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Valentino Hot Pink Rockstud Shoe Unboxing

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what do you gals think? I'm so in love with these shoes!!! tweet me or find me on instagram @trishapaytas
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Matt King (1 year ago)
you know womans nails there manicure be very sexy
Heyy Dun (1 year ago)
I miss the old Trish! The Trish with harsh makeup and noticable extensions 😥😥 No Shade
Andrea Howard (1 year ago)
You can count 1..2..3... wow!
Jessica hebb (2 years ago)
I have these exact shoes with the matching hanbag on ebay. Check it out if ur interested. I also have other Valentino bags and A pair of jimmy choos. jessica_hebb33
Paranormal Princess (2 years ago)
You need to do a shoe collection video!!
Theresa Trychanel5 (2 years ago)
I love your shoe....Valentino heels are so comfy
didn't chanel wear those in scream queens? when i saw her wearing them i immediately thought of trisha!
Matthew wilkison (3 years ago)
Yes I thought the same thing
Ricky Suave (3 years ago)
Guys you can buy them here at only $65 http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/111813313828?
Mik Mak (3 years ago)
Ur too FAT to wear heels
Mskerryanne (3 years ago)
She has them in yellow too..
Aqsa Mahmood (3 years ago)
Brandon Manzano (3 years ago)
I know this is old but her money so all y'all shut up
Garlina Chi (3 years ago)
I mean, am I the only one kind of thinking "anti climax" here? Thought it was going to be these awesome bright pink pumps and then she takes out these kind-of heels with spikes on them.....not digging the shoes.
Kenzie Rose (3 years ago)
You are and never will be never be anywhere close to a life like Barbie.
HermesLVDiva1976 (3 years ago)
They are gorgeous Trish! Love the color. You have great taste. :)
LovesVintageRockets (3 years ago)
Seriously, I'd rather spend $1000 on shoes than deal with a guy being a douche. Just sayin...
Megan Sutcliffe (3 years ago)
those shoes are absolutley gorgous girl 
niaartz (4 years ago)
I love these shoes so much. I want them in pink,red,nude and black perfect kitten heel LoVe Them!! So perfect on you wow great review!
Jackie Ollrich (4 years ago)
if you want to just see the shoes skip to 3:20...
Jenni White (4 years ago)
I do have kids so please enjoy the shoes for me too!!!
tokyo lei (4 years ago)
omfg we're just alike 
Sarina Shar (4 years ago)
Technically, we need guys to design the shoes. No guys, no shoes.
ivelisse rivera (4 years ago)
You are a Barbie!!!!!!!!!!
SupaDupaUpa (4 years ago)
LOL i died when you were like "at the store obviously, DON'T TAKE YOUR SCISSORS AND CUT IT OFF" hahah just the way you said itwas too funny
LYFESTYLE de VIE (4 years ago)
Dwightinho56 (4 years ago)
The 3rd strap is What made this design famous. The 4inch heel only came later. To take off the top strap is typically for those who does not know a thing about the Brand they buy.
Chnxong (4 years ago)
You are too adorable! Congrats & enjoy your purchase. ;)
Marissa C (4 years ago)
'the price of a child' LOL. My mom said I was 'priceless'
FIFII (4 years ago)
Looking skinny girl!
Lemon Monki (4 years ago)
Soooo beautiful girl :D <3
Missy_ lynn (4 years ago)
Giiiiirrrllll!!! You got doh almost $1000 shoes!!! They so cuuuuutttteee!!!!
Ling C. (4 years ago)
It makes your feet so small en slender!!! Beautifull!!! xoxox
Heidi Bear (4 years ago)
You said "reflecting" you meant refracting go to school girl.
Lisa Lewis (4 years ago)
So so so soooooo so cute👠👠👠👠👠👠💄💄😀😀😀😀😀😃😄
Kathryn George (4 years ago)
omg inloveeeeeeeee
Eden Groves (4 years ago)
They look much better on your feet than in the box! Very cute shoes and coming from a girl who isn't much into pink! Though, if I had to choose, I like the bright and pastel pinks more than generic pinks, so these are great. :) You have a different style than I do, but still you have great taste. 
