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Sorcerers and Wizards (Documentary)

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captain chaos (13 hours ago)
So the metal rods of iron and copper alloys in various lengths and feckin scientists don't see a battery!
rimefrostkitten (13 hours ago)
Lost Renaissance clarity beneath archetype, from clear common people's fear of the faeries, yet must bear medieval roots. Personal 'shamanic flight.'
Crazywaffle5150 (2 days ago)
Harry pot head.
Alvin Matthews (2 days ago)
Didn't mentioned the Bigfoot in the forest
Tony Carlo (7 days ago)
i am a wizard and i speak ouija...
Coolnicknameguy (7 days ago)
druids where just the 1st hippies.
Chrisfragger1 (8 days ago)
Hey, the 80's are calling, they want their CGI effects back.
Eric Burmeister (8 days ago)
we are the soapmakers and we are working working
Mr Moneysign (10 days ago)
I love this 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shane Christopher (10 days ago)
If only the Catholic church would release magic into the world.....
Sleazy Mouse (11 days ago)
The rod theory sounds like a bunch of malarkey.
Corey Hanson (27 days ago)
And the resurgence of the elemental energies, and their working is renewed.
ftioknfty wrujnftukk (1 month ago)
i just subbed. I can't wait to watch your rome and greece playlist! Are these all from your personal VHS collection or do you find things online and upload them here? I'm just curious. I would love to see some stuff on the diets, food customs etc. Particularly in ancient greece, rome, different european countries during medieval times and early american colonists. Idk if you have access to anything like that but if so I hope you will upload them one day. Thanks xx
ftioknfty wrujnftukk (1 month ago)
also anything on pre-christian religions in europe would be really interesting
A & J C (1 month ago)
I would like many years from now, to transform myself into an owl.
Bob James (1 month ago)
You screwed it up in the first 2 minutes. Earliest recordings of it wasn't Egypt!
Human being: 6472 (1 month ago)
you mean K RINO?
K. R. (1 month ago)
I need Bud cigarretes and More Books and more musical Instruments...and a Place to Practice... in case you want to help...lol
The Cult of X (1 month ago)
Viridarium Umbris📖👌
Secret Agent (1 month ago)
in mother russia, polar bear becomes you!
Johann Farmann (2 months ago)
This is so cool! Thank you.
Koneko Yagami (2 months ago)
"Wizards succumbed to the power of Christianity" is a nice way to put it. Lol 💜
Koneko Yagami (2 months ago)
Western Dr.'s are slow af. Loved the documentary. 💜
Laurie Hoffman (2 months ago)
Everything dates back to Egypt.  Everything.
George Boehringer (2 months ago)
Why do witches like black cats? Do they have any kind of special power?
carla Howard (13 days ago)
Black cat are actually good luck for them. It's their familiar can be any animal really
resistradio (2 months ago)
Archeological interpretation = SWAG (scientific wild ass guess)
ScottyFox (2 months ago)
Until 1998 it was a Federal Crime to Skin Walk on Navajo Reservation. 🐺🦊🦌
Alexandra Murray (2 months ago)
Runic influence
Bill Chang (2 months ago)
Non sense
Justificus (2 months ago)
There is a genetic component to all of this. Just as certain families produce more prodigies in music, art and science; so too, do certain families have a psychic gene or natural intuition that seems to re-emerge from time to time in the descendants of that bloodline. When such bloodlines cross-mate then a prodigy is sometimes produced, a "wizard." Evolution has produced such individuals in the human race to act like antibodies against the invasion of maleficent influences from within and without. The mystery schools, the craft, shamanic training, and the like are the educational institutions for such individuals to maximize their potential inheritance and gifts.
idmiral ibrahim (2 months ago)
They all push the mind to the limits(jumping around and singing on drugs), acting like retards. Then when there minds start acting restarted they call it magic coz they now can see the world retarded, wtf is going on here.?
VAPEMANIAM (2 months ago)
The fallen angels are responsible for teaching men all these abominable acts!! Magic is magic is magic = EVIL
Frank Herbert (1 month ago)
Remember when Jesus spat in the ground and mixed it into mud, then rubbed the mud into a blind persons eyes and their blindness was healed? Good times...
privatedancer (2 months ago)
All you drug doing wannabe wizards are cool with that? Or you just don't understand the connection between sorcery and sacrifice? C'mon humans!
privatedancer (2 months ago)
Why are we skipping right over the healthy gag reflex and human sacrifice implied all through here? Why are we editing that out?
privatedancer (2 months ago)
Why do we assume people threw their own things into bogs? As opposed to chucking secret society stuff there when conquered or at war time. We have modern evidence of people doing that in modern times.
The Modern Hermeticist (2 months ago)
Philip Atser (2 months ago)
Course be all the witches and wizards
Spiritual Anarchist (2 months ago)
If everyone believes in something it exists, Believe mixed with 'magic mushrooms ' sounds like a potent 'spell'.
