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APA Citation Style & Format

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Introduction to APA format and citations.
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shihtzutoy1 (4 months ago)
Dear APA, Thank you for squeezing every bit of joy out of writing. Appreciate that. The only comfort is it's so complicated most professors don't care(or maybe don't even know) if it's correct, as long as they can find it to double check your work.
Craig Varner (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video, haven't had to write a paper in about a year due to being a Computer Engineering Major, and found this video very helpful!
Patrick Gin (5 years ago)
Thanks for explaining APA.
RocknCorruptrepublic (6 years ago)
Hardest time I had/have with APA is getting the formatting straight for all the sections (indents, centered, italicized v. underlined v. bold...) MLA was the first I learned and it always confused me and seemed excessive. Chicago Style isn't as excessive, but at least equally confusing. Having to jump b/w all 3 in college doesn't help much. Neither do the "flexible" rules they all seem to have to some degree. I've picked my poison. Good thing I'm already a psych major I guess. lol....
Viral Shopping Network (6 years ago)
great citations...........
Tennisisking (6 years ago)
Three people got an F on their works cited page lol.
David Taylor (6 years ago)
@AsifShadat --> Yes, when called for by the guidelines. However the link should be text only. Not a hyperlink.
David Taylor (7 years ago)
@notanignoramus --->> Help yourself! In the U.S., everything a person creates is automatically copyrighted. But the permission to use this video is not a problem. When a video is public on YouTube and the Share button is active/available, you can feel free to share and embed in any way you wish. Good luck!
notanignoramus (7 years ago)
Is this video copyrighted? If so, I would like permission to use it in my class.
Robo cop (8 years ago)
uugghhh i hate u APA! y must u haunt meeeeee!
David Taylor (8 years ago)
@DobraDavid -- "Nicely done - I send my students here all the time. ;)" Hey, thanks, DobraDavid. Let me know anything else they need.
DobraDavid (8 years ago)
Nicely done - I send my students here all the time. ;)
David Taylor (8 years ago)
@MyStacey84 --thanks for your comment. I ask out of ignorance: what is "two-finger spacing?"
David Taylor (8 years ago)
@ItaloBen -- What's all the anger about? Not that I'm saying your profs are or aren't idiots. Some are, some aren't. Nothing new there. Remember that we can't always control what happens to us but we can always control our reaction to it. Don't let your anger get in the way of the importance stuff--learning, for example.
ItaloBen (8 years ago)
Thank you for clearing up the APA guidelines. I hate my goddamn idiot college professors who make up use this, but I'll give them what they want, and get the fuck out of school soon enough. Thanks again,
David Taylor (8 years ago)
@peakdavid David, I tend to speak too fast. I envy people who can slow down and speak clearly.-- Hey, thanks for the kind words, malicea. Looks like you had a scary Halloween.
David Taylor (8 years ago)
Important topics as humanity gradually realize we are all connected, all co-dependent on each other.
Jgizzy -redacted- (8 years ago)
Thanks, it went very well! It was about the Chilean earthquake and social response to it in light of the Haiti quake and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Thanks again.
David Taylor (8 years ago)
Good luck on your paper!
Jgizzy -redacted- (8 years ago)
While I agree you could have talked a tad bit quicker, it is nothing to worry about because it's nitpicking. Those who need slow speech will be thankful, and those who do not need probably wont be annoyed by it, as I wasn't. Thanks for posting these videos, they really helped me a lot. Now I am off to write my paper using proper APA format .Cheers bud!
David Taylor (8 years ago)
Hey, slow--thanks for the good words. I debated over doing this over cus I thought I was talking too slow. Maybe it's your handle, but glad it worked for you.
David Taylor (8 years ago)
So true! This video should be reported and the user account closed immediately.
mendebil (9 years ago)
this is a complete waste of time!
WOGI5M (9 years ago)
Wow, is this all it is? My uni library has a 3 page THESIS on it! lol Thanks.
WOGI5M (9 years ago)
I have an assignment that was due yesterday that I'm doing now...lol I'm required to use APA, and i've never used it b4. Thanks for the video.
David Taylor (9 years ago)
Thanks, ydenny! Let me know anything else you need.
Yolanda Denny (9 years ago)
Wonderful summary! Says it all
David Taylor (9 years ago)
Hi--my bad! I need to renumber them. Only 3 parts. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for pointing this out. David
kishanabear (9 years ago)
hello, thank you for posting this info! can you tell me where to find part 2? i checked your vid list but only found part 1,3 & 4. thank you.
David Taylor (9 years ago)
Good luck, Amy! Let me know if you need any other info. Word 2007 has some excellent APA templates and citation machine.
David Taylor (9 years ago)
LOLOLOL. Sure. Let me know anything else you need.
kishanabear (9 years ago)
oh my god, thank you for posting this!!!!

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