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HOW to get the Haircut/style you’ve always wanted!

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A guide to getting the Haircut you’ve always wanted. I know so many people that walk into the barbers / hairdressers with an idea of the perfect haircut and end up leaving very disappointed. Ive developed a simple strategy to help ensure both you and your barber are on the same wave length and therefore leave the shop/salon a super happy client. Instagram / Twitter - @LouisArmstrong7 Facebook / Snapchat - @LifeWithLouis7 Music - Epidemicsound.com
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Antonis Diakakis (1 year ago)
Don't do a man bun, don't think it will look good on ya haha. Also: I'm doing a give-away since i reached 100 subs. Come check it out if you have the time and want to partake!
Thomas McBride (1 year ago)
LifeWithLouis (1 year ago)
Miss your comments Thomas, get on the new videos ;)

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