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Ariana Grande - god is a woman (Lyrics)

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Ariana Grande - god is a woman (Lyrics) Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman (Lyrics) is a lyric video for the track "God Is A Woman" by Ariana Grande. "Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman" can be found on the following websites - https://arianagrande.lnk.to/GodIsAWoman // http://arianagrande.lnk.to/sweetener • Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Website: https://www.arianagrande.com/ Ariana Grande Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arianagrande Ariana Grande Twitter: https://twitter.com/arianagrande Ariana Grande Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arianagrande/ ►Usage Policy: Please get in touch with the artist(s) for usage of this track in your Youtube videos. For business inquiries and other issues please contact : [email protected]
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Popular Music (7 months ago)
🔔 Don't forget to turn on notifications bell! 😜
Bella Morris (17 days ago)
Mina Schuffert (18 days ago)
Already did ♥️♥️♥️
Thommy Dean (27 days ago)
Love this song but it says in the bible that God is a man
shellshocked s (30 days ago)
Miyaser Yaşar (1 month ago)
Ofc dude👊
rayyyerr RAYA (2 hours ago)
I never sing a song properly ☹️.
Joselyn Rodríguez (19 hours ago)
Kimora Hudson (20 hours ago)
Ok I have NEVER heard this song before so based on the title Is it a song to tease feminists or...?
Lovinq Carol (1 day ago)
Christian people triggered
Zilla BNP (1 day ago)
Lmao the comments are lot more toxic than I thought they’d be
Rebecca Sheehan (1 day ago)
Love this song still in 2019 😘❤ I wish she would keep the white hair, it suits her
CrimsonXGamingHD (1 day ago)
Where all the triggered Beatles fans at!!! I just wanna say Ariana just squashed em bugs. She'll never be compared because in fact she is above and beyond.....nuff said
u n k n o w n (1 day ago)
I thought it was "And all of sudden then" but it's "When all is said and done" xD
Mercedez Negron (1 day ago)
Its a nice Song
Pedro Opio (2 days ago)
I get it now! She's talking about getting knocked up!
Sejal Jadhav (2 days ago)
God is woman and what about men ? . . . . . sorry men's are trash !!
Heavenly (2 days ago)
As a fellow Christian, don’t get mad. God is the Holy Spirit. He is neither man or woman. The Bible called him He, yes. Stop fighting.
Gustave Marie (8 hours ago)
+Heavenly Facts like im also Christian and Im not so triggered. Yall out here saying " oh my god " which is using the name of God in vain so sit down somewhere
Heavenly (9 hours ago)
+Gustave Marie Yeah, I know/ Which means that she thinks God is a man, so IDEK why people are still fighting.
Gustave Marie (9 hours ago)
She is not trying to literally sat God IS a woman she's juat saying that the way she will make him feel will make him believe God IS a woman😉
Scarlet Nightmare (2 days ago)
God isnt a female sorry
Sakura Haruno (2 days ago)
God has left the chat
Ariana - you believe god is a woman (IDK) Miranda - YOU BELIVE GODS A MIRNDA !!!!!!!
bby k (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who hears *uterus* instead of *different* @ 1:57 ?????
Koba The Irish Pomsky (3 days ago)
bby k nope
Nitin Deshmukh (3 days ago)
If you believe that ariana is the best singer then smash the like button
Ann Angel (4 days ago)
Ariana Grande you are the best!!😘😘
Rosalina Liz (4 days ago)
I love this song
Faisal F (4 days ago)
God is a woman
Khawar Syed (5 days ago)
God is who you think "he" is ;)
The Ppusk tho (5 days ago)
Sarah Marciano (5 days ago)
There were so many mistakes 😬
Fils Mm (5 days ago)
Yeah dear i agree with u God is a woman
HumbleAMi (6 days ago)
This is pure mockery of Jesus Christ. She is is acting as though she is Jesus sitting at the Table with the 12 disciples. There are key words she sings that are representation of Satan him self and those who worship him on a deeper level. Woman empowerment.. yeah- okay, Satan uses anything to mimic and mock the One true God.
Tree Sap (6 days ago)
Brynnifer 123 (6 days ago)
Want more Ariana???? I know that I LOVE her. Anyway, I made a playlist of my favorite Ari songs so check it out if you're interested ;) (just a disclaimer these Ariana songs are just my personal favorites)
Martha Andonio (6 days ago)
No I don't believe that is a woman and please people don't miss with GOD 👏👏👏Is not good Do not use his name in vains
dilooo wish (7 days ago)
please listen Murat Ceylan Wish’s new song Which Way!!🐣😻😎💗he deserves moreee love and attention!💙
PeachyHeart (7 days ago)
Uploaded on my Birthday! Ayyyyyy!!!
Manar Ali (8 days ago)
Jesus is SHAKING
Beth Nichols (8 days ago)
I signed
A gamer (8 days ago)
حرام كفار
Léa Bernard (9 days ago)
Les français vous êtes où?❤️
Jknigel Rogado (9 days ago)
2019 SINO PA nanonood nito
dimple rajput (9 days ago)
My love
ester manzo (9 days ago)
I love this song because I hear it in the car and I put it loud😍
Mirajane Tunnel (9 days ago)
A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana Arian Aria Ari Ar A
Ibrahim Eltoukhy (9 days ago)
First of Ur a bish
Keira Wright (9 days ago)
Keira Wright (9 days ago)
Keira Wright (9 days ago)
Marizatha Dirkse (9 days ago)
Ya'll saying GOD'S a woman?? oh GOD plzz forgive Ariana😠
Ebony Thompson (10 days ago)
No god is not a woman who the heck
undaground94 (10 days ago)
So after you have sex with Ariana Grande, we'll believe she is God?... IDK I got to call "The Chief" for this one.. (Dials phone) "Hello, God, some bold claims being made here...."
