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The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea

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Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection – The Little Mermaid is available now! Get it here: http://smarturl.it/lclma1 Play along with "Under the Sea" here: https://youtu.be/Aa5agKAacPc Strum along here: https://youtu.be/Uw75AereUxk Also available: “Under the Sea” Sheet Music: http://bit.ly/1L7qxq1 “Part Of Your World” Sheet Music: http://bit.ly/1QXZUpY Connect with Disney Music Emporium: Official Site: http://www.disneymusicemporium.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/disneymusicemporium Twitter: https://twitter.com/disneymusicemp Connect with Walt Disney Records: Facebook: http://facebook.com/disneymusic Instagram: http://instagram.com/disneymusic Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/disneymusic Twitter: http://twitter.com/disneymusic Music video by Samuel E. Wright performing Under the Sea. (C) 2013 Walt Disney Records
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Text Comments (12267)
Jm firelord (35 minutes ago)
This movie has been Made since decades and y’all still throwing Shit on the ocean?
Sean Crehan (11 hours ago)
Ngl The Fearless Flyers version is better. Yall go check it out.
Haven Austin (17 hours ago)
Listen to me-- the human world, it's a mess. SO TRUE!!
Win M (20 hours ago)
In japan, we have same expressions like” neighbor’s sea weed look greener”. This is, now Japanese saying. It’s interesting for me.
Celine J (21 hours ago)
I love Sebastian the crab!! ❤️
jg pliskin (22 hours ago)
If I go down where it's wetter will you take it from me?
TheDisarminghinkle (1 day ago)
Before this movie came out, Disney was doing terrible. Their movies were massive flops. They had no other prospects. They were running out of money. If this movie didn't do well, they were probably going to go bankrupt. I like to imagine the critics and audience tentatively going to see this movie and wondering if it was going to just be another quirky mess like Pinnochio and Dumbo. The movie started out well enough, but this scene was the moment this movie went from alright to amazing. This scene right here was the moment people realized they were watching something amazing. In a sense, this scene was the beginning of Disney's revival. Without this movie - without this scene - Disney would have gone out of business. The world would be a MASSIVELY different place without them. Say what you will about Disney today, they have brought and still do bring a huge amount of joy to the world. When I listen to this song, I think of ALL of that joy. And, it makes this grand, upbeat song feel even more magical.
TheDisarminghinkle (17 hours ago)
+blue red I don't know about BETTER than Moana. Moana, I feel, has a very powerful message that puts it above Little Mermaid. Ultimately, Little Mermaid is just a love story. That's... good, but not GREAT.
blue red (19 hours ago)
Im 33 and i always loved this movie and im a guy, but my 45 year old friend karlos and me was watching moana yesterday and i noticed that the people who directed moana also directed the little mermaid and he said he liked moana but would never watch the little mermaid because he thinks its too girly, that made me feel mad because he wont even give the little mermaid a chance and i know the little mermaid is wayyy better than moana
Curtis The Gamer (1 day ago)
Down where its wet indeed
Alley Blue (1 day ago)
My 8th grade prom is gonna be ocean themed. *THEY BETTER PLAY THIS--*
Jennifer Lopez (1 day ago)
How do you not like this song?
Dustin Boss (1 day ago)
Adult.exe has stopped working. Reboot in (kid) safe mode.
Shelby Dickson (1 day ago)
This song is so catchy! It's so catchy!
ananāsi (1 day ago)
prima mattox (1 day ago)
It is always greener in somebody else’s leg you dream about going up there that is a big mistake
This is what got kids hooked on reggae music
Reversaltation (2 days ago)
under the c is space
Eryn Boschieri (2 days ago)
*the human world is a mess* Couldn’t have said it better
Porshe Smith-Robinson (2 days ago)
Did w
Cthulhu xo (2 days ago)
the crab is so cute EEEEEE
Tyree Josey (2 days ago)
I guess the little crab song was enough because she still ends up going up to land and transforms into a real human
Stefan Giannelli (2 days ago)
BLACK PRINCESS>>> Thats who Ariel is meant to be. Despite her high country Scottish good looks Ariel Is clearly meant to be a Caribbean Princess its 1989 and this has the Cowboy Bebop of all Island Time songs.
Jack Lidell (1 day ago)
The story was written by a Dane...
LitBoiPablo 1018 (3 days ago)
I love mickey mouse😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄
Paradox Messenger (3 days ago)
Nice, the blackfish has big pink lips
IkeaCat 199 (3 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that the clam had eyes in the very back of the shell? (Edit: The clam that spat the hooks out)
Stephen in DC (3 days ago)
This is great. And BTW, Sherri Stoner was the reference model for Ariel. And Sherri, really, is as cute as Ariel !
