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My Top 10 Cartoon Crushes

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Video sponsored by Quidd! Download the app - http://bit.ly/2EK5jO4 We all have our cartoon crushes and I am no exception! So I am going to share with you all my personal favorites "Saber's Top 10" is a video series where Saber talks about the BEST and WORST things in the world of animation Saberspark is a YouTube channel who researches, reviews, and analyzes various movies and cartoon shows from the world of animation Support the show on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/saberspark Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Saberspark Audio Edits by CookieSoup https://www.youtube.com/user/dBPonyMusic Intro and Outro Music by Hirosashii https://www.youtube.com/user/Hirosashii Intro Visuals by Acleps https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAcleps Avatar pics by Natalie Butler https://twitter.com/MissButlerArt Title Card and Outro Visual by Viktor Newman http://viktornewman.deviantart.com/ Music by Home https://soundcloud.com/home-2001
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Saberspark (10 months ago)
Download Quidd and hit up my profile Saberspark! http://bit.ly/2EK5jO4 Also, what are some of your cartoon crushes?
Noman (6 days ago)
Demona from Gargoyles. She was the first.
Missy Green (6 days ago)
In no particular order; Mm, I liked Velma Dinkly from Scooby Doo because of her determination, intelligence, and I thought she was attractive. I think she was my first ever girl crush actually. I'm racking my brain trying to think of male cartoon crushes. I think Chucky from Rugrats may have been one. I liked that he thought of possibilities the other babies didn't. I related to how nervous he was all the time. And because I was diagnosed with GAD nearly two years ago, that does not surprise me now.
Eaglest05 (7 days ago)
Idk, there's probably one, but I can't think of one. All the characters I can think of I would rather be friends with. Maybe Velma Dinkly?
Miara Godbell (13 days ago)
You know, I always thought that Eileen was inspired by Dawn, from "Waitress" (a musical). Both have much in common.
Morgan Summer (13 days ago)
Kelly from Star Vs the Forces of Evil
Music Foox (14 hours ago)
THE LOG (17 hours ago)
Spider Gwen?
John Hill (18 hours ago)
Lapis has a *SPUNKY* attitude
STen (21 hours ago)
*Opens rule 34* ;) Lets have fun *Unzips pants*
el amine (22 hours ago)
I mostly like any cartoon female that is a supportive character of the mc or which is always close to the mc. Sometimes i also like the bad guys (female). It is mostly those that are doing bad thing but not exactly.... bad... like sheego for example maybe bad, but she is just following dr drako. Most of the time i saw her as not so into doing bad thing. And also character that are not extreme jerk even though she is bad i may like her.
Xavier Gumballfan (22 hours ago)
My number one cartoon crush is Sam Sparks
Xavier Gumballfan (22 hours ago)
My cartoon crushes are 1.Sam Sparks 2.Mavis 3. Star Butterfly 4.Rapunzel 5.Elsa 6.Wendy(gravity falls) 7.Jenny Wakeman 8.Wonder Woman 9.Go Go( big hero 6) 10. Riley(inside out)
They ruined Teen Titans.
S.C. Girl (1 day ago)
9:30 We can actually tell! From sexy lola bunny with very little personality. To simple Ileane with a great complex personality.
Logan Frandrup (1 day ago)
Not going to lie, I still have a crush on Tie Lee. Ultimately, it was this line from the Ember Island episode that took it for me: "Circus freak, is a complement." This I have been holding up for a long time. It's perfectly fine to be who you are even if you are being called a freak. It's what you enjoy so what do they have to judge.
David Pitts (1 day ago)
1)Ahsoka 2)Ahsoka 3)Ahsoka & so on.
MaxAnimates (1 day ago)
Asoka 😑
I probably couldn’t have ten if you asked me to list cartoon crushes. Video games though... Vetra Nyx, Undyne, Susie, Kyoko Kirigiri, Mukuro Ikusaba, *Android 21,* Tharja, and oh so many
Black Mist (1 day ago)
My crush was Phil DeVille from All Grown Up when I was 10
seafoamSpirit (1 day ago)
okay, as a kid, i fuckin loved this cheesy ass show called winx club. because look at the magic, the intriguing story!! but, what was the real reason i liked that show? i look deep inside, and im certain its because my inner lesbian loved seeing hot fae in skimpy outfits havin fun. flora was my first real cartoon crush, and i had no idea!
Marisa Faith (2 days ago)
That dude that grew robotic hands, I think he's name was Rex Yugioh Buttercup Kevin 11 Dipper Darwin
Marisa Faith (2 days ago)
Lapis: *YASS!!*
SoleWalker07311 (3 days ago)
Is it wrong I have a crush on Chloe Park to the point I dated a japanese girl(same age) look like chloe park.
