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3 Fall Outfit Ideas for the "Average" Size Girl :) | Makeup Geek

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Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy my fashion video for "average" size girls. I had so much fun taping this for you! PLEASE be happy with YOU no matter your size- all that matters is that you are healthy and happy :) XOXO OUTFIT 1: - Sweater: Target - Jeans: NYDJ http://rstyle.me/n/q6it98jbe - Vest: Guess http://rstyle.me/~2IJyH - Boots: Target - Purse: Balenciaga http://rstyle.me/n/q6gid8jbe OUTFIT 2: - Skirt: Bebe http://rstyle.me/n/n6axh8jbe - Blouse: Bebe http://rstyle.me/~2tVUX - Shoes: Calvin Klein http://rstyle.me/~2tVY7 - Necklace: Charming Charlies OUTFIT 3: - Leggings: BCBG http://rstyle.me/n/pz5n68jbe - Shirt: Khols - Blazer: Free People - Booties: BCBG http://rstyle.me/~2IJML - Purse: Coach Please subscribe!! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=makeupgeektv Connect with me! :) :: MY 2ND CHANNEL:: http://www.youtube.com/makeupgeekxtra :: INSTAGRAM :: http://instagram.com/makeupgeektv :: FACEBOOK :: http://www.facebook.com/makeupgeek :: TWITTER :: http://www.twitter.com/makeupgeek Business Inquiries Only: http://www.makeupgeek.com/contact-makeup-geek/ My website with AMAZING makeup products! http://www.makeupgeek.com If you've read all this, thank you! I appreciate each one of your support! I read each comment and try to respond the best I can :) List in the comments the types of videos you would like to see! xoxo, Marlena --------------------------------------------------- Makeup geek provides makeup tutorials, products reviews, fashion videos, and healthy living tips! I love to make women feel beautiful inside and out :) Thank you for coming to my channel!
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Text Comments (943)
Jack's Finest Gifts (1 year ago)
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Susan Buckley (1 year ago)
Beautiful video and scenery was so very Fall like.. love the outfits:)
Maria Campos (1 year ago)
Beautiful as always love these kind of video please keep thm coming!!🙏🏻
intelin123 (1 year ago)
these were the best videos. we could see your whole body. now they are just lame. no more modeling.
Stephanie I (2 years ago)
You still look beautiful....through all these years
Autumn Good (2 years ago)
No, this is overweight.
pralinecookies (2 years ago)
Some of you need to study and learn . Not every one that is over 150 pounds is unhealthy, Just like every size 2 isn't healthy.
Maricela Torres (2 years ago)
Your so beautiful, I love your style! Keep it up girl! 👍😃
Kasandra (3 years ago)
I like that you used the word 'average' because most of us aren't size 4 or under.. I saw a model on TV who called herself 'plus size' and I was shocked!! She's a very "healthy, fit" weight.. She'd fit clothes in any store she went to yet she was classed as "plus sized"
1diannm (3 years ago)
love outfit number 2
Miss Anjeh (3 years ago)
Name of the song please !!!
Random Jasmine (3 years ago)
These outfit were great. I would definitely wear these.
intelin123 (3 years ago)
love the trees , the flowers, the pavement, the table , .  I could not see the outfits
Jasmina Earthangel (3 years ago)
thank you for this video Marlena, this is just what I needed  right now to realise that I can buy new clothes and not have to feel bad every time I open my wardrobe and nothing fits me because I have gained weight since losing my father.  It is now Autumn in Australia and your video has shown me that even though I am a lot bigger now than I was, I can still look good coming into the winter months whilst I work on getting fit and healthy again.  So thank you so so much!
PoPhamsdotter (3 years ago)
Really nice outfits! :D
Shelley Newchuk (3 years ago)
Hey bootiful. After u lost the weight did u get a tummy tuck. U have no bumps. In ur tummy.
