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Salt Damn YOU!!!! ( Old School World at War Video )

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Nicholas Grguric (8 months ago)
Shoutout to Sean ranklin
Davey Jones (1 year ago)
Look how much your fans love you
Brandon Chapman (4 years ago)
please more WAW vids Jordie!
DeadZaku (5 years ago)
Yeah more World at War!
Boris theBlade (6 years ago)
Reduced sodium helps with bloating. Dont look at the sodium for everything you eat, what matters for weight loss, is calories in vs calories out... If you want help inbox me wings
Danny (6 years ago)
Wings to be honest, me when i had this game i was offered an infection (temporary hacks) and after like a day or two, it got really really boring not to die, and tht i would get messages 24/7 about others wanting infections from me when i didnt even get them by myself. it was a boring thing man
Jason Marcum (6 years ago)
I use myfitnesspal app to keep track of my food I eat, works well and it's free
Evan Grimes (6 years ago)
i miss playing wawII
abraham shires (6 years ago)
Damn those hackers
Conner Paustian (6 years ago)
Sodium is in everything because it acts as a preservative and a flavoring agent. It's table salt: NaCl. If you want to avoid sodium, try to get fresh foods.like uncanned veggies, fruits and meats. try avoiding the boxed foods and prepackaged dinners. Shop on the outer rim of the grocery store. Also try to avoid anything that says its specifically for a diet. That can make the mindset of 'I'm on a diet now until i lose weight' instead of making heather long-run decisions. You're a beast wings!!
burgerwing101 (6 years ago)
world at war used to be my favourite game but now there are so many hackers that I've completely given up on it. sad
Douglas MacFarlane (6 years ago)
Wings.. As weird as it may sound. Try using Weight Watchers. It actually helps and a lot of guys actually use it and have been very successful in losing weight. Just give it a try I mean worst case Ontario you don't like it and it won't work!
blahthebiste (6 years ago)
More WAW
evanhackysac (6 years ago)
WaW yes!!!!!!!!
ps3psnps3 (6 years ago)
More WaW!!
TheKcrusher100 (6 years ago)
Would love to see more WaW Wings. Love it more than the newer CoD series.
IamCaptnSyphilis (6 years ago)
more world at war
MasonicVlogs (6 years ago)
more world at war and do u work out aswell ?
Buck (6 years ago)
Use myfitnesspal it's amazing, I use it to track all my macronutrients
michagan1000 (6 years ago)
good job wings don't give up
MrSinister718 (6 years ago)
eat some barilla pasta that has white fiber on the box. Pounds will shed right off. Take it easy on the sauce though.
fragmctbag (6 years ago)
more world at war.
Jackson Weidner (6 years ago)
more WAW i love the game and play it every week
TechnoMoose (6 years ago)
Hey man, don't worry about sodium as long as you don't have like 60k grams of sodium a day. A healthy diet will be much better than wasting your time looking at sodium content. All that matters when losing weight is calories. Don't worry about the small stuff.
mxnrob12880 (6 years ago)
I've been playin cod since mw2. Is it worth it to get [email protected]? Or r there too many hackers?
RuthlessTragedy (6 years ago)
go fuck yourself bitch
RuthlessTragedy (6 years ago)
PLOXZZZORZZ MOAR [email protected] DOOD
RuthlessTragedy (6 years ago)
101Wolffe (6 years ago)
well your stupid...
curt bryant (6 years ago)
I bet your a hypocrite.
Dhruv Khanna (6 years ago)
Wat a fatty eating fried chicken and expecting to lose weight
No name (6 years ago)
Why are you so worried about sodium? You should worry about carbs and fat intake
Sedrickson1018 (6 years ago)
damn your a fucking genuis arent you?
Arthur Catigbe (6 years ago)
Do yourself a favor wings and look into how carbohydrates effect the body. Most of the mainstream advice for diet and health is based on bad science. Watch the documentary fat head for more information, or look into the literature a little more. Good luck.
Axi Koehz (6 years ago)
good for you hope you lose more fat
harrystcecilia (6 years ago)
darkbahamuth1 (6 years ago)
of course its good now, most of the shit players are on the new cods its normal a old cod becoming good after the new ones get out, except mw2 unfortunated the community there sucks especially on ps3.
dskgjaoiklfd100010 (6 years ago)
no clue :(
Jesus Christ (6 years ago)
WaW = best call of duty ever!
George Jordan (6 years ago)
Sodium is Salt btw
ImTheOverpowerdOne (6 years ago)
i love world at war. the community on it is fucking amazing, nearly everyone rushes and theres not many 12yr old spoiled bitches. except for the hacks which usually are 12.
Vengeful Outlaw (6 years ago)
Waw is my fav cod ever
JAnx01 (6 years ago)
Sigs, why is it so common for CoD players not to know the roots of their favourite franchise?
Jus Saiyan (6 years ago)
Wings keep up the weight loss.
