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Tom Hardy Taboo Hair - How To Get The Haircut, Beard & Style!!

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Tom Hardy Taboo hair, how to get the haircut & beard style!!! After a lot of requests from the RG family, we dropped in to Nomad Barber in London to film Liam getting the Tom Hardy Taboo haircut & beard style. GET FIRST ACCESS TO OUR MEN'S MATTE HAIR CLAY LAUNCHING IN AUGUST - ► http://bit.ly/RGClayFirstAccess SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - ► https://www.youtube.com/regalgentleman?sub_confirmation=1 We're on the exciting journey of creating our first ever Regal Gentleman branded products. We've been working on this product now for almost a year and are almost ready to produce it. RGVLOG is our journey from start to finish of creating our first two products the High Shine Pomade and Matte Clay. We want you to get an HONEST behind the scenes look at every stage of the products being created. We'll be putting out videos in the RGVLOG series each week, as well as our regular haircut tutorials and barber advice videos. Subscribe to our channel here so you don't miss them - ► https://www.youtube.com/regalgentleman?sub_confirmation=1 And follow the rest of the journey with us on our social media channels :) ► INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/_u/regalgentleman ► FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/regalgentleman ► TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/regalgentleman ► WEBSITE - https://regalgentleman.com ► BLOG - https://regalgentleman.com/blogs/blog ► PINTEREST - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/regalgentleman/ ► YOUTUBE - https://www.youtube.com/regalgentleman?sub_confirmation=1 Where were we? - Nomad Barber (near Shoreditch / Liverpool Street - would 100% recommend!!!!) ► https://bit.ly/NomadBarberLDN WITH Liam Jennings, Josh Blackburn & Paul Preshaw - ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/liamjennings/ ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/joshjblackburn/ ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/ppreshaw/ EDITED BY Liam Jennings ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/liamjennings/ FILMED BY Josh Blackburn ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/joshjblackburn/ Barber - Paul Preshaw From Nomad Barber, London ► https://www.instagram.com/_u/ppreshaw/ SONG USED - Bazanji - Mannequins (feat. Anthony Russo) ►https://soundcloud.com/bazanji/mannequins-ft-anthony-russo ►https://open.spotify.com/track/6p3p11Uoc4DgtT3uGk8f2c ►https://www.twitter.com/Bazanji ►https://www.instagram.com/bazanji919 ►https://www.facebook.com/Bazanji ►https://www.youtube.com/bazanji ►https://www.twitter.com/AnthonyARusso ►https://www.instagram.com/anthonyarusso ►https://www.facebook.com/anthonyrussomusic ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJt4ZOl3ZvHs4FGt_yttKw
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Text Comments (153)
Gordon Ramsay (12 days ago)
Whats the name of this hairstyle? A specific name please :)
Gordon Ramsay (12 days ago)
Damn, that was fast. Thanks a lot :)
Regal Gentleman (12 days ago)
It's essentially a short back and sides with a mid skin fade. With the top heavily textured. And then a line razored into the hair. Show the video to your barber, that will be much easier though!
Josh Hickey (18 days ago)
Hi, is that a low/mid or high skin fade?
Regal Gentleman (17 days ago)
Have a watch of this video if you haven't already https://youtu.be/dEgHjEjOsQk The skin fade was taken just above the eyebrow!
Regal Gentleman (17 days ago)
It's around a mid skin fade in this video. You could go a lot higher though for the Taboo cut depending on your face shape and hair type!
El Cucuy (28 days ago)
This guy looks nothing like Tom Hardy there for this look doesn't work for him
Mike Heber (1 month ago)
You guys get any photos of this dude’s cut? Wanna take to the barber and looks better than the Tom hardy version
Eduardo Garrido (2 months ago)
Nice try!
gg gg (2 months ago)
The way he touches the hair....oh lord
Guy N D (2 months ago)
Looks exactly like a "fashi". As in like Mussolini's followers. So no thanks, prefer long w/beard. Only ladies, democrats snd Labor fan boys/girls shave.
TemerosoDeDios (3 months ago)
Anvil head!!
Mp Lau (3 months ago)
I feel more addicted to the barber hairstyle...
Black Reaper (3 months ago)
Barber has a good barber...not too long or short..good job though
xhiltonx (3 months ago)
Why are barbers trying to make haircuts sound really complicated than they are you cut his hair bare blade back n sides and then put abit of wax on
Christian Parker (3 months ago)
Ngọc Nguyễn (3 months ago)
That looks really cool!
Donald Smd Trump (4 months ago)
Nice he gave you a bowl cut. You got a fat line around ur head.
