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Sorcerers and Wizards (Documentary)

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David (1 day ago)
So no one told these idiots that wizards never existed?
Philip Bryant (4 days ago)
this is dumb im sorry
C S5 (7 days ago)
i want to be a tree
Miji Yoon (8 days ago)
Wonderful...Thank You for posting
SE SEH (8 days ago)
Why does this remind me of Voynich manuscript?
Scholastic Vibrations (15 days ago)
The documentary focuses way too much on the Druids, and Celtic-centric worldviews, completely ignoring the Germanic traditions that were equally prevalent in ancient Europe.
Nimue's Mirror (15 days ago)
Beautiful documentary!
TIM3THI3F (16 days ago)
Fictional, sure 🤐😜
Jeremy Gutridge (17 days ago)
Witches usually die at the hand of other witches
Duan Torruellas (19 days ago)
Its said that copper brings in good energies and iron protects and keeps out negative energies. so it makes sense the rods can tell you alot . iron also reacts to magnetic forces and can probably show direction as they land on the ground , and the copper probably reacts to your intent and your will and will land with a one or zero to act as the letters or response. Sounds like a ancient ouija board. But i cant be sure. ¤
Peter Tysdal (1 month ago)
These guys are idiots. Clearly a ritual is being depicted on the inside of the cauldron... vision my ass.
Aqua Juwel (1 month ago)
Christianity fucked up everything......
Amitabha Kassap (1 month ago)
that's a most spectacular documentary.
rathish mishra (1 month ago)
Thanks. For sharing. 👌 👍
neggit (2 months ago)
to everyone everyone here hating on Christianity *THE WEAK SHOULD FEAR THE STRONG*
Damiskeen (2 months ago)
Gj with grauballemanden, uhh he has a pointy hat. So did a lot of other ppl in Denmark.
adelemarieish (2 months ago)
Halloween never died out in Orkney, Shetland and Scotland.
Ado Centyn (2 months ago)
There is magic here.
What about the magician and the fool , I’m a magician
MontcomHorror internet bullying you don’t know me would never say anything to me in reality but will bully me online
MontcomHorror (2 months ago)
NO! You're a fool who thinks she's a magician.
danwaltz315 (2 months ago)
interesting documentary here.
Ms. Ravenwood (2 months ago)
John Fischer (2 months ago)
Ms. Ravenwood me too girl
Thoth dawhite (3 months ago)
what about the middle eastern paths of magic?
Flatearth Mage (3 months ago)
I love magick and it loves me .
Lewis Goldsberry (3 months ago)
since the Dark Ages
raphael vitton (3 months ago)
The materialists of the modern day will once again succumb to the bliss of pure magic
rob slover (3 months ago)
amanita muscaria!
Witchy Wytch (3 months ago)
Great vid! Thanks for sharing!
Teodor The Entertainer (3 months ago)
I think science will soon prove wizards and magic is real!
Brent Stevenson (3 months ago)
It's hidden. Sorcery really exists.
Cat Gor (4 months ago)
Druids still exist today. Wizards are now called witches. And we definitely still exist today.
snazeetj emmanuel (4 months ago)
Magic is only thing but evil and evil alone, don’t try to make this to be norm!!
Run Rabbit (5 months ago)
The white race is slowly discovering what my ancestors left behind.
Jade Ravenwolf (5 months ago)
i love count tolstoys mastiff. enjoyed this ty
Ross (6 months ago)
Never heard of K RINO??
HardWankinMan (6 months ago)
and back we are in the age where words do hurt... social justice warriors (wizards?) were right...
Staying InBetween (6 months ago)
“Kept for several centuries or decades...” That’s quite a difference in time frame. 😕
Talisman Skulls (6 months ago)
So called Ivory wands were drum sticks and calendars; and Druids by name never existed.
Mike G (6 months ago)
Very interesting!
Mahri Beneda (6 months ago)
Anyone read Carlos Costonada it was 12books if you would follow the book you will be man of knowledge.Very good read.
