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Crazy Ripped Teenager Flexing Abs and Muscles ft. Jeff Seid

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18 year old Jeff Seid flexing his muscles at a photo shoot in London. For more updates, check out the links below! :) ►►► Website: http://www.jeffseid.com ►►► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialjeffseid ►►► Instagram: http://instagram.com/jeff_seid ►►► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jeff_Seid Tracks: "Song: Nando Míguez - Smyle Nando Míguez' channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nandomigu... " "Song: Ahrix - Nova Ahrix's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AhrixOfficial ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to Ahrix's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AhrixOffi... Follow him on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ahrix Ahrix's email address: [email protected] Download this song for free: https://soundcloud.com/ahrix/electro-... http://www.mediafire.com/?o9blv6lo99c... "Song: Nando Míguez - Smyle Nando Míguez' channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nandomigu... " ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to Nando Miguez' channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nandomigu... Nando Miguez on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/nando-miguez-of... Nando Miguez on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fernando.mig... Nando Miguez on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NandoMiguez Nando Miguez' email address: [email protected] Download this song for free: http://soundcloud.com/nando-miguez-of... http://www.mediafire.com/listen/1a3y6...
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Text Comments (502)
Adam Reyes (3 months ago)
Omg I want to kiss you
Tsuko Greg. (4 months ago)
wanna shag tuts?
PichuFan3215 (5 months ago)
David House (5 months ago)
Sexy muscle boy great body nice pecs and abs and he is cute
Muscle34 (6 months ago)
Andreas Dm (7 months ago)
that's the most aesthetic jeff in my opinion
Ashraf Mohammed (11 months ago)
jeff seid you don't talk and I don't think that you are a bodybuilder
pokemon Campbell (1 year ago)
TAH'RICUS WARNER (1 year ago)
Can I touch it abs plz
chanelle teter (1 year ago)
ich finde jungs, die so stolz auf ihre muskeln sind, echt hot😍
The Creep (1 year ago)
Can i havr him
Al Alex YT video (2 years ago)
chriscem (2 years ago)
perfect physique IMO lol
Melle Woudstra (2 years ago)
Jeff is a god
I Love Muscles (2 years ago)
Show your big dick
Austin Powers (2 years ago)
why does he have a twitch on his right seid?
Austin Powers (2 years ago)
he's quite ripped... wouldn't say crazy
Fabian GL (2 years ago)
nice brah, fkn sickknt! MUST SEE: my STEROID free transformation!
Ahmed Ali (2 years ago)
lmfao bro he is been bodybuilding since 13
Cassius Wade (3 years ago)
Do me a favor and view my transformation and flexing video. 18 years old
neworleansguy10 (3 years ago)
God; I'd love to get him off!
Adam C (2 years ago)
zyzz was a legend
DasAlena (3 years ago)
Wow tool
Faizan Ali (2 years ago)
Gandulf Teh Gey (2 years ago)
gaaaangas gonna gang!!
J J (2 years ago)
would u lick his abs?
Ariel Draws (3 years ago)
how old are you?
Kyuubi Plays (3 years ago)
Best form that you had Want that back brahh
Jacob Peters (3 years ago)
Gay gymnast
Alain Goudal (3 years ago)
Zyyz êtes beaucoup mieux un professionnel en muscu
Viewing High Age (3 years ago)
God + 18 years + Workout + Steroids + Handsome = Jeff Seid His Name: Jeff S(t)e(ro)id(s) 
Pain Yahiko (3 years ago)
+Viewing High Age jealous
Corey McBride (3 years ago)
Jeff is a god
Franco Nicolas (2 years ago)
you are stupid
aldemar alves (3 years ago)
does anyone know any site that sells pants equal to that of Jeff Seid?
Karoleer (3 years ago)
+aldemar alves i know its been 3 months but Im pretty sure Jeff has his own clothing line now. you might be interested, search for seidwear
aldemar alves (3 years ago)
thank you
BBC (3 years ago)
gymshark are the pants
Plambo (4 years ago)
In what age you started ???
Omnitrix 347 (3 years ago)
+bar that isnt his routine, + his routine doesnt mean a shit. if ur genetics are shit, it wont work
bar (3 years ago)
+aoe3 Im gonna give you Jeff´s routtine: Day 1: chest-biceps Day 2: calves-legs Day 3: Back Day 4: Shoulders-triceps Day 5: Fullbody Suplements: animal pack glutamine mass gainer nutrez hemo rage black (pre-workout) optimum nutrition bcaa 5000(post workout) creatine monohydrate vitamine c Caseine( pre-bed time)
Plambo (4 years ago)
I 'm 12 and I have not so much ignorant of it , they could give me a nutritional plan for a day and a plan ??? trainings even for a day , I would like to be like her :D 
Ian Ross Agdon (4 years ago)
He started working out when he was 12
Alexei Shredder (4 years ago)
I do not see anything crazy. Where are fibres? Just a good shape, no more.
