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NUROTAG Exotic custom cars & HOT GIRLS and SUPERCARS in Miami

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Vossen at Nurotag 2012 Miami Custom cars, music, live art, models, photos, and social media--Nurotag is the event to see and be "scene" in. Nurotag features the hottest in custom design, live entertainment, local artists, and the next evolution in social media interaction. South Florida's premiere event was held on September 29th, 2012 in Soho Studios at the Wynwood Convention Center. Hundreds of custom creations (including Import, Euro, JDM, Luxury, Sports, Classic, and Exotic) on display More Hot Cars & Hot Girls Videos from my channel. HOT CARS & HOT GIRLS Supercars Custom Tuning And More. Dub Show Miami 2014 https://youtu.be/7uKMz4FVRYI Hot import night Miami HOT CARS & HOT GIRLS https://youtu.be/h66i8ak-bac Thank you for watching.Mike Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/mikemike12367
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Text Comments (7)
M. Moscoso (4 years ago)
Esta d Show. ATT.Moscoso
Faisal alsaif (3 years ago)
+Yahaira Vazquez ككهلىررزظدظو vhuutfcxxgbbhh https://plus.google.com/111790185700905689031 رامز واكل الجو 20
DD Bock (4 years ago)
cool car and hot girl
Ôto Sài Gòn (5 years ago)
Chuyen o My... 1 nam co tat ca bao nhieu cuoc trien lam xe tu cac hang xe, va cac hang chuyen performance car thi co le nhieu khong the ke. Duong nhien... du lieu tu nhung nam truoc co the thu thap tu youtube original. Va cung co the yeu cau clip tu 1 so cong ty. Ngoai ra, theo yeu cau cua Prince thi phai lam them... Cac bo phim ve dua xe cung nhieu... tu lieu o dau... Xe o dau nhieu the de quay phim... Thi cung phai thue xe... va lam xe theo yeu cau bo phim.... Tat ca chi la 1 lanh vuc xe... Con music... va cac lanh vuc khac thi sao.... Dua theo giao dien chuan cua youtube de build. Cai nao chua co thi tam thoi chan... Hom sau xuat hien thoi... Easy...
bigbudha168 (5 years ago)
she took a shit on that car.
KandieShowTV (5 years ago)
Mike, come check out our new Channel...
Exotics Miami (6 years ago)
Where was this?

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