Big Gay Al (2 months ago)
Magic isn't real, and their evidence doesn't work. I'm waiting for a spell to get cast on me. Cumon, have at it?
Mortis The Wizard (1 month ago)
Sending you a Succubus now.
Kotsonne (2 months ago)
I find it hilarious that they used the soundscape of gothic 1 and 2 for this documentary.
Goldie O (2 months ago)
Where are the references for the information these people are stating? On one hand they say, they don't know, and "suppose" or "possibly" and on the other hand they speak as if they were right there learning from the magicians. I had to stop watching. I don't need to waste my time or have my head filled with half-cocked answers.
Nnikman Mahadi (3 months ago)
Its from prophet [email protected] the prophet king . it can be misused
Wutha Phuk (3 months ago)
what about the aztecs & mayans & incas?
Charlie's Factory (2 months ago)
What about them?
David Jerome (3 months ago)
This is good! Thanks!
Katrina McIntyre (3 months ago)
December 23, 2018: Keep me, O LORD, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from violent men who have purposed to trip up my feet. Psalm 140:4
Slappy (3 days ago)
Yeah that's great, but you should watch out for those scam artists like Joel Osteen.
Sabastian Love (3 months ago)
...listening to lIsping is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. Someone get these "Scholars" some speech therapy.
Neds Dark (3 months ago)
Gandalf is my favourite wizard 2nd Harry Potter
rimefrostkitten (13 hours ago)
James Earl Jones film Conan the Barbarian depiction clear.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (3 months ago)
Many Caribbean natives are quite certain that spells and curses work. Haitian culture mixes Catholicism with Voodoo. The church doesn't approve, but there is nothing it can do to dispel faith in the ancient religion.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (3 months ago)
FLUID DRUIDS? Druids must have been everything we've heard: benevolent, beastly, divine and deadly - as needed. Isn't that the nature of leadership? However, when Rome came, it was helter shelter and they were desperate and shaken. Like Mayan (?) priests, in a fit a fear, they took to sacrificing as many as they dared. Had they been doing that all along, who would trust them for guidance? It's a position of trust. They were healers and a link to Mother Nature. Just thoughts. 😉 🌟 🌛 🌌
David (3 months ago)
So no one told these idiots that wizards never existed?
Philip Bryant (3 months ago)
this is dumb im sorry
C S5 (3 months ago)
i want to be a tree
Frank Herbert (1 month ago)
I want to be a four... Da bears!
Miji Yoon (3 months ago)
Wonderful...Thank You for posting
SE SEH (3 months ago)
Why does this remind me of Voynich manuscript?
Scholastic Vibrations (3 months ago)
The documentary focuses way too much on the Druids, and Celtic-centric worldviews, completely ignoring the Germanic traditions that were equally prevalent in ancient Europe.
Fairy Tale Library (3 months ago)
Beautiful documentary!
TIM3THI3F (3 months ago)
Fictional, sure 🤐😜
Jeremy Gutridge (3 months ago)
Witches usually die at the hand of other witches
Duan Torruellas (3 months ago)
Its said that copper brings in good energies and iron protects and keeps out negative energies. so it makes sense the rods can tell you alot . iron also reacts to magnetic forces and can probably show direction as they land on the ground , and the copper probably reacts to your intent and your will and will land with a one or zero to act as the letters or response. Sounds like a ancient ouija board. But i cant be sure. ¤
Star Success Now (4 months ago)
These guys are idiots. Clearly a ritual is being depicted on the inside of the cauldron... vision my ass.
Aqua Juwel (4 months ago)
Christianity fucked up everything......
Amitabha Kassap (4 months ago)
that's a most spectacular documentary.
Rathish Mishra (4 months ago)
Thanks. For sharing. 👌 👍
neggit (5 months ago)
to everyone everyone here hating on Christianity *THE WEAK SHOULD FEAR THE STRONG*
Damiskeen (5 months ago)
Gj with grauballemanden, uhh he has a pointy hat. So did a lot of other ppl in Denmark.
adelemarieish (5 months ago)
Halloween never died out in Orkney, Shetland and Scotland.
Ado Centyn (5 months ago)
There is magic here.
What about the magician and the fool , I’m a magician
MontcomHorror internet bullying you don’t know me would never say anything to me in reality but will bully me online
MontcomHorror (5 months ago)
NO! You're a fool who thinks she's a magician.
danwaltz315 (6 months ago)
interesting documentary here.
Ms. Ravenwood (6 months ago)
John Fischer (5 months ago)
Ms. Ravenwood me too girl
Thoth dawhite (6 months ago)
what about the middle eastern paths of magic?
Flatearth Mage (6 months ago)
I love magick and it loves me .