I'm bleeding4nonsinner (6 months ago)
Oh I almost forgot with my rant & all, thanks for uploading this , it's very interesting!
LucisFerre1 (6 months ago)
"a combination of cerials and berries, very unappetizing" That's breakfast, lady.
colin Paterson (2 months ago)
nick sweeney (3 months ago)
LucisFerre1 (6 months ago)
The imagery of wiards goes back to Odin, who wore a cloak, tall pointy floppy hat with a wide brim and carried a staff, when he travelled in disguise. He gave one of his eyes to gain wisdom and supernatural magical knowledge, and he sacrificed himself to himself, for 9 days and 9 nights by stabbing himself and hanging himself on the tree of life/the tree of 9 worlds, in order to gain the secret magical knowledge of the runes.
Hotboytrue (4 days ago)
This is viking faith?
colin Paterson (2 months ago)
Even back before that.
DA\/ID 0MAN (6 months ago)
Adventures of Merlin was the best
Deee Mem (6 months ago)
Everyone kows wizards and sorcerers really come from Wakanda LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
matthew mann (6 months ago)
Witches, Warlocks, And Mages should also be feared
David C. (6 months ago)
app Tarot 3 decks still the best
Tom van broeckhoven (6 months ago)
Most traditions and customs come from a time before the written word. So it goes without saying that at that time this knowledge was passed on only orally to the next generations. The Etymology (a study of the history of words) can lead us to the origin of specific words, it gives us a shitload of information about the history and customs of our predecessors. In this way, some words are, in themselves, evidence for the uses from which they originated.
Joel Bonet (6 months ago)
So basically get really high and believe hard enough and that’s magic. I guess Colorado, Amsterdam, and most of the 60s was full of wizards and sorcerers.
Javon Saulter (6 months ago)
Let me add this twist Merlin is Leonard da Vinci
Sky (6 months ago)
Watching this is better than being high lmao
Mike Rycc (2 days ago)
Being high is nice but rather useless. this is some good history to reflect apon
Mubupo (6 months ago)
Has anyone ever considered that if you could talk to animals you could never convince one to let you eat them? You beg them, tell them how hungry you are and they'd kill you right where you stand and we'll have one less idiot, one less shaman. I wonder how many people have lost everything because of a damn shaman. I bet a bunch of shaman have gotten their lying asses kicked.
carter (6 months ago)
guys i need money.. how HOW!!
Eddie 1967 (6 months ago)
sorcerers can make an alraun from the mandrake root....it's a sort of "familiar spirit"....
Max Murgia (7 months ago)
Blessed Be to all the Witches and Wizards,)O(
carpejkdiem (6 days ago)
Oh the irony!
Dorothy Gears (7 months ago)
Everyone should have a copy of The Golden Bough.
Kaine Bishop (7 months ago)
lol all the people arguing in the comments like this is some real shit
Chloe Williams (7 months ago)
I'll have to get my boyfriend to watch this with me the next time we smoke, this is dope.
Afsana Abdullayeva (7 months ago)
Harry Potter
Eddie 1967 (7 months ago)
maybe the iron and copper rods were "read" as part of the Ogham method..
Eddie 1967 (7 months ago)
of course we also get some of our idea of wizards from the Magi...priests of Zoroastrianism...these priests were also called "Chaldeans" or Chaldee...they were thought to be able to cast curses and spells...Persia was thought to be full of magicians and wizards...and their magic fires that never died out...Zoroastrian fire temples kept fires burning for hundreds of years...and the mobed...(priests) "read the stars"...ie astrology...
KaptainKarma (4 days ago)
Sasuke and Itachi can use Amatarasu to keep fires burning. These Zoro magis aint nothing.
Sheree Hardin (6 months ago)
hm you know some things. I will definitely be using this info on zoro magi thx
osearth esp (7 months ago)
Evidence for spoken words causing facial pits and scarring? lost me there lil lisper...
Jorge Guerrero (7 months ago)
Fear of the unknown.... When we go to other worlds this fear will accompany us. So god and the devil, good and evil, will be hiding behind those mysterious deep blue clouds of Neptune. I think I saw a witch flying around there too, LOL!!!