Furkan Arıkan (4 months ago)
Tom hardy is an a hole i hate him
Leonardo Ramon (4 months ago)
Can someone explain to me the barber hairstyle? thanks!
dooneyfest balltrain (4 months ago)
Can anyone reccomend a cut for someone that when gets hair cut short the hair in the middle of my head sticks up no matter how muxh wax or gel i use it constantly sticks up.
My Enemy's Enemy (4 months ago)
5:05 Thinking: Yes, I look just like Tom Hardy now lol
he's a sound cunt (4 months ago)
Well behaved boy by his age I had natural scars on my head resembling a cat fight joys of growing up in Dublin I suppose no not to be proud of. Looks well this barber is the man
Trifun Stojkovski (4 months ago)
Great haircut.I love it.
Regal Gentleman (4 months ago)
Thank you ❤
Proud_Ape (5 months ago)
with that nose he would have been better of with a mullet.
Ennis Jack (5 months ago)
James Keziah Delaney is watching
ss matzu (5 months ago)
Not even close 😂😂😂😂
Samir Leão (5 months ago)
Nice vid ft Hazard!
Jim Jam Jon (5 months ago)
What hair products were used and which one does tom hardy use, if anyone knows? I’ve heard it’s a type of pomade but is there different types or do all pomades give that wet look?
Jim Jam Jon (5 months ago)
Regal Gentleman Okay thanks a lot for the reply. Good luck with your other projects
Regal Gentleman (5 months ago)
In this video we used Suavecito Original Pomade. You ideally want a "water based pomade" for the Tom Hardy look. If Tom Hardy had any product in his hair, they would have used a water based pomade or gel to get the look, but they may have also just sprayed the hair wet in between scenes.
Patisserie mail (6 months ago)
Conor mc gregor, the shelby, tom hardy... ho my god, you're making all the haircuts i've dreamed of... hello from paris!
Paul Mcpake (6 months ago)
Guys what is this song
Regal Gentleman (6 months ago)
It's Bazanji - Mannequins 👌🏼
Brian Dent (6 months ago)
Where is the guys arms at
Brett (6 months ago)
Purposely cutting that scar look into his head was stupid as fuck.
Bajil Fernandez (6 months ago)
nice cut ! like it
Regal Gentleman (6 months ago)
Thank you ❤
Dick Tracy (6 months ago)
Damn that barber is sexy
Regal Gentleman (6 months ago)
We'll let him know that you think so!
Diddles 87 (6 months ago)
Wish I still had hair, hair loss sucks.
Le o (21 days ago)
Diddles 87 I wish I had a great hair colour
Regal Gentleman (6 months ago)
Really short buzz cuts are back though 😉
battmuha (6 months ago)
What does this bloke say at 28 seconds, thanks mates. I'm from out of town.
battmuha (6 months ago)
Regal Gentleman (6 months ago)
He says he'd go for a 0.5 fade. This haircut ended up going down to a skin fade on the back and sides though
touchmyGstring (7 months ago)
What would you say the length is on top? My hair is 4 inches and seems like maybe yours is 2?
Janice Carroll (7 months ago)
Excellent Barbering skills. Like the faded area.
Regal Gentleman (7 months ago)
Paul is an amazing barber! 👌🏼
Jennifer Raganit (7 months ago)
One of the Sexiest haircuts on guys
Yeooo a northern Irish barber at last hahah what's a craic?
Regal Gentleman (7 months ago)
Belfast. JFH Social
Regal Gentleman where is his barbershop? I'll have a wee nosey
Regal Gentleman (7 months ago)
He is indeed haha! Paul Preshaw is the barber, he's back in Northern Ireland now with his own shop. He also cut your man Carl Framptons hair for his fight the other night 😉
Taboo is the shit
Regal Gentleman (7 months ago)
Agreed! 👌🏼🎩
Arcanum (8 months ago)
No no no. This hairstyle does not have much to do with Taboo
Norrin Radd (8 months ago)
sick song
Paul Mcpake (6 months ago)
kabe ayofe what is name of this song
Pastor Gains (8 months ago)
It's just short back and sides?
Michael Thielemeier (9 months ago)
Which hairstyle products do you have to use everyday (to let the upper hairs look a little bit wet and heavy like at minute 5:08)?