MsLilstitch03 (4 years ago)
Gorgeous ur sister in law was right
Jasmine Mackus (4 years ago)
Those are absolutely beautiful shoes!!!!
candyashez (4 years ago)
I was gonna get those!
Sam Keyes (4 years ago)
I'm 11 and I am a size 7.
ash huerta (4 years ago)
heel collection +blndsundoll4mj 
KirbyReloaded (4 years ago)
Loving the Gigi bit :)
MS CANDY (4 years ago)
I'm so jealous :( hate yooou <333
Renée Lynch (4 years ago)
Those high heels would look great on Mrs S sexy feet.
Laura Copp (4 years ago)
Omg a true blonde with no brain!
Sarah Franklin (4 years ago)
I'm in love with your shoes!! I'm so happy for you!
Jessi L3Tt3 (4 years ago)
Kayla Campbell (4 years ago)
Once you put them on your feet i was like yessss i need them
gigi Martini (4 years ago)
you look so pretty keep it up trish
Katya Garcia (4 years ago)
Love you soooo much
Brooke Weir (4 years ago)
those shoes are $945.00...
5325bunny (4 years ago)
Ash Renae (4 years ago)
Those shoes are gorgeous ♥♥♥♥
Jasmine Smith (4 years ago)
I love them
Jenna Fell (4 years ago)
Valentino "Trish" Shoe. Totally you!
Victoria (4 years ago)
just looked up the shoes.. they cost $975.00 USD... damn Trish you're so loaded!! haha I love them though, I'm totally jealous
Theresa (4 years ago)
I'm like half her age and my feet are bigger than her's....
Ana Pavlovic (4 years ago)
Price of a child? really?
filip likes style (4 years ago)
wow ok i'm sorry but those might be some of the ugliest pairs of shoes i've ever seen. i mean, that combination of colors totally flunks with this design and all those straps make me cringe. and the studs... nah son. those look cheap as hell. but that's the barbie look i guess? very racaille blanche...
Kerri B (4 years ago)
Omg were the same shoe size :D
Kerri B (4 years ago)
Lizzy Staal (4 years ago)
omg me too:3
Danni love (4 years ago)
They are so cute!!!
ElleTee (4 years ago)
i live near south coast! how did i not run into you... LOL
Amyy B (4 years ago)
i'm sorry but are those shoes too big for you? when u wear them i feel like there would be a lot of room between ur toes and the shoe toes, i mean, i know that for pointy shoes u have a little bit of space in the front, but it seems like ur feet are gonna fall out of those shoes
G G (4 years ago)
Awesome makeup here
Elizabeth Waid (4 years ago)
how do you get your hair so long and thick? I have sort of long hair but it is PAPER thin and I don't know how to get my hair thick
5325bunny (4 years ago)
Yup. Her real hair is like 5 inches long, then she has hair extensions that she gets re-done every so often, then for extra thickness she CLIPS in her Bellame  hair extensions. (I might have spelled Bellame wrong) Those are her absolute favorite. The stylist she WAS going too literally fried her hair all off. When it was all said and done she literally had half inch to one inch of hair length left on her head! So she switched stylist and has been happy ever since. But hair that long takes a long time to grow. Hope that all helps.
Erica R (4 years ago)
No, she was right. Her real hair is very short.
Flavita Lobo (4 years ago)
+Nicole Walker no nicole, actually trish showed us her real hair in one of those straightening videos i guess:) they are long but scanty... so for volume she uses hair extensions
Elizabeth Waid (4 years ago)
oh.... ok lol thank you
Nicole Walker (4 years ago)
She uses hair extensions. Her real hair is only about 4-5 inches long and ruined from bleach.
kiley.elizabeth (4 years ago)
hey everyone come check me out!
moondoggie517 (4 years ago)
When you first pulled them out I wasn't feeling it, and I love pink. But once on your feet I loved it! :D I guess putting things on is how I figure out if I like something or not :)
Jennifer Lynn (4 years ago)
These look perfect on you Trisha! Love your lipstick in this video
Alycia D (4 years ago)
Wow $945 I couldn't image ever spending that much on a shoe damn !!!
