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The Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) Abramelin Daemon magick occult Crowley Thelema GoldenDawn Enochianorg

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I talk a bit about the Holy Guardian Angel, or at least my take on the HGA and my experiences with it. The Abramelin operation is more than worth it, and gives far more than just the knowledge and conversation with your holy guardian Angel, but also unites you with your HGA. There are other workings which can be done as well such as Liber Semekh, the Bornless Ritual and using Agrippa's writings to obtain the name of your NATIVITY Angel. These other approaches are different workings and all offer different hings, as well as different degrees of connection and union with your HGA. Retirement and length of time are key factors. Video created by a practitioner with over 28 years of experience. To find more of our vids search for Enochianorg Also subscribe, like, comment and share :D http://www.enochian.org
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Terry Foster (1 month ago)
Yes you are right. If you say the same th ing over an over you post will be longer and you look like you have a lot to say.
Gordon Campbell (3 months ago)
Great content, very accurate. 93/93
Enochian.org (1 month ago)
Thank you :)
Charee Pringle (6 months ago)
Can you do a book suggestion video?
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
Hey that's a good idea :D. Though it would be a short one.... I'd recommend my own books that I have written, and, Agrippa :D. Well OK maybe the grimoires translated and transcribed by Joseph Peterson.
Tom Baldwin (6 months ago)
prayers are just spells cast by one or many.
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
So very true.
Tom Baldwin (6 months ago)
there is no divine and there is all divine.....i am not divided. i am one.
Tom Baldwin (6 months ago)
eh, names are human creations. the "same" "is" the "same".
Enochian.org (6 months ago)
Yes and no, you are most definitely not the same as the Tom I know in person for example...

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