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We’re always looking for fun ways to get our kids outside to free play, so we were inspired by Kamik’s #FreeYourPlay campaign to do just that while we focused on our fall yard clean up! #AD. Almost every year we put off preparing the exterior of our home for winter, in fact, most years we have to rush because the snow has begun to fall. But this year we are on our game. Thanks to Kamik, we’re encouraging our kids to bundle up and free play outside while we are hard at work. When parenting my kids I like to channel my own childhood and be very hands off, letting them explore, use their imagination and problem solve with their siblings. You can learn more about Kamik’s #FreeYourPlay campaign here:www.kamik.com/freeyourplay and shop Kamik boots here: https://www.kamik.com Here are the boots each of us chose… Joanna: Kamik Sienna2, color – DBR https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/women/footwear/womens-winter-collection-2018/sienna2-3.html#color=dbr Mike: Kamik Velox, color – DBR https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/men/footwear/mens-winter-collection-fw18/velox-4.html#color=dbr Holden: Kamik Luke, color – BLK https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/boys/boys-shoes/boys-winter-collection-fw18/luke-5.html#color=blk Beau: Kamik Powdery2, color BRO https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/girls/girls-shoes/girls-winter-collection-fw18/powdery2.html#color=bro Mia: Kamik Frostine, color GRA https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/toddlers/toddlers-shoes/toddler-winter-collection-2018/frostine.html#color=gra Everly: Kamik Powdery2, color WHT https://www.kamik.com/b2c_ca_en/girls/girls-shoes/girls-winter-collection-fw18/powdery2.html#color=whtSign up for my weekly newsletter to receive a personalized letter, and to keep you in the loop with everything that is happening with Nesting Story each week: http://eepurl.com/dljwvn Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Check out my blog www.nestingstory.ca and Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nesting-Story-114536365305183/
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Shari Mahoney (12 days ago)
Hi Joanna👋 I'm Sorry I little behind on videos with the holidays in full swing 🎄🍁 I loved the idea with giving the kids boxes and allowing them to use their imagination. My kids favorite toys when they were younger were always boxes (imagine that) lol. I was wondering if you had heard about a company called Kiwi Co? You should team up with them.... Your kids would love the boxes they send. Check out their site. BTW, guess what we bought on Black Friday? Nespresso 🎉 I absolutely LOVE it! Take care xx❤️
Megan Marshall (21 days ago)
Last 3 out of 4 videos have been AD’s 🙁
Nesting Story (19 days ago)
+Megan Marshall There are lots of home projects coming up, they'll really become a focus on my channel soon as I have many projects around the house I want to tackle! As for the day-to-day stuff, it's a lot to deal with, but we thrive on routine and schedules. It's also easier as kids grow older and start becoming more independent. Thanks for watching!
Megan Marshall (20 days ago)
Nesting Story Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have loved your channel for a long time & it has been disappointing to see so many “AD” video lately. My favourite videos of your have been you KonMari, home projects (even a small clean up) and would love to see some shop with me .... I only have two kids and work part time and am in awe on the day to day of fitting everything in with the kids ( swimming , activities , dinner , cleaning ... )
Nesting Story (20 days ago)
Hi Megan, you're right, there have been more ads recently. It just so happened that these were added to my schedule at the same time. I would like to express that the brands I partner with are ones that feel positive about and do use for my family on a regular basis. There is plenty of fun content coming up soon! With all of that said, what kinds of videos would you like to see more of on my channel?
Aly MNW (25 days ago)
I think AD should be in the video title so you know what you are watching before you click. I know people have strong opinions on sponsored content- both for and against - I would just rather know upfront and make a choice to watch or not watch rather than find out it's an ad after I've already clicked.
Nesting Story (20 days ago)
You make a fair point. I do always tag my sponsored content where necessary though. I understand there are people strongly against it and if they'd rather not watch it, that's ok. I do hope you keep watching, I have lots of great ideas for content coming up soon!
Sandra Tapia (25 days ago)
Really liking the boots👍
Nesting Story (25 days ago)
They're super warm and comfortable!
Alyssa Durkin (25 days ago)
Great job, guys! Just done my garden in Scotland xx
Great boots !!! My kids LOVE playing with empty boxes !! 😀
Nesting Story (26 days ago)
Isn't it great to see what imaginative things they come up with!? 😊

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