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CoD World at War is Hacked and Unplayable

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Text Comments (314)
ha noob 0 (6 months ago)
But at least the game has been patched a bunch
ha noob 0 (6 months ago)
azheadshot1 (1 year ago)
If you want a hack free PC server join ours... forgotten soldiers servers. Admins on all the time. Ranked 7th in the world. Good playing
Garrett Blanton (1 year ago)
Mean hakers need to burn in hell...
VeryRareVrother (1 year ago)
Hackers ruined a truly amazing beautiful game
falsedream (1 year ago)
Its still kinda ok I have been playing a few matches and there were no hackers.
Fletchers Flesh (1 year ago)
I remember coming back to cod waw for old time sake but the first server I went into a hacker put me to rank 1
Lalo Maldonado (1 year ago)
Jair Gomez (2 years ago)
This one guy hacked me on world at war and made me level 65 when I was on level 18 legit and anoth r guy made me fly and I was trying to kill a guy who wasn't moving and was hacking.
WrongbeДr (2 years ago)
There's hardly any hackers on PC WaW.
Redsparrow633 (2 years ago)
The songs you used and your rants made this match epic lol
The_tinywars (2 years ago)
I hate hackers
RandomGuitarNote (2 years ago)
I think someone hacked me and now i cant play online, the menus are grayed out, any help on how yo fix this? Thanks
TheyCallMePleb (2 years ago)
Same, but i've been hacked on WAW for 4 years R.I.P me. I bought DLC too xD
Hell Jumper (2 years ago)
Idk how to fix that but sorry to hear that man
Ray Da (2 years ago)
I hack on waw Mac and got it free
snaptuandra667 bruh (3 years ago)
#make cod waw good again
scooter pro (3 years ago)
The game is perfectly playable on PC thanks to admins on servers banning hackers
Veg Lord (3 years ago)
I don't see why u would hack it just because it's old. That's bullshit.
Awful Lawton (3 years ago)
TwoKool115 (3 years ago)
There are some actually unhacked lobbies i played recently. Try mercenary tdm
or4r fisher (3 years ago)
Im not bovered about the hackers that go into private matches but the ones that go in public matches and ruin the game should get banned
Tapmemer (3 years ago)
omg I know that that are the single player cheats that appear to work in multiplayer when injection of an bypass
Tapmemer (3 years ago)
Yes just use + developer flag(it's + and then developer attached to it but I get bulldhit from Google+ that it wants to notif somebody about this reply)and then use bypass
THC Devide (3 years ago)
Grognak Barbarian (3 years ago)
i fucking loved this game my all time favorite
GA. Luigi (3 years ago)
This is not a problem on PC ;)
Phantom Reality (3 years ago)
Yeah because admins ban these fuckers
RusDaddy (3 years ago)
Only time hacking is fun in waw is when the hacker gives everyone powers
Abnorm Ust (3 years ago)
I actually just got WAW on my PS3 and it is nearly unplayable with nearly everyone being invincible...
Mynamajeff (3 years ago)
What's also fucked up is how easy it is to actually mod it. You don't need an infection or Jtagged or Jailbroken console, all you need is a USB, your game save, an editor and some ones CFG menu. The game was just fucked beyond belief from the start, since they messed up with making the game load the CFG files from the USB. While it wasn't on purpose, they still fucked up.
AcidPureWarrior (4 years ago)
Just find non hackers and invite to a private match
(4 years ago)
just got it and got cant even work my challanges for guns get into hacked lobbys everyday fuck you hackers
Deathsparrow (4 years ago)
hell you think that's bad I went and played online zombies and had my lvl hacked -3trillion under level one and now I cant play online so at least you get to go online fucking hackers
TheyCallMePleb (2 years ago)
Same dude, been like that for me for 3-4 years.
AuthenticDubXXX (4 years ago)
I looked into it. They will do nothing about the hackers because it's an outdated game. So I became one to host lobbies for players without these modds, like super jump, infinite ammo and other mods that are fun to use.
George C (4 years ago)
Looks like the PC version has less hackers (you can easily create a new profile), but still... This is ridiculous. Same with MW2, great game, so many hackers.
Stale Bagelz (4 years ago)
I just bought world at war and before you level up to 8 you can go in bootcamp and there aren't any hackers :) ...but I cant go in boot camp anymore because I leveled up...
