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1 Year Body Transformation From Skinny To Muscular (15 years old)

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Instagram- joefazer snapchat- joefazerfitness Thank you guys so much for watching! This transormation was with the use of no drugs. my current 1 rep maxes at 15 years old are: 120kg deadlift 115kg squat 72.5kg bench Business enquirires - [email protected] this took ages to make so it would mean a lot if you liked commented and maybe even subscribed :) thanks guys Song is : punker and midranger - crystal FAQ: How old am I?- I am 15 years old Why did I start YouTuber- Because it looked fun! What camera do I use?- The Cannon EOS 700D What Lighting Do I Use?- I use 2 softboxes and a normal Led Lamp Who is My Favorite YouTuber?- ROMANATWOOD If you guys enjoy my videos please leave a like and If you REALLY enjoyed it and your new plz leave a big fat subscribe XD I know im only a small youtuber but I dont care. I enjoy it!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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idrish traya (17 minutes ago)
https://youtu.be/iy-CdzgJhPY This is my real story plz watch it once u will surely get inspiration
idrish traya (19 minutes ago)
https://youtu.be/iy-CdzgJhPY This is my transformation at home
SuperJuvent (1 hour ago)
Very impressive !
이상혁 (1 hour ago)
You so cool guy
nemeziss (1 hour ago)
Slade Trahan (6 hours ago)
On some real shit!! You could be the next David laid ! If you don’t know him look him up bro. Just eat, train, and be patient. Everything will come your way, keep uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram when you get big some one will sponsor you. Train those obliques and legs, I’m not kidding. You can make it bro keep going!!!
Suction Mountain (6 hours ago)
0:00 Hi welcome to chili’s
Ali Ribeiro (7 hours ago)
God damn !!!!!!!! I still find it cute this transformation ♥
Thanks for the motivation
Kevin Senna (9 hours ago)
Vagabundo tá tomando bomba néh 😂😂
Tori Space (11 hours ago)
Fuck bro! 😩💕
Young Alchemist (11 hours ago)
skinny from muscular is a helluva transformation. but i wanna see a fat to muscular transformation. that one would surprise me
Bay Whedon (11 hours ago)
How do you find time to go to the gym with a very very busy schedule And I’m asking for myself
Roberto Productions (12 hours ago)
Did you use any supplements such as pre workout pills or protein powder or anything like that? Or was your diet enough
Lanae Arcand (13 hours ago)
Hi welcome to chilies
Jay R. (13 hours ago)
I know how it feels I was a stick in 7+8 grade below average weight and a modest height not a great mix. When I first started working out my goal was to get bigger and stronger like you. I could barely do 5+3 pound weights for alot of exercise and I couldn't squat 100 pounds or bench the bar. After some hard work and dedication fast forward Sophomore year I am 150 pounds squatting 345 for a Max and benching 165 pounds and still rapidly growing and gaining strength. Keep your head up and keep grinding
Jay R. (12 hours ago)
Also I am no longer a twig I am well built and beginning to really develop some body asthetics alot of people envy. So if your also looking for that those will also come in due time. 👍
Gamer _ (13 hours ago)
Dude you have good Photoshop skills 👌
karlycat 2 (13 hours ago)
*Sees pictures* *Thinks* “Hi, welcome to chillys.”
ganesh varma (14 hours ago)
You did a great job
Dominiczka25 (15 hours ago)
Nie umiem angielskiego, więc Wow Poprostu wow Ciężko pracowałeś ale nie poddawałeś sie, gratulacje ^^
The Dantetix (16 hours ago)
il a changer kenny
Mubin Miah (16 hours ago)
Keep grinding
Kinjazz Plays (17 hours ago)
*hi welcome to chillies*
Kinjazz Plays (6 hours ago)
+hi welcome to Chili's Chili's child yo
die 3 kanacken (17 hours ago)
Cristhian Vinicios (18 hours ago)
E eu aqui reclamando que sou muito magro olha o cara
Haziq Harith (18 hours ago)
2:51 makes me feel like I wanna sleep with him😱
A (19 hours ago)
and I bet now he is a fuckboy...
CamsCooL (19 hours ago)
You must be using proteins or steroids to do this for 1 year 😁
Rosvaldas Soliunas (19 hours ago)
vistiek nupisciau is vieno hito
Crystal Paint (19 hours ago)
In the first picture the boy looks like one of my classmates lol😂
XezolPL (19 hours ago)
Well done man ;) I have started my transformation when i was 14 from fat to muscular. Now I have 15,5 yo im still working and im not going to stop. -10kg fat and + 6kg muscules <3
XezolPL (8 hours ago)
+Kacper Cygan well man, i was just learning anathomy, diet, genetic, just how it all works. You are a change just start from now. Look at internet, search for getting weight as a skinny man and expand your knowledge.
Kacper Cygan (15 hours ago)
XezolPL where did you find any tips for diet, etc.? I can't mobilize myself to try any diets, because there's too much work to do with this. I am so dissapointed with any physical exercises, because once time i have practised exercises for something like 1 year and nothing changed. I'm still skinny and now i want to take a last try. Now or never
IMAD TAJ (20 hours ago)
Good bro thats good..try try again one day you sucess...🤗🤗🤗
3:32-4:28 I love it
Kaj_Braves (15 hours ago)
Yeah it's the best
Nick Folkerts (20 hours ago)
this video gave me inspiration to do the same thing
Anonymous GAMER (21 hours ago)
You just gave me Motivation
aquib khan (22 hours ago)
Now you are in average
Kalle Frankleben (23 hours ago)
I'm happy enough when i could be skinny and not fat 😥
MONSTER (1 day ago)
im 17 yo and still skinny wtf
tsorbus sorbe (1 day ago)
Fucking mickey mouse
Itsmepuxx (1 day ago)
Whoah ...
