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Hot Shoe Trends

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Heels: Leopard is a neutral….it goes with everything! The rounded toe heels are out of fashion for the moment and pointy toes are all the rage. You can’t go wrong with animal print. These heels are versatile and can dress up or down any look. Leopard Pump Brand: Aldo Price: $85 Vegan Patent leather gold pumps have a great detail of the vinyl going across the top which elevates this shoe. For only $35 you are feeling sexy and ready to party! Gold pump with vinyl: Brand: Lulus: Price: $35 Purple is huge for Fall and the perfect way to draw attention to your killer legs. Purple Stilettos: Brand: Amazon Price: $30 Flats: These comfy loafers with a beautiful gold buckle accent on top accompanied with a pointy toe are a must-have. Faux fur loafer slides: Brand: Lulu’s Price: $27 Elle Woods soft felt flats with a pointy toe have a darling bow detail. These are effortlessly chic and perfect for day to night…work to cocktails. Hot Pink Felt Slides: Brand: Lulu’s Price: $25 First you had “Mom Jeans” and now you have “Dad Sneakers!” Sneakers have made a huge comeback and ladies aren’t just wearing them with athletic wear, but with dresses and evening looks $64 Boots: This bedazzled booty with a chunky heel is easy to slip on. Since it’s bedazzled from all sides you’ll sparkle every step you take! Brand: Akira Price: $69 Pine green booties are PERFECT for the holidays. These are cushioned insoles with leather outsoles. Feather Bootie. Brand: Nina $139 The sock + shoe trend is all over the runways and perfect for Fall. Stetch sock Trend: Circus by Sam Edelman $80 _ Follow Wendy See it first. See it now. Only at https://www.WendyShow.com https://www.Facebook.com/WendyShow https://www.Instagram.com/WendyShow https://www.Twitter.com/WendyWilliams
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Text Comments (225)
Taylor Harris (1 month ago)
I would pair those red Sock shoes, with a short cargo mini skirt and One third sleeve baseball shirt for a day out with friends. I would pair those leopard heels with a pair of skinny jeans, a white fitted dress shirt and fitted leather jacket for a cool Saturday out with my lover.
Adam Ramirez (2 months ago)
Emily needs to be educated. He comment as if we’re gonna eat them? Those shoes are vegan because they were made without the cruelty of killing animals for leather. Vegan is a lifestyle not just about what we eat.
dangeldoll (2 months ago)
I just returned This Moschino Tshirt! and a few acc back to store, the cashier girls at Soho had dibs to keep them just saying, if I don't look good in something, it's always better to return it and make somebody else happy
Ahlana Burñey (2 months ago)
I like her.
FASHIONSFLYEST (2 months ago)
Have her back she did nervously amazing! great energy
T B (2 months ago)
I hate a pointy toe, UGHHHHH!!! 😫 But gotta say that Green Boot 😍
sweett angel (2 months ago)
Hahaha you can definitely tell wendy was getting annoyed by this woman. She was trying to hard to act like those fun black women with personality.
Enid Martinez (2 months ago)
Wendy likes to make her guest frustrated lol
New Neringa (2 months ago)
Loved those white ones
2214diva (2 months ago)
I would wear the Bedazzled Boots, the Leopard Print heels and the Purple Heels.
WLC (2 months ago)
I like her! I can't stand when folks take forever during segments. She wasn't "too fast," she just kept the pace and time properly
ballsoutballistic (2 months ago)
As if! I am keeping my round toe shoes — comfort over trend. Ain’t having my feet looking like I walked thru corn field 🙄
dance4life1208 (2 months ago)
i love wendy's outfit
tsering tsomo (2 months ago)
The dad shoes are blah , sometimes the trends are beyond me .
Love (2 months ago)
Loll funny
NaturallyRae Travels (2 months ago)
Wendy about to have everybody feet riddled with bunions and corns. Pointy toe ain't for everybody
proudbluestaterful (2 months ago)
these shows always show shoes that look fab on girls, with little feet. we big hoofers get no love, lol
Luigiano _ (2 months ago)
Lawruhtoe 🙄
IKONzMIND (2 months ago)
Wendy has men viewers, so why not show men shoes too 🤔
Sir George (2 months ago)
Emily did coke before the show.
digthewarmth (2 months ago)
I'm starting this video with the thought "What UGLY shoes are in Now?"
digthewarmth (2 months ago)
Oh they're better this time. I'm usually cringing at each one. The feather booties are dope though.
HaiDera Hollins (2 months ago)
I've never seen Emily before, I like her...
