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Hey beautiful souls! Spread self love & positivity to others!!! It starts with YOU! Please keep the comments positive. I love you guys, xo GET $$$ off www.myfantasyhair.com with my code - alexandra Shop my favorite glasses website - www.eyewearinsight.com with code - CHJ1W for free shipping! **SHOP MY CLOTHING + LIPSTICK LINE!!! -- http://bit.ly/LearningToBeFearless1 ----Chat with me about important women's topics on vProud! http://bit.ly/1HrPxn9 INSTAGRAM || @learningtobefearless TWITTER || @alexandraairene SNAPCHAT || alexandraairene FACEBOOK || www.facebook.com/learningtobefearless BUSINESS INQUIRIES || [email protected] FTC - Some links above are affiliate links.
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Text Comments (603)
Andrea Jaramillo (9 months ago)
Thank you so much you are sooo inspirational. I am starting to love myself💕🦋. Thank you love your channel😍😍😍💕
Alexandra Albuquerque (9 months ago)
<3 Well said. You are awesome. ;)
Lil Broomstick (1 year ago)
I’m 9876 pounds and I wear spandex leotards and I look SLIMMMM
Andy Ridley (1 year ago)
I am large but only in one place.
Gary Cameron (1 year ago)
Fuck the haters!!
Widow Maker706 (1 year ago)
Front butt
jay__ay__ cee (1 year ago)
I'm late watching and commenting but - AMEN Alex !!!! Well said 💕 the nerve of some people - how dare they think it's ok to criticise another person.... Only the perfect person has the right to criticise - and no one is perfect - every single one of us has faults!!!! Keep being beautiful and amazing xx
Suzannah Sese-Khalid (1 year ago)
you are beautiful, don't let people get to you! I feel free without spanks and we are embracing curves
Paul Stromberg (1 year ago)
all girls should wear clothes the like tight or not
Walter sancheaz (1 year ago)
Es bueno que personas como usted alimenten la auto estima de quienes padecen de extra hermosura yo tuve que elevar mi auto estima por ser de baja estatura
slenderman slender (1 year ago)
i m 15 years old boy and my aunt is curvy just like you but she always wear tight jeans and t shirt when she goes outside, so don't worry you will look beautiful in any clothes
makeupjunkie 81 (1 year ago)
I am not over weight at all but I still don't wear super tight clothes.
Nicole Gollattscheck (1 year ago)
I think you look beautiful.
Kayla Lynne (1 year ago)
This video makes me smile because it's so raw with emotion and you can see the frustration but also passion you have to help women and stand up for them. I admire you putting yourself out there so much and you have NO idea how much you inspire me.
JoyfulSelah (1 year ago)
People crazy, you encourage me to wear what I feel beautiful in, not what everyone says is "right for my body". If I like it, back off.  You're beautiful, never forget.
Destiny Samuels (1 year ago)
dolly axb (1 year ago)
Very inspiring 😍
Jessica Ponticello (2 years ago)
love ya pretty girl
Ms Allen (2 years ago)
Bless the day I came across your channel...
antondolin (2 years ago)
You're gorgeous with very kissable lips!!!
Lydia Broom (2 years ago)
So sorry that you were personally attacked by others....no one deserves that. It's beautiful to see you turn allll that negative energy into positive wisdom. I couldn't agree with you more about what you said. Stay strong and stay fierce! Love you beautiful:)
Diana Aquino (2 years ago)
you're SO amazing!! OMG!!! 😍👏
liat tobi (2 years ago)
check out this great positive body image page! https://www.facebook.com/Real-Bodies-1113759018645193/
Lucky Adewale (2 years ago)
Valentina Reynierse (2 years ago)
stop wasting your breath for a vidio you dont need to make a vidio for idiots
Patches Blevins (2 years ago)
love all of you. I know this has been almost 2 years ago but I wanted to let you know you look great! your an inspiration to plus size women. with that comes haters, unfortunately. keep your head up.
