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WhipAddict: StreetWhipz Mega Show 2017 Part 2, Whips For Days, Custom Cars, Big Rims

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#StreetWhipzMegaShow 17: Part 2 Of the Biggest Show so far this year! Live from Atlanta Motor Speedway, watch as Chi Town, Nap Town, Chatt Town, and more invade GA! The Teal Gang on Forgiato 26s, 442, Regal, Box and 75' Caprice from the Chi, BK Rims in the Short Bed on 34s, a few whips with Spectraflair paints or wraps, more big rims, kandy paint, Donks, foreign whips and more! Part 3 next with the track action!
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Savoir Faire (18 days ago)
See...smart blk folks, don't worry about stupid comments people say behind their keyboards, they're only tryna evoke ur anger, if you ignore em...they mean absolutely nothing...if it was so fucked up, why they looking at it... it's called creativity and style, nothing that they have, and they get what little they have from US... otherwise it would be the Clevers... keep giving em style y'all...fuck em...🆒💯😎
Mike Schaeffer (24 days ago)
Nothing here for me👎
2view (1 month ago)
I got to take it Im in jail for next 10 days
Christian (1 month ago)
I’m white AF but I’m about to do this to my car
Christian (1 month ago)
WhipAddict nah you right, but you typically don’t see whites doing this. I’m not fro the south though so Idk
WhipAddict (1 month ago)
😂😂 its not race exclusive bro
MultiSkyman1 (1 month ago)
Circus Show!
AJ Maine (2 months ago)
I take it that some of those wheels remove all practicality from the vehicle. They can not even drive them to the show ? They have to rent flatbeds ? The performance must really suck. May as well wrap a bunch of condoms around those rims, at least they'll become useful.😄
R F (2 months ago)
Like Rap, Jazz, the Blues and Motown, certain ignorant and biased people are so insecure that they need to look down on certain Black subcultures (break dancing) without understanding what is quintessentially the cutting edge of American sub-culture in regard to artistic expression. These vehicles represent a uniquely American type of automotive performance art. Just because you don't understand or appreciate the aesthetic or the dialect and spoken lingo used does not diminish the effort and creativity that goes into creating the art form. In Moscow, the people have nothing like this and they wish they did. This is no different then US biker culture or NASCAR or drag racing, it is just another outlet for people's passions and an opportunity for people to engage in showing off their rides. Plenty of truckers also spend fortunes to customize their big rigs. This is about America's love affair with the auto and truck and SUV. It is as American as the 4th of July. Don't hate what you don't understand. Lots of the owners of these rides are US Armed Forces veterans and patriotic Americans so until you actually meet them, don't judge. While some of the rims are over the top, others are pretty damn cool especially some of the classic Pontiac GTOs and other classic muscle car rides.
Necron 99 (2 months ago)
Shits weak. I got 40 light year rims...
Mountain Man (2 months ago)
American custom cars are different level.
maldmc2 (3 months ago)
I can do that  s... h ........................ sumbody in olds keep it
maldmc2 (3 months ago)
I seen this 10 times but xXzibit check these out
Avion Urban (4 months ago)
11:03 make and model of the car?
Chuck Taylor (6 months ago)
Video title should be how to fuck up a car. Sneakers and wheels! SMFH
Puertecitos68 (6 months ago)
Monkeys and their cars
Retrograde Beats (6 months ago)
Muscle care with big wheels are ugly af to me. This is just my opinion as a gear head, niggas have opinions and they aint always the same as yours so calling people with different tastes a hater make no sense.
Timothy Stanton (6 months ago)
I guess all the white folks are at the park looking for a little kid to fuck and are mad cause there's none to look at on this video just a thought
TurboFreak (6 months ago)
Recommended video of this?! VOMITING!!!!!!!!! They all should go off road with their lifted donk cars.
Ruby Thomas (6 months ago)
when you live in youre car
AMAN J (6 months ago)
It's a insect infectation
J Y (7 months ago)
These cars, my friends, are definitions of “Im broke af but still wanna flex”
shardox1404 Sk (7 months ago)
How do they drive at high speeds ?
TIO CYBORG (7 months ago)
zach williamson (7 months ago)
Does anybody have any ideas or advice for a all white 2007 honda accord looking for rims
Bhris Wizzard (7 months ago)
I always wonder why tf do they play the same ass songs, I would play some g funk or dj quik
Mikeman Jordan (7 months ago)
Two challengers were ruined
Joker (8 months ago)
Jeffery Shelton (8 months ago)
Man this pink whip needs to be set on fire...waste of money .....i wouldn't let my dog ride in that pink panther.
