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Call of Duty 5 World at War - Team Deathmatch XXIV

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http://www.onecrazedgamer.com Final Score: 31-6 Kill Streak: 12 Type 100 Box Magazine Bomb Squad Stopping Power Steady Aim The first of two good games with the Type 100 on Upheaval. The Type 100 doesn't have the stopping power of the MP40 or the Thompson so avoid those head to head firefights. Pay attention for a guest appearance by the Kar98k. Someone was kind enough to keep leaving them on the ground for me. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Following this link for information on how I record live HD gameplay http://www.onecrazedgamer.com/how-i-record-hd-gameplay/
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Text Comments (174)
this game will be the next remastered game after MW2.
MoteKat (3 years ago)
I seriously miss these days soooo much :( It's awesome you're my friend on xbox now!! :)
Axel2Late (6 years ago)
jay (7 years ago)
nice 1 m8
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
@pioneerW2k nice :D
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
@pioneerW2k mine is pao_vagos13 im from greece!u?
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
@pioneerW2k nice!me too !from Call of Duty:Finest Hour untill Black Ops!but i like classic ww2 CoDs like World at War:D
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
@pioneerW2k ok.you have ps3 account?
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
@pioneerW2k maybe..!but i love using bayonet with Kar98k!!:)WHEN U STAB THEM IS LIKE..O_O
vaggelis1945 (7 years ago)
best call of duty world at war weapon: Kar98k :D
Ddouble86 (7 years ago)
lol u must have been pissed of when that guy killed ur killstreak
atonoment14 (7 years ago)
@xbabiixlollyx check the killfeed, the dog got the kill...
jack frost (8 years ago)
hi, my name is imfeelingfunny and i mostly play cod5. im looking for ameture snipers that play cod 5 that want to practice cod 5 quickscoping. if you want to, please add imfeelingfunny on ps3. i also play mw2. please dont add me if you are awseome MLG snipers, only ammetures sorry for any spelling mistakes.
Cásar Hernández (8 years ago)
@Thompsonisboss jajaja fucking noob the best are Mw2 and black ops
DEADLYOfficial (8 years ago)
Nice shooting, type 100 is an epic gun especially with apperature sight!
carlitocoolio (8 years ago)
GT: Frisky Gam3r
The Black Reaper (8 years ago)
What's that intro song?
skillkid115 (8 years ago)
@4everphilliesfever if u dont want to spend a lot of money just buy a pro they are like 150 bucks or somthing and thats what i have and they work fine for me but NEVER get the arcade they are suckish. hope this helps :)
Kyle Kringle (8 years ago)
@SnitchKillers That is on Hardcore.
Kyle Kringle (8 years ago)
Try M1 Garand with Stopping Power. One shot kill 80% of the time.
T3cH LoVe (8 years ago)
modern warfare2 is better
theloguinovisalive (8 years ago)
haha you see the little glitch at 1:39 xD
Dragan Miskovic (8 years ago)
um i still never got cod 5 but it looks better than mw2 cuz mw2 gets boring when ur a 4th prestige lvl 54 legitly because i hate it when people cheat to get super high lvls
FireWillWork NL (8 years ago)
On The Pc can you 25 vs 25 Playing
Karen Pryce (8 years ago)
the cod franchise needs to work on multiplayer more cod 4 had the best online everything else sucked
anthony fasulo (8 years ago)
the only thing i dont like about the type 100 is its recoil
A.T. Ferree (8 years ago)
@MrHabbocrazy u should get it for ur xbox 360
A.T. Ferree (8 years ago)
@jesse77793 wait you cant have friends like the xbox 360 does, like no parties and groups and yea friends ????????
A.T. Ferree (8 years ago)
HughHullum0007: ur retarted. call 4 sucks. so does call 6 to much camping fucks. Call 5 is S-E-X-Y. sir that spells sexy.