Tyree Josey (4 days ago)
Lyrics: The Seaweed Is Always Greener In Somebody Else's Lake You Dream About Going Up There But, That Is A Big Mistake Just Look At The World Around You Right Here On The Ocean Floor Such Wonderful Things Surround You What More Is You Lookin' For? Under The Sea Under The Sea Darling It's Better Down Where It's Wetter Take It From Me Up On The Shore, They Work All Day Out In The Sun, They Slave Away While We Devotin' Full Time For Floatin' Under The Sea Down Here All The Fish Is Happy As Off Through The Waves They Roll The Fish On The Land Ain't Happy They Sad 'Cause They In The Bowl But, Fish In The Bowl Is Lucky They In For A Worser Fate One Day When The Boss Get Hungry Guess Who's Gon' Be On The Plate? Oh No! Under The Sea Under The Sea Nobody Beat Us Fry Us And Eat Us In Fricassee We What The Land Folks Love To Cook Under The Sea We Off The Hook We Got No Troubles Life Is The Bubbles Under The Sea (Under The Sea) Under The Sea (Under The Sea) Since Life Is Sweet Here We Got The Beat Here Naturally (Naturally-ee-ee-ee) Even The Sturgeon An' The Ray They Get The Urge 'N' Start To Play We Got The Spirit You Got To Hear It Under The Sea The Newt Play The Flute The Carp Play The Harp The Plaice Play The Bass And They Soundin' Sharp The Bass Play The Brass The Chub Play The Tub The Fluke Is The Duke of Soul (Yeah) The Ray He Can Play The Lings On The Strings The Trout Rockin' Out The Blackfish She Sings The Smelt And The Sprat They Know Where It's At An' Oh That Blowfish Blow Yeah, Under The Sea (Under The Sea) Under The Sea (Under The Sea) When The Sardine Begin The Beguine It's Music To Me (It's Music To Me) What Do They Got? A Lot of Sand We've Got A Hot Crustacean Band Each Little Clam Here Know How To Jam Here Under The Sea Each Little Slug Here Cuttin' The Rug Here Under The Sea Each Little Snail Here Know How To Wail Here That's Why It's Hotter Under The Water Ya We In Luck Here Down In The Muck Here Under The Sea!
ウィスト。 (4 days ago)
straypaper (5 days ago)
Inverse "Just Can't Wait to be King"
Sammy 423 (5 days ago)
The animation here is great for its time
XxCandyCakexX Ytb (5 days ago)
2019 ?
Donna Biju (6 days ago)
Anyone here becuz of Vitaly Voronko?
Ella Maltese (6 days ago)
Ya gotta listen to the movie clips not the stuff on spotify it is different
Pingwin (6 days ago)
*spongebob squarepants*
Thomas Bequette (7 days ago)
Half naked teenager Ariel. My mind is weird
Monsieur Drôle (7 days ago)
In Belgium they renamed it to ‘Deep in the sea’.
Monsieur Drôle (5 days ago)
+jert opp I know. And than people get angry on me when I sing 'under the sea'.
jert opp (6 days ago)
Why? What a tragedy...
trippin hard (7 days ago)
Unda da sea
Ruth Ramreiz (8 days ago)
My favorite song💓💓
Layla Mulk (8 days ago)
Honestly there yelling kids to go to the bottom of the sea and drown
Victoria Kiolawson (8 days ago)
God bless Dysney😹
DareToBeDeviant (8 days ago)
Just a quick visit here before Disney turns this into a live action. Not sure how they'll convince us shells can produce sound like steel drums. Probably will cut it like so many songs. They do that.
jina kim (8 days ago)
best sequence ever....
melika mirzaei (8 days ago)
I love this animation😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤
rachael boakes (8 days ago)
I love watching this takes me bk to my childhood I am 80 / 90s kid
Daniel Nelsen (8 days ago)
It was okay. Colonslash. No! Use a colon stbol!
Edgar G (8 days ago)
Tyree Josey (9 days ago)
Tyree Josey (9 days ago)
Jamaican maan
Tyree Josey (9 days ago)
Lol that’s funny the way he said it
Tyree Josey (9 days ago)
Down here is your hooome
Jacqueline Gutmann (9 days ago)
Loved this movie as a kid!
Mermaids want to be human and Humans want to be mermaids. Black girls want Straight hair and white girls want curls(not everyone) When will we learn to just enjoy being us!?!!!
MIAPhilly (9 days ago)
It's better where its wetter... I can wholeheartedly agree with that one... lol
alicia crutchfield (9 days ago)
This was me and my twins movie we watched this all the time I grew up with this movie
Mermaids want to be human and Humans want to be mermaids. Black girls want Straight hair and white girls want curls(not everyone) When will we learn to just enjoy being us!?!!!