톨스tv (1 day ago)
qute and handsome boy~
Time to Squanch (1 day ago)
Well done Bro, keep proving these people wrong. Lookin great
Mandeep Kumar (1 day ago)
Tell me about your daily protein, fat, carb and other nutrients consumption
Muh Fadhel (1 day ago)
From looser to gay
Billy Joe (1 day ago)
Good Achievement friend😁👍You Look Great Now,everybody will notice it!Keep Going and keep it up👍
david lones (1 day ago)
Hyper motuvational
Ella Burrow (1 day ago)
The first pic remind me of the vine ‘hi welcome to chilly’s’
TECH DRONE (1 day ago)
Bro how many days u take for this body?one year?
刘欣雨 (1 day ago)
Great. You make me feel energetic.💪
Sugahh (1 day ago)
Good for you my guy👌🏾
TahirToo Saucy (1 day ago)
Can someone please tell me what to eat while working out
Darkness 1090 (1 day ago)
Good on him looking great
Ddddjdj Fddjdjdj (1 day ago)
Micro Ting hahaha
JustRaptor (1 day ago)
Weird flex but okay...
vTim (1 day ago)
you are really an inspiration to me. I am very thin now I can eat as much as I want but nothing happens .. I also want to go to the gym do you have tips?
Seeing dat thumbnail be like WeLcOmE tO cHilLiS
remco games (1 day ago)
THATS THE SPIRIT! now do 100 push ups
dainius striska (1 day ago)
Cool man very cool
حلم جميل (1 day ago)
You were and you are cute skinny or muscular you are 😍😍😍
Jordan kilcrease (1 day ago)
Keep it up bro.
LABRO (1 day ago)
that‘s ugly. Most Girls don‘t like this...
Dynamic Aesthetics (1 day ago)
Nellie Hag (1 day ago)
You are a hero man, a real fighter!
Lukas Braeuer (1 day ago)
Bigest Motivation
Bruder muss los (1 day ago)
RESPECT !!!!!!!!!
Prestigious BH (1 day ago)
Sara E (1 day ago)
That looks awful
Sasouno ꧂ (1 day ago)
J'ai cru c t kenny au debut😂😭😭
Random Random (1 day ago)
Puberty hit him. In the face. With a dumbell.
Sheraya4Gaming (1 day ago)
I’m glad to hear that you keep going whilst people are trying to demotivate you. I don’t know if I could do that myself. I’m very proud of you. Remember to never listen to people who are trying to bring you down. 😄 (btw if there are some grammar mistakes in my comment, I’m sorry but Dutch so English is not my native language xD)
a big boye (1 day ago)
When were you skinny? Your six pack was more visible than me myself.
AssaultReaper 233 (1 day ago)
I began one month ago with training and I go 3 times a week to gym and on the other days I do some regular stuff at home. Do you think 3 times a week is ok or should I go more ?
kai honan (1 day ago)
I don't wanna be the kids that called him embarrassing 😂
ibrà him (1 day ago)
Keep going man We are proud of you 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
🦁 Fair play kid don't listen to any little cunt trying to put u down there just insecure and unhappy with themselves
First day: *Hi welcome to Chillis*
+Nyima Colley hi
Nyima Colley (14 hours ago)
100 subs with no videos hi
Козак (1 day ago)
Connor Hood (1 day ago)
well done man
Cock Schelle (1 day ago)
2:16 his right arm got not so much from the transformation
Pete Sterk (1 day ago)
I didn't need to c the whole video to say nice self discipline
Igor Mićković (1 day ago)
Yes, and how much chemistry you have taken in your body,retard!
Danny Davey (1 day ago)
0:01 hi welcome to chillys
Eshawn Clark (1 day ago)
Well done kid. Well done indeed. I’m 40 and Son, you are one hell of an inspiration. Keep it up.
Kaiser Karlisle (1 day ago)
Great man, you need to improve your video editing skills ^^
dkrbuckley (1 day ago)
Just dont turn into a douche bag..
NextYTSensation (1 day ago)
You probably need to eat more
Frenk Hidri (1 day ago)
I wonder what those pricks said
One word: All Respect
Szwagier Somsiad (2 days ago)
Where is muscular?
iCookie (11 hours ago)
Xavier Beliën (2 days ago)
My man looking like fkn john cena
Privat YT (2 days ago)
Good luck
Xavier Beliën (2 days ago)
Fkn hell
Aaron Ng (2 days ago)
prateek ._. (2 days ago)
Hi welcome to chillies
ImFah Gaming (2 days ago)
Atleast you are skinny! Im a fatty
YCaptain Aaryan (2 days ago)
Some tips
bruce brennan (2 days ago)
Omfg hes been tampered with by his work mates passed about like a skud mag in the jail
colin mcm (2 days ago)
Your uncle Frank rape you
ZEAL (2 days ago)
How lonh did it takr you

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