DanKZzHD (4 years ago)
games fine on pc havent seen one hacker, only mods are double experience or something that doesnt ruin the game but adds to it
SpongeBoob SquareDork (4 years ago)
Hey i'm jailbreaking my ps3 in couple days first thing ima do is hack this game with purple kush v4 whoever wants to join hit me up with a reply
SpongeBoob SquareDork (3 years ago)
+cameron barton You're***, fucking moron.
jbohn (4 years ago)
March 2015. Game is still a mob of hacks.
Jacob Laurence (4 years ago)
Why were they exo jumping?
Happy Life WISH (4 years ago)
wish all hacker die haha really that should go fuck their mama
MLG Dank Frog (4 years ago)
The hacker can hack but can't spell yeah right ???
richard trueman (4 years ago)
It's so easy to get mods cus people use infect able mod menus stuff like dat
Daniel Sarmiento (4 years ago)
shadowknight611 (4 years ago)
me an a buddy ran into somethin like this on cod 4 had unlimited ammo so we decided it was the day of the noobtubes and just started firing there was no reload time so we just spammed like a nut till the hackers left
CWGoldenBooties (4 years ago)
WaW is FULL of hackers, I wish people would stop. If I was on a streak, and I met a hacker, and I couldn't kill him, I'd be pissed.
StalwartNightmare (4 years ago)
LOLOLOLOL Surprisingly the PC version is fine for me no hackers :D
wes brown (4 years ago)
Hey this anti-gravity thing would be cool ass game mode.
wes brown (4 years ago)
Without god mode.
wes brown (4 years ago)
See this is exactly whats going to happen to every cod game if we stop busting.
Cappin' Krieg (4 years ago)
I wanted to buy World At War because i love the guns and the setting, but given all the hackers, fuck it i dont get to enjoy this gem......
Donald Johnson (4 years ago)
There are a lot less hackers on Free for All, but that's a mess all on its own.
dat kid felix (4 years ago)
Is there any possible way you can derank someone from 11 prestige. Some kid gave me 11 and I didn't even want to do it. Please someone help
TheZombaslaya (4 years ago)
Yea, it is a shame, I just got my PS3 account hacked.  Also it really sucks that the only way to be competitive now in MW2 or WAW is with Aimbot.  And even with that, you can still get owned....
MegaGamingInsanity (4 years ago)
This is so fucking stupid! FUCKING STOP HACKING MODDING AND ALL THAT SHIT!!! Some people like me and lost want to play WAW the correct way. I don't want to go into a lobby and get ranked up 9 times for every kill!!! Lost I completely support you, unfortunately I cannot report him because I have PlayStation. But I will do u this, I will have a chat of me and my friends and we will play WAW and report every hacker we can find.
JMAA TV: Official (4 years ago)
Nimba (4 years ago)
Crawford (4 years ago)
There's like at least one hacker in every tdm I been in 2 modded online games'
zach harry (4 years ago)
Lol this game looks better than advanced warfare
Miguel Sousa (4 years ago)
Lost if you hate mods y did you fun with them
You Are (4 years ago)
Probably fine on pc lol
beavis (3 years ago)
You Are (3 years ago)
+Nuka-Cola So like I said fine on pc..
beavis (3 years ago)
because they have admins
Gavin Perry (4 years ago)
It sounds like your having fun in a modded lobby but you want complaint them😂😂😂😂😂
AdamM 123 (4 years ago)
Omg there are millions of hackers already on world at war even my cousin Is a hacker lol
Reptilian General Dawn (4 years ago)
Do more DarkRP Trolling :D
summersdude101 (4 years ago)
You seemed to be having a good time. 
Scott Williams (4 years ago)
it is playable on pc somehow
natebham (4 years ago)
AW is that you?
Eric Beaupre (4 years ago)
I play the PC one and there is no hackers.
Slime Dude (2 years ago)
i hope your right.....
nividicus (4 years ago)
Honestly i dont get why people even bother modding such a dated game. theres less than 50K people on at any given time
Trigger Finger (4 years ago)
I dont get it. Why is THIS game all fucked up yet call of duty 3 isnt infested with hackers
Dre (4 years ago)
Hi Lost.....