I Heart Yoga Pants (8 months ago)
This is some pure "Nigga" stuff. I mean if you're educated, have a great paying career job, priorities in order, and are just into this type of stuff then by all means go for it. But I'm 90% sure that the people in this video have no degrees, no real career, and are just showing off for superficial purposes.
I Heart Yoga Pants (8 months ago)
WhipAddict Umm, that's why I said I'm 90% sure! I'm aware that I don't know anyone in this video, so I can only speak from what I see. I'm also aware that people who are educated, with real careers, and making serious money don't waste cash on things like this, so just putting 2 and 2 together. Comprehend before commenting next time.
WhipAddict (8 months ago)
I Heart Yoga Pants 90% huh? Lol. So people are supposed to take your word for it because? Pretty sure you don't know one person in the video, and definitely dont know what any of them do for a living. Your the problem with the world making prejudice comments without knowing anything for a fact
ChicagoDeepHouseHead (8 months ago)
Nutn a cluster bomb couldn't fix with this gayosity
ChicagoDeepHouseHead (8 months ago)
Damn shame they don't dedicate this much time to a fucking degree or a job for that matter. Hope them pieces of shit can pay for Your retirements.
ChicagoDeepHouseHead (8 months ago)
Yeah let's cruise with our 8 year old kids listening to trap music talking all kinds of vulgar shit. Makes me wanna slap these dumb motherfuckers.
SIX7 250LBS ACTOR (8 months ago)
Nice to see people have a great time peacefully...
Rob H (8 months ago)
Fkn clown cars lol! Can't drive that sht without popping a tire and then ride that sht with a spare for a year because you can't afford it!! LOL!
Syte Jackson (8 months ago)
I've seen bettwr episodes than this one...some of the cars on here were just garbage..not hating at all because the old schools they were putting in the garage part were dope but some just didnt even deserve the look
Big LingoTv (9 months ago)
Song at 26:12
Tank Amos (9 months ago)
It’s funny that whenever a white person sees a black person with ANYTHING a little to nice they say we’re drug dealers.Regardless if they are or not YOU DONT KNOW . Us blacks don’t look at y’all and say that shit (we don’t care what the hell y’all do ) .Although you mf are a tad worse than us . I know more white people in my town with businesses slanging more dope than any black pple in my town These whips are a bit too extra for my likings but who are y’all to bash anyone? Who told y’all to sit through a vid looking at tons of cars that y’all don’t like ? ( y’all clicked for a reason )
keeping it real (16 days ago)
max Brisbane ...read the comment I responded to before you embarrass yourself with your stupidity. My response was in regards to the initial post about white hating. That’s why I put my 2 cents in. Keep telling yourself that this is a healthy environment. Watch the video, our women are used as sex symbols...not as the queens from our land. I’ll continue keeping it real and you can continue being a foolish brother.
Yung life (16 days ago)
Crackers stay hatin on black culture. If this was a video about pickup trucks they'll be all in. Lol
Antwon Mikell (1 month ago)
keeping it real shut the fuck up as if u speak for all melinated people u a dumbass for even co signing the racist shit being said it's sad to see ignorance and hatred although these folks are gathering together for one cause non violent there's still a negative perception simply because of skin color when will the koolaid drinkers wake up and realize the battle is between the rich and poor....
keeping it real (1 month ago)
Tank Amos don’t be confused, white people make fun of us because there is no diversity. Everything in this video is the same, same cars, big rims, loud music, women dressed as hood rats. Their music is the same and all it talks about is bitches, drugs, and shooting up niggas. At least whites listen to rap, country, rock and roll, and have different taste.....they have diversity. I’m a black man that has made it in a white world and I’ve made it because I don’t fit our stereo type. Just keepin it real, maybe we should to, to make change. Just an educated black mans thought.
Average Boi (1 month ago)
They have no benefits & all cons it’s just a ricer thing to do
yodii gang (9 months ago)
YodiiGang currently burning it dwn on YouTube 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥
aphaileeja (9 months ago)
Mike Smith (9 months ago)
Pink isn't my color but that thang was shittin...
biollante62 (9 months ago)
What a fukn joke hahaa.This oversized rims look sooo fukn stupid.A lot of the cars are super sweet,but then totally destroyed with those dumb ass rims.
dianna broussard (9 months ago)
Pop nice 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Leon Jakobs (9 months ago)
those are mostly average cars with some big wheels. i expected a bit more... customness
Roger Goodwin (10 months ago)
O boy real spiffy.
capias (10 months ago)
those poor challengers.. someone put them out of the misery..