Ashley Taylor (4 years ago)
Those shoes ssssslllllllllaaaaaaayyyyyyy
Sandra Yungblut (4 years ago)
Show us your shoe collection Trish! I've seen a few of them in some of your blogs, but you should just do like a "haul" in a sense. :) 
Johna Wells (4 years ago)
Those are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
Caroline Dominguez (4 years ago)
They are beautiful! Perfectly made for you and look amazing on your feet. #1 fishey
Joey Camroon (4 years ago)
Beautiful I soo want those
jerseysantosable (4 years ago)
I hate when ppl tell me what I should and shouldn't buy. Her money her choice and they are beauties!
Marshai Gibbs (4 years ago)
Omg I so wanna be you when I grow up. I'm 21 now but I wanna be you at your age. You are so amazing Trish
JESSICARECKS626 (4 years ago)
Love ur contours
WolfFang (4 years ago)
Trisha they look FABULOUS on you!
fasionfreaks11 (4 years ago)
I love them! 👌(:
ZeeQue (4 years ago)
Curbing your shopping addiction is buying nothing. That should be your goal. Can you go to the mall and leave with nada? I only purchased three things.....lol. You kill me.
Kerri B (4 years ago)
Anyone knows if you trying to quit something you, slowly cut back you don't go cold turkey, cause then your more likely to breakdown
Haley (4 years ago)
I was feeling so down today but watching your videos and seeing your positive attitude made me feel so much better! :D Thank you trisha!!
Logan Windham (4 years ago)
ahhh if only i could make enough money to spend on a $1,000 pair of shoes....sad face. :(
Dania Salman (4 years ago)
You look so beautiful Trish! Love the makeup, lilac is so beautiful on you and your eyes pop! And your hair is curled so beautifully. No surprise though, always fab.<3 :)
Erika (4 years ago)
I will never understand how people could find shoes like this to look appealing. They are so ugly in my opinion.
Yulia Reingold (4 years ago)
those shoes are $950 :0
Kerri B (4 years ago)
Lmao there valention so of course they are ;)
Monix Sabrina (4 years ago)
"di mangga dua jg bnyk" -what typical indonesian would say
anastasia erickson (4 years ago)
I like the sparkle on those shoes!!
Min Haa (4 years ago)
it's so you!! by the way you look amazing in this video
Lala Aga (4 years ago)
Wtf. They are ugly shoes lmao
Lala Aga (4 years ago)
thats what comments are for . and there aint shit rules to be always nice about things , you say what u feel.  So fuck off
Lala Aga (4 years ago)
and how is it your fucking prob?? I say what i want
foufa msadek (4 years ago)
Keep your fucking opinion to yourself ?
Yaadavan Arulsivan (4 years ago)
heel collection
Yaadavan Arulsivan (4 years ago)
heels unboxing
Melanie Mesariti (4 years ago)
"who needs guys when you have the perfect pair of shoes?" hahahaha we love you!!! <3
thegirlwholived (4 years ago)
Girl, I NEED those shoes! 
Ameanah Henna (4 years ago)
Ur so pretty ❤️
Jessica Hendricks (4 years ago)
Who gives a shit how much they cost?? Unless you are 3Fing her (financing, feeding, or fu**ing her) then who cares! Do what makes you happy and you can't put a price on happiness, so if Valentino shoes make her happy, then rock on sister...buy em in every color 💓
krystalinthecity (4 years ago)
Oh my goodness. I need a pair.
vanezez (4 years ago)
they're actually really cute shoes..
Myra Plum (4 years ago)
You look amazing Trish I love your videos! I'm new to YouTube, I'd love it if you checked out my new beauty channel. Thanks :)
Myra Plum (4 years ago)
You look amazing Trish I love your videos! I'm new to YouTube, I'd love it if you checked out my new beauty channel. Thanks :)
Nohemi Ayon (4 years ago)
Dulce Candy has those shoes too but in yellow and she has the taller heel ones, But those heels look nice in both colors
Hope Loves (4 years ago)
very pretty

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