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Amiga Longplay [031] Extase

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Questions?: http://youtu.be/aZ1bcsIgwWM What a great game :) I wonder what the different things (innocent/latin lover/young cannibal) are for. Probably difficulty levels, but I'm not sure. "Innocent" could sound like a difficulty, like the easiest one, but "latin lover" sounds like it would change how the music sound/plays. I did a quick test on the first level with the different settings, didn't notice much difference. Should maybe have played the whole first stage, as I only quickly had a look/listen. So, maybe they DO alter the music? Or... maybe it is just difficulty (probably), donno. Couldn't find the manual for the game :( No real ending/outro to the game, it just resets back to the menu, so I was told to add something in the end so it didn't just go from displaying the score to nothing. Weird how there is a code system (for levels), but I was only given a code ONCE, it was on level 4 (Cry of Love), that goes to level 5. Wonder why the other levels doesn't give a code. I don't even get one if I lose on a level. So, it seems like only one code is obtainable in the game. I find this female android hot :P Some comments: Trenton Webb (Amiga Format 15 (Oct 1990)): Extase is a deactivated android that's been discovered in an alien system. To reactivate the droid various mental conditions must be repaired individually, starting with her Dream State. Each revived by rebuilding a circuit before the other player. arne - 2007-04-20 (Lemon Amiga) A timeless classic, an absolute masterpiece! One of the most original games and one of the best games of all time. It will have its shrine one day in the museums. This game is unique so far in that it really perfected interactive soundscapes, creating a synergistic experience that's just indescribable. Every action you take in the game has a sound effect that is rendered in such a way as to perfectly match the background music in tempo and style, off-beat, on-beat, everything! On top, each level has its own completely unique sound fx and music, getting wilder and faster as you progress to get the android closer to consciousness. And what kind of futuristic and awesome avant-garde new wave sound this game delivers. The player creates his own soundscapes, dragging himself further and further into this games "noir" ambience. bVork - 2007-03-16 (Lemon Amiga) Unique, beautiful, and enthralling. The interactive music is fantastic, and one of the many reasons I think Stéphane Picq is the greatest game music composer ever. The graphics are beautifully minimalist. The android somehow manages to blur the line between pretty and creepy. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun. The computer AI is very good and even reacts to what you do. If you leave it alone, it'll leave you alone. But if you start causing sparks and stealing parts, it'll do the same to you. Two-player mode is a lot of fun too, because of the sheer chaos that can ensue (and the wonderful music caused by that chaos). 10/10. Absolutely perfect in everything it does. Dirk_the_Daring - 2005-08-07 (Lemon Amiga) Forget Rez, Extase is the first game with real interactive music. Every sound in Extase (all of them with explendid quality) are desingned to create the background music for each level (and they change on every level), u have to see it to believe. The game is based on the great puzzle game of Purple Saturn Day, but more advanced and complex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extase_(video_game)
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Vervain Vanity (5 months ago)
Is she ok... she doesn't look ok...
I AM IRONCLAW! (5 months ago)
She's ok.
So Creepy games😲😲😲😲
altikirkbes (1 year ago)
Best soundtrack ever. All is random but still orgasmic.
RIET Julien (1 year ago)
If you let the demo mode begin, you will enjoy the OST with an ideal play to hear coherent songs in the 7 first levels. Only the last one isn't shown, I suppose not to break the surprise. A shame has the basic of this last level song is really nice.
I AM IRONCLAW! (1 year ago)
Maybe I should do a little video where I let the computer play the music the right way on those 7 levels (and maybe add the 8th as well and explain it's not part of it, but to still include it) and add your text so more people know.
I AM IRONCLAW! (1 year ago)
Aha, so during the demo when the CPU plays it does it in a pre-recorded way to make it all sound like Stephanie wanted. I wanted to hear one that didn't use any player activated sound effects, but that's not possible as it won't continue the music until the right sounds has been activated/triggered. But OK, I get what you were saying now. Thanks for the info :) (copy/paste it seems).
RIET Julien (1 year ago)
Stéphane Picq with the other guys from CRYO decided to use the actions of the player to create an interactive music added to a basic line played in background. Of course it is not as advanced as the system developed in a game such as REZ some years later as here the music as no effect on the gameplay. But it is enough to add to immersion and the game looses much of its interest in its ST and PC versions which do not offer this feature with soundchip music. If you let the demo mode begin, you will quickly hear that the computer make all its actions not only to win but to play coherent music too. So if you take time to let the computer play, you will discover the nice OST that Stephane Picq not only composed with its music tools but playing the game in a precise manner in order to obtain a final result you will only hear watching him play through the actions of the computer recorded in these rolling demos. I recorded all the songs in PCM some years ago to be able to hear this nice OST like any other one. As I said, only a complete song of the last level is missing as they never recorded a rolling demo of this one to let the player discover it after playing the rest of the game. I bought this game the month its release in 1990 and it was really a wonderful experience...
I AM IRONCLAW! (1 year ago)
What do you mean with "an ideal play"? You mean hear them "clean" without sound effects from the players? Well, demo mode is not clean as the CPU does stuff to trigger the sound effects like when playing normally. Yeah, I wanted to hear the basic level songs but couldn't manage to rip them or even find them anywhere on the internet (checked the best Amiga game music places I knew, like Amiga Exotica - which miss a lot of games of course). I even downloaded an Amiga music torrent years ago with thousands of Amiga music files in all kinds of formats. It has a section for Amiga games, demos, chip tunes, etc. Extase wasn't even among those. I think maybe this game has no normal tracker music, it's sort of generated instead - not random of course, but done very differently. Closest one can get to "clean" where there are no sound effects from the players is if one starts in 2 player mode and don't move. But then there will still be sound effects from small stuff moving automatically and the music will never kick in as it does that based on the actions.
M S (1 year ago)
first off, I've always thought CRYO had one of the coolest logos ever. I had never actually seen this one or knew they existed this long ago. I know them from the 3do days. Extase = Extacy the end sounds sampled from pornos, with her rolling her eyes in extacy lol
I AM IRONCLAW! (1 year ago)
Yeah, that last level is erotic. Even the animated thingy on her forehead at the end of the level looks like a vagina's inside and is cumming.
Lost Eye (2 years ago)
Music at 8:15 sounds a lot like Chrono Trigger's Jurassic Rhythm. I know Extase was made first, just saying :)
TheNonConformist (2 years ago)
Wow, imagine how trippy a VR Version would be. Damn Stepane Picq, why you dont remix those songs anew?
arsworld (2 years ago)
One of the best game ever !
Desmaad (3 years ago)
I have a feeling this game was released incomplete. There are only eight levels and no end sequence.
GamePlayMetal (2 years ago)
Dude, you don't really know much about classic gaming do you :p
I AM IRONCLAW! (3 years ago)
It's complete, and there's only 8 levels. Check the manual (page 6) http://gamesdbase.com/Media/SYSTEM/Atari_ST/manual/Formated/Extase_-_1991_-_Virgin_Games,_Ltd..pdf
rhorschack (4 years ago)
Unique in many ways

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