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Understanding Citation Styles

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http://www.criticalthinkeracademy.com Citation styles can be confusing to students. In this video I give an overview of the most common citation style formats. This is a sample video from a video tutorial course titled "How to Cite Sources and Avoid Plagiarism". You can find this and other tutorial courses at http://www.criticalthinkeracademy.com. Here's the table of contents: Part 1: What is Plagiarism? 1.1 Plagiarism: the Basic Definition 1.2 Downloading or Buying Whole Papers 1.3 Cutting and Pasting from Several Sources 1.4 Changing Some Words but Copying Whole Phrases 1.5 Paraphrasing Without Attribution 1.6 The Debate Over "Patchwriting" Part 2: How to Cite Sources 2.1 When Should I Cite a Source? 2.2 What Needs to be Cited? 2.3 How to Cite: Mark the Boundaries 2.4 Citing Exact Words 2.5 Citing a Longer Quotation 2.6 Citing a Source But Not Quoting 2.7 A Comment About "Common Knowledge" 2.8 Citation Styles: MLA, APA, CSE, Chicago, Turabian, oh my!
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iamsuperwoman88 (1 year ago)
so how do you site this video in APA format
beccanetta (1 year ago)
Do you mean, how do you cite information in the text of your writing or in the references? For an in-text citation for a video with an author, you might include a signal phrase and/or parenthetical citation, e.g. According to deLaplante (2010), "[Insert quote here]." OR: Blah, blah, blah...paraphrased ideas here (deLaplante, 2010). For an APA reference entry for a video, you might provide something like this: deLaplane, K. (2010). Understanding citation styles. [short YouTube video]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/ALhp6vCauVo.
Charlye'Charleston (2 years ago)
What if I'm just a commoner with literary writing aspirations to be published that wants to show and get some respect by briefly and casually (yet correctly) citing when I quote either online on boards, comment sections or social media or in my, thus far personal writings? =P I often want to give the author, the work it originated from and the year it was published or uttered...
Darryl Jackson (2 years ago)
You, my friend, have saved the day. Thank you!
Darryl Jackson (2 years ago)
You, my friend, have saved the day. Thank you.
TheArkansasTutor (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot Kevin!
Pam Smet (6 years ago)
Would you give permission for me to use these videos on my Melrose-Mindoro School District Libguide? Thank you. Pam

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