GoldChainGang (3 years ago)
Marlena, you are absolutely STUNNING! Keep doing you, girl.. We see you! 😘
Adriana Contreras (3 years ago)
Love your style but more I love your personality and awesome attitude. You are very inspirational!! Thank you.
jeli v (3 years ago)
You look beautiful but its expensive. Can you shop at Ross one day and show us cute outfits please.
Smartie And Steveo (3 years ago)
Stunning! :) 
Stephanie Montague (3 years ago)
Omg you look so beautiful! I am a curvy girl and carry most of my weight in my butt and thighs. I can never find cute clothes that fit my body type. This video is such an inspiration, thank you for posting! The scenery is amazing as well! Where is this located? It looks so beautiful there!
Stephanie Badillo (3 years ago)
love these outfits and where u filmed gorgeous! 
you are such an inspiration to me. Even at my age  I find you amazing. I wish I knew what i wanted in life as early as you. I just decided last week i want to do stuff with makeup. I'm 44 so I am a little slow. Love You and I look forward to trying out your makeup.
Megan R (4 years ago)
I'm so disturbed by the negative comments! I've watched quite a few of Marlina's videos and she has come a very long way with her health. She eats very clean and has lost a lot of weight. It's about being body-positive and not hating yourself no matter what size....And doing the best you can to be healthy. She looks gorgeous.
A A (4 years ago)
I have the same Louis Vuitton purse but in yellow 😍
Laura Rojas (4 years ago)
Marlena I've been watching your channel since you first started! I am inspired by you and your amazing personality! I wish there were more people like you!! I've seen you as a person grow and I'm so happy for all your accomplishments! Since the beginning you've always been a very genuinely happy bubbly peson! You've never changed!!! Thank you for making videos and being yourself, I hope you continue to do so! I have learned so much from you! You are an amazing talented women!!! XOXO
Damaris Yenirth (4 years ago)
Me encanto el segundo outfit!! super elegante
J Xo (4 years ago)
Love them all but the pencils skirt one was like sooooo gorg! My fav ❤️
gwen jones (4 years ago)
love them all. really cute
Cortney Olds (4 years ago)
gorgeous skirt
Msbeautywithin1 (4 years ago)
I really love your style. You are beautiful inside and out regardless of your size. When people are envious of you that's when they start picking on the title of the video. Your videos are very classy. Thanks for sharing. I pray that I can be as successful as you are.
PosVibes (4 years ago)
Beautiful woman! (:
TheGlam Mam (4 years ago)
It would be unhealthy if she had 20lbs of fat in her stomach because that would be an indicative of diabetes risk among other things but she's kinda tall and looks absolutely fine to me she carries her weight well she got curves in all the right places. What most fail to realize is some people are built differently and she is unique if she chose the word average to describe her video so be it. What you define as average may not be accurate to other ppls definition of average and that's ok too.
Ashley Parriott (4 years ago)
Marlena you are farrrrrr from average girl! And I mean "above average"/better than average/my idol! because you are ah-maaaazing! I love you, your spirit, your energy, your attitude, and you are also smokin' hot. You make me feel great about life, all things beauty and makeup-related! Haters are always gonna hate but ya know what, as long as there are people like you in this world, we are all okay! Thank you for being YOU!
AbsolutelyAyana (4 years ago)
😍😍😍 beautifuuuuul
Kaily Smith (4 years ago)
I really wish women would be more nice to one another. It's so disappointing! I think you look absolutely stunning!! Don't listen to all of the haters! You look great Marlena. 💜💜
Kelly Marie (4 years ago)
I wish I was that confident in my body. I am five foot three and 113 pounds and I still need to loose weight. By looking at your face in videos and stuff you look a lot smaller than you are. But your still beautiful. Keep it up girlie.
Kelly Marie (4 years ago)
I wish I was confident in my body. I'm 5'3 and 113 pounds and I still need to loose weight. By looking at your face in videos, you look a lot smaller than you are. But your still beautiful. Keep it up girlie.
