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Write product reviews for money

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This video provides a quick overview of an article describing how to write product reviews for money found at http://theonlinewriter.com.au/write-product-reviews-for-money/. From the article: "People search the Internet for product reviews all the time. Which creates a great opportunity to help people whilst earning a respectable income. If you're able to provide a reliable, informed review of a product that lots of people are searching for, then there is a good chance of your review being read. Your article will show up in the search results and people will go to your page. If your article is content-rich and provides helpful information, then they will continue reading. That information will help them make an informed decision that earns you trust and then loyalty. You can use that to introduce them to a product, service or idea that you believe in and are promoting. This introduction can be written into the article or through an advertisement on your web page side bar. The way it works if you write a product review for money is that your article acts as an attraction point to a page that gets the reader into a sales funnel. That sales funnel is where the reader can learn and be convinced to buy the product, service or take on the idea.Your product, service or idea. This works because there is an unwritten interaction going during this process. It's sort of like an unwritten agreement of "I'll give you information that will help you in your life if you read about the product, service or idea that I believe can help you in your life". Your product review is the bait for readers to find out more about what you are offering. It is classic marketing applied to the internet."
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