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#G2E2018 AGS - Luck & Luxury, Rakin' Bacon, Golden Nile, Crystal Magic slot machines

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A variety of four game previews seen in the AGS booth at the 2018 G2E conference. These previews typically don't have the rules available because many are still in development. Fortunately, the AGS people gave me the "secret button" that I could use to get these games into demo mode. Now, if I could only use this secret button in the casinos! -- -- -- -- -- Subscribe (New Slot Videos each day): https://www.youtube.com/randomslots?sub_confirmation=1 Channel HOME Page - 1000s of past Slot Videos https://www.youtube.com/randomslots --- Random $$ Slots Website - (Slot Calculator & Casino Listings) www.RandomSSSlots.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/randomssslots Twitter - @RandomDollars
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Jennifer Goodwin (4 months ago)
This is your second AGS video from G2E2018. If viewers missed the first video posted Oct 26 they can see it here. https://youtu.be/yQgi630uimk. You've shown us some nice games; I'm just sorry there wasn't a casino host to discuss features with. Luck and Luxury is something we'd all like - got to find some diamonds to get it it seems. You can see the Fortune Blast feature at the one minute mark...The framed symbol in the upper left corner must have triggered the feature which turned out to be a drop and hold game. 6 spins - won money on three of them. Most games of this type give you more wins. Nice line win with 5 of these diamond symbols - but no blast. ? We used to play an old game called Shakin' Bacon. Rakin' Bacon is not the same slot. Your bonus gave you a choice of 5 games with 3125 ways to win, 10 games with 1024 ways, or 15 games with 243 ways. Sorry, Random. No mystery choice for this game. The next game was one in the Golden Nile series of games called Diamond District. Too bad there was no paytable in the demo to explain the significance of the middle reel. You may have to film this game again when it's in the casinos to see what all is involved. I'd like to know a little more about what to look for in Crystal Magic too. Thanks for all the time you spent filming these new games to give us an idea of what AGS has in store for us in the coming months. We appreciate you. : )
RandomSlots (4 months ago)
Glad you liked the previews. I guess I'll just have to find these games and play them so that I can get them properly into The Library
O K (4 months ago)
I wasn't too impressed with any of these games... sorry! Thank you for sharing!
O K (4 months ago)
Random $$ Slots You did great! 🤠
RandomSlots (4 months ago)
I may not have shown these games in the best light...I'm still going to give them a spin the casino if I find them there

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