that, challengers, get a tune up Universal, unique untouched Unadulterated, the raw uncut Verb vice lord victorious valid Violate vibes that are vain make em vanished While I'm all well would a wise wordsmith just Weaving up words weeded up, I'm a workshift Xerox, my X-ray-diation holes extra large X-height letters, and xylophone tones Yellow back, yak mouth, young ones yaws Yesterday's lawn yard sale I yawn Zig zag zombies, zoomin to the zenith Zero in zen thoughts, overzealous rhyme ZEA-LOTS! meow!
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Text Comments (24074)
Zoey Neal (11 hours ago)
Daniel and do this!!!
Currently memorizing this. Can only do it up to 'b' :(
Sienna Parnell (20 hours ago)
Snow white does not have a voice like that
Yasmine Hassan (1 day ago)
It is soooooo good and I keep watching it over and over
Yasmine Hassan (1 day ago)
OMG you are so amazing, no one in MY LIFE has sung soo good and soo fast, Brizzy you really inspire me thx Brizzy 😋
Levonna Sentz (1 day ago)
All of these are moods
adam books (1 day ago)
10 Points for Ravenclaw !
Walson Castro (1 day ago)
Mickey Mouse part!!!
Jin Xz (2 days ago)
She litteraly just copied the lyrics from some other tv show I heard it before
amie lott (2 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Jessa Just (2 days ago)
Gina Stiller (2 days ago)
You suck
Mia’s Channel (3 days ago)
Can we just take a moment of silence to appreciate this moment 1:29
Xx_movtavation_xX (3 days ago)
timmy timmy timmy turner me wishing for a burner to kill everybody walking
Xx_movtavation_xX (3 days ago)
Xx_movtavation_xX (3 days ago)
UTC Wolves (3 days ago)
2019? 🤷‍♀️
SpellBound Outdoors (3 days ago)
Anyone she said knitters instead of n*ggas
Bluj 2 (3 days ago)
Watching this five years later still a very good video
Break It (3 days ago)
Random Video (4 days ago)
She's too over acting
Henry Tolentino (4 days ago)
Do you know you look like edin from.superherokids
Estefany Saravia (4 days ago)
Viggi Arnþórsson (4 days ago)
Eleanor Lofthouse (4 days ago)
Where are the bloopers?
Ava An (5 days ago)
I like the Eric Cartman impression
Katie Chan (5 days ago)
*these suck lol i could do better*
BeanieBooStudios XOX (4 days ago)
Oh be quiet.... Brizzy tried and I think that you couldn't do better
Im_Guest Not_Noob (5 days ago)
*Knitters* Nice save
Sione Naufahu (5 days ago)
Jaelynn Rowland (5 days ago)
5 years later
Karina Gonzalez (5 days ago)
P H Y (5 days ago)
Watch this in 1.5. You won't regret it.
Josh Duncan (6 days ago)
Masal Tozu (6 days ago)
Yzma 💙💜💜💙💙💜💜💙
meeshell shells (7 days ago)
Daniel Radcliffe could sing this song type it in
Is it true u know my sister pria
Elif Demirci (7 days ago)
Ivona Potocnik (8 days ago)
This gril woch meny cartuns
Jessica Utley (8 days ago)
I think it needs a little work but pretty good
Sheila Bouloute (8 days ago)
You are amazing!!!
Mariana Cerpa (8 days ago)
LollyLolly (8 days ago)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle What do you think you want me to do??😎😎
emily brown (9 days ago)
WOW u r really good at voices
Tabitha Bau (9 days ago)
you are great at voice impressions brizzy!
Raine Playz (9 days ago)
Do Harry Potter!
Anja Radojković (9 days ago)
unicorn land (10 days ago)
Shadowquake (10 days ago)
Isn’t this the rap daniel Radcliffe did on the tonight show
Harun (10 days ago)
Vanellope Von Schweetz (11 days ago)
Raven is the best I love it 😊💜
Braydan Henry (11 days ago)
Ash sucked
FoxFire Gamez (11 days ago)
Idk why I love this one 0:27
Zip Tea (11 days ago)
cheese with that voice makes me think of salad fingers idk why 0:22
Nilsu Akyol (11 days ago)
hailey hawkins (11 days ago)
2019 anyone
FunimateGirl 101 (12 days ago)
So impressive 😂
Wendy Mora (12 days ago)
Any one one 2019
Princess Heat Hearts (12 days ago)
Kim Melin (12 days ago)
i tɦiɳk รɦɛ ɛɗitɛɗ ѳɳ tɦɛ robkt
Kristopher Morrison (12 days ago)
God damn!
Oreo Mermaid (13 days ago)
I’m not being rude or anything but u can’t do dexter
unicorn 579 master (13 days ago)
W Wo Wow Wo W Wo Wow 😍 😚
Stitchy Lover85 (13 days ago)
I wish I can do that! You’re so talented!💙💜💚🖤
ItsMeShl! (13 days ago)
0:50 the him voice the GRR ] [
Sara Avcı (13 days ago)
Still trend 2019
Angela Machado (13 days ago)
Wow this was cool. How long have you been impersonating Brizzy?
Isi guajardo (13 days ago)
U copied Daniel Redcliff
Infamous TV (12 days ago)
sᴠᴀɴɪᴢᴢᴢ ᴀғ it’s not his song, it’s blackalicous’, and it’s like every song. You can sing it if you want
just happy (12 days ago)
I can't stop replaying ❤️❤️❤️
Dea Rose Avakin (13 days ago)
2019? Like If you watch in 2019
Josie Greganda (14 days ago)
Katja Vukas (14 days ago)
This is genius soo good
Curly Girly (14 days ago)
Woaww! Perfect👌👌👌👌
WHO IS YOLANDA (15 days ago)
But ash is an... Oh wait
Jeshua Ramos (15 days ago)
Jeshua Ramos (15 days ago)
wtf You rostro
Right on point. So good
Jasmyn Maire (15 days ago)
My name is jasmine
Clara Portillo (15 days ago)
Is you're eye okay? 🤔🙁
Sofia Lopez Figueroa (15 days ago)
MINE CHANNEL (16 days ago)
You look like power rangers megaforce pink ranger
Tangled lovernina (16 days ago)
Leslie Hernandez (16 days ago)
Where my 2019 people
Diya Cadambe (16 days ago)
That Mickey mouse impression tho :O
Hit ‘em high, hella high, historical Hey, *HOLOCAUST* hints hear ‘em holler at your homeboy This is exactly why I love Him 😂😂
Maria Escobar (16 days ago)
Timmy turn vanellope and raven was so good!
kawaiiclaydog (16 days ago)
2019 anyone?!
Kk's World (1 day ago)
meeshell shells (7 days ago)
Krispybacon squad (16 days ago)
You copied blacolisos
Muhammet Birinci (16 days ago)
lara firat (16 days ago)
Starious C (17 days ago)
Wow is so cool
raluca alexandru (17 days ago)
One of the characters are My name
Messirajan ! (17 days ago)
Yu suck(jk)
Emi Petru (17 days ago)
Wow, amazing
Saba HUSSAINI (17 days ago)
2019 anyone?
wolf8 8 (17 days ago)
lil (17 days ago)
i learnt a-v i just cant do w-z, are you proud
Ömer Burak Koç (17 days ago)
yetkin akkus (17 days ago)
*_-i am stil listening your good hi from 2019-_*

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