Gina V. (2 years ago)
In tears watching this! You inspire me! I hope to start a similar you tube channel soon, for plus size fashion honestly if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have the courage to pursue my dream of starting my own channel. I'm looking forward to following my dream soon I just need to get a good camera. But know that YOU put the courage in my heart. So a big thank you , ❤️ your beautiful and dope!
Pamela BH (2 years ago)
You. Are. Adorable. Never change, Sweetie. :-)
Ady Lory (2 years ago)
We should focus on the real problem that's going on in this world , not stupid thinks like : weight , that's not important at all.,...as a matter of fact I think cubby girls r sexy....
Ady Lory (2 years ago)
Nobody is in position to judge , if ur beautiful , ur beautiful under that body , because Beauty is more then just skin deep ...... nobody is perfect ,,but beauty stands in the eyes of the beholder "
Tatiana Fraser A. (2 years ago)
good for you! wish I had your confidence
Ashley Glover (2 years ago)
I don't even think you are big at all__  you are so pretty!
Lisa Noelle (2 years ago)
I had three babies, two were BIG BOYS...and one tiny little girl. Well, I also had three c-sections...and I was huge and when I lost the weight I had all this hanging skin. So, I hear you!! Anyway, how in the world are so many people complaining about rolls when as of September 2015 more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese.
Rose FERRER (2 years ago)
I really liked this video. I am obsessed myself. I hope it stops one day. lol I hope we'll get more and more interested in accepting our own body as it is, rather than getting into a fight ( or obsessive control) against our own body. Reading articles in magazines not so much about how to lose weight but how to appreciate your body. I would love it.
Elaine Guieb (2 years ago)
I love your videos I don't care about your size you are beautiful
Caitlin Edwards (2 years ago)
So Inspiring!
M E L R O S E (2 years ago)
<3 <3 <3
brenme35 (2 years ago)
im so happy that at least went down a pants size
Loreta B (2 years ago)
You're beautiful :).
Clara P (2 years ago)
Your beautiful girl don't listen to them
clase406marcela1 (2 years ago)
you don't need to explain yourself. ppl can fuck themselves.
Misty Moody (2 years ago)
I 💙💜 you hun. your beautiful no matter what others say. your beautiful inside and out. don't allow someone else's hate from there own self mirror on you. that's there fault there asshats not yours
Abby B (2 years ago)
I bought my first dress in 6 years because of you. Even though I didn't reach my fitness weight goal. Thank you for doing what you do
ok question, Everytime I am going to wear spanks I end up taking them off bc how does one pee without having to completely undress.
Althea ToldMe (2 years ago)
I love you you're gorgeous and an inspiration! We need to lift each other up as women not tear each other down! Anyone who is going to say hateful things about bodies should think what they might feel if they were putting themselves out there for people to criticize. That takes true courage!
brenme35 (2 years ago)
I hate when people tell bbw s what to wear
brenme35 (2 years ago)
I hate when people tell bbw s what to wear
Steve Ron (2 years ago)
lovely lips
Sandra Macharia (2 years ago)
Hope Goodman (2 years ago)
this is inspiring I am young plus size women thank you for doing what u do u are beautiful dont let anyone change that
Ash Forbes (2 years ago)
I think you are beautifull, fu#k spanks!
nastassia morrison (2 years ago)
people can be judgmental. people like to reflect on others.
April 🥀Rose (2 years ago)
I've had six kids back to back and I totally get the low belly thing!
Mackenzie Waldron (2 years ago)
I know how you feel in one of my classes a group of kids don't talk to me because I'm the heaviest one in the class
Kyle George (2 years ago)
+Mackenzie Waldron : )
Mackenzie Waldron (2 years ago)
+Number1Don Thank you so much you made my day
ladystonefox (2 years ago)
You are really beautiful. Also, I'm very skinny and people has also shamed me for it.