Tom Orrow (1 month ago)
Flatearth Mage Spell it with a 'k' and I automatically judge your character in whole.
Lewis Goldsberry (6 months ago)
since the Dark Ages
raphael vitton (6 months ago)
The materialists of the modern day will once again succumb to the bliss of pure magic
Frank Herbert (1 month ago)
Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi!
rob slover (6 months ago)
amanita muscaria!
Nordic HedgeWytch (6 months ago)
Great vid! Thanks for sharing!
Teodor The Entertainer (6 months ago)
I think science will soon prove wizards and magic is real!
Brent Stevenson (6 months ago)
It's hidden. Sorcery really exists.
Cat Gor (7 months ago)
Druids still exist today. Wizards are now called witches. And we definitely still exist today.
snazeetj emmanuel (8 months ago)
Magic is only thing but evil and evil alone, don’t try to make this to be norm!!
Run Rabbit (8 months ago)
The white race is slowly discovering what my ancestors left behind.
Jade Ravenwolf (8 months ago)
i love count tolstoys mastiff. enjoyed this ty
Human being: 6472 (9 months ago)
Never heard of K RINO??
Wutha Phuk (3 months ago)
Ross yea
HardWankinMan (9 months ago)
and back we are in the age where words do hurt... social justice warriors (wizards?) were right...
Staying InBetween (9 months ago)
“Kept for several centuries or decades...” That’s quite a difference in time frame. 😕
Talisman Skulls (9 months ago)
So called Ivory wands were drum sticks and calendars; and Druids by name never existed.
Mike G (9 months ago)
Very interesting!
Mahri Beneda (9 months ago)
Anyone read Carlos Costonada it was 12books if you would follow the book you will be man of knowledge.Very good read.
certified insane me (9 months ago)
Oh I almost forgot with my rant & all, thanks for uploading this , it's very interesting!
LucisFerre1 (9 months ago)
"a combination of cerials and berries, very unappetizing" That's breakfast, lady.
Alissa Ward (1 month ago)
LucisFerre1 😂 I'm like..."what? " disgusting? Okayyy
TexasTea 713 (1 month ago)
What a stupid bitch😆
colin Paterson (5 months ago)
nick sweeney (6 months ago)
LucisFerre1 (9 months ago)
The imagery of wiards goes back to Odin, who wore a cloak, tall pointy floppy hat with a wide brim and carried a staff, when he travelled in disguise. He gave one of his eyes to gain wisdom and supernatural magical knowledge, and he sacrificed himself to himself, for 9 days and 9 nights by stabbing himself and hanging himself on the tree of life/the tree of 9 worlds, in order to gain the secret magical knowledge of the runes.
Hotboytrue (3 months ago)
This is viking faith?
colin Paterson (5 months ago)
Even back before that.
DA\/ID 0MAN (9 months ago)
Adventures of Merlin was the best
I'm afk (9 months ago)
Everyone kows wizards and sorcerers really come from Wakanda LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
matthew mann (9 months ago)
Witches, Warlocks, And Mages should also be feared
David C. (9 months ago)
app Tarot 3 decks still the best
Tom van broeckhoven (9 months ago)
Most traditions and customs come from a time before the written word. So it goes without saying that at that time this knowledge was passed on only orally to the next generations. The Etymology (a study of the history of words) can lead us to the origin of specific words, it gives us a shitload of information about the history and customs of our predecessors. In this way, some words are, in themselves, evidence for the uses from which they originated.
GaslitWorld f. Melissa B (3 months ago)
In the book, The Golden Bough, the author writes that if a shaman lost his power, he was ritually murdered. This was a global phenomenon - then another selected. Since this bog figure was laid out after being drugged and brained, he might have known his fate and succumbed according to the tradition. Being drugged would have blurred his consciousness. There was no EZ way to kill back then. So, naturally it appears to have been violent.
Joel Bonet (9 months ago)
So basically get really high and believe hard enough and that’s magic. I guess Colorado, Amsterdam, and most of the 60s was full of wizards and sorcerers.
Javon Saulter (9 months ago)
Let me add this twist Merlin is Leonard da Vinci
Tony Carlo (7 days ago)
i speak ouija...
Sky (9 months ago)
Watching this is better than being high lmao
paraklesis x (2 months ago)
I'm high while watching this. Both are good lol
Mike Rycc (3 months ago)
Being high is nice but rather useless. this is some good history to reflect apon
Mubupo (10 months ago)
Has anyone ever considered that if you could talk to animals you could never convince one to let you eat them? You beg them, tell them how hungry you are and they'd kill you right where you stand and we'll have one less idiot, one less shaman. I wonder how many people have lost everything because of a damn shaman. I bet a bunch of shaman have gotten their lying asses kicked.
carter (10 months ago)
guys i need money.. how HOW!!

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