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Happy New week! Here's another episode of what I wore Xx Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video Everything is listed down below if you would like to purchase Lets get social **************** Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/geekonfashion/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/geekonfashion Website - http://www.geekonfashion.com/ For reviews, sponsorship & Collaborations please send an email to [email protected] Monday Dress: Zara https://go.zara/2tCGr5C Shoes: Next https://bit.ly/2KbaMDK Bag: Michael Kors https://bit.ly/2IraS47 Tuesday Sweater: Zara https://go.zara/2s8TECo Cami & Culottes: The Geek Boutique https://bit.ly/2In9mA8 Shoes: Next https://bit.ly/2K4dDOF Bag: LV Capuccines MM Size Wednesday Blazer: Available On request Bodysuit, Culottes & Mules: The Geek Boutique https://bit.ly/2In9mA8 Thursday Dress: Vivo https://bit.ly/2Mi2571 Coat : H&M https://bit.ly/2tuRz5i Flats: The Geek Boutique https://bit.ly/2KkaaL6 Friday Floral cover, White bodysuit/white pants: The Geek Boutique https://bit.ly/2In9mA8 Sunglasses: Woolworths
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Text Comments (10)
teresia wangeci (10 months ago)
Share the details on the Wednesday blazer....pleassssee
Sahara Kibe (10 months ago)
Love all wardrobe ! Noteworthy, you know how to combine them so well.
Deborah Blessings (11 months ago)
Liked the video even before I watched it cuz I know I'll love it
julliet cigua (11 months ago)
Finally!!!! Been waiting for this videeeeeeoooo!😍😍😍
Anne Wanza (11 months ago)
Yaaaaày! I haven't yet watched it and am already excited!,OK OK let me watch
Anne Wanza (11 months ago)
That Balmain and Chanel look alike coats my favourite,I love how you play with prints and colour,lovely
anne kirigo (11 months ago)
Your wardrobe is goals❤❤❤👌
Estar Njagi (11 months ago)
Yeeeeessss...Aren't you stylish❤❤❤ all the outfits...Kindly share the contact where I can get the blazer..
Geek on Fashion (11 months ago)
Hi Estar, thanks fr watching :) Xx send me an email [email protected]
Gisky Shiru (11 months ago)
That blazer!!!!!!!!

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