Regal Gentleman (9 months ago)
So products used in my hair were a texture dust and Suavecito Original Pomade. You ideally want to use a pomade for wet, heavy look. For this style use something with a lighter hold and not ultra strong though. Just so you have some movement in the hair
Ronan Morgan (9 months ago)
What’s this barbers? He sounds northern Irish
Regal Gentleman (9 months ago)
He is indeed! The barbershop is Nomad Barber in London but Paul is now back in Northern Ireland with his own shop, JFH Social! Both amazing shops! 👌🏼
Toasted Turtle (9 months ago)
Do you need straight hair for this?
Regal Gentleman (9 months ago)
I have straight hair and Tom Hardy also has straight hair. But ultimately a zero fade on back & sides with some length left on top will work with any hair type. Also adding texture to it, like we did in this video, means it didn't have to look ultra straight as it's cut to look dishevelled and messier. Would recommend showing your barber what you want and see if they have some suggestions for adapting it for you!
Aaron Reynolds (9 months ago)
I went bald a couple years ago.......fuck my life!
Talal (9 months ago)
"You look the same" "I'm not"
Boss 88 (9 months ago)
This guy knows how to cut 🤙
Regal Gentleman (9 months ago)
He does indeed 👌 Paul has his own store now in Northern Ireland called JFH Social and there are loads of amazing barbers still at Nomad Barber in London too (where this was) 🙌
jimmie bullitt (9 months ago)
To look like t hardy u need thick moustache....not pube hairs
KnotJuly (9 months ago)
Marc Robertson (9 months ago)
Looks nothing like his taboo haircut
John Billings (10 months ago)
Nice cut, vid
Regal Gentleman (10 months ago)
Thanks John ❤
Cora (10 months ago)
Does the guy getting the haircut have receding hairline?
Jia Hwang (10 months ago)
At 1:30, what is that thing called?
Nicholas Garc (10 months ago)
i want the barbers haircut
Regal Gentleman (10 months ago)
Yeah it's a really cool cut! 👌🏻
noah stump (10 months ago)
I wish my hair would let me get this
Lisa Fanucchi (10 months ago)
Love your voice!!
Jonah Haas (10 months ago)
Enjoying the video, then stupid music comes blasting through out of nowhere. Completely unnecessary
comedy gold (10 months ago)
short back and sides, my barber does that for a fiver lol
Andy Village (3 months ago)
Holy fuck shut the hell up I can’t believe you guys argue in comments back and forth ab a fucking haircut like children. So sad
Donald Smd Trump (4 months ago)
comedy gold the guy in video just did.
comedy gold (8 months ago)
a qualified barber shouldnt be doing short back and sides badly, after baldy its probably the most easiest cut surely. all im saying is im not about to pay 50 for what any old barber will do for 5 lol
Jay The Climber (8 months ago)
Sorry comedy gold but Michaels right, by your definition you are basically saying its impossible to do a shit job on someones hair if they are asking for a short back and sides, if they fuck your hairline up and don't fade it very well (which ive had from £5 barbers) then thats a bad haircut my bro.
Michael McBoomBoom (8 months ago)
comedy gold you said you don’t know how someone could do a shit job so by that logic anyone can do a good job if it’s impossible to do a bad job
alex phillips (10 months ago)
Amazing cut perfect resemblence, cut looks better on your face shape then the side part you normallly do get rid of that shit.
Mike S. (11 months ago)
This haircut works really well on Tom Hardy but not most people. In this case it's way too short on the sides for this guy. The best thing would have been to leave the length on the sides as is and tighter the fade a bit and blend the sides to the top a bit. I know that wouldn't be the Hardy haircut but it would look much better and hide that giant mole on his side.
Mike S. (10 months ago)
Regal Gentleman (10 months ago)
I normally go for a low 0.5 back & sides, but good to try new things. And I like to give the mole some air every now and again 😂
kirky1801 (11 months ago)
Good Norn Iron accent!
ledzeppelinzoso (11 months ago)
You guys are so informative an passionate keep up the great work
Regal Gentleman (11 months ago)
Thank you - really appreciate it ❤👌
Dug Impossible (1 year ago)
whats the name of the device he used to cut and spread the hair?
Dug Impossible (11 months ago)
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
It's a texture razor. Used to give the hair more texture on top. Especially great on thicker straighter hair when you want a messier style
James smith (1 year ago)
What would you ask for this haircut
soldierside365 (10 months ago)
‘The Delaney.’ If they don’t know, find another barber
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
You're always best to show a picture!! But this is a skin fade on back & sides leaving the hair heavy & textured on top. Doesn't really have an exact name for it, e.g. pompadour or side parting. But show a picture if in doubt 👌
Antony Kromov (1 year ago)
Wis is "Fade"
Trollminator (1 year ago)
how can i ask my barber to do the same fade?