HellsJerome87 (3 days ago)
Lola is #10 cuz she's a 10
Diamond Breeze (4 days ago)
Danny phantom will always be my cartoon crush
artawesome30 (4 days ago)
Mine's pretty inconsistent (and a tad strange at times): 7. Larry the Lobster Idk he's just so funny, confident, and macho 6. Stan Smith He's pretty badass sometimes, and his occasional fatherly-sincere moments always get me 5. Boomhauer The fact I'm so attracted to his personality despite his utterly broken English is a testament to how smooth he is (plus he is pretty hot) 4. Wilt I've always like how friendly and cheerful he is (plus he's super tall which is nice) (I'm cool with guys preferring thin chicks, no double-standard here) 3. Schnitzel I adore his work ethic, and ability to tolerate his ceaselessly frustrating co-workers. Plus he's adorable AND super-strong. Basically the full package 2. Benson (Regular Show) He's such a hilarious grump, and I really like how he tries to be reasonable despite the annoyances he endures 1.Chris McLean Definitely the biggest affinity I've ever had for a cartoon character. He's an asshole, but so sassy and flamboyant it's hard not to like him. Also I've always been into the way he looks
Kay Haven (4 days ago)
Not gonna lie....Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onz from Justice League TV show was one of my cartoon crushes.
Kay Haven (4 days ago)
No Dean from The Iron Giant or Goliath from Gargoyles in the comment section?
Rhiadi Fucking Gartos (4 days ago)
Holy shit my lesbian is exploding
Kiki's Petshops (4 days ago)
I'm now gay because: Lapis and Lola Bunny
i had a crush on number 6 aswell lol
TheBodysome (5 days ago)
everyone except 5 onward
Saul Rojas (5 days ago)
So on number 10 and 1 does that mean hes a furry or kind of a furry?
Ego Lobster (5 days ago)
There's always the question of what girls look for in guys it's waluigi If you can bring that to the table I'll put a ring on it hot damn baby
GalaxyXPlay 5 (5 days ago)
Mine are 10. Rey from Star Wars 9. Star fire 8. Raven 7. Black widow 6. Bat girl 5. Lady dead pool 4. Red action ok ko 3. Ended ok ko 2. Drupe ok ko 1. Shannon ok ko
Finn Kuebrich (5 days ago)
What is wierder a bunny or a Robot
Morgans organs (6 days ago)
My cartoon crushes mostly anime 1. Tuxedo mask from sailor moon 2. Shego I'm not gay but would smash 3. Danny phantom liked his hair 4. kakashi from Naruto Oof massively had a crush 5. hinata from Naruto like I said I ain't gay but she has a great personality and she was cute I have a lot more anime crushes but ya know so many bro
Is atiman (6 days ago)
Saber do you knot know that gingers don’t have souls
Juicy Pickles (6 days ago)
This is so weird
Star Feese (6 days ago)
❤Rick Sanchez❤
Wolfy the cool one (7 days ago)
My old cartoon crushes 1.Sombra from my little pony I was in love with him 2.Rarity from mlp 3.Lola bunny 4.I cannot remember the rest Ilk add if I remember
Ashanti Sloan (7 days ago)
imma stop at XJ9 and refer you to Chobits... then imma tell you that most everything from Chobits is already a thing... so... ya know. now im gonna continue watching the rest ;)
A-A-Ron Boi (7 days ago)
Honestly the only one I can think of is Serena from Pokémon XY and XYZ. It’s kinda weird but back when the show first came out there was just something about her
Jason Holt (7 days ago)
Pretty good, I like most of these characters as well
Eaglest05 (7 days ago)
I don't think I've had a cartoon crush, so instead, here's my top 5 cartoon characters/crews I want to be my friend: Nick Wilde(Zootopia) The entire main crew from Wild Kratts, excluding Jimmy, sorry Jimmy. Mystery inc.(Scooby doo) The kids from Cyberchase
Lucas Garner (7 days ago)
I just now realized that Kim possible is a ginger
Eaglest05 (7 days ago)
*sees lola in thumbnail* Whelp, time to scroll through and see how many people called him a furry!
Tyler Hancock (7 days ago)
Jessica rabbit
SuperPukebucket (7 days ago)
Obsessor23 (7 days ago)
Lola Bunny, Ariel, and Lara Croft (albeit not a cartoon) were the first characters I can say "fascinated me" as a child. I have probably too many now, though they're again, mostly video game characters
Rikkard Godfred (8 days ago)
10-1 Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aurora R (8 days ago)
Shego was my first lesbian ass crush
nub xd (8 days ago)
At least no one is saying Bowsette
Jillian Turner (8 days ago)
Danny Phantom and Hiccup.