ZarKeoZ (1 month ago)
Haters gonna hate
jolie (4 months ago)
People need to learn that not everyone that doubts are insults someone is jealous
Andreas Dm (7 months ago)
brah that's what matters 6 percent bodyfat monsters suckk
Pain Yahiko (3 years ago)
because u are jealous ( have to repeat answer)+Alexei Shredder
Alexei Shredder (3 years ago)
+Pain Yahiko Good evasion! ))) But where are visible fibres all over his body for "crazy ripped"? (Have to repeat the question.)
justDrago (4 years ago)
Perfect body!!
spidey jazzfunk (4 years ago)
Juan2003gtr (3 years ago)
of course he's on steroids, really low doses though......
Abraham Baklanov (3 years ago)
no, Steroids look worse than that unless they're really high quality, But Jeff is all natural because he's been working out ever since like 14, and He has good genetics which just makes his body naturally produce more testosterone as he gets older, like me! (;
gradinarq1 (4 years ago)
those clenbuterol twitches
J J (2 years ago)
lololololol no
Edwin Leandro (4 years ago)
122 bad votes? LoL People is so jealous, many of these voted negative cause they're pissed that while he's working his ass to get that body, they're sitted hating him on youtube. 
FeederNova (4 years ago)
I like how the title says "flexing abs and muscles" as if abs aren't muscles
Buck Lee (3 years ago)
you are right abs are muscles...nice point.. is that a fox?
Fabian T (4 years ago)
why is seid not as ripped as he used to be? in this video is fucking ripped beyond belief! and now in his newst prep video he looks bloated and lost all of his ripped gains
Pain Yahiko (3 years ago)
+Fabian T he eats more to be bigger and then he will ripp all his body muscle and will look like this in bigger version BECAUSE people around him are even bigger than him
Juan2003gtr (3 years ago)
you look like absolute shit fabian....do yourself a favour and stop working out
Erv Thee Perve (3 years ago)
He probably was trying to bulk up, gaining some lean mass, thus causing body fat % to go up a bit maybe? he entered the Mr. O and needed to bulk to compete against other bros, like Steve cook etc...
Buck Lee (3 years ago)
it's not easy..you need to know how to balance sodium intake when you are lean.
stefan dinklbauer (4 years ago)
+dontf0ck yea hes bulking atm
Hassan Shredz (4 years ago)
fuckin machine
Sik kant (4 years ago)
Imo his forearm's make his physique . if he had lagging forearms he would be considered average 
Sophie Lodewijkx (4 years ago)
thats just kinda weird looking ahah...
Archived /: (2 years ago)
Lol imma have to use that
Sophie Lodewijkx (2 years ago)
+Shock Damn, who pissed in your cheerios?
Shock (2 years ago)
no one asked for your opinion, fat bitch
lavanah foster (4 years ago)
a bit two much i think
STRIKER RON (11 months ago)
Not for a girl but this is gays guys fantasy
J J (2 years ago)
u don't know anything yet
Abraham Baklanov (3 years ago)
Coming from a little girl who doesn't know her grammar, Oh and little girls don't know what they want... -.-
Evan Smith (4 years ago)
A8ball MYPool (10 months ago)
Am i late?
J J (2 years ago)
hi am i late?
Faisal Is Back (4 years ago)
If u want 2 look more good get a square higher shoulders
John OBrien (4 years ago)
Great music, alpha attitude, fantastic flexing! zyzz loses!
Sau Geil (4 years ago)
Whats that for bracelets ? where can i buy they ? thx :-)!
Buck Lee (3 years ago)
just look up heart monitor bracelets...maybe a little too expensive though.
siti safiah (4 years ago)
Go and google Ready Set Ripped to find out how a groundbreaking discovery made an ordinary guy buff.
VortexGuy69 (4 years ago)
That's fake look at his skin know oneelsees skin flexes that easy
Garou (4 years ago)
Twitching there Jeff, stay safe on Clen
Mohammed Lee (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how much fat % this guy has?!
Josh Wood (3 years ago)
year round he normally sits around 5% when he's doing photoshoots he cuts down to 4% so in this I'm gunna guess he was at either 4% or 5%
bar (3 years ago)
Nop,he say in Facebook he is 4%
Shadows Guild (4 years ago)
Florian Pohl (4 years ago)
between 6 and 8
xxbublebee123 (4 years ago)
voltaic fern (4 years ago)
What's that song called when the subscribe screen comes up does anyone know?
Hassan Shredz (4 years ago)
its nova by ahrix
Anthony Frontino (4 years ago)
what size pants do you wear?
Lia (4 years ago)
majusitshu (4 years ago)
Have you experienced Max Muscle Method? (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way to get ripped fast.