Trollminator (1 year ago)
Regal Gentleman awesome! Thank you very much. Keep up the good work guys :)
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Hey sir! To replicate the fade ask your barber for a high skin fade. Google "high skin fade" and you'll get a lot of pictures of a similar looking fade on back & sides if you want to show your barber!! Don't be afraid to show a clip from the video to your barber if you're not certain - they won't mind! 👌
takeyomeds (1 year ago)
nice details
Arcanum (1 year ago)
Russel Keith (1 year ago)
very aerodynamic
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Haha great for swimming and cycling 😉
Graf von Allem (1 year ago)
Its nit the same like Tim hardy 😂👎👎👎👎
nyhnt (1 year ago)
just got this cut today. But kept my "sea captain" beard.
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Good luck!!! 👌 if you do we can add a benefit to watching our videos is you will get laid after. 100% success rate
nyhnt (1 year ago)
I look awesome with this cut and a 9 month squared off beard  im getting laid tonight
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Haha brilliant! You happy with it?
Geralt of Trivia (1 year ago)
Not being funny, but if you're gonna try to do his haircut, go all out. Don't make a video on getting his haircut then not cut the top of the hair like hardy's because it's less modern
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Appreciate the feedback - we go into every haircut giving the barber complete freedom. We're open to getting every single cut exactly how it is or styled how it is, but sometimes our hair may suit a different style or in this case the barber (Paul) felt the finished style was too brash for every day and wanted to show another side to it. The wet style you see sprayed is pretty much exactly what Tom Hardy has in Taboo, but not many gents are going to walk about with their hair wet all day - or have someone spray their hair every 5 mins which an actor has the luxury of. A wet look gel will give a similar finish though. We just showed another side for switching it up as we want all of our videos to give honest, real looks at haircuts. Hope that explains it better!
Crystal Thangtu (1 year ago)
Jonicus-Dextore (11 months ago)
Crystal Thangtu hi
karen (1 year ago)
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
NGAN HEEP (1 year ago)
James Delaney haircut gonna be the next Rachel haircut from Friends lol
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Roy Cervantes (1 year ago)
Make a tutorial of the barbers hair
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
he'll love that! haha. He has a side parting. Scissor cut all over. With a taper fade around the ears!
Tony Kaikkonen (1 year ago)
Very good looking haircut tho :D
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Thanks!!!!!! 👌
Caitlin Mooney (1 year ago)
The Barbour is from Northen Ireland! Whoop Whoop!
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Indeed he is!!! He is @ppreshaw on Instagram!
Treebranch (1 year ago)
That's a nice cut but doesn't look like Tom hardy. Cause you aren't Tom hardy
Mike Kuro (6 months ago)
JHUMAD BHRO™ chill man he joking
Nick Barrett (9 months ago)
Bob Gnarly (9 months ago)
No shit
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Thank you! And good spot.. I'm not 😉
skintrade01 (1 year ago)
"I have a use for you..."
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Alijamaru (1 year ago)
Nosferatu Zodd (1 year ago)
this haircut doesnt work on such a dyel little boy, he looks like he wants to play badass.
Anup (1 year ago)
Looks good Liam! Great edit as usual, and 3.6k views 👍🏼 Josh you should be on the camera more 😛
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Thanks mate - appreciate it!!!
Jordan Higgins (1 year ago)
Well done mate really good job 👍
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Thanks, Jordan!!!!!
Nocturnal geo (1 year ago)
Tom Hardy's Taboo cut finally makes me happy to have fine hair. The cut in this video is top, but hardy's cut had much more of a flat look which made it look a lot more edgy. Also, I think you're new cut looks much better on you than the slick back. Hope you enjoy rocking it.
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Thank you - appreciate it!! Yeah I'm liking it. A much quicker and easier style aswell. So enjoying that haha. Had the slicked back side parting for a while now, so nice to have a change. Yeah it's a nice style for fine hair! As you can tell my hair is a lot thicker. Agreed - I think the wet look you see towards the end is more the actual Taboo cut and the end more of a modern current version on it!
Samir Jha (1 year ago)
I think the one done here looks a lot cleaner than the Taboo one. As he already mentions in the beginning of the video, the one in the show is a lot messier and looks like done by scissors and razor, not a clipper. Which with the era portrayed looks very good!
Regal Gentleman (1 year ago)
Yeah we wanted to keep it more modern for this video as doubt gents will want as extreme a cut as he does in the show!! There was a bit where we went through that on the day but being honest was a bit boring & want to keep you entertained! haha - so it didn't make the cut! (no pun intended)

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