Kaira A (4 years ago)
1. Larger than medium IS LITERALLY average in the US (70% of us are overweight or obese). 2. Just because Marlena is saying she is average does not mean she is saying that her weight is the epitome of health. 3. Just because most overweight people are unhealthy does NOT mean all of them are. 4. Marlena is actually pretty healthy - go watch her food videos!!! 5. Inner beauty matters most, and Marlena has PLENTY of that. 6. She also has outer beauty <3 There you go everybody. Now stop with all the dumb comments! Marlena made this video to share with us ways to make ourselves feel beautiful, so let's focus on THAT.
muchomalasada (4 years ago)
Your confidence radiates and makes you beautiful. I love how you accessorize especially the necklaces. Maybe a quick video of your favorite or most versatile jewelry pieces and how to wear them :)  
kim farris (4 years ago)
You are absolutely beautiful & look great!!!!!
TheCurlygirl89 (4 years ago)
I do not want to be rude and I don't think it is! Marlena is a very beautiful woman with a gorgeous body but the title of this video is very misleading. I am 5'5 and 130 pounds, and I would think a size 4-6 is what you would call average! Maybe I'm wrong but that's just my opinion.
Chloe Romero (4 years ago)
Dying to know what song was used for the 2nd outfit! I googled the lyrics but nothing popped up.
jennifer baker (4 years ago)
#2 and # 3 were my favorites!!!! Loved this Marlena! You're beautiful girl!!!!!
Kristy Larsen (4 years ago)
Well Makeup Geek I think you are a very classy woman. Your trying to show ppl that they are all beautiful no matter what size they are. But now you have these ppl with obvious low self esteem problems commenting with their negativity. When you work hard to produce a video that you feel good about to bring to us. Please don't let these so called humans bring you down because you have something they dont "CONFIDENCE". Misery loves company. I never post comments but I just had to post on this on. I'm sick with digust wirh these ungrateful inconsiderate asses.
Ed Donahue (4 years ago)
Loved this!! :)
Sonia Sélaire (4 years ago)
Wingingit (4 years ago)
Relax people 3 outfit ideas meant to inspire fall looks for average women, that's all, it's not a health video.
norabian77 (4 years ago)
Such beautiful outfits, but you are even more beautiful! You are an inspiration to people like me, that are helpless on how to put together clothes to make them a classy outfit. I would so much love for you to make a clothing line, that fits all types of women, please ship to Europe as well! I'm a new subbie and fan from Germany.
Mrs15swain05 (4 years ago)
Hi Marlena...I don't know why but I had a feeling like you are not comfortable in those outfits at all... Was disturbing to watch :-( I think you did amazing transformation to your body, BE PROUD!! 👍
Hayuhi (4 years ago)
being size  10-12 ( USA) is a healthy size, it can be considered a little bit overweight  according to the USA  BMI chart, and if someone is size 12 but is very healthy, feeling great, eating healthy & taking care of the body, exercising regularly,  these are more important, than any rules or regulations that are out there in the world. BTW, I have a video about being healthy through a healthy lifestyle, anyone is welcome to watch it.
Vanessa Requena (4 years ago)
i'm just now catching up on videos and i enjoy your fall outfits. this is a week late but i'm reading all the comments and everyone pretty much states that your size is "unhealthy" and being overweight is "unhealthy." Lets not forget being "skinny" can also be unhealthy! i know plenty of women who are average or below and they are very unhealthy!! so size of a person DOESN'T MATTER how healthy a person is. The fact that everyone is so rude is just plane wrong.  People with the negative comments about weight is whats wrong with today's society.  Being "skinny' can easily be unhealthy. 
TheKristinaH (4 years ago)
Wow... Marlena has made a wonderful video showcasing 3 elegant outfits, with beautiful execution, and all some people chose to focuse on is Her size. Come on, now. " Style comes in all shapes and sizes. She's gorgeous.