Mr illSick (4 years ago)
Hes not that big honestly, hes just ripped to deaaath. If i got down to about 5% bf i would look close to that
Alexy Tousignant (4 years ago)
+Alexy Tousignant He's not that big ? he's bigger than much people :P
Alexy Tousignant (4 years ago)
BODY STATS                                   Height: 72″, 183cm Weight: 205lbs, 93kg Arms: 18″ Waist: 30″ Chest:51″ Calves: 17″ Forearms: 15.5″ FEATS OF STRENGTH Bench: 350lbs Squat: 435lbs Clean: 250lbs Military: 255lbs Deadlift: 515lbs
Big Iron (4 years ago)
i wonder what he does when the cameras off..
frank patitucci (5 years ago)
damn u are fine man
Patrick P (5 years ago)
Fucking ripped! The most impressive obliques ever! Never seen a massive oblique muscles popping out like that. Fucking awesome dude!
gguybr (5 years ago)
hmmmm. He's an amusement park.
Yaëla Brandwijk (5 years ago)
That. Ass.
Mika (5 years ago)
damn great body man..i have to say he looks amazing
Anonimovirtual (5 years ago)
JOHNNii_OH MvP (5 years ago)
ambassador (5 years ago)
shut the fuck up
Kamishininoyari (5 years ago)
He looks like a buff justin bieber
SlowAssMS3 (5 years ago)
This mofo has muscles on top of his muscles on top of those!
SerraHades (5 years ago)
look up his instagram.
Kostas Io (5 years ago)
go get steroids
Ghetto Fitness (5 years ago)
flex time
Bhatt (5 years ago)
if you people expect to get ripped immediately without spending a one extra minute in the gym, then you really want to look at this online video SIXPP.COM silence across the field. When they reached the edge of the forest, Claire’s anxiety faded. It really would be easier
ThunderCrack (5 years ago)
3082103 (5 years ago)
Omg look at those forearms at 0:53
AmanAkTv (5 years ago)
yeah i know he just says on twitter bio Natural so yeah curious. I found that if someone can shred and keep that much muscle it is due to roids. If ur natty try cutting you will lose alot of strength and size unlike Jeff
anil kumar (5 years ago)
Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. you can watch out here bit.ly/1dOEK9M?=inpvq
AmanAkTv (5 years ago)
ok thanks just curious, test boosters does mean roids then. Yeah this guy has a crazy physique, but it is definitely obtainable without roids, just takes alot longer!
Big Russ (5 years ago)
wow insane
Mochamad Nafis Allausy (5 years ago)
If you want to get ripped, you should search Google for "Smashing Ripped X". They will help you get the body you deserve.
Pyza4es Pyza4es (5 years ago)
Ребят, вы продолжайте, я попросту российский)
Onurdegifitness (5 years ago)
thank you A LOT brother
Wonka (5 years ago)
Evin Elias (5 years ago)
You are correct. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Listen to this do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/13zFf35?=qxuxz
AmanAkTv (5 years ago)
is he natural ?
Di Rocc (5 years ago)
dude, relax, its not worth it
Daniel (5 years ago)
just low bodyfat and some exercises 1-2 times a week.....abs are easy to get
Sir Harambe (5 years ago)
Hahaha you really think you can get so much abs without steroids haha keep dreaming believer
james jones (5 years ago)
shit, just shot a massive load jerking off to this vid. wanna fuck jeff seid, worship his muscles. wanna bend him over and fuck his tight muscle ass really hard...
moreno6283 (5 years ago)
legs are sold separately???
dazzlefun (5 years ago)
He'd most likely do a video showing how to hookup with guys :P
TheTruePotential (5 years ago)
YEa jeff seid doa video of trying to hookup with girls on spot like a real alpha like zyzz
Andrew Wombacher (5 years ago)
those are his brands pants, just look up Gymshark on google and youll find them
Michael (5 years ago)
Emil Bang (5 years ago)
What are the pants he is wearing?? I love them
Bart Sprengelmeijer (5 years ago)
how about no
Brendan (5 years ago)
this please. not just gym stuff but also lifestyle stuff like bitches, parties etc. but then again i guess you aren't legal in the states so you cant really go out...
kamal raut (5 years ago)
If you want to bulk up, you should Google "RushMax Muscle". They can help you get the body you deserve.
Yannick Van Eersel (5 years ago)
Natty r not, he still went hours a day to the gym for years and trained hard for it. Also genetics play a huge role to be aesthetic or not.
oliver brand (5 years ago)
It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other people bulk up easily with "Rapid Muscle Booster" (go Google it).
Marc Cowan (5 years ago)
Zyzz got girls?
Jacob Nielsen (5 years ago)
Jeff, no matter how hard you try there was only one Zyzz
Brian Parga (5 years ago)
jeff looks funny rolling his shoulder back over and over and over in every video lol
brady (5 years ago)
Picking up horse faced bleached haired 4/10 club skanks ZYZZ FO LIFE BRAH

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