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Dire Straits - The Mans Too Strong (Wembley Arena)

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Dire Straits plays "The Mans Too Strong" at Wembley Arena. From the Brothers in Arms tour.
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Matt Spet (1 month ago)
Jacob Bøge Andersen (2 months ago)
While idling in Tanaris, dusting off Southseas Pirates; I have justified mayhem, called it XP. I ninjaed that dungeon boss, with my two crooked friends in LFR. I've run off with the epics and sold it on AH, invented reasoning. I did put you on Ignore. Now the sun comes on the GM chat, and many a harsh words will be said. GM forgive me, for I am a worm; but them nubs needed their learning, and I need their shinies. The war must go on. Light be with us, in your judgement. Remember the Sunwell! :3
Gerard White (2 months ago)
the man's to big the man's to strong happened to me a couple of times what a song
walter brown (3 months ago)
Olla.i listen to the dire straits.i am a singer guitarist and songwriter.i never really realized how great they were.look for my upcoming cd of songs by next summer .i am also trying to write a book sailing 2 phiadelphia.🌴🌴🌴🎃🎃🎃💜💜💜💨💨💨💨💨💨💨walter
FRAN CALMAESTRA (3 months ago)
Always the Sun.............forever Mark and company
walter brown (4 months ago)
olla.i love every song and lyric by the dire straits💜
ivan kovacevic (4 months ago)
One of their best songs
Ken Swanston (5 months ago)
"The Man's Too Strong" I'm just and ageing drummer boy And in the wars I used to play And I've called the tune To many a torture session Now they say I am a war criminal And I'm fading away Father please hear my confession I have legalised robbery Called it a belief I have run with the money And hid like a theif I have re-written history With my armies and my crooks Invented memories I did burn all the books And I can still hear his laughter And I can still hear his song The man's too big The man's too strong Well I have tried to be meek And I have tried to be mild But I spat like a woman And sulked like a child I have lived behind walls That have made me alone Striven for peace Which I have never known And I can still hear his laughter And I can still hear his song The man's too big The man's too strong Well the sun rose on the courtyard And they all did hear him say 'You always were a Judas But I got you anyway You may have got your silver But I swear upon my life Your sister gave me diamonds And I gave them to your wife' Oh father please help me For I have done wrong The man's too big The man's too strong
Mike Williams (2 months ago)
Ken Swanston You need to try listening to the words before you post them. "Your sister gave me diamonds, and I lay down with your wife".
Cicero Alves Gomes Alves (6 months ago)
Peadar Brick (6 months ago)
Drummer Terry Wiiliams is on Fire. Brilliant Performance from the Straits
John Doe (6 months ago)
In an interview he said the lyrics were inspired by someone like Albert Speer sitting in Spandau, a war criminal surviving but maybe hiding he wished he not had. Weird.
Maggie's Journey (10 months ago)
The sexiest song ever!!!
Pierre Davain (10 months ago)
Jouissif !!!!
Terry Danks (10 months ago)
Whatever in hell happened to music? There's nothing like this stuff anymore!
Chuck Taylor (2 months ago)
It's mostly 'bubble gum' pop now
CooManTunes (11 months ago)
Dislike on this video. Sloppy title writing.
Matthew Peacock (11 months ago)
I dont know how but i forgot about how great this song is and havent listend to it for few years
John Doe (1 year ago)
The guitar playing skills of this song is so good its mental, but in combination w the lyrics it's one of the strongest modern songs ever made. A person not moved by this song is not really alive.
K. O'Halloran (1 year ago)
Still one of my all time favorites... never gets old.
zerrouki el habib (1 month ago)
Yes i like him all what hi sing
Robert Convery (1 year ago)
This is the very man that can make a guitar have a conversation with ya. Magic.
Zoran Markovic (1 year ago)
Best stuff was when Knopfler say about the pick.... "THIS is an aplyfire!" , when i play this thing around, usualy people dont know what it is, and then questions: is it yours stuff orrr... bhehe
tropico1 tropico (1 year ago)
Hasan Karakaş (1 year ago)
I did burn all the books..
Jeffrey Richardson (1 year ago)
Billy's sucker punch Laurie's lunch!!! ?
Jeffrey Richardson (1 year ago)
Scott's choice...
Jeffrey Richardson (1 year ago)
budsies at the pungo...
OH_I _Will (1 year ago)
Why doesn't Mark play this one on his solo tours....?
R M (1 year ago)
Your sister gave me diamonds and I lay down with your wife.
Wolfram (1 year ago)
So amazing!
