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Movie Review A Dark Song Book Review AbraMelin The Mage Occult Unmasked

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Text Comments (72)
Loquita Qamar (3 days ago)
ouija board is extremely dangerous
Kyle P (9 days ago)
You may have discovered this by now but it's never been attributed to the Biblical Abraham, as I thiiink you were implying? Sorry if that's not the case. I don't find the authorship itself to be too far fetched. Now whether Abraham of Worms actually met an Egyptian Mage who taught him this magic is another story, and the years on which it was written are fuzzy at best.
Anne Bastians (1 month ago)
You`re an intellegent guy. Sympathetic too, I must admit. 8 points from Germany...
shawn graham (4 months ago)
I have Mather's translation, and also a far superior translation of the book of Abramelin by Georg Dehn, and Steven Guth. Complete and accurate squares and practical spells are in this newer edition. You should look into it. Mather's translation of the key of Solomon was a bit of a mess also. Mather's was too arrogant to admit he substituted what he thought ought to be in the missing parts of his mss. He was mistaken, and Crowley proved it! ;)
Renee Scheetz (4 months ago)
I was wondering if anyone else thought that the man smoking in the leather backed chair was to represent Alester Crowley.
Collin Sewell (2 months ago)
Makes sense lol
Magic Penny Productions (4 months ago)
It crossed my mind for an instant. Thanks
Michael Sibilia (4 months ago)
great video. Curious if you would do one about Hereditary.
Collin Sewell (2 months ago)
Go watch Thomas sheridan's video about it. He is an occult genius. Just look up thomas Sheridan hereditary
AngeLife (5 months ago)
Mathers did a poor job of translating and left out a lot of magic. Georg Dehn, et al, more recently published a better and more complete translation.
Kujo Painting (5 months ago)
16:15 they show magic squares several times during the film.
If so it's so fleetingly, for such a brief few seconds, they might as well not, as they never "use" a magic square the entire movie. If you don't know how to use a magic square you're in popular company, as most don't including the writer/director of the movie, because if he did know, it would have made the good movie, even better, as it's an interesting process I've yet to see portrayed in any movie
Thomas Whiteowl (6 months ago)
some joker is trying to sell that book for $1500 on amazon... third printing.
Mabinia Essex (6 months ago)
I would look for the copies of the book of Abramelin from another ttranslator other than S Magregor Mathers. He made many mis translations. Maybe from carelessness maybe because of something else. Also if you watch the credits of the movie " A Dark Song " you will notice it actually was filmed in Ireland. Wales looks very similar being only the Irish Sea separating them
TM3000 (23 days ago)
Thankyou so much for sharing your comment. I would respectfully have to say I found the opposite to be true, I found that Mathers was the best translation. To me, reading Mathers, it filled with a spiritual life and uplifted my soul like nearly nothing else except the gnostic gospels or the Bible (I'm a Christian). But the other translations, well they seemed spiritually dead to me. So I think people should use which translation appealed to them the most. I think I would get bad results if I used a different translation, whether just reading it, or practicing. Yet you obviously feel more comfortable using other translations, if that makes you happy that's what you should do :)
Belenus Six (5 months ago)
Indeed. The George Dehn version is definitely worth checking out. He used multiple sources and effectively updates & expands on Mathers.
JustPerson (7 months ago)
It was changed on purpose. The director didnt want to attempt to show the real stuff
TM3000 (23 days ago)
+qualityasdf I think the movie depicts more of the Crowley version of this ritual. Because the book itself is mainly keeping a holy prayer room to pray to God (OR one's own religion that you were born in, they speak about different religions and are friendly with them, to me its most similar to Jewish or Christian)
TM3000 (23 days ago)
+Gary Daniels Well, everybody is different. But to me, as a Christian, I really really liked the book. 90% or more of the ritual according to the actual book is simply keeping a prayer room, that I see has ma y similarities to the Holiest of Holies, found in Exodus 30. Yet when I read the book I did notice some odd spiritual occurances happening for sure...! But I was also in a more spiritual place that time in my life.
Gary Daniels (1 month ago)
Dont mess period !
Gary Daniels (1 month ago)
Too right mate..Dangerous stuff if you dont know what its about what your about..
qualityasdf (2 months ago)
where did you hear that? Im very interested in why the movie depicts it so differently
ravenoptima (7 months ago)
It's not Black Magick....i read the whole thing.....it is mastering the demonic spirits to put them into the positive service of Humanity so that they may elevate themselves from their base nature, if that is possible. Knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is not Black Magick....that being said, it is VERY risky business. I know someone who made it through the ritual....one who made it halfway through, and almost died, and there is the account of it in "The Sacred Magician" book. Crowley did the crazy thing of standing in the triangle meant for the spirit, not the Magickian.....Bennet summoned the demon into Crowley and Crowley was supposedly never the same.
