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WhipAddict: Stuntworld Block Party 2K18, Custom Cars, Big Rims, Females, Atlanta, GA

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Almost an hour of footage from the #StuntWorldBlockParty held off Jonesboro Rd at JB Billards and Bar. A lot of pull up action with custom whips from Texas to Chicago to Miami and more! Kandy Paint, Big Rims on Donks, Chargers, Mercedes Benz's, G Body's, Lifted Trucks, plus a few nice butts on some fine women! 22s to 32s, Forgiato's, Amani Forged and DUB's fill the lot! Can't beat that!
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Text Comments (32)
Tiger Green (17 days ago)
T.World from the MiL.W saying 2 all my followers keep it Pimpin !!!...
Noel Delgado (7 months ago)
vicdamond jr (7 months ago)
Great video
Rob H (7 months ago)
Can you even make a u-turn? Fkn clown rims LOL!! Stupid as fck!
uncle sam (8 months ago)
one of the best whip addicts ive seen
DJMegaHurtz (8 months ago)
Akademiks with the commentary 😂
BMP CARLO (9 months ago)
Damn buddy kept showing da fuck outta lil shawty ass. Seen her ass bout 20times got damn jack should of just got her number 😂😂😂
Malik ElcoSS454 (9 months ago)
9:31 clean 70 Elco & 20:00 71 Gray Chevelle ss was a few of my favorites.
MR1000101 (9 months ago)
Damn Cutlass on some 28 inch deep offsets aint he??
WhipAddict (9 months ago)
MR1000101 26s
MR1000101 (9 months ago)
Somebody need to make body kits for those slingshots...thats all the need. A strut bar for the back wheel and better stability and they could rival T-Rexs.
Ramel Lucas (9 months ago)
That blue el Camino 🔥🔥🔥
Ramel Lucas (9 months ago)
Damn i would've bought all her fruits
gustavus bonner (1 month ago)
Ramel Lucas me to
Sean (9 months ago)
Always cool vids bro! Luv these long ones...now a little more booty please;)
Donald Byrd (9 months ago)
IMO, the best 2 were the green 225 vert and that murdered out Donk. Man there was all kinds of clappers in the spot on that day.
K!lo (9 months ago)
This right in forest park , shit I would of went yesterday if I knew about it
Sam Walling (9 months ago)
YESSS, love the long videos 🔥🔥 keep it up bro
Eric Smith (9 months ago)
16:01 the ugly friend always gonna hate on the footage🎥 #salute
Mr SS (9 months ago)
Eric Smith the ugly chick would fuck you first tho lol. Other chick probably stuck up
KingpinSkinnyman (9 months ago)
Appreciate the footage of shawty in the checkered pants. When I get my impala right I know I've made it when my shit in one of ya videos.
Bossup313det (9 months ago)
Damn this bitch slapping too hard!
Firstname Lastname (9 months ago)
Shawty wit da cart dooeee 🤤
Firstname Lastname (9 months ago)
vcash 33 LMAO right
vcash 33 (9 months ago)
Firstname Lastname Lol I kno every 2 minutes whip on dat ass
Game On Gaming (9 months ago)
MR1000101 (9 months ago)
CyberArmy (9 months ago)
that was young scooter in the backseat
Jose Pena (9 months ago)
PlAyHoUsE 305 lol
Kevin Williams (9 months ago)
When do they do the car shows what day
Jose Pena (9 months ago)
life is a lemon no
brian tidmore (9 months ago)
Look at all those gay ass donks

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