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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: Item Trading Quest

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Many Zelda games nowdays feature an 'item trading quest' of sorts. Someone in the game will give you a seemingly useless item, which annother NPC wants, and will give you annother item for. This cycle goes on, usually concluding with a more powerful sword or annother worthwhile reward. The item trading quest in Seasons (which contains a lot of Ocarina of Time cameos) can be completed just before the 6th dungeon. Step 1: Get the Cuccodex from the Biologist's House in Horon Village. You'll need Ember Seeds. Step 2: Give the Cuccodex to Malon, north of Horon Village Step 3: Find Maple (randomly in the overworld) for the next item. Step 4: The doll goes to the woman in the house on the way to the 3rd dungeon. Don't mind Queen Ambi, she's just a password game cameo. Step 5: The next one's in Subrosia. Find the Chef's Kitchen Step 6: Give the soup to Biggoron, on top of Goron Mountain. You can't miss him, he takes up most of the screen. Step 7: Trade the Vase to Ingo (annother OoT cameo) His lives in the top left corner of Sunken City. Step 8: Give the fish to the elderly man with the cat, immediatly north of Horon Village. Step 9: Use the megaphone to wake up Talon. He's in a cave on Goron Mountain, I can't remember which. Step 10: Give the mushroom to Syrup the witch in Sunken City. (you can only reach her in winter) There's actually a second reward to this quest, as Syrup won't sell you potions until you complete this step. Step 11: It's obvious who the Wooden Bird goes to, the Clock Shop in Horon Village would have served no purpose otherwise. Step 12: Give the grease to the windmill guy, just east of the village, in exchange for his phonograph (it actually looks more like a gramaphone) Strangely, he pulls annother one out of nowhere. Step 13: Play the phonograph to the Deku Scrub in the Lost Woods (inside Tarm Ruins) Step 14: Enter the Lost Woods. Here you must exit the screen to the west 4 times in different seasons. The order is Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer. (that's the reference to 'temperatures rising') Watch out for the infinatly respawining Like-Likes!
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Text Comments (31)
The CodeBreaker (6 months ago)
Love the remix
Kibby116 (6 months ago)
How do I find the suborsian chef?
Mac Main (1 year ago)
Oh... this entire mission is completely useless if you just figure out how to get the sword...
Mark Heying (1 year ago)
As far as I remember, the Magic Potion is much like a Bottled Fairy.
BigKlingy (1 year ago)
Except you're only allowed one at a time.
Keith Verton (1 year ago)
You can get the last item in the trading quest by the 4th level. XD
Sora Trickstar (1 year ago)
This was so helpful!!!
Doomedrpg Thesuperking (2 years ago)
My game says spool swamp not lost woods
NinjoeWD (2 years ago)
You'll find maple after killing 30 enemies
VIMaggotVIBrainzVI (1 year ago)
Dungeons count. That's why every time you exit a dungeon after beating it, Maple usually appears.
BigKlingy (2 years ago)
Oh so THAT's what it's based on. Thanks for that, I actually never knew that after all these years. Do they have to be overworld enemies or do dungeon's count?
Surprise Pie (3 years ago)
you can actually skip the entire trade quest if you know the way through the lost woods by heart
ankush sharma (4 years ago)
yup i was just stuck in that ghastly doll
BigKlingy (5 years ago)
Go to Sunken City and change the season to Winter. There should be a snow platform leading to the shop around the center of the city.
Jerico Losing (5 years ago)
How do i get to the potion shop?
BigKlingy (5 years ago)
Maple was actually added in in the GBA remake, she wasn't in the original SNES LTTP. I still thought it was a nice cameo though.
Some Nerd (5 years ago)
Lol, Maple and that other witch are in link to the past. It's a shame we don't see them anymore in the series of loz
BigKlingy (6 years ago)
You can run into her as many times as you want. She only drops the item you need during the quest though. Other times she'll just scatter a bunch of Rupees and pickups everywhere. Sometimes you can get Rings, Potions and Gasha Seeds off her though. Be warned that the more times you encounter her, the better her vehicle gets. Eventually she'll have a flying saucer that moves VERY fast and has a tractor beam.
Flamernat (7 years ago)
first song?
Playthroughs do Rafa (7 years ago)
@AgainstFan thanks
Vallul (7 years ago)
@mrzina99 Wind Waker VS Molgera
Playthroughs do Rafa (7 years ago)
what's the music at 2:36??
Zenku390 (7 years ago)
That was timed so well when you had to give the oil away when the song of storms was playing. ^o^
ipoosk (8 years ago)
Thanks man! This helped a bunch :)
ElectroBehemoth (8 years ago)
The windmill song brings me back to ocarina of time days. It is one of my favorite songs!
TonyAvalosGTA (8 years ago)
WAIT O MIN ITS LIKE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA ocarina of time n64 and gc
BigKlingy (9 years ago)
Thanks, I'll fix it. I'd prefer to refer to the direction as 'west' anyway. (as that's what the Deku Skrub says)
Roy Williams (9 years ago)
Very nice guide. It helped me a lot as I was way to lazy to hunt them down and figure it out on my own. Even though a couple I just instantly got. I never would have figured out the maple thing though it just doesn't make sense lol. Anywho. One small marginal error. On the Step 14 it says you have to go right 4 times. It's infact left. Just a small error but i figured it out anyway. thanks a lot
Tommy (9 years ago)
Oh... my... god... I'm playing this game right now, and HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE THE EXACT SAME MUSIC ON AS I DO! What a frikkin coincidence, huh? XDD
BigKlingy (9 years ago)
It's in the Sunkern City, but it's only reachable in Winter. Change the season to Winter and you should find a snow platform leading there.
BigKlingy (9 years ago)
In a password game, you get cameos from characters from which ever game you played first. This is an Ages to Seasons password game, so I get Ambi appearing. (she says in Ages that she wants to travel to distant lands, or something) Actually, it's more than just a cameo. In an Ages to Seasons password game, you find out who the man she's searching for is...

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