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A very strong man

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Just look at those muscles :D:D:D:D
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Text Type (1 year ago)
what is life (2 years ago)
it looks fake and i wonder why they do that it looks so ugly
Jerrod M. Means (2 years ago)
very fake
goodguy853_RBLX (2 years ago)
Yesenia Ruiz (2 years ago)
that is weird.
Matthew Hernandez (2 years ago)
ewww i wanted to see how real people that look strong it looks fake... 👎
zohour Sweet (2 years ago)
Dessa C. (3 years ago)
you lift bra! XD
Michelle Lamanna (3 years ago)
he used steroids
lol this dude is weak
Tenten Lee Neji てんてんリー・ネジ, BITCH HE AINT WEAK, TRY HIM, HE'L KILL YO ASS
SUCC (3 years ago)
u can be in a wwe
goodguy853_RBLX (2 years ago)
no,drug test will show starioids
fatih polasaklı (3 years ago)
it s very discusting but very crazy funny
Amirul Afif (3 years ago)
I think he was wearing costume or he fat
Meh (3 years ago)
Jonathan Haney (3 years ago)
Brandon Sweet (3 years ago)
You look like a turd
Karen Willett-Bharaj (4 years ago)
Rio Falcon (4 years ago)
You are strong I think you can beat so many people in the world.
Valeriy Rudakov (4 years ago)
You are sick
Kuduku (4 years ago)
steroids can do everything
Konner Human DBZT (4 years ago)
That's fake look at his face color and his body color I know tanning but that's a different effect he's fake
obed mendez (4 years ago)
Damn nobody gonna fuck wit him
goodguy853_RBLX (2 years ago)
the hulk can
TheEDFDoakes (4 years ago)
my god his strength is incredible.... i wish i could match his strength....
Milanpreet Singh (5 years ago)
Michael John (5 years ago)
he is on steroids and i know it
Jordan Wilmoth (6 years ago)
He is on steroids
genek64 (6 years ago)
Who is this magnificent creature?
Shkumbin Ramadani (6 years ago)
this dude is brazilian, typicall accent
Favor Eden (6 years ago)
hes so sexy yo!
Tor Martin Andersen (6 years ago)
Oh shit don,t mess whit hem
rubendren suresh (6 years ago)
You kan come to my home
Ong Waye jae (6 years ago)
wow i wish i can be u when i grow up
rubendren suresh (6 years ago)
I love you .
Nimba (6 years ago)
eeew the muscle is breathin like a lung !!
ManyVideosforyou (7 years ago)
thats me lol :P
1Hip0Hop1 (7 years ago)
His dick must be the hair on his legs!
genek64 (7 years ago)
I don't care what he uses... it works!! Eye-popping solid muscles!!!!!!
Melissa Pop (7 years ago)
i think popeye had too much spinage
Kevin Labbe (8 years ago)
DAVID,,,outstanding amazing development ! deff world class built !
yournotmyboss (8 years ago)
@sandramarkjackmiller of course he uses steroids
pumpmuscles2000 (8 years ago)
@MUSCLELOVER4me i have seen that video, do you think that about Tarek????
pumpmuscles2000 (8 years ago)
@TheBrix86 check his video at musclehunks, hot cock not small
DJ Brix (8 years ago)
look at 0:19 ....he use steroids ,such a smal dick! xDD
DAVID ESPITIA (8 years ago)
yournotmyboss (8 years ago)
he has got to be THE MOST muscular man I've seen on youtube I've never seen him in such incredible condition and he has the sweetest personality (I think Tarek elestouhi has a major crush on him-have you seen the clip of them in an elevator alone)

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