Aide Granados (4 years ago)
I love your third outfit Marlena! That is my style and I'm going to try it this fall... Thank you to shares your videos and teach us how to look just wonderful .... 😃😊☺️😉😉😍
Jennifer Sanchez (4 years ago)
Loved this Video .. looking forward for the Next one ! :)
Tesha H (4 years ago)
I loved this vid Marlena. You looked so beautiful and your personality always shows through. Your outfits were nicely put together to accentuate but fit your body in a classy fresh way!!
JasmineLomeli xo (4 years ago)
Amazing outfits 😍
Manda Panda (4 years ago)
I am loving all the looks Marlena!!!
aprilsdelusion (4 years ago)
Can anybody ID that Louis Vuitton bag?  Looks almost like a Speedy B but not sure.
Engy Amr (4 years ago)
I adore ur figure regardless of size <3 Pls tell me tips on how u tone ur abs .. Thanx .. Love from, Engy xxx 
alexandra2335 (4 years ago)
alexandra2335 (4 years ago)
Sarah Daum (4 years ago)
Marlena, you are beautiful, and confident and it shows. That is all you need.
Helly Jo (4 years ago)
You're beautiful Marlena! Love this lookbook xx
animalrescuegeek (4 years ago)
So stunning Marlena. You just know how to put together color, style and fit so well. Thank you and hugs to that sweet pup of yours.-Sue
Tammie Weiss (4 years ago)
I'm so glad that you put "average" size in the title because statistically women in the U.S are an average size 12. I loved the outfits and the look was in proportion to your shape and curves. Great job Marlena, big hugs for this video...
Marlena Stell (4 years ago)
Thank you SO much Tammie! :)  
amylynnlee3 (4 years ago)
wow you are so beautiful. please can you do update about your hair? does it stop falling. thank you so much
dirty30_cleanse (4 years ago)
You are so beautiful and you are such a huge inspiration to me I can't wait to have a wonderful make-up artist career like you. Stay just the way you are because you are perfect. Xoxo
dirty30_cleanse (4 years ago)
+Makeup Geek :)
Marlena Stell (4 years ago)
Thank you SO much Alicia!  Good luck in your career- you can do it if it's something you love!! xoxo
Lea N (4 years ago)
Thank for these great videos! Im a bbw too. This gives me a little boost in the esteem department:)
Samantha Kwait (4 years ago)
You go gorgeous lady!
My Nerdy Home (4 years ago)
You are so gorgeous Marlena!!!
Bluebonnet101 (4 years ago)
beautiful girl, beautiful scenery!
Shelby Sherwood (4 years ago)
Whether she is "average" size or not she is gorgeous and so confident in her own skin and instead of wasting your time telling Marlena she's not average take a look at how beautiful she is these outfits are on point Marlena good job!
Didinett1981 (4 years ago)
Very nice outfits. I specially like the skirt one. And I like the purses !
BelleGutiBau (4 years ago)
My fave was outfit #2! The combination of the blouse and the skirt is so pretty, I love those colors.....and the handbag is gorgeous!! You look very nice Marlena.
Cristina Pena (4 years ago)
Amazing! Nevermind the white noise of some people on here!
pklor90 (4 years ago)
I love how you can always work a blazer, girl! :)
hilleary cooper (4 years ago)
I wonder what all you hateful people would think of my size 18/20! and guess what I feel absolutely stunning most when I dress up! I FEEL BEAUTIFUL AND I AM FAT!!!!
TheGirlDownTheStreet (4 years ago)
Nancy Rodriguez (4 years ago)
So many rude comments here that are so not necessary, some people seem to think if you are over a size 10 you cannot be trendy and look good. Marlena thank you for the great outfit ideas!