Athousand Light (20 days ago)
​+Collin Sewell Be well aware that we cannot be sure what's what been summoned. But I don't believe an angel could be summoned unless you are revealed to one. Which happened few thousand years ago through prophets. And I don't believe there are any prophet alive right now. Or so I've been told. I tried communication with un-earthly beings, even they didn't even claim had seen an angel, or could describe one. Some tried to describe but my guts told me, *they weren't that honest.* Demons are another thing, they were quite cooperative. Evil or not. They are lesser beings but they are the closest thing yet. I've also find it is more convenient to learn any arts from our own "guardian". Spirits or djinn or whatever you want to call them. They can be evil and tricky but it's up to our mind ability to tell the different. Magic required natural talent, hard effort won't get far alone. If you don't have natural talent for magic, I would suggest keep it to simple prayer and protection. Anymore further will harm yourself, no matter how good your intention might be. It's not about the intention, it's about the ability to make it happen. Mark my word. Even the art of healing is *VERY DANGEROUS.* Believe me, I tried healing before, casting an entity away from a body. It cause me harm and messed up with my energy. Those beings are quite good in making life miserable as in developing mental depression and losing the will to live. It could progress to be medical. And you might need a psychiatrist to help you afterward. It doesn't sound pleasant at all. I lost count how I purified myself with seawater to neutralize the invasive progressive energy. So be careful yeah!
TM3000 (23 days ago)
+John Razimus Paranormal Ghost Investigation That's so interesting. You know I read the Bible, and the Book of Abramelin, and I know Crowley changed up the ritual. Well anyways, the prayer room in Abramelin was loosely modeled after the Holiest of Holies of Exodus 30. And there are many instance where the Bible tells the priests that there he will meet with them. So to me it's not about summoning an angel, maybe it was for Crowley. It's just about meeting with God in prayer and worship, and whether it's an angel that you meet with, or the holy spirit, isn't important for me, it's just about the prayer journey. The ritual also talks about binding up the evil spirits. But, many evil spirits were bound up and cast out in the New Testament. "whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven". Anyways, it's my own personal interpretation I'm just feeling like discussing it. I haven't performed it but I do not feel the need to, I think a relationship with Jesus is really just as good,and in my spirit I believe it is the exact same thing.
Collin Sewell (2 months ago)
And yes I'm pretty sure you can evoke Angel's and archangels. Using Enochian magick.
Collin Sewell (2 months ago)
Ravenoptima the ritual you're talking a out was the one when the invoked Choronzon right?
Your comment reflects you read occult books, and 100% believe the words within, I do not, real guardian angels don't appear via ritual, it's literally against the rules they abide by and their nature, thus, a demonic fallen angel would appear via ritual, the hga is a demon, not an angelic being, the entire ritual a to z is black magick, you don't 'almost die' from doing good rituals. Everyone knows the old boring crowley tales, crowley was an idiot, he died insane and penniless, that's not a path I choose to follow.
jimmy the killer (9 months ago)
Where did you get that book? I couldn't find that one anywhere.. please respond I'd love to get a hold of that!
Philippe Logre (10 months ago)
Philippe Logre (10 months ago)
Don't play with the Abramelin, that's serious business !
BigWater59 (10 months ago)
I did the ritual and elvis showed up in the end and me shit turned purple.
Hamza HamouZlii (10 months ago)
When people gonna understand that there is no "white" magic and "Black" magic its just the same shit
1one Bee (10 months ago)
Keep in mind it is also not for the un initiated. He Sited the source and the rest is not for people that haven't devoted their lives to this. It is not a hobby. It is not something to take lightly, if you don't respect this material, you have opened a door to woe and misery. you are explicitly warned, in occult philosophy to not show people, not in this, our most sacred text.
1one Bee (10 months ago)
John Razimus I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the film.
I know the secret of the book, I know how to unlock the squares, I didn't share it because of self-proclaimed couch potato critics like yourself don't deserve to know the secret. You all claim to know, but you don't know. Where is your book shelf full of occult books, every one having been read behind you? You have no content. I probably won't ever share the secret. The secret is too obvious, but as obvious as it is, most wouldn't see or know it, it's too dangerous to share to kids and adults alike, no one should summon demons, it's not a practice I condone.
