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WhipAddict: King Of The South Car Show, Custom Cars, Burnouts, Swerve Action

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Footage of the #KingOfTheSouthCarShow held at Lassiter Dragway near Birmingham, Alabama! A lot of action in this one with some SRT Chargers, Camaro's and G Body's. A few nice Donks, a sick Box Chevy Impala and a damn Monster Truck came out too!
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Madi Bek (18 days ago)
Storms, music, cars u name it 😂 hol up was there Mexican music???
King Nell (25 days ago)
9:04 that bitch roar like a monster 🗣🔥
Khaja Banks (1 month ago)
Great Show. $2018$
Braon Smith (6 months ago)
That turquoise charger is the definition of Florida whips 30s+
young Juan Harrison (6 months ago)
Man Florida Killin every state 💪💰!!!
RedBirdAuto (6 months ago)
I should put a set of those wheels on my F-body haha
Iv you trash Iv (6 months ago)
where this was?
Nino Brown (6 months ago)
4:12 omg :-)
Boss Shit (6 months ago)
I .life 4 this all damn day ⛈💵⛈
Chris (6 months ago)
Hispanic music came out of nowhere 😂😂😂
the7figuremaker (7 months ago)
It must be nice being able to do that in your city. We cant do that where i live at. They don`t even want us cruising up and down the streets. They blame it on people getting shot and killed.
Jeff (7 months ago)
29:24 - AYYE! LOL
Purgatory (7 months ago)
That blue short bed tho...🔥🔥🔥
Vespucci Gaming (7 months ago)
Nothing sounds better then my volvo v70.
Don Aaron (7 months ago)
Most of those cars were trash., a bunch junk on wheels. Only a few clean pieces.😑
TheMenages (3 months ago)
He ain’t got ish to see!
Mr. Smith (6 months ago)
Don Aaron I am guessing your a white guy and that's cool. Post what you drive!!!!!!! Let's see it MAN UP
Kiv Initov (7 months ago)
Fully functional
Sean (7 months ago)
As always another great vid bro. Let's watch them ads ya'll to assist my man whipaddict to keep handling business. His time and travel ain't for free.
WhipAddict (7 months ago)
Sean 💯
ILoveBox ChevyLs (7 months ago)
😂😂 impala nation always doin this 😂😂 14:20
ILoveBox ChevyLs (7 months ago)
😭 next carshow we have I'm going
Necho Hopkins (7 months ago)
That Q5 was super decent
voiceisclear (7 months ago)
Burnouts.,...hips, thighs, and cheeks 😀
Randy Watson (7 months ago)
at 28:35 that red Regal got a concert in the trunk major beat-down...
Randy Watson (7 months ago)
Whip-Addict you do it the best preciate ya bruh!
oGPoLa (7 months ago)
Richie Sinclair (7 months ago)
24:30 them floaters 👌
RUCCI MACK (7 months ago)
6:09 💯💯 👍👍
Marvin Guillen (7 months ago)
Nice sexy v video......
Louisiana Hot Boy (7 months ago)
Always good footage
D Carden (7 months ago)
Swerve action what the fuck is that I been in the car community for 2 decades don't make up shit in Houston the swang you either swanging or you driving normal. This big rim shit getting old a tacky. If you car ain't on big rims a running fast (power train upgrades) you might as well jeep that tacky shit on 20s and look like you got some class
MEAN GENE CUSTOMS (7 months ago)
Excellent footage bro ☝
FLA HEMI (7 months ago)
Ya! Dat box impala A1 🔥🔥🔥💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💯
Loud Gas (7 months ago)
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