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WhipAddict: Midwest Fest 2K18 Car & Bike Show Part 1, Custom Cars, Lowriders, Muscle Cars

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The first half of my coverage of #MidwestFest2, which is quickly becoming one of the Midwest's biggest Car and Bike Show's, with a wide variety of custom whips, from new Exotic's like the Huracan to old school lowriders, the car's of choice for Indy aka Naptown are A Body Cutlass's and 70s Oldsmobile 98's and big Buick's on big rims! This is just the warm up for the action that comes next! #CarShow #BigRims #CustomCars
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Lashon R (10 days ago)
What the he’ll type of camera you got I felt like I was actually there damn
ford excursion (2 months ago)
Can you subscribe to my YouTube channel is Honda Davis but it has been change to Ford Excursion and thank you for subscribe to my YouTube channel.
Jason Mellone (3 months ago)
Humans are so weird
WhipAddict (3 months ago)
Jason Mellone You just proved it.
Catfish Corner (3 months ago)
Damm that Lamborghini was dope and that silver 1967 Wildcat Convertible was beautiful! Great video bro!🐟
Bigg Zo (3 months ago)
14:43 give that bubble a salute
bigmike2971 (3 months ago)
That damn velvet material van is the worst I’ve seen. Why the fuck would u even waist the money better yet time to do the dumb shit
Nino Brown (3 months ago)
Good footage as always bro keep droppn them fire videos
Through My Eyes (3 months ago)
10:33...horrible body work on passenger door!
Score Footy (3 months ago)
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Malcolm Frizzelle jr (3 months ago)
It ain’t same dried up nigga ain’t having like 05 no more..
Ramel Lucas (3 months ago)
And that black 68 impala 🔥🔥🔥
Ramel Lucas (3 months ago)
That dodge dually 🔥🔥🔥
sickass shit on dis 1 cuz!!!💪💪💨💨💨
Donald Byrd (3 months ago)
Damn, there is even MORE? Me personally the classics that rolled in got my eye. That was one hell of a show everything from mild to wild classy to almost trashy. Just MY OPINION.
mrh0rnet (3 months ago)
Dude in that green suburban gonna be deaf as a mofo
The Mic Show (3 months ago)
Djm3 GOD (3 months ago)
What are the rims on the black lac @ 14:10
Vocals 43 (3 months ago)
Oh yeah that's a wrap they done let the bosses out the stalls go get em Boyz all nice cars and trucks and videos
lo lo (3 months ago)
Christopher Williams (3 months ago)
That boi CJ!!!

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