Jonathan Neece (11 months ago)
Knowledge it's self is not evil or good...it's just knowledge which Christ said His people were destroyed bc the lack of it... It's the desire that's in your heart and how you plan to use that knowledge...is it to control, manipulate,and stomp on others to uplift yourself ( ego) , or you we use it to uplift others and bring a deeper understanding of our Creator and His ABSOLUTELY Grace and love for All His creation... As above so below\ we can't learn unless we have contrast.. atree is known by it's fruit...rt..
kim steenmans (1 year ago)
Phil collins ☺
Kenichi216 (1 year ago)
Lmfao funny asf, your danm hilarious bruh .... Ah! True ish it definitely works lol but yup under the hat a little prayer & it's a go !
i havent finished watching the review all the way through but they didnt cover the front stoop with fine river sand so they could see the spirits 👣 footsteps to let them kno that the ritual was working.But like the host said their was alot of things that was not part of the actual AbraMelin ritual.Great movie.The gaurdian angel was awesome at the end but 2bad ol dude died that was helpin and coachin her
babalon 777 (1 year ago)
There are SO many things I'd like to say to you, I'll start with thanking you for pronouncing Crowley right!
babalon 777 (1 year ago)
These books have deliberate mistakes for the benefit of lazy swine, fair warning.
Michael Raysor (1 year ago)
Regarding the books title at 12:54, I believe Abra is a magical term used with the alphabet and words. Get the book magical words. "Abra Cadabra."
TM3000 (23 days ago)
That may be where we get the term from? I have no idea myself, I wonder if the term Abra cadabra is older than the book of Abramelin..? Maybe so.
LeadingBlind (1 year ago)
I just started this review. I may not finish it. But all I see in the square is the word OPERA 4 times or more. I haven't read the book. I don't touch occult stuff. But the movie is cool enough
MR (1 year ago)
The Spence Brothers short film 'The Coming of the Black Dawn' from 1965 has magical rituals in it. Authentic or not, it's an atmosphere. You can watch it for free on the BFIPLAYER.
suzy2anyone (1 year ago)
Finally getting into some books I own. How about Franz Bardon ?! Much love + light beautiful x
Mabinia Essex (6 months ago)
WoodScenT Candles great advice for any person embarking on the magical journey.
suzy2anyone (1 year ago)
John Razimus A B C s abramelin Bardon & Crowley. Watching Dark Song now, thanks for tip. Much love beautiful. xx
Yeah I have a few Franz Bardon books
Amanda Pomander (1 year ago)
Listen to John people DO NOT MESS WITH THE OCCULT,, John I believe you are doing a service to the public I really do✌️👏👏.. I read dark books/grimoires etc but I certainly don't practice any of the rituals!
TM3000 (23 days ago)
I agree not to mess with the occult. But the book itself is pretty simple, mostly it's not occult. it's keeping a prayer room for 90% of the ritual. If you keep a prayer room, and pray to God and abstain from sin as the book tells you to... Well you'll be in a really interesting place spiritually.
Iridescent Namikaze (2 months ago)
read franz bardon and u will change ur mind
Golon Wes (4 months ago)
+Forward Flower Well put.
Forward Flower (5 months ago)
Amanda Pomander I listen to no one and I do what I want
Sean Moonshine (1 year ago)
yep, people send themselves round the bend & the shit you have to go through to complete that ritual is torture & i'm sure you'd see some strange things
Amanda Pomander (1 year ago)
Loving your reviews John, they are getting better and better, keep it up👍👍👍
danny crabb (1 year ago)
Fear isnt what built the pyramids
Sean Moonshine (1 year ago)
nope aliens did
Brandon Young (1 year ago)
7:30-8:00 is so fricking funny lol
Sur Psychotomy (1 year ago)
Brandon Young how high are u?
Brandon Young (1 year ago)
That's a good point it would be all special FX, didn't know it was required of Golden Dawn, what IS the SATOR, ROTAS, Square all about? Who was it that smuggled out of France, the Abramelin the Vage? Oh that's right MacGregor Matthers. Cool review John I like it a lot, all off top of your head very good and I agree.
Juhl Lightheart (10 months ago)
Brandon Young the square is the earliest form of Christian protection.
Twistedhippy (1 year ago)
Boleskin house on the shore of loch Ness was the name of the house Crowley owned, its said he had something to do with the sightings of a certain lake monster too.
Collin Sewell (2 months ago)
Yes thomas sheridan is the man!
suzy2anyone (1 year ago)
Twistedhippy hello again, yes me too. I've read most of his books too. Thanks beautiful xx
Twistedhippy (1 year ago)
suzy2anyone Oh yeah. I thought maybe this was the ritual but I'm not that sure. I too heard he was in the middle of a long ritual but left and never finished.
suzy2anyone (1 year ago)
Twistedhippy yes and I've read that Crowley opened a portal but bc ritual wasn't completed, it was never closed. Maybe that was his will.
Amanda Pomander (1 year ago)
Brandon Young hey Brandon, I eventually got a hold of A Dark Song, I enjoyed it so much, very creepy, brilliant movie.. Thanks B ✌️😘

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