Leticia Sanchez (2 years ago)
hey hey hey i love your videos <3 its great. i was wondering, what kind of Spanx do you where? where do you buy them?? lol im curious
Tisiphone2 (2 years ago)
It's really unnecessary to tell someone that you don't like how they look in clothing. I watch plus size try on hauls and I certainly think some things look great and some things look awful...but it's my philosophy of dressing and applicable only to me. I don't have worry about other people's clothing and it's not ok to be mean to others.
non yourbuisness (2 years ago)
How come  people talk so much about themselves? Its unreal
peita kreegher (2 years ago)
dont we all have a stomach. you are lovely
Lulu A (2 years ago)
To be honest, you're stunning! You have such a beautiful face and your body is fine. It's so inspiring how you put your imperfectly perfect body out there and not caring what anyone is saying ❤️
TheTeriuce (2 years ago)
Not all the fish in the ocean are the same size!
AJ Directioner (2 years ago)
Plz don't get sad or mad plz. A wise man once said: Fear=anger Anger=hate Hate=Dark Side -Yoda U FREAKIN LOOK CUTE IN EVERYTHING PLZ DON'T GET MAD
straw Berry lover (2 years ago)
does anyone else notice her two black eyes
Molly Houston (2 years ago)
Why are rolls tummies and curves even seen as unflattering in the first place?! It really says something about society...
Jason Martin (2 years ago)
I just went back and watched your video. From a male perspective, I think you looked hot in the first skirt/top combo, cute in the jeans (loved the cutouts that showed off your amazing thighs), and stunningly elegant in your red dress. You have a pretty face, a sexy body, and a lovely persona from what I've seen of your videos. If I ran across you in a bar, I'd totally hit on you (if I didn't feel too intimidated).
JessyLove (2 years ago)
stay strong mama. ive gotten picked on all my life for my body and being tall. your beautiful and im a fan. stay strong, stay true to yourself and stay Golden <3
Jordan None (2 years ago)
yes they should they look beautiful
olga26100 (2 years ago)
u are beautyful
ChichiNPink (2 years ago)
I'm so glad you didn't wear spanx! I could look at the dresses and tell how they'd really look on me! I after I watched your video I was considering buying the red one for my bday BUT NOW IM DEFINITELY buying it for my bday party and I'm wearing it in solidarity with you! Thanks for sharing!
OZ Dunstan (2 years ago)
if I was 20 year younger
ThatChick Krys (2 years ago)
Hell, I am a size 6, never had any kids, and STILL wear shape wear when I wear tighter clothes. You are so right- we all have a bit of something people feel the need to criticize. People need to just mind their business if they weren't asked for their critique. I saw the video, I heard you talk about not wearing Spanx (it was clear as day), and I thought you looked beautiful! I loved that black strappy top with the olive green skirt on you! Eff people and their issues. lol But thank you for this video- again, you are such an inspiration for all women and encourage self-love, regardless of what we look like. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Premium CP (2 years ago)
Weight loss game: do a minute of cardio every time she says like
Jordan.renae (2 years ago)
She actually seemed so upset and frustrated.. I was hurting for her when I first saw this..
summer hall (2 years ago)
holy i love you so much
Krissy (2 years ago)
We love u as u are and always will. wear what u want cause u did looked that good girl!
Krissy (2 years ago)
be comfortable in ur skin cause ur beautiful! Forget what others thinks cause they don't matter sweetie!
Jhonrae Reeves (2 years ago)
I watch you and loeylane and absolutely think you ladies are amazing women inside and out! I'm sorry people are focused on the way you look vs what you were trying to share with us. I'm tired of people acting like they know what healthy and beauty is, your right about what you've said in this video and hopefully people will start understand what your trying to say and do in your amazing video's!
Rosie 37 (2 years ago)
your beautiful!