A.T. Ferree (8 years ago)
damn nice sniping at some where around 2:30
carolemarra111162 (8 years ago)
cod 5 is hardcore
Hugh Hullum IV (8 years ago)
@Thompsonisboss ur wrong cod 4
Rufflarino (8 years ago)
Check out my channel for MW2 MW1 and WaW commentaries!
Daniel Lorenz (8 years ago)
corny3072 (8 years ago)
@pokepoop yeah...play it every day. XD I also play this cod waw. XD
pokepoop (8 years ago)
@corny3072 lol! really?
corny3072 (8 years ago)
@pokepoop lol, i guess cod waw for ds does a better job at holding guns XD
pokepoop (8 years ago)
@corny3072 like a normal gun, one hand under the barrell. holding the clip is stupid, it would get hot or vibrate like a lot.
corny3072 (8 years ago)
Then how are you supposed to hold the type 100.
pokepoop (8 years ago)
I like this game, but its so unrealistic. Thats not how to hold or reload the type 100.
Carlos Calderon (8 years ago)
lol at arm!
Gallifreyan Browncoat (8 years ago)
i agree. they are both fun, waw and mw2, but this just appeals to me more. less bugs in this
n9597 (8 years ago)
cod5 now is old and boring now cod6 is biter and more action now cod5 is good at zombis i sware
SomeScottishGuy (8 years ago)
I remember once when I was playing on Upheaval everyone on the other team was MP40 spamming, and all had prestiged 4 or 5 times, so I just said "Screw it" and got rid of my PPSh-41, took out an MP40 Aperature and laid waste into them. Good times, it was also pretty funny when 3 of them invited me to their clans (MP40-1, MP40-2, MP40-N)
ShogunYT (8 years ago)
2:04 throw a fackin grenade!!
Firstname Lastname (8 years ago)
weird arm at 1:40 wtf?
Joel Cooper (8 years ago)
yeah that single fire gun i forget what its called but its sexy
Joel Cooper (8 years ago)
does this have the same amount as blood and gore in team deathmatch as the campaign like the same amount of blood and gore
MasonProductions3 (8 years ago)
1:41 lol arm through wall
Falsum Vocabulum (8 years ago)
All videos from OneCrazedGamer are good, good detail and he is a very good Player(no camper or so) I m a Fan
FireWillWork NL (8 years ago)
is it PC
Rajan Plumley (9 years ago)
lol glitchy arm at 1:42
NoGufff (9 years ago)
Just got this today. Can anyone tell me if I need ALL the patches, or if I can start at, say 1.5, 1.6 or does 1.7 cover the whol lot ?
crazyman2171 (9 years ago)
@mawraj7 yeahso yousay your better who cares right
manraj95 (9 years ago)
@gangstacornholieo no 1 cares
john collins (9 years ago)
and pc sucks cock
john collins (9 years ago)
u didnt get 31 -6 and i can do 45 -2
GodzWrath35 (9 years ago)
im using these tipa on my next call of duty world at war adventure eeeeeee
GeneralCalvin (9 years ago)
The Thompson and Type-100 have the same damage, range, everything but clip size.
chingey8 (9 years ago)
u dont use artillerty
nikaras1 (9 years ago)
ty! i understood it when i played again and saw it in perk!
nikaras1 (9 years ago)
what is that thing that shows u where the bouncin betties are?
hitman12176 (9 years ago)
think cod4 is good but hard for me to level up for some reason (level 45 or so)
cantbetouched28 (9 years ago)
i had a 42 kill streak and died 2 or 3 times. 8 more days till mw2 cant wait!
