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Discussion on 'Holy Guardian Angel' with Theophilos Peleus (Logos of Ophiel).

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In depth interview on Theophilos' magical journey, his attainment of his Oracular Daimon or HGA and thoughts on philosophy and praxis. (thumbnail: me, HGA in Tiphareth 2009.
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Phoenix Chastaine (3 months ago)
My dear Saroths! So sorry to have missed this but, sadly, I was preoccupied by a recent hurricane and as the infrastructure went down, and the cigarette lighter wasn't working, I didn't have the juiceto join ya', being the electricity had been dismissed by a powerful wind, that decided to go Old School on it. 😁😝 I was able to lighten a few black moods :) In a grotesquely over dramatic and bad Shakespearean tone I stood before my friends with guns to protect a lot of cheap China imports (oh, hi Sam Walton! Died rich huh? Cool. Whoops! But your money can't buy ya back mate and not even the Chinese can resurrect you as cheaply folks purchase cheap, plastic patio chairs from Them!" 😁😁 Anywayyyyyyy...Very interesting interview Saroth and you did terrific! Keep at it. "Ugly mug..", said Theosophy. Naw, neither of you gentlemen are remotely "ugly". Wado!
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Phoenix Chastaine 1.36.20...!
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Phoenix Chastaine : Did you hear me shout out your name!? I was gonna make a brilliant point based on a comment you'd written... I'll keep it for my next stream. Which you must not miss!😊💚🍄
Jasmyne Emmerick (3 months ago)
I started listening/watching the live stream, but got distracted. I re-watched this morning. Saroth, you are amazing! This was an awesome interview and level headed discussion. *“Even our own ideologies become our dogmas”* (01:15:00 mark) _Brilliant_ I’m amazed this young man is only 32 years old. His picture reflects a man of great understanding in his area of study. I will have to learn more about him. I’m not deep into occultism, not wanting to chance experiencing some of the things he mentions, but it’s fascinating. I also like when he says, “I’m not sure.” Tells me he’s not forcing an answer. I like his comment about discipline to our spiritual practice. I’m having trouble grasping the Sun and the Moon triad portion related to Emerald Tablet (I actually copied out the Emerald Tablet last week – what a coincidence) Have either of you ever read _The Pilgrimage_ by Paulo Coeula? The fictional character is a member of an occult mystery school called “The Order.” As part of the completing his final rite he had to walk “the strange road to Santiago” – _El Camino de Santiago de Compostela_. Have either of you walked the Camino (500 mile walk) in Spain? Saroth, when I walked the Camino, I met many people from Scotland. 
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Thanks Jasmyne! I really enjoyed this myself. Yes, Theophilos is an amazing scholar and magician. I've read 'The Alchemist' and 'The Valkeries' but a long time ago. I'll have to listen to the Emerald Tablets bit again but subscribe to 'Logos of Ophiel' and his new streaming channel 'Theophilos Peleus' and ask him when he streams. He's very willing to answer questions. Never been to Spain but that walk sounds cool, Scots are everywhere! Cheers for your participation and support dear Jazz!💚🍄
I Walker (3 months ago)
Very, very cool! Great interview! Looking forward to more of these! 🤟❤️
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Thanks I Walk, need another live music set mate, thanks for watching 🎸💚🍄
The GreyWolf (3 months ago)
Hey brother saroth 🙏💖💖💖
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Hey GreyWolf brother! Saw your excellent show recently, good to see you doing so well 💚🎇✨
Debra Gail (3 months ago)
This definitely was not your first rodeo! Awesome job, very professional. I really enjoyed this video, very interesting guest. 👍👍😘💞💞💞
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Debra Gail: thanks very much! Hopefully more fascinating guests soon!💚🍄
Modwiz125 (3 months ago)
Great job from you, Saroth, for letting your guest speak, with measured comments from yourself.
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Thanks Theophilos, Big thanks to you for coming on brother!💚
Saroth the Mage (3 months ago)
Thanks Modwiz! 💚🎇
The Logos of Ophiel (3 months ago)
He is a natural host who did a wonderful job!

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