Muriel Lalain (1 year ago)
Pour l'apéro...Montez le son!!
hurkit1 (1 year ago)
this guy is awesome but it looks like jerry sienfeld rocking out
AussieMark909 (1 year ago)
This is one of my favorite Dire Straits songs. Magnificent!
Leon Smoothy (1 year ago)
Same here. They never made a video to it, so its not as well known as many other songs. Its a bloody masterpiece, both in lyrics and musically...
Robert Convery (1 year ago)
what can you say. Amazing guitarist also brilliant backing.
Donna Thompson (7 months ago)
Robert Convery one ov the best bands ever
Tarik Toudert (1 year ago)
Please a guitar tutorial by someone
Mark Lowe (1 year ago)
Arise Sir Knopfler.
alison ricardo (2 years ago)
sou o alex irmao do alissom
alison ricardo (2 years ago)
muito bom fez parte da mimha vida
Feliks Kryszewski (2 years ago)
Oueax (2 years ago)
Did he use a pick in this song? I'm not quite sure tbh.
Elias Bagley (2 years ago)
Yeah actually the first few seconds of the song definitely looks like he is strumming with a pick
Oueax (2 years ago)
I know that very well but look at 3:16 he uses either a pick or his index finger nail. That's not the usual Knopfler fingerstyle he does there. And throughout the song he uses either his index finger for the strumming or a pick.
Elias Bagley (2 years ago)
Probably not - Mark Knopfler is known for not using picks.
danhostler1985 (2 years ago)
This is for Frank Theodore Henson, died in Vietman in 1972, you will always be strong brother.
elena (2 years ago)
Eccellenza assoluta!!!
David Mestre (2 years ago)
Mara Bertero (2 years ago)
Love them so much 😍😍😍
pianodore (2 years ago)
very underrated song this is!
Leon Smoothy (1 year ago)
But not really from die hard DS fans...I feel this is one of their best songs, musically and lyrics-wise, ever.
OH_I _Will (1 year ago)
pianodore buried on that Bubble Gum album is this gem...possibly the last great DS track..
Leila Houdrouge (2 years ago)
Adel Houdrouge : Ça me rappelle avant de dormir dans les années 90, avec tout l' album que j'écoutais. C'était comme une berceuse. ...
C Duncan (2 years ago)
Oh my, hadn't seen this one.  One of the things I most respect about Mr. Knopfler is the amount of "air time" his band members receive.  Then and now.  His respect for "it takes a village", is remarkable.  I love this man.
Brian Griffin (2 years ago)
you have just watched someone at the top of his game.
TheJimmy (1 year ago)
He certainly found himself.
Weeaidan Leckie (2 years ago)
Brian Griffin Terry too can't beat them,
Alicia13202 (2 years ago)
Sunil Narula (2 years ago)
Leslie Eldridge (2 years ago)
24 dicks are not too strong.Mark is a FUCKING Genius.Long live Mark
Erik Visser (3 years ago)
what kind of guitar is he using?
Iris Cardozo (2 years ago)
+Erik GT-R ejejeje okey ;)
Erik Visser (2 years ago)
+iris cardozo yeah i already found it. It's an Adamas Ovation. But still. Thank You
Iris Cardozo (2 years ago)
is an ovation guitar
Timothy Kunsman (3 years ago)
The ltrics to this song go over most people's heads. Sadly!
Dora Fernandes (3 years ago)
maravilha de instrumentos
BasBJC (3 years ago)
this song is great!
patrick le goff (3 years ago)
the king of guitar my friends
Thiago Magnanini (3 years ago)
jane susan (3 years ago)
Fucking love this man....
K. O'Halloran (3 years ago)
think this may be my fav version of this song....
Josephine Saatcioglu (3 years ago)
Assgier (3 years ago)
Too bad he doesn't perform this song anymore on stage; apparently they only played it on the BIA-tour :(
Roberto Bailey (3 years ago)
Love this song
carlos alves (3 years ago)
Alex S (3 years ago)
Mr. Master Genius Knopfler.
El Gerardo Edwardio (3 years ago)
Listen to that gross 80's keyboard sound... the song stands strong without it.
Leslie Danieri (4 years ago)
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This version absolutely ROCKS!!! I like it better than off the Brothers In Arms album recording. But my all time fave will always be "Telegraph Road", the ALCHEMY Live Performance. Epic!! Mark Knopfler is the BEST guitarist around; always was, always will be!! 
domobran1 (3 years ago)
+Leslie Danieri forgot about Jimi
ernestobujaran (4 years ago)
what a stunning performance !!! mark, why the hell you did not perform in that dynamic way the version included within the LP?