🎶 Under is better down where it’s wetter take it from me? 🎶 Woah guys this a Kids movie. Save that for when they are older!
Daniel Radcliffe (9 days ago)
Disney will stay with me for life 💖💖
Rayma Hartwick (9 days ago)
hFZg. L Ooh A man
Sam np (9 days ago)
Undadasiii~ XD
Sam np (9 days ago)
"The human world is a mess"
Melbert Algoso (9 days ago)
Madelaine Petsch would be a great Ariel💓
Joey Barry (9 days ago)
OMG yessss
Marinelover67 P (9 days ago)
I am here after all the Disney new trailers anyone else I am listening to a whole playlist! Anyone??? Okay just me the then...
Stephen Triesman (9 days ago)
Hhiggd ookkkoj dwcllp aruopnm
Elyssa 19 (10 days ago)
I still know every word😂
MarioSoundtrack (10 days ago)
3:04 I wanna be that snail :D
manuel becerra (10 days ago)
i'll preffer the latin spanish version in this case
Lara Smolic (10 days ago)
Rose Playz (10 days ago)
I will watch this movie until i die no matter what i will allways be a kid 😂😂😂
Gabriel Iligan (11 days ago)
Was that Tamatoa at 0:56?
Cristhofer Bravo (11 days ago)
translated into spanish is much better
Rainbow Yang (11 days ago)
2:07 the fish is singing?
かんかんみかん (12 days ago)
Kyle Harris Harris (12 days ago)
- am I the only who blast this every morning on my way to work .....👮🏾💆🏿‍♂️👈🏾/ but wait why the black fish gotta sing haha
David Alfath (13 days ago)
Good song
Debra Hannigan (13 days ago)
Adrian Rivera (13 days ago)
anyone spot Mr. krumpet at the end when the song ends? just me?okay...
Sarah Sousa (13 days ago)
0:07 "the human world is a mess" One of my favorite Disney lines of all time XD
Jackie Watson (2 days ago)
2019 is a mess
Tidder T (6 days ago)
Yes it is indeed, like how Disney copied Kimba and never admit it to this day. Human is indeed full of mess
Alice / (13 days ago)
This is such a beautiful song. As kid I always watched the movie (and the songs) in my native language so the accent of Sebastian totally went lost, now I have to say I like this version much better.
Minecraftsac2017 (14 days ago)
Published on 17 Jun 2015
Bryant Torres (14 days ago)
If the little mermaid were to get a live action (most likely it will) Kanye west would probably play sabastian...
Tamim Al-sadrani (14 days ago)
Under the 🌊
Clark Streb (14 days ago)
Me and your mother, under the covers, making your brother *UNDER THE SHEETS!!!*
Garth Davis (14 days ago)
I never get tired of this song.
Diego Aracena (14 days ago)
Mirá la cara con la que te mira Conan!! viniste aquí por Te Lo Resumo Así Nomás!!
poisonivy (14 days ago)
27,000 people must hate the ocean. How SAD.
poisonivy (13 days ago)
Emmanuel chanda Cool
Emmanuel chanda (14 days ago)
the ocean is dirty
Goose R (14 days ago)
Under the sea. UNDER THE SEAAAAA!!
Devil May Cry (14 days ago)
Thanks to Kingdom Hearts I am here everyday...
Xander Strange (11 days ago)
Devil May Cry ayee!! same
I am Done (15 days ago)
2019 i always sing this song 😂 i dont care if it’s old i love thisssss
I am Done (13 days ago)
Emmanuel chanda yes it is
Emmanuel chanda (14 days ago)
its not old
John No Mo Doe (15 days ago)
How much is rent under the sea??? 😂😂😂
xXGammer MaddzXx (15 days ago)
27k disliked??? Did they forget what childhood and what happiness is?
Sarena Champagne (15 days ago)
Holy Holly Holly was my mom yeah I know Holly you want my num Holly you wanting my mom Halloween my phone do you want Holly yeah Holly they know Holly baby yeah I know Mike daum Holly
The Amazing Zaza (15 days ago)
You know this song is my favorite song but no one knows because I’m keeping a secret
Leo_valdez_boii ! (15 days ago)
Percy Jackson Luvs dis song :D
M S (16 days ago)
TerroTech (16 days ago)
"Darling It's Better ! Down Where It's Wetter!!" Childhood ruined...
gurtnn (16 days ago)
gurtnn (16 days ago)
Elis .V. (16 days ago)
thomas labrador (16 days ago)
0:41 thats what she said
Mi. keup (16 days ago)

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