Pink (2 months ago)
She's just imitating Wendy and I can't complain because I do that with successful people all the time to make them like me. :D
Ten Ways To Wear It (2 months ago)
Check out my Lookbook on styling “dad sneakers” 👟 to get 10 cool looks. Click here👉🏾 https://youtu.be/bgnc6V7QvEk
LOLANIME (2 months ago)
Emily has the same energy as Michael Yo
VoL. (2 months ago)
That lady was not bothered by Wendy shading her. 😃🤨
Real Talk (2 months ago)
Shoe orgasm Her energy was GOOD 👠
Marvelous Mimi (2 months ago)
This girl is annoying af and Wendy knows it. lmaoooo
Elaita 1 (2 months ago)
These shoes were nothing to write home about.
Manda J (2 months ago)
Bring Emily back daily!!!
Cilba Magazine (2 months ago)
I like Emily, keep her! =)
Ash (2 months ago)
I love her personality. Hahaha. She clearly is meeting her marks... but adding personality and getting those price points in while pausing for wendy tangents.
Lettie Mayisela (2 months ago)
Kim..kanye would love those sneakers 😁
Ligia Herrarte (2 months ago)
I hate when wendy does this, to people on her show
Keith Caldwell (2 months ago)
Ok she’s extra yet reaching haaaaaaarrrrrrrd.
melanoxable (2 months ago)
Emily was a good hire. She's fun !
Those shoes look CHEAP AS HELL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂
hermajestythereine (2 months ago)
Ugh those white sneakers....
kristinarayart (2 months ago)
Wendy tell us please why you dont wear heels anymore?
Miko B (2 months ago)
What? Those sneakers are amazing!
Blissful Escape (2 months ago)
Love Emily ❤️ she’s super fun
holdingontightly (2 months ago)
“I work” lmfao
83Jude (2 months ago)
The fuschia felt slip-on...did she say from Lulu's?
algblessed 1 (2 months ago)
Shoe Dazzle has all of the copies
natalie storm (2 months ago)
Oohh when wendy says I have the other ones though and then says "I work" was hilarious
lincris10 (2 months ago)
Same! Hate rounded toe 😐 but I think they don’t work for me because of my feet shape
Mr Funky (2 months ago)
hahahahLLOL ...she has obviously been hanging w/some street queens!!!!!
Gladys simmons (2 months ago)
That white lady is so funny, .
Jackie Bugdale (2 months ago)
i work too. $1000 for a pair of flats is plain STUPID.
shadeofwinston (2 months ago)
just garbage
Shaylaszone (2 months ago)
Wow what a bright & beautiful personality! Gorgeous too =)
chinny17 (2 months ago)
Emily know how to work around Wendy’s moods... I like her
Opulence_prime (2 months ago)
Loving the feather booties. Champagne taste w/beer money tho 😩
Eric Pratt (2 months ago)
Wendy had the nerve to throw shade at the white sneakers?! I thought her sneakers were uglier.
Eva garcia Romero (2 months ago)
first time on Youtube Love You Wendy your the best!!!
BlessedDivinely (2 months ago)
Great choices & affordable prices. 👍🏾👍🏾 Have her back.
Chelsea Johnson (2 months ago)
Wendy has the Gucci ones duh
Heather Greisha (2 months ago)
i dont care, those white shoes are fuckin ugly!!!!!!!
Scalandra Russell (2 months ago)
I love Emily, she was so energetic and bubbly. She was the star of that segment!
Indra R (2 months ago)
Emily with all the cheap knock off shoes
SaluteSenseiCocoa (2 months ago)
I liked em all
jay vajayjay (2 months ago)
I laughed at 3:06 lol
blazebaby89 (2 months ago)
I guess Emily took her vitamins today lol
Monaco Jones (2 months ago)
Those sneakers look like orthopedic shoes for grandma. I'm passing on that trend.
ballsoutballistic (2 months ago)
Monaco Jones I pass on all trends. I’ll determine what’s best for me and on me. But I agree — issa hard pass to the left for those old school Sketchers 😆
stratchic (2 months ago)
What's up with Wendy wearing those shorty pants? She's a grown woman. Those white shoes are UGLY.
Arpita Paul (2 months ago)
The sock shoe looks great but will look terrible when worn. Awkward length cutting in mid calf and stripes making one look shorter.
Sexy Penelope (2 months ago)
this white woman needs to tone it down someone get their [email protected] hag
She is high energy thats for sure
Amy Hutchins (2 months ago)
Love, love leopard my fav 😊 just can’t wear heals any more. Wendy you look cute today 😉 love the feather boots & the red are my most fav ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Paula Grey (2 months ago)
This girl is sooooo EXTRA!!!....for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Pristalina D (2 months ago)
No No look like big boats
Tia J (2 months ago)
I love an animal print shoe but I like a little traction on the sole to keep me upright. The sneakers are too grandma looking.