HannahGrace Brown (4 years ago)
I love all of these outfits, and I could see myself wearing any one of them! Thank you for sharing your style with girls of ALL shapes and sizes. I would also love to know the name of the second song used in the video! Love you, Marlena! XOXO
Ronel Langley (4 years ago)
Beautiful inside and out! There is something about you that just radiates through the camera. Your personality only intensifies your outside beauty. Never stop doing what you are doing you are an inspiration to others. I wish you all the best with your business and personal life. You deserve every happiness you receive!! Thank you so much for being you.
eidavila76 (4 years ago)
I love your style and you have such a beautiful face !!!
Cliffcindy Perry (4 years ago)
Oh wow there are some really nasty girlies on here. She looks absolutely amazing & stunning in every outfit,what is wrong with you lot?? You can be really skinny and unhealthy...she is a voluptuous curvy lady,and I definately think she is average size, you lot must be size 0... Xx
Mattie Blackmon (4 years ago)
Beautiful!!! God create a wonderfully made young lady.  TFS!!
Mermaid Spirit (4 years ago)
This video is amazing!  Marlena you are so confident and beautiful.  You are such an inspiration for all us ladies with curves and to embrace them. xoxo  Where was this filmed, in the wine country?  So lovely.
Jayne Clark (4 years ago)
Marlena, I can't say enough how much I look up to you. It's so nice to see someone that has curves like most of us watching! You dress so nicely! It's not always easy to put together such flattering outfits so I love that I can get ideas from you!
Norma Hernandez (4 years ago)
Who the hell cares what size she is? She has done a great job in putting outfits together. None of you can actually know what size she is so stop giving her a number. Camaras are desceiving.   Marlena you look beautiful with everything you wear. I enjoy watching your videos. XOXO
Cassandra Garcia (4 years ago)
I LOVE the second outfit!! So pretty!! (:
Stacey Beth (4 years ago)
apple hill :) Sacramento  is my home two too! i love you Marlena! you have gone through such a journey to lose the weight that you have :) you look completely stunning keep it up girl! good for you :)
Rosa H (4 years ago)
You Look great ! Thanks for sharing !
PositivelyNice (4 years ago)
What are the music tracks used, please?
Asia Wilson (4 years ago)
best "lookbook" ever! this is so inspiring and just awesome!
Loved this, so beautiful!
Rahardini Widyasari (4 years ago)
Marlena wrote "Average" instead of just the word Average. It means she has another meaning attached to the word, doesn't it? Why are people still fussing over her body type? Girl, you look sizzling hot as usual!
guccimeika (4 years ago)
No offence. But that's not an AVERAGE size. Just saying. Def on the larger size.
Jayne Clark (4 years ago)
No offense but you can't even spell correctly...
Cathy Keating (4 years ago)
Love this video! Please do more like this one!
Faye (4 years ago)
Marlena, this is gorgeous and I love that it's not just about fashion but about loving and accepting yourself!  You are so beautiful and bold and I love your videos.  Simply gorgeous!  Edgy and sweet at the same time.   You know, I barely want to even address the criticism here because it's so out of line... if anyone follows your channel at all they know you lead an extremely healthy lifestyle, so just ignore the misinformed criticism!!  I also struggled with my weight, and at a certain point of eating healthy my size has gotten down to 10-12 and stayed there, even if I look more or less toned based on how much I workout.  That's just me, and there's really nothing unhealthy about it, just like you are perfect just the way you are <3
Faye (4 years ago)
+Makeup Geek Thanks, Marlena!  :)
Marlena Stell (4 years ago)
Thank you SO much Faye!! Congrats on your weightloss- that's amazing! SO proud of you :)
lindsay burke (4 years ago)
You are amazing and have changed your life to become a healthier you! Which has inspired me to do the same.. Ppl on here hating just need to calm down.. Everyone has a right to their opinion I agree with that but please everyone be nice to one another.. Marlena & makeupgeek you guys are amazing!
Mayra Nitza (4 years ago)
You are soooo GORGEOUS!!! I loved every outfit. Hugs from Puerto Rico!

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