Chandra Calipsa (7 months ago)
This is in România in Europa.
alexander little (7 months ago)
did this bitch really try and say that certain spells cast by wizards would actually leave physical marks on the body... lol. no, bitch, they didn't...
Medieval Richard (7 months ago)
A great documentary! Into heritage? Everyone who's interested should check my videos out on my channel. I travel up and down the country in all kinds of weather documenting my trips on Castles, Manor houses, Churches & anything else heritage. MR
Andrew Maggs (7 months ago)
Great job on the videos I love watching them and I share them in two different groups of mine for other people to watch too .
whatwouldjeebusdo (7 months ago)
this lady 'scholar' just reads whatever she fancies into these artifacts. seriously lady, do you even study?
Paula Gisselle (7 months ago)
Great watch, loved the info!
Annaliisa Bedsole (7 months ago)
Good documentary. Definitely, worth the watch. One of the better on the subject I've seen truthful while staying objective.
ElinT13 (7 months ago)
First few sentences and the first contradiction: if all Europe was dense forest, how come the people were afraid of the animals in the forest, because they were the unknown? That is where they lived! Most probably, they new their surrounding forest like we do our back yard. And why does this story begin in Europe? It should begin in Africa. And after the pre-ice age, the history goes to merlin. Right.
Sai Alfonso (7 months ago)
His shoes is lit 🔥 0.22
Troy Anderson (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ is the Only way to the father in heaven.
maxicosis (2 months ago)
EmtronVenger (2 months ago)
Well that escalated
Troy Anderson (6 months ago)
Redzo79 God bless you
Redzo79 (6 months ago)
No, you can find "father" right in my dick ! Really, he lives there together with my favorite whore Mary :)
BoozinforaBruzin (8 months ago)
Sauce-rers As the British call them, they practice sauce-ree
BoozinforaBruzin I laughed.
Whys That (6 months ago)
BoozinforaBruzin they are responsable for making all sauces. BBQ sauce, Spaghetti sauce, Teriaki sauce, Tabasco sauce,
smokethechron (6 months ago)
BoozinforaBruzin saucy 😹😹😹
Pamela Ellis (8 months ago)
Love watching ur videos! Theres nothing better than learning something new.... Thank u for the vast amount of areas covered 💜
Gus Cleitus (8 months ago)
i've heard j.k. rowling bit a little boy's dick off.
Leslie Sauceman (8 months ago)
Didn't thin
Wizard Daddy (8 months ago)
Arab Nation (9 months ago)
Only wizard I acknowledge is Wizzop aka Gucci
A8HBU (9 months ago)
****magic mushrooms****
Praetor_Fenix420 (9 months ago)
Eye of newt is the bomb yos!
godwantsplastic (9 months ago)
Simple minded people assume that anyone who can anticipate a chain of events or simply generate novel ideas must be endowed with magic. The first guy who made fire was probably killed for being different and then the murderers gladly used his magic for themselves. The first guy to notice that the stars move across the sky in a cycle that can be applied to keeping track of time and location was probably killed. The first guy to apply the concept of the wheel was probably killed and on it goes... highly creative people have very low status in modern society because people are prone to jealousy. If the normies could burn all the smarty pants as “witches” they certainly would. If ugly people could kill off all of the pretty people they certainly would. If people who suck at sports could kill all the athletes they certainly would. If all of the herd minded masses could kill all of the outliers they certainly would.
Your youtube name to what you said..... You different, i wonder if others like me exist or is just roose
Rich Bones (9 months ago)
Ohhhh! 'Mandrake' was the root that was screaming in the movie "Harry Potter" LOL The little crying and screaming baby root. Blahaha!! (^_^)
Rich Bones (9 months ago)
That was a pretty cool video. I never thought of 'chanting' as to say, 'witches' chanting a 'spell' is really chanting as a way to remember a 'recipe' as to what she was throwing into the caldron. Just as we do, trying to remember or study for test...saying and repeating it over and over.