Klara Korkees (2 months ago)
2 mil lets goo!!!
Miriam Hernandez (2 months ago)
Absolutely dislike the dad sneakers but like yours Wendy.
MEMPHISPRAISER (2 months ago)
“I work!”
Taurean Diamond (2 months ago)
Whooo Lord have mercy all those shoes are ugly. I am not impressed
Revanth Muntha (2 months ago)
Emily needs to breathe . Dayum calm down .
Nick Escavor (2 months ago)
Yaaaaasssss! Emily
Josephine Cannon (2 months ago)
Does Wendy still have her clothing and shoe line?
Jo Nyu (2 months ago)
At first i hated the bigfoot sneaker trend, but it grew on me... Tho not in white.. still hate the sockshoe and the gucci slipper tho
Hikim Harper (2 months ago)
Is Wendy rocking the new Moschino H&m collection that just dropped disney edition. 😍
Elmina D'Oro (2 months ago)
WENDY 🙂we NEED MORE nice low heeled ladies shoes 👠 for sizes 11 & above 🤔uk 9 & above 🙂eu 42 & above 😊👍🏾 links please 🙏🏾😀
T Mac (2 months ago)
I feel you on this 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Kay Brown (2 months ago)
She is too try hard. Don't bring her back!
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
+sweett angel lol. And she's watching to many black youtubers.
sweett angel (2 months ago)
Yah, she is a wannabe. She's hanging around too many black women. Lmao
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
Shes a wanna be. Shes tryna act black.
Kay Brown (2 months ago)
I don't like her.
Shiva Shiva (2 months ago)
I don't like this guest lady ugh dont invite her again. So needy and extra and just blabbering all over, shading wendy
Raymond Trainor (2 months ago)
That lady has been around gay Men wayyy too much.
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
+Raymond Trainor What are you trying to say. Are you saying that black women are extra?????
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
+Raymond Trainor I didnt even say that all gay men act feminine.
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
Raymond Trainor  Nooo u need to correct yourself.
Raymond Trainor (2 months ago)
+Mary Smith James Correct yourself Miss, not all Gays act feminine and extra and are certainly not trying to emulate Black women.
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
Raymond Trainor. No its black women who shes trying to act like. Gay men are trying to act like black women too.
Whitney Wilson (2 months ago)
Emily was a great presenter! Best yet!
The shoe lady is too extra, even Wendy was so surprised 😂😂😂😂😂😂
IThink_ BLM (2 months ago)
um no offence wendy but everything isnt for everybody. If you are really tall and have 'man feet' I would not recommend wearing pointed shoes. It makes your feet look longer and bigger than they already are. Also if you have real thin legs or 'chicken legs' I would be careful with the gigantic sneakers...
miclazy (2 months ago)
pointy shoes arent even healthy for ur toes. they get all mushed together.
proudbluestaterful (2 months ago)
i am short with big, man feet and love, love rounded toes, and would die before wearing clunky white sneakers. lol
Miriam Roxanne (2 months ago)
IThink_ BLM 😂😂😂
Island girl (2 months ago)
This lady is extra fast :(
Videos .Galore (2 months ago)
Miss Wendy asking where Emily has been to get that good stuff Emily snorted before coming onto the show. So cheery and energetic.
Jalatto_ (2 months ago)
I love her she’s so direct. Hahahah bring her to the show more often
K heart (2 months ago)
Does she always do all that snapping and everything else she was doing or was it just because she was around wendy
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
K heart shes trying to act black, but she looks stupid anyways.
Nyisha Galvez (2 months ago)
She always acts like that.
RuPaul (2 months ago)
K heart she’s trans
Mark CC (2 months ago)
Lmao we're not Cardi to be throwing shoes lady
Mark CC (2 months ago)
RuPaul (2 months ago)
Emily smoked a redbull
Josh MusicIsLife (2 months ago)
She’s that annoying straight friend that is obsessed with the gays and the culture lol
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
+Josh MusicIsLife Yep 🤣 lol.
Josh MusicIsLife (2 months ago)
Mary Smith James well an exaggerated version
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
+Josh MusicIsLife Nope. The gay men got it all from the black women Lol.
Josh MusicIsLife (2 months ago)
Mary Smith James nope she definitely learned all of that from her gay friends lol
Mary Smith James (2 months ago)
Josh MusicisLife You meant shes that annoying white girl friend whos trying to act black.🙄
Kira & Kidz (2 months ago)
OK, Emily!! She know Wendy rushes everybody so she gone make sure she don't take too long getting it out! lol
Jesus De Leon (2 months ago)
I LOVE HER! She was a good presenter
Elation Roman (2 months ago)
They all sucked 😩

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