Jillian Turner (8 days ago)
And Raven
Cartoon Hotel (8 days ago)
my cartoon crushes are- 10.prowl from transformers animated 9.blue from fosters home for imaginary friends [i dont know why] 8.c3po from star wars the clone wars [the one on disney xd] 7. optimus prime from transformers prime 6.zim from invater zim 5.the beast from over the garden wall 4.shaak ti from star wars the clone wars [2003 version] 3.lord hater from wander over yonder 2.spongbob from spongbob sqarpaints 1.ratchet from transformers animated so for 10 ,9 and 2 i had wen i was a kid the rest i still have a crush on now dont jug my crushes plz
Ren Quemuel (8 days ago)
my list 1. Jasmine 2. Tiana 3. Starfire 4. Marceline 5. Raven 6. Bubblegum 7. Lola Bunny 8. Belle 9. Shego 10. Mirage
Let's have a Mr. Clean Movie with Stone Cold Steve Austin as lead man. LOL!
james ramirez (9 days ago)
My list is short.. 1.) Starfire (Teen Titans) 2.) Trixie Tang (Fairly Odd Parents) 3.) Jane (Tarzan: The Movie) Edit: I found out what Trixie's last name is, so I added it.
james ramirez (9 days ago)
Hotdamn those titties @5:25
no more content (9 days ago)
Mikuru ashina
Nolan Pham (9 days ago)
Most. relatable. video. ever...
Preston Goodplay (9 days ago)
As a girl, my first actual crush was Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter Am I crazy or what
Jess G (9 days ago)
I remember being a kid, watching Pokemon and telling my friend I was gonna marry James some day.
RizinFire321 (9 days ago)
I've never had this problem....... my sister thinks I'm weird
Coolio1321 (9 days ago)
I had a crush on Terra from teen titans growing up... like... damn <3
My top 10 crushes(all females lmao) 10:Shego(Kim Possible)amazing vilian! 9:Nicole(TAWoG)yes,i know shes a strict mother and im younger,but she catched my attention 8:Lapis(Steven Universe)i felt what she felt 7:Starfire(Teen Titans)she such a cute heroine 6:Ami(Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi)always doing the best for her sister 5:Marceline(Adventure Time)shes a good,well,used to be a good developed character 4:Nya(Ninjago)honestly she was always better than the other ninjas 3:Margaret(Regular Show)i really loved her somehow 2:Mabel(Gravity Falls)shes annoyingly cute! 1:Jenny(MLaaTR)i still love the first cartoon i've ever watched,and so her♡ :)
Niko -Not a Cat- (9 days ago)
Can I count WALL-E as a cartoon crush?
esme c (10 days ago)
Fenyr Sumalabe (10 days ago)
Boi im a rigby type of person thats a reason why
Grumpy Survivor (10 days ago)
Let’s be honest Everybody loves Mr. Clean
sandy 5779 (10 days ago)
Toast the Catpup (10 days ago)
Bruh I can't believe Lola Bunny invented furries
Salem Saberhagen (10 days ago)
My No. 1 is none other than Azula (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender"). My attraction to dangerous psychopaths is definitely not good for me. :-D P.S.: My first cartoon crush is actually quite interesting, because I recently discovered, that she is originally male. I'm talking about Zoisite from the anime "Sailor Moon". In the japanese version Zoisite is a gay man, but in the german synchro they gave him a sex-change.
Liked none of these people except Mr.Clean and of corse how could I forget Lola bunny she’s the reason 90 percent of 90s kids are furries
Brittany Nelson (10 days ago)
AJ Main (10 days ago)
Jonas VanGelder (10 days ago)
RIP regular show.
I thought i was the only one who had a crush on lord dominator
CHICKEN STRIPS (11 days ago)
How come we have such similar crushes
Student Zachary Torres (11 days ago)
Inkitty Toony (11 days ago)
4:52 Hohoh boi if ya knew me XDD
Nicholas Baum (11 days ago)
Asajj Ventress.... yea
Anoni Mosu (11 days ago)
nani is this
Oh yeah Mr clean
noobpro 97 (11 days ago)
I swear Joseph before this. After I saw his shitty face I had to pause the video.
ErgonomicChair (11 days ago)
Anything from Steven Universe sucks btw, sorry man :/
Braylie Burrito D (11 days ago)
I only have one cartoon crush it is Finn from adventure time
Kareem Ward (11 days ago)
My number one is Jackie Lynn Thomas
Physics Kitten (11 days ago)
1. Mikasa AOT 2. Ahsoka SW 3. Ayala Secura SW 4. Mikasa... Again 5. And More Mikasa
ScarfFox and Friends (11 days ago)
So your #1 pick is an anthropomorphic Mole 🤔 as for my favorite from this list. well, most of my friends call me Ms. Bun Bun, so you probably could guess.
Spartan Gamer (11 days ago)
Spartan Gamer (11 days ago)
Android 18. Or android 21.
Tigertail 22 (11 days ago)
Danny phantom. That's it.
pinkest llama (11 days ago)
My top cartoon crush is Hiro from bh6
DJcommand 48 (11 days ago)
You forgot the prestigious queen Elizabeth 2nd
Amai Odyaka (11 days ago)
I have a crush on beast boy terra and thodd1sout baby
nugget munching mugger (12 days ago)
Get all up in mr cleans ass
You give me cancer (12 days ago)
before 10 years old silver the hedgehog.
Emo Mouse (12 days ago)
Shego was my one and only growing up and im not ashamed.
Juan Cholo (12 days ago)
dillon bean (12 days ago)
This was weird
Naudia the king (12 days ago)
Furry Im fine with that

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