Cody (7 months ago)
capias I know!! They deserve better😣!
Justin Fiori (10 months ago)
These black people look very oppressed
Gerald P (10 months ago)
Everybody not a drug dealer 1st off, we do the same thing others do just in a different fashion, we like painted cars and rims no matter the size, white ppl like jacked up trucks and big tires and ride thru mud, Hispanics like low riders, we do the same Shit so stop hating on other ppl creation. Just like y'all like what y'all like so do we. Ain't nothing different about it. EVERYBODY who into cars meet and chill and ride or whateva, just in a different setting
Sky-view (10 months ago)
Ugly as hell..
Dre Boy (10 months ago)
Dude in the magnum rim bent like a mf!!
Yolanda Torres (10 months ago)
estan muy bello
KOOL'MAN KIETH (10 months ago)
20s,19's ok. But dam...lol the s10 cartoon hot wheels truck XD
Timothy Isadore (10 months ago)
We could Shanna music ra crushing the cars we're very Southern man hold up Stand Up Texas Louisiana Arkansas Memphis Tennessee Alabama Atlanta Florida Mississippi
Timothy Isadore (10 months ago)
Don't care where you from you will not be able to compete with the southern Dirty South car events
Timothy Isadore (10 months ago)
Got to love the Dirty South
Okie Dokie (11 months ago)
I think it's cool, that blacks have their own style of ride now. Mexicans have low riders. And whites have their 4x4 trucks. Asians have their imports. Rich people have their Italian sports car. Let's keep it that way, instead of people tryin to bogart into each other's shit.
Mike (4 months ago)
Okie Dokie low riders are way cooler than this cartoon like cars.
Dru Bradley (11 months ago)
I have been building various types of vehicles for almost 30 years, and I still do not understand the large diameter alloys with rubber bands for tires look... PLEASE, anybody, feel free to explain what this is all about. I kindly ask !!! I am not trying to be funny, rather, I have asked this question over the past 20 years since this first started to pop up, why or what is the goal, or function, etc... Yes, I realize, there are many modifications that happen to the beloved automobiles, that serve no function, other then a particular look, but, but the big wheels, I just seem to have missed something somewhere.....????
XSnazzy x (11 months ago)
For all the new cars like the chargers and shi, your putting money into it and actually lowering the value of the car, because you try to go fast, with the 32s and shi, you’ll flip the car no prob
POINTTWOFIVEMOA (11 months ago)
WhipAddict (11 months ago)
POINTTWOFIVEMOA "Severely desperate psychologically unstable degree of needy attention seeking" ...is the comment u just wrote. Geez, get a life and some help.
adele banks (11 months ago)
Those are some nice cars especially the old school cars I'm a big fan of older cars 👍
Pablo Pabinho (11 months ago)
What is the name of this song that is playing at 7:35?
AW Film (11 months ago)
big rims small ass brakes, what is wrong with people
Jason Reid (11 months ago)
MR TRICKY (1 year ago)
not a fan at all its ugly sorry lol
Bussiness Man (1 year ago)
orange Impala And pink challenger kilt the Game lol Rim so big look like a fake car hahahaha you you niggas u can hate me now why u swerve so Much cuz my Nerve Fucked up
JayTV gang (1 year ago)
When white people are having fun , nobody gives a fuck, but when blacks are doing so many people find negative comments, this is not the old days, people got money. Stop watching fox news and see the real world
N,N DMT (1 year ago)
Oh shit! Hell yea
Folks are living and spending their money as they chooses, Interesting Whips, I am sure the kids would Enjoy the looks and different looks added to Whips💯👌😁..
Racist comment
J. Yungin (1 year ago)
Hw much would 32’s cost yah ?
WhipAddict (1 year ago)
J. Yungin 10k brand new wit tires depends on Brand tho
KIALA MFUMU jonathan (1 year ago)
Whaaaa whaou
Gtr_Scott (1 year ago)
So exactly what is the point of these ugly and oversized wheels?
askyamomboutme (1 year ago)
What were the rims on the red escalade
Antonio Cruz (1 year ago)
Just wondering, why the big rims?
sol soll (1 year ago)
Terror Squad (1 year ago)
Nigga'z Shit 😅
John Pol (1 year ago)
Real sick they look like tonka toys so stupid looking where is the concept
Kash Bill (1 year ago)
what category this? racer or ricer?