ItsJxnnaPlays (10 days ago)
Put this at x0.5..
Amy Moorhouse (10 days ago)
Ariana this is a tune love it
유리구슬 (11 days ago)
God is a Ariana Grande
Katrina Greene (11 days ago)
i sing this just like her and i can hit every note
Lil Smith (11 days ago)
Lisa Terblanche (11 days ago)
SAIF_AL_ MONSTER (11 days ago)
الله هو نور ليس امرأه ولا رجل وهو حيواً لا يموت
KILLTROLL (13 days ago)
*break up with god is a woman, it’s too cool*
응떠요뎡 (13 days ago)
👑❤❤Ari is my queen❤❤ 👑
kendrajrockin5 (13 days ago)
6.9k people do not believe that god is a woman....... Jackassess
dexter the cat (13 days ago)
Dang 6th month's already
Tou Lee (13 days ago)
damn if god is a women im doomed for hell....some females i did wrong....ughhh...sorry god please forgive me....we see if its a he or she world
Pink&PurpleHumans (13 days ago)
I luv this songs
Malvo Dmv (14 days ago)
Jole Hunt (14 days ago)
OMG so good 😍
Bt RO (14 days ago)
God isn't a woman neither a man .___.
Sarah2005 MSP (14 days ago)
meddy di souza (15 days ago)
Stop messing with God. Wtf worship UR devil dnt play with God
bayani bayani (15 days ago)
How to hit the high note: 1.Shout very loud but make it high pitched(it'll help) 2.Scream like youre in a rollercoaster 3. (The best way) Stub your toe (the best thing to stub your toe is at a sharp edge)
Fudgethedoggy Tm (15 days ago)
2019 squad?
Molly Aleya18 (16 days ago)
Love much ari but i rather be turn into ateis than assume godis a woman😂😂😂😂
Swaggy Niki (16 days ago)
My first thought on this song was Athena
Harrison Diluvio (16 days ago)
1:42 I swear to god she says “so,baby take my hand, take it slow” not “so,baby take my hand, save your soul” who else thinks this??? MANDELA EFFECT
Jovana Jovanovic (16 days ago)
alessandra araújo (16 days ago)
i'm sorry Ariana! God no is a woman
Phesheya Bhembe (12 days ago)
Some of them are.
Spread Love (16 days ago)
2:57 to the end ❤️❤️❤️
Esto Franco no pasaba
Amit Seth (16 days ago)
Amazing .... Good to learn a dance on this song...
andrea mccomb (17 days ago)
2019 anyone?????????
Anjali Baksh (17 days ago)
Remzije Qovanaj (17 days ago)
lodzianka639kp (18 days ago)
I love this song but im a Christian so sorry its to efencive for me and my friends. And you should not be rude to God. Ok 😤😖😦😭😈 He is not Woman he is a man and just because he had long hair it dosent mean he is a Woman. Hello. And I love god's hair. But still i love your songs Ariana Grande😍😗😘😙
Vicky THH (18 days ago)
Thank u so much popular music.More and more please.
Girl Power (19 days ago)
You'II believe God is a woman
reggie rivette (19 days ago)
I did it Ariana grande
Kritveen Kaur KHURANA (19 days ago)
love this song
Zahidul Alam (19 days ago)
she likes to say bad words when God is a Spirit
Semir Santoro (20 days ago)
If god is a woman wouldn’t it be called GODDESS
Gi A (20 days ago)
G Go God God i- Nah I give up
Sarah Hackemack (20 days ago)
Try getting the lyrics right for the next one...
u n k n o w n (20 days ago)
I love everything about Ariana 💕😍
Shadna Job (20 days ago)
2:16 When I see Ariana Grande in real life
Danya Shehab (21 days ago)
dave dingle (21 days ago)
you got this you are perfit
Mike Hunt (21 days ago)
@oprah @ellen @kimkardashian tried being my fakebook friends so i could win there but it required a purchase of dvd's! @facebook is the biggest fraud the world will ever know! @taylorswift13 said id win at least $1,000,000 on publishers clearing house @pch as well!
Mike Hunt (21 days ago)
Motel 6 in Oceanside to apologize for hacking my accts with @taylorswift13 , @kimkardashian , etc then saying "God" is a woman in a failed attempt to rule the world! @mariahcarey @bonnietyler @debbiegibson @Madonna @rihanna @mileycyrus etc, etc, etc How come you all came to me even saying youd date me so that id play your music but not 1 single guy did?
Kellalanroy Quintal (21 days ago)
God is a woman all aright. But then again does that ... God... know what shes doing? When she lowers HIM??? I would say THAT...GOD...would still lift her up from that low place.
AMANDA POLYDOROU (21 days ago)
Γουστάρω τρελα
Şilan.sidar AGİN (21 days ago)
this song is very perfect.thank u ariana!
Madan Yonzon (22 days ago)
Erika Ferrari (22 days ago)
love this song
Calvary M.B Church (22 days ago)
God is a spirit not a women or man.
Jonathan Gough (22 days ago)
She probly thinks she god I like some of her songs

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