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CloudCrowd - How to Write for Money Online

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Link for sign-up: https://www.cloudcrowd.com/i/kvfwby Like my Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/WritingVincent Step-by-step instructions on how you can earn a lot of money writing online. CloudCrowd pays up to about $27/hour for NEW employees (skilled/weathered employees will find themselves earning more under higher credential levels in no time). Sorry about the poor audio quality, I'm not sure what happened there.
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Text Comments (4)
Sophia Cypria (2 years ago)
The site does not exist link is no longer working is this site old or has it changed names ?
Melinda Longoria (4 years ago)
The link in your text is not working. Is this site still working? I also read a hub about this on hubpages and was interested so I found your video. Would really like to check it out.
Pavol Juhasz (5 years ago)
Hello, great video. One question: If I write for an available project, can the project "get lost" or be written by another writer while I write about it? So my work would be useless, right?. Thanks.
Vincent Potter (5 years ago)
You're very welcome. If you ever need any extra help with the platform, you can find me on the CloudCrowd forums (my username there is also WritingVincent).

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