Joakim Hagberg (4 years ago)
Andrew Ruckel (4 years ago)
Is he using a pick??
RealSenatorPalpatine (3 years ago)
Knopfler is no stranger to pick. He used it all the time back in the early seventies when he was still a low paid musican playing in local English pubs. 
Andrew Wheatley (4 years ago)
+Erik H True Love Will Never Fade...also!
Keith Dolge (4 years ago)
Yes he is. 
Erik Hubendick (4 years ago)
Yes. This and expresso love only songs he's using a pick I think.
John Brown (4 years ago)
I think I like this version better than the studio version
alcide vernoux (4 years ago)
Mark is too strong !
nils vasilev (4 years ago)
Този вариант има любопытно звучене.
TheAntiSmug (4 years ago)
Legalized robbery....tell'em Mark. "The man" is gonna starve us all.
Gary Whiddon (4 years ago)
Amazing audio on this recording.
paul mccuytney (5 years ago)
Mark Knopfler? That man is SO strong!
Flo Korno (5 years ago)
I like I like I like...  and I say to me evreryday that few of artists are as good
123ThisIsMe (5 years ago)
One of my album favs ... great to see the live performance  !
xaxa835 (5 years ago)
Mark K. the best guitar player ever.nobody comes near him
Guilain Bohineust (5 years ago)
I miss you Terry.. ;-(
fl366 (5 years ago)
Ezzine Aziz (5 years ago)
avec ces gens on utilise tout
Victor Hugo (5 years ago)
he is using a pick ?
WanderGlobe (5 years ago)
Funny. The comment got so many negative votes it was hidden. Wasn't trying to offend anyone but when you think of the conquistadors burning books and rewriting history, torturing infidels etc etc...it makes you think of religion.
bobl78 (5 years ago)
mark garceau (5 years ago)
mark is knopfler about the greatest guitarist in the wourld. i jest love him and his music
Simona Battistelli (5 years ago)
Mark, ti voglio bene.
azzedine boudina (6 years ago)
c est le top
giorgio borrelli (6 years ago)
alabhaois (6 years ago)
Hauntingly beautiful
Gem G (6 years ago)
Thank you for posting this. One of my favorites. But PLEASE correct the spelling of Mark's name. Yes, it is Mark, not Marc. Thanks. Peace.
fl366 (6 years ago)
mind your own
Marcos Castro (6 years ago)
MrSprite69 (6 years ago)
WanderGlobe (6 years ago)
I get the feeling the song is more about religion.
JPStrikesBack (6 years ago)
This is written at a very high educational level for a layman. To understand this properly, you should have a law degree and a military history degree.
CooManTunes (10 months ago)
Shove your pretentiously ignorant, over-analytical view of this song up your gaping hole.
Aurélien Margerit (6 years ago)
Mark has written the song, so maybe him. But I think it is not personnal :)
Sam Fuchs (6 years ago)
Were any of these guys in the army?
Kevin McManaman (6 years ago)
One of the best guitarists that I have ever known! Mark Knoppfler rules!
g00nther (6 years ago)
Somebody, maybe Eastwood, needs to do a series of movies based of some of Knopfler's songs. Truly amazing stuff. Wish I had that ability to produce such lyrics.
g00nther (6 years ago)
The clashing guitars signify the attempt by the confessor to rid his thoughts of the guilt and remorse from killing "The Man" I can see him clutching his temple, teeth gritted, rocking forward and back, and shaking his head, so he could forget. He killed "The Man" but he is still haunted by his laughter and his song. He's too big, he's too strong. Even in death. Even stronger in death. Now he faces justice, and lashes out verbally at a former comrade who commands the firing squad.
g00nther (6 years ago)
Mark Knopfler is a genius lyricist. My interpretation: It's the confessions of a killer who's haunted, particularly by one killing, that of "The Man". The Man was a leader of a non-violent movement, with the serene presence of Gandhi, or Mandela, who sang his haunting songs in captivity. When the confessor came to execute him, he just looked at him without fear, and laughed serenely, with the knowledge that his death will inspire, and eventually overthrow the regime of the confessor.
John Doe (1 year ago)
He's said in an interview that his main inspiration was Rudoph Hess/Speer, sitting in the Spandau prison. The part of "burned all those books", "diamonds"(stolen from Jews etc), "fled with my armies and my crooks", "the sun rose on the courtyard"...but he also said It's was just loosely based on this, "on a Hess-like, Spandau character" in general. Whichever, it's brilliant, moving lyrics.

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