Shaun (9 years ago)
i suckat this because im a levle 44 i think and i never got dogs hardyly get artilery and sometimes get recon planes I SUCK
clubtc05 (9 years ago)
Same here I got tired of playing Cod 4 and having more fun playing cod 5, but cant wait for cod 6 lol
slakker321 (9 years ago)
its because call of duty 4:modern warfare came out beore WAW, and it blew the players away, and WAW just simply copied off of Modern warfare's gameplay, and just toned it down a bit and made it to WW2 setting
Brandon Douglass (9 years ago)
because it wanted to
tfreviewer (9 years ago)
lol at 1:41 what is that
LostTheGaaaaaaame (9 years ago)
BluRay.. Alot of people care about BluRay. They have made 400gb Discs, and the ps3 can read them. The games on that (even if they dont use the full 400gb) are going to be amazing. Thats just one reason why BluRay is so much better than... dvd. And whats wrong with the blutooth headset? I cant tell a difference in sound from either consoles headset.
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
Frozen (9 years ago)
Very nice gameplay dude.
Alex (9 years ago)
if you want to join my cod5, cod 4 clan msg me on xbox for try outs my gamertag is o dazee x or msg me on youtube
Dave (9 years ago)
I have both consoles i feel the £5 a month you pay for the xbox 360 is well worth it. It's alot easier to hook up with friends and chatting to friends is some much better on the xbox 360 because people are not using cheap bluetooth headsets. Blueray who even cares about that.
619Lloydzrox619 (9 years ago)
ps3 is better than xbox
Carlos Calderon (9 years ago)
Lol I think it is xD
lokovodo (9 years ago)
i notice you do the thin kwhen you spawn you crouch that happens to me i dont know why
skavanagh123 (9 years ago)
mate your quality
Shaun (9 years ago)
i LOVE this game for XBOX LIVE i got XBOXLIVE 2 days ago and i goit COD WAW last night
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
Go fuck yourself.
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
No, they cant. More people STILL play COD4 than COD5. Treyarch STOLE it and added to it.. and the graphics are half assed compared to COD4. Everything about it is half assed compared to COD4.
kimy726 (9 years ago)
Is that an arm sticking out of the wall at 1:41?
A_Benjineer (9 years ago)
I love Upheaval, my favorite map hands down in WaW. It's one of the only maps that lets any weapon do well.
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
Treyarch cant make a game that touches Infinity Ward.
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
Because COD4, by IW if much better than any other COD, and MW2 will be even better.
cockyjeremy (9 years ago)
With Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward, i doubt anyone buys COD anymore, honestly.
Marksman24444 (9 years ago)
only flaw was no pistol action i love that pistol next vid can u use it more?
Pedro Jr (9 years ago)
i personally like call od duty 4 better, but COD 5 is still an excellent game
Hosnera Begum (9 years ago)
the type 100 has the same stoppin power as the thompson but though not as much penetration
THEVICTOR14 (9 years ago)
you play ps3?
Vaida Trilikauskienė (9 years ago)
did u ever used HMG,s in this game u noob?
the12221 (9 years ago)
haha stupid
the12221 (9 years ago)
play more and find a "class" you like. i found snipers to be really good
T Cain (9 years ago)
Yea Nazi Zombies is fun hopefully they do something like that for COD MW 2
Steven Grigoris (9 years ago)
i feel bad for u
HolsterTV (9 years ago)
Yeah fair enough, everyone has different opinions on which one is better. I'm really into CoD4 Team Deathmatch at the minute, did 37 Kills 16 Deaths on Crash last night haha, so i'm back into it again =p Also Nazi Zombies is a great little bonus with CoD5, love that.
T Cain (9 years ago)
I dont like Treyarch.. COD WAW is an ok game but i prefer COD 4
HolsterTV (9 years ago)
On CoD4 if you get a 7 Kill Streak you get a Helicopter, whereas on CoD:WaW you get Dogs. Yeah it feels like CoD4 has more guns, great game. I'm just gonna stick with CoD4 and CoD:WaW instead of buying Modern Warfare 2 because I can't afford it haha, and I think there's gonna be more nerds on this new one, just my opinion anyway, just that some nerds on it really tick me off haha. I'm gonna wait til the next CoD game made by Treyarch (the sequel to CoD:WaW) =)
TheLITTLEGUY09 (9 years ago)
Marko M (9 years ago)

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