UnicronHound (4 years ago)
Of course there's going to be hackers in older games, but you can find lobbies with minimal to no hacks, at least on the PS3 version(not trying to start a debate, that's just the console I have this game for). I've been playing it lately with the only hacks being colored names, and actions scrolling across the screen(like it's a part of the kill feed). Personally I think that anyone who does major hacks like god mode, flying, etc., to be IP banned for ALL CoD games, past, present and future, but Activision is too money hungry to do that.
Toddler Bodybag (4 years ago)
honestly the hackers that god themselves to kill others are the ones i have a problem with, when they mod the lobby givving people like no gravity is okay in my book it only adds variety and a different element you dont normally get.
Bryan Seno (4 years ago)
I wished MW2 was never hacked
Stephen Beard (4 years ago)
4 someone dont like modz u having a lot of fun bro Nobody likes a RAT bro lol
AMB Pineapple (4 years ago)
This video is freaking hilarious. you should go back and try to troll these hackers.
Imahlah (4 years ago)
Hacking is just fucked up in so many places like look at ROBLOX, a whole bunch of hackers are playing and trolling it and ROBLOX doesn't give a flying shit that's what pisses me off
Imahlah (4 years ago)
+Daniel Baldwin I wouldn't say that because a lot of good games are on there
MrSNABIS (4 years ago)
Fucking windowlicking hackers...and they even feel proud about it...retards 
Larry Thompson (4 years ago)
That game has been hacked for quite a few years now and the reason why I stopped playing it online. 
+LostInPlace what happened to your booster busters series? Was it discontinued, or are you still doing it?
lonemexio (4 years ago)
Someone was enjoying himself LOL
chicken and dog (4 years ago)
Joshua Graham (4 years ago)
Lost you just noticed that [email protected] is hacked? It's been like this since 2010
RastaMan4ThePresident (4 years ago)
The hackers in WaW actually makeme sad i loved this game and i was a beast in it for like half a year and then the hackers started fucking everything up someonw should really dosomething about the hackers they cant just forget anmold game completely and let people ruin it
Smartie McPants (4 years ago)
This song, I want it Darude Sandstorm is already taken so plz. <3
Jakeb Blacker Rix (4 years ago)
World at war is one of the greatest cod games EVER!!!
quickdraw106 (4 years ago)
It's been majorly hacked for so long
kozelisky76 (4 years ago)
That looks pretty fun actually
Genji (4 years ago)
C'mon lip. That looks fun as shit. I know he's hacking but it's an old game with barely anyone on it anymore. Have some fun bro.
jennetics (4 years ago)
It's funny because the hacker sucks...he got knifed...he got shot by a bolt action rifle like 4 times then turned around and sprayed a whole revolver mag into him and missed almost all of them, the hacker has no skill that's probably why he hacks because he sucks
trizm 6ix 六 (4 years ago)

DoYouHavePokemon (4 years ago)
You're a little late
Ilanlek (4 years ago)
New pic? NICE!
SpongeGiver (4 years ago)
I have no problem with the hackers if they do in a private match but if its online i report them right away
Kyle Hills (4 years ago)
Unfortunately this is true but it was a great game for its time.
MyWorldOrder (4 years ago)
It's sad that your acting surprised I mean really what did you expect...
Elijah Riggins (4 years ago)
Add me people on Xbox Wonkyjupiter5
Elijah Riggins (4 years ago)
Srry to hear about your acount
Tim Grader (4 years ago)
Tim Grader (4 years ago)
If they put a space bounce mode like that is cod, that would be awsome
Th3_Watchman (4 years ago)
One of the best CoDs of all time!
Tracie Smith (4 years ago)
Ya know I just want to punch then hackers in the face. Yes I will laugh my butt off with a hacked lobby but after about 2 minutes of being killed with the default weapon I get tired. I hope trearch did what infinity ward did and updates the gosh darn protection engine for god sakes 😟😟😟
Bestjamesbond (4 years ago)
its been like this for a few years lol.
Vaniq (4 years ago)
I play it on xbox all the time and it's fine. On Pc I play it daily and there are no hackers, it's epic.
Dead Pool (4 years ago)
Im a hacker but i hack offline or in privite
Jacob Blount (4 years ago)
I haven't seen a PC hacker yet, try WoW on pc
Paul Shutt (4 years ago)

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