Ren Feral (2 years ago)
Sod society... Very good video
Untooli Hence (2 years ago)
I feel like you're on such high defense and afraid of being criticized because there really are not a lot of people talking about what's wrong with you wearing tight clothes. In the comments, they really were saying that they think you chose the wrong size clothing, and wearing the right size clothing is so essential especially for plus sized women. There's nothing at all wrong about you wearing tight clothing or how it looks on you, but you shouldn't be afraid to size up. Size really is a number and I think that you are just afraid of what a higher number means.
LearningToBeMyself (2 years ago)
People shouldn't criticise, especially in a mean way. I hate that. Especially how some people who left these mean comments wouldn't have minded if you'd worn SPANX and because you didn't....gaaah I just don't get why people are so crazy. Rolls, bulges etc. are there people, who cares? She's beautiful. I love you & your channel 💖
Amber Hyett (2 years ago)
Oh my goodness how have I just found this channel! Preach it sistaaa
Mar Bock (2 years ago)
I hate that people made you frustrated because they are ignorant
Adrian Horatiu Popa (2 years ago)
I like your spirit. Keep it up. ;)
NeccoWecco (2 years ago)
It saddens me that this upsets you so much. You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you that you're not. That goes for everyone.
L Burns (2 years ago)
You're exactly right & we do need to talk about these things. You're doing such a good & positive thing here on YouTube. xx
Nanna (2 years ago)
Spanks question: how tight are they supposed to be because I have a pair and I feel like they're too big. I don't know but they're not very tight.
PrincessNavi (2 years ago)
+NannaLaurie Great!! 😄
Nanna (2 years ago)
+blaynesfyrre Idk what 2x is but I got a size S recently and it fits fine. :)
PrincessNavi (2 years ago)
They aren't supposed to be really tight. Spanks are suppose to smooth you out. I would get them in the size you are. If you were a 2x get a 2x. If they feels too loose get one size smaller.
Cataleya Catharina (2 years ago)
+NannaLaurie spanx are suppost to be REALLY tight
Cat Sutter (2 years ago)
Girl. You. Do. You. I love your confidence and congratulations on your lost weight. I have a lower stomach area and I dream of having your confidence.
metubeutube (3 years ago)
°on topic: AGREE! Thank you Alex for this video! °off topic: Where can I get that übercute necklace you're wearing? <3<3<3
Kelly Christine (3 years ago)
Even thin women wear spanx. People are jerks... You are gorgeous. Screw them.
LittleLady Katie (3 years ago)
Let me just say.... Thank you from everyone who needs your little slice of body positivity to feel good again!
Kenn Parrish (3 years ago)
Hi. I want to be you.
Carley Jones (3 years ago)
You are so lovely. Me and so many people stand beside you
astarsia7 (3 years ago)
Screw Spanx! You are SO gorgeous just the way you are!
Marabou Royale (3 years ago)
Love your lippie what are you wearing please
Honeywell789 (3 years ago)
Love watching your videos .... you are an inspiration and such an admirable young woman.
Angie G. (3 years ago)
Preach babe! You're beautiful regardless if you wear spanx or not. The fact that you took this issue in such a classy manner really says so much about you, you're amazing. If you feel confident with what you're wearing, excuse my language, fuck the rest! Love you so, so, so much! <3
Tessa Liggins (3 years ago)
your an amazing role model! <3
Nev G (3 years ago)
That pisses me off so much when people say stuff because wearing baggy clothes are not cute so those people really need to shut up and like have they seen your sexy face they can suck it and I also wanna say u have given me more confidence to be happy with my body honestly I would look in the mirror and cry I would never swim I would never wanna do stuff and I would wear baggy clothes and since watching your videos it's helping me not care and be happy so I wanna say thanks and I love u 😍😍😘😘😘😀😀
Angel Tyler (3 years ago)
I've never seen a YouTube show their stomach bulge and talk about a hanging stomach. I just kinda thought it was just me. So I actually appreciated this and the other one. I love you, thank you!! Also what type of Spanx do you have cause I want some. I'm not brave enough to wear my stomach bulge out.

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