John Milner (1 year ago)
in case sombody wants to know which song's playing at 2:46 it's DARUDE - SANDSTORM
the great dog (1 year ago)
Except the old ones ayyyy
the great dog (1 year ago)
That dodge charger donk kill it kill it now destroy that ugly ads thing
Shody Larkins (1 year ago)
6:47 BEST CAR 💸💵💋😍
Shody Larkins (1 year ago)
Too many haters!!!! 🤮 Love these cars💵💸
John Ramirez (1 year ago)
them big ass rims are stupid. Especially the pinkish colored dodge.
Odeezy2Ez (1 year ago)
They should have a contest to see who has the best turning ratio. They fye tho
Alex M (1 year ago)
stunring goes wrong
Nina Marquez (1 year ago)
all fly rides $$$ people work hard to get they vehicles like they want them
I Heart Yoga Pants (8 months ago)
Nina Marquez yeah but is the "work" that they're doing legal? That's the question.
The Bike Game (1 year ago)
I have a 72 Impala VERT project, no motor/no trans, worst is rusted out trunk floor, minor floor pan spots, n needs top replaced(materialwise) $3500 obo. Cash n Wisconsin/Illinois border pickup!!!..car can be seen on DONK NATION fb page, with 20-30 pics n a one hour walk around video w/ over 3.3k views already. Or find me @facebook/bosshogg608 for pics NO B.S NO SCAMS N NO MORE DREAMERS!!! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. Also available 73 Olds Delta 88 Convertible Clean title WITH motor n trans, needs resto..$2500 Get at me ASAP!!.. Show less
Bryan Briggs (1 year ago)
where these mf work at
NÁVI NAVA (1 year ago)
horaito bolton (1 year ago)
this is just some cartoonist shit jus me
Holley Mims (1 year ago)
9:12 They killed it
MR GHOSTER (1 year ago)
When I was a Kid my Dinky Toys and Matchbox cars were trying to be a child's minature of say their Dad's Family car? These things look like toy's! LOL! I remember a friend of mine coming over and laughing his head off at some pictures he had, I didn't ask where he got them but they were Gay Pic's of Guy's with massive Photo shopped Dicks, this put's me in mind of those pictures, It's like Black Guy's like their women with massive asses, WHY? White Guy's like their women with massive TIT's is this just another form of obsession but with cars to over do the wheels? I blame Monster trucks myself! LOL!
Braulio Barajas (1 year ago)
Nice round ass at 51
Alssoady Alssoady (1 year ago)
Hassan soady
Tybalt Capulet (1 year ago)
How can they afford to custom their cars? Oh that's because they sell off their baby's formula and diapers. They also sell their food stamp card for money in return. Oh let’s not forget the pawn shops they go to after stealing plus the pay day loans. Also the "disability checks" they get a month that we pay. LOL also all the child support that their current girlfriend or wife is getting from some other guy. Also they are doing side work and getting paid under the table and don't have a checking account that way THEY don't get their child support taken out of THEIR accounts. LOL oh and let’s not forget the drugs that they might be selling but don't need to with all this FREE form of money they are already getting from hard working people. Lastly their income tax checks that they get for claiming their 8 kids. Also money that they COULD be getting from the BS lawsuits they might file because they got in a previous small car accident in which they act like they have neck injuries etc. LOL sooooo in all that I have mentioned I think I would have enough money to fix up a crappy car like that as well. They want to fix up their car but yet park it in the ghetto next to their mom’s house that they don't pay rent anyway. LOL LOL bunch of losers. It would be a smart idea to invest that money to your children's college education. Whip Addict? Yeah your mama should whip your ass for looking so stupid
Timothy Stanton (6 months ago)
Thx for that up date now I know how I'm going to fix up my car cause I was at a lost for ideas u are so sweet and smart
bmbrman7 (1 year ago)
Everybody and they momma got them 5 spoke rims!
mike gary (1 year ago)
That poor jeep..omg
Eric Watler (1 year ago)
Hell no not G at all
AtlantaITGirl (1 year ago)
Yo can i use some clips for my IG page?? I'll tag you, whats your IG??
The Namibian youtuber (1 year ago)
a lot of bitter MFS in the comment section😩.... cars on fleek🔥🔥🔥....middle finger to the haters
Yung life (16 days ago)
Facts fuck all the haters
2view (1 month ago)
you are right
don wilson (1 year ago)
the circus is in town. All you need is little midgets getting out of the back. I know each to their own but damn these are some ugly cars

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