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Franz Bardon / Abramelin Cipher

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Did Franz Bardon encode the names of his spirits? Emil Stejnar says so, and in this video we discuss this. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com Your are important. Your needs are valid. You are loved. And the same is also true of everyone else.
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Suzy Siviter (3 months ago)
Can someone explain why Crowley put a list of Greek letters at the beginning of some of his books; such as before the poem to Pan in Magick and Theory and Practice?
Daniel Schmidt (5 months ago)
I have gone through the Abramelin material.  I can say, so what.  People get side tracked with silliness.  The truth is far more practical and mature in practice.  In these works like Abramelin and the Mysteries much was hidden.  Bardon's works were not written to mislead anyone.  He did write the least necessary, quickly. If you simply read, you will not succeed.  Its hard work and much is missing or scattered naturally.  The names in the Magical evocation book relate to the power properties that are associated with his Kabbalah. The keys are clear enough.  From the Hebrew we add the Yah and EL to the three letter keys, and this is related to the two corresponding Sephiroth (Spirits) of Wisdom and Glory.  Glory is the Akasha.  Glory is the Heavenly Father.  Severity is the Heavenly Mother. If you study the two books (Magical Evocation and Kabbalah) you will see that the letters of book three are identical to the qualities, quantities and characteristics of Book Two almost word for word.  He does not add more than that, but they are no less than that.  This is true for all intelligences except the Mercury Sphere.  He uses the traditional Kabbalistic names in the Mercury Sphere related to the Shem-Ha-Mephoresh, which are qualitative and not the power quantity.  The evocation of intelligence is possible as a psychological complex or psychological quantity based upon the evocation of The Word.  It relates to the Zodiac as a property of the Cosmic Consciousness as TIME.  Letter by Letter practice however is a Kabbalistic method where the practitioner takes on those same qualities and quantities or characteristics, qualities and powers. He does give the additional correction for the Mercury Sphere in his Kabbalah.  One must learn to energize and become the letters.  These will also be an aid to Book One exercises.  The letters help, they do not hinder.His Kabbala is equivalent to the Tantric Tattwas. He explains this in simple terms.  The ancient Kabbalah, the Hermetic philosophies of Egypt and Greece were entirely the same in the beginning. The divine names in Kabbalah have the same origins as those of the Kundalini or Laya Yoga system..  They are identical.  As Bardon even mentions, the First Tarot card should be the image of the Muladhara.  I prefer to think of Bardon's system as the German Celtic IndoEuropean Kabbalah to keep these things more organized.  They say that Franz Bardon was Lao Tzu.  I say if true, then he was Bogarnatha, one of the ancient Tamil Siddhars who came from Tamil.  He certainly asked for the "Bacon", but he did not die from pig meat but moved on with those things from his past that were kept for such as are a Mystery of the Rosicrucian tradition as an alchemist.  "Bacon" was a keyword that removed all suspicions.  Fra-Ba-To is an anagram associated with the Tao (Tau) or the soul of the man who was one who was liberated while yet living, or one who possessed Eternal Life for the sake of mankind.
AngeLife (7 months ago)
Fascinating about the 360 names! I have both books. Went to look at PoME, it’s been decades since I read it, am wondering about the astrological ‘addresses’ each entity has.
Richard Jehl (9 months ago)
Franz Bardon explained in his second book that the same Entities can be called by different names. Names or Letters (which are exactly analysed as universal phonetic vibrations in the 3rd book) of Principles/Entities then are not indeed "fixed". In Orient it is taught that spiritual Beings can be called by or can wear an infinity of names. Names are not so important, graphs of the Entities are more meaningful when it comes to evokation, but those graphs cannot be read and "felt" unless the individual has reached the required maturity. Franz Bardon's note about the necessity of reaching this maturity first through practice is underestimated, and unfortunately most of the readers don't take this seriously but try to practice evokation by curiosity. They won't understand correctly what an evokation is, nor will they get an authentic spiritual connection. They will only be victims of their imagination.
Friends with Benedict's (4 months ago)
So for an aspiring mage, should i not use the intelligences name with the planetary correspondence at the hour of the planet? I have no prior knowledge whatsoever and i would like to self teach the right way
daximil (9 months ago)
Yes. All this is true.
Martin Faulks (9 months ago)
The true hierarchy is hidden in the text and will come to view when the time is right.
daximil (9 months ago)
Yep. Looking forward to that. :)
Bill Rhoasts (9 months ago)
Great video. Thanks for this.
daximil (9 months ago)
And thank you too. :)
Joanie - Music (10 months ago)
Interesting how Hermetics also mirrors the Kabbalistic explanation about polarities...
daximil (10 months ago)
Quntin T Sober (11 months ago)
You are fucking stupid no contacts the spirits you're contacting demon's
Jonathan Neece (1 year ago)
God job brother man
Alberad08 (1 year ago)
I guess, it's more probable that Abramelin changed the names in his writings. I'm not familiar with him, but - as far as I remember,  Bardon does mention this too - mystics/magicians in the old times were far more cautious about their knowledge.
daximil (1 year ago)
Good point. It would be worth it to find out of Abramelin lived in a time and place where caution was important.
Robert Mugabe (1 year ago)
I'm so glad I found your channel. Thanks for making these videos as they're really helpful. I'm sure I'll have some questions at some point. Cheers
daximil (1 year ago)
I'm glad you're enjoying the channel. And when you have a question, I hope to have a worthy answer. 😊

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