Mike Rycc (2 days ago)
+Lobo Noble we have powrful heads
Bem currie (2 months ago)
Lobo Noble (3 months ago)
It's all in our head...
turgid fungus (3 months ago)
Make sure you 'spell' them corectly .
Jarvis McDoogle (5 months ago)
Rich Bones wow that is crazy to think of “chanting” at football or baseball games... “lets go Red Sox” and repeating it, that is kinda creepy when I think about it lol are we’re actually just casting a spell....
Tim Gloeckler (9 months ago)
Their are witches and worlocks but for that power they pay back ten fold
Sheree Hardin (6 months ago)
or someone else pays in their place...
Garden Glory (9 months ago)
yes but sorcery and witchcraft, Shapeshifting..NONE of that was REAL or true...false. remember that. nobody can turn into a bird or a werewolf. NOPE
Well one of the best magicans is king of magic jesus , and his magical tricks as wine-water number, breed number , walk on water number and all his magical staff , good to understand before you die
michael Basher (9 months ago)
Stemming close through nature. Now natural nature has changed via human progressions. So Wizards so called of today would be adjusted to consider as possible the wide range of human made invention as topical to include in understanding to make use of.. Possibly ! majicmike
Ashiedel Rruh (9 months ago)
They really exist. Think about it 95% of this world is spiritual and 5% of it is physical. But still it is what we believe that matters to us. Christianity no longer have a strong hold on anything now, wrong is right and right is wrong.
Hotboytrue (4 days ago)
+sherile lewis the physical is created by something spiritual. What ever happens on earth is decided in the spirit realm first then it manifest on earth.
Jeremy Gutridge (17 days ago)
I agree with you. Christianity has lost its ways.
Justcallme William (2 months ago)
That was predicted in the scriptures.
sherile lewis (3 months ago)
How is the world 95% spiritual?
t Mann (9 months ago)
We call them Cracked Pots!
I used to be kinda like a village shaman and never even knew it. Man, I was just trying to stay in contact with the spirit world to provide a service for everyone in the area. I grew herbs but the spell book was actually just me trying to write song lyrics like Neil Peart.
Lord Eli (9 months ago)
ron jeremy still exists to this day
Vickie Lawson (9 months ago)
Anyone else think that was Chico Marx in the thumbnail?
william skinner (9 months ago)
If Druid magic was any good they would have been running things by now!
EmtronVenger (2 months ago)
Ye we're just muggles 😂
HAYWIREFIVE (5 months ago)
william skinner maybe are but most don't know it
Aaron Haselrig (9 months ago)
What about Don Herbert He was a Scientific Wizard.
Dictius Games (9 months ago)
I learned about the Druids from Spinal Tap
Suh dude (9 months ago)
Fuck magic
Michael Prusakowski (9 months ago)
lol.. they got soundeffects from Gothic xD 3:34
Gaunter o'Dim (9 months ago)
2:40 GOTHICCCCC!!!! how i love this game and its soundtrack!
grewn d (9 months ago)
Wizardry and witchcraft stems from the knowledge the Fallen taught man.
Hotboytrue (4 days ago)
The nephilim the fallen angels taught men magic.
Lobo Noble (18 days ago)
+Jack Slap shaman as far as a guide to the other realm and an inducer of the experience, I have reason to believe that when John held people head under water, it was for a time period long enough to induce a NDE/OBE...just a self proclaimed observation...I'll be ok with this just, being, my opinion.
Jack Slap (2 months ago)
+Lobo Noble. A "shaman of sorts," as in having contact with the Divine? Or, "a shaman of sorts," in having contact with the diabolical?
Lobo Noble (2 months ago)
+Jack Slap vaguely, I'm calling him a shaman of sorts...
Jack Slap (3 months ago)
+Lobo Noble. Are you calling John the Baptist a wizard?
Epic One (9 months ago)
12:24 Dwight??
Anders Mcfarlane (9 months ago)
I come across 1...was wired as fuck atm but it smell like rotten eggs...or when you smell a used firework...they got powers...that’s all I’m saying....don’t try run 1 over...don’t engage them...

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