Evan McKie (6 years ago)
Harm (6 years ago)
best cod
Caleb Davis (6 years ago)
More WAW
Cody Schumacher (6 years ago)
The scary thing about sodium is that that 2300-2400 max amount is still waaaaaaaaaay more than our bodies need. Still keep up the work Wings, love your videos man!
SlimyTissue (6 years ago)
Wings WaW open lobby!!! no hackers and everyone has fun! :D
LiBRiUMz (6 years ago)
More WAW!!!!
Jimbojib (6 years ago)
GO WINGS!!!!!!
Tyler Rabito (6 years ago)
The mortars in WaW where better then any airstrike kill streak in my opinion Besides the self controlled planes
John (6 years ago)
A can? of beef stew? Beef stew in a can? Ewwwwww
lukerulesandyoudont (6 years ago)
Sodium talk :D
KillzoneComedy (6 years ago)
yes more [email protected] please
KillzoneComedy (6 years ago)
Awesome and do the chart it helps you be organized
MrDoubleKiller (6 years ago)
Well he makes it up by being Finnish.
Alp Watmough (6 years ago)
Iisrupac (6 years ago)
You have 12 videos on your channel, lets see you upload 3-5 or even 1 video a day in the next few weeks
Jack Proudfoot (6 years ago)
w w w . l d n m u s c l e . c o m wings go here and look at the nutrition section it's great they turn things that are unhealthy but everyone likes and turns it into something extremely healthy which people still like.
Henrik Appelgren (6 years ago)
wings post some mw2 scout sniper gameplay!!! great vid
Hunter (6 years ago)
Love World at War, and congrats on the weight loss Wings. Keep it up!
GrantsTechedOut (6 years ago)
Good for you wings!
Danne (6 years ago)
Damn 5k likes :D
Danne (6 years ago)
Runescape :D
Dom Bradshaw (6 years ago)
More World at War!! Type 100 is my favourite COD gun EVER!!!
zmonty011 (6 years ago)
I would love to see all of the older CoD games. Send out invites for WaW. I would dominate some punk ass bitches with you.
Joe Beckett (6 years ago)
You made me hungry
Pristege (6 years ago)
my favourite Cods are was and Black Ops
JAnx01 (6 years ago)
You want to get really nostalgic? Play Call of Duty: United Offensive. It also just happens to be better than World at War.
Just Livin' (6 years ago)
Hey wings try out the app all fitness it has a great calorie counter that measures sodium and everything! You can type the food in or scan the barcode or even go through the food categories it's a great health app!
eamondo (6 years ago)
good work wings but keep it up!
Sheldon G (6 years ago)
alexsworld1999 (6 years ago)
5x 10 (6 years ago)
I love soy sauce with some chicken and rice, bloats me, but its ok, I'm taking creatine!
Drihzel (6 years ago)
atta boy wings good way and being healthy and loseing weight.
Slapshot Gaming (6 years ago)
wings you should watch band of brothers
CasualGamerr (6 years ago)
More WaW!!
Nicolas (6 years ago)
More WaW and try some MW2 maybe ?
Joe Grzenia (6 years ago)
More WAW please Nero it is the best call of duty
FlakTacticalGaming (6 years ago)
Definitely more COD5. It's the only interesting COD anymore.
Orlando I. (6 years ago)
IIFYM method is the best way to get to your goal. It's not hard to do and it's much easier stress wise.
TheFoolsLegion (6 years ago)
This is the best cod
schmagindude16 (6 years ago)
I never had waw, but damn the mp40 kills quickly
PapiChuloNation1 (6 years ago)
i remember the carbine with silencer was my favorite gun
espermatazoide (6 years ago)
More WAW! :D
noah christensen (6 years ago)
Do more world at war gameplay
K P (6 years ago)
Make some juice out of fruits
HumanGuillotine (6 years ago)
Eat fruits and veggies and sodium will be no problem. Whole foods are where it is at. Real food.
minecraft24 (6 years ago)
loved it and more waw wings
robert colton (6 years ago)
World at war all the way gutted I lost my disk
MrFINGERLICIOUS (6 years ago)
SnakeIsFake (6 years ago)
BieberSucksCock100 (6 years ago)
Keep with WaW and stop forcing yourself to play BO2. Such a boring game.
Mister3Pac (6 years ago)
Yeah in the old times they uses salt and spices to preserve meat
TheDustysoap (6 years ago)
Keep the World at War coming!!
David Lowther (6 years ago)
More world at war!
Greg Dawe (6 years ago)
yeah man , keep playin waw, i love this shit
SPOREOUT3 (6 years ago)
yea, i was in a lobby and i killed a guy the suddenty "-9e12" flashed up on my screen and i can't even play multiplayer anymore cause i have too much negetive xp :/
SPOREOUT3 (6 years ago)
yea, more waw if you can man :) great video and with a diet you need a cheat day or meal from time to time :) good luck wings with the dieting :)

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