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This is why Jaden Smith keeps his inner circle tight as a cherio (and what girls he would date)

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Jaden Smith talks about his friendship to Justin Bieber and what it is like to grow up in Hollywood. For more interviews like this, please subscribe to my channel. I upload weekly. Kjersti COME WITH ME TO HOLLYWOOD Please subscribe to my channel if you enjoy celebrity interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars. I post interviews with famous stars weekly here on this channel. If you surf around you'll find interviews with world famous movie stars like Meryl Streep https://youtu.be/lF0_upIsvy8 Helen Mirren https://youtu.be/AkAOBSsXtMA Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine https://youtu.be/ErK0Gw7KfgA -------------------- And movie star legends like Clint Eastwood https://youtu.be/V35bVDmYtK8 Julia Roberts: https://youtu.be/0pe1uoeBCuI Robert De Niro and Micahel Douglas https://youtu.be/vAFC2Pvz-1Y Richard Gere https://youtu.be/FB72ouvs58U and Robert Redford https://youtu.be/Ei5jADs6fJQ -------------- I have also interviewed world famous film stars like Johnny Depp https://youtu.be/8B3pddUjyRE Sylvester Stallone https://youtu.be/93U_ik1P0-w Leonardo DiCaprio https://youtu.be/UW7a8v087zY Angelina Jolie https://youtu.be/_mIEVpejF7Q Jennifer Aniston https://youtu.be/2xQFrnrvY2E Jennifer Lawrence https://youtu.be/lLVDHVG85C0 The Rock https://youtu.be/DzeYuN0UL8U Tom Hiddleston https://youtu.be/PLny_HymGII Zac Efron and Dave Franco https://youtu.be/XH_20Vs1iIE Chris Hemsworth https://youtu.be/tEUuXxQGLro Jennifer Lopez https://youtu.be/8F19uuoyK3 Keanu Reeves https://youtu.be/fUjgLqXcjOs ---------------------- You can also see fresh interviews with younger actors like Harry Styles https://youtu.be/HCZ5rZFymVI Dakota Johnson https://youtu.be/9Vu74u1uZn8 Jamie Dornan https://youtu.be/eqU2CLYaUis Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson https://youtu.be/7yeaIBbSH3s Gal Gadot https://youtu.be/-o__i5HdGWE Chloe Grace Moretz https://youtu.be/vffS-Eh5zYk Selena Gomez https://youtu.be/M6qtL4DdH18 Tom Holland https://youtu.be/BYP6EdlXjhw ------------------ You can find interviews with comedians and stand-up comedians like Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher https://youtu.be/B8xF6Ce9q68 Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler https://youtu.be/2C-X7ENTwIU Louis CK and Kevin Hart https://youtu.be/HCtlZmCH8Q0 Katt Williams https://youtu.be/7t-a4sHoiO8 Kristen Wiig https://youtu.be/hBg6hQ3IFgo Rebel Wilson https://youtu.be/GXu6UjQfLmk Melissa McCarthy https://youtu.be/aauJRSHULXU --------------------------- You may also learn something new about your favorite director. Check out my interviews with Ridley Scott https://youtu.be/NXW9ctLv0gE Tim Burton https://youtu.be/Opv5Sx1zB3A Darren Aronofsky https://youtu.be/i8yl0LDppxs Guillermo Del Toro https://youtu.be/Ip5cjRL8NM4 Christopher Nolan https://youtu.be/gw-YFwcq-Ho Guy Ritchie https://youtu.be/jsLM1APPc4w Mel Gibson https://youtu.be/QrWn_pUj7z8 Duncan Jones https://youtu.be/CtJnpSaRa4M ----------------------------- MY VLOG SERIES - A SNEAK PEAK INTO HOLLYWOOD AND BEHIND THE SCENES: I also have a VLOG series where I take you behind the scenes from when I meet with Hollywood stars at different interview locations and give you a little sneak peak of what it's like to interview some of Hollywoods biggest stars. In my VLOGS I also take you to premieres, Hollywood parties, premiere after-parties, red carpets, The Oscars, The Golden Globes - and travels to film festivals, like Toronto, Cannes and Venice, comic-con in San Diego, as well as the typical film junket. I share some of my favorite interview tricks, some amazing, funny moments, but also some of my bloopers and less proud or awkward moments. So please come along for the ride behind the scenes in Hollywood, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave comments in the description section. I will get back to you as soon as I can. ➡ Follow me 📸 Instagram ➡: https://www.instagram.com/kjersti_flaa/ Facebook: ➡ https://www.facebook.com/KjerstiFlaaPublic/
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Text Comments (142)
lets parchment it up yo (5 months ago)
Wasn’t he 16 at this time?
(9 months ago)
just cute😁
James oyamoh (1 year ago)
no this dude is dope i lyk him
window 70000 (1 year ago)
I feel like in this interview the fame is kinda getting to him in a sorta way
Naimo Abukar (1 year ago)
Leni Pressman (2 years ago)
I fucking love Jaden Smith!! 💝💝💝
shaboy aha.d (2 years ago)
U1timate Squid (2 years ago)
He's like we're we live there's a bunch of famous people...
Moondrami Cammy (2 years ago)
I just want to see my celebrities that I'm admired doing lately...so I come here and check... If they in good wealth condition and health. I'm happy. If there is something wrong going on with them. I wished they can overcome soon. Will Smith is my childhood idol ever since. Now are his kids are amazed... he makes my spirit increases. I just hated those who are criticizing the good people.. well even if they have something bad that not reveal.. that is their business. as long as they show you the goody side of them.
ALX (3 years ago)
Did he say ''she'' when he was talking about Bieber??
Kevin Da King (3 years ago)
innocent, good hearted kid
Ariana grande (3 years ago)
Hi jaden my name is arianna and that i sort of like you . Oh im a true girl and be true to who you are and be strong . If someone is being mean to you stick up for your self ok . Alright bye .
Tyler_ Lalonde- (2 years ago)
Your music is a joke when your whiter than eminem.
Liam Bennett (2 years ago)
TJ G (3 years ago)
He need to check his white privilege..oh wait.
Hugh Hefner (3 years ago)
there's a lot of weird motherfuckers in this world
Babyy Girl (3 years ago)
Awe Look At My Husband When He Was Iike I Been Thinking About You And You Know I Do That Was  So Sexy lmaoooo
Janice Lim (3 years ago)
I wonder if he's aware of how privileged he is & not take it for granted. I'm not a fan of Will Smith's kids yet.. but I'm hoping that I will be. I love that Willow & Jaden look so much like their dad. & I'm really hoping that as they get older, that they will take on movie roles that would have been a great fit for their dad too. I've always been a Will Smith fan. & I always will be~
Tommaso Urbisci (3 years ago)
I mean yeah I mean
Molly Rose (3 years ago)
To all of ya'll that're so sad that he's being "arrogant", it's not his job to be ya role model hun (:
nyyyankee (3 years ago)
Omg how arrogant And btw ur not hot or anything
A Gamer (10 months ago)
nyyyankee blah blah
nyyyankee (3 years ago)
she deleted her comments
funnierthanu1 (3 years ago)
Jealous much? I mean you did watch it out of your own volition
nyyyankee (3 years ago)
Yes Have you seen him with a guy?
nyyyankee (3 years ago)
tonyam187 Diaz (3 years ago)
He got no hood in him he is raised out in hollywood beverly hill boy thats what he is
chloe ann (2 years ago)
tonyam187 yah and..........he can't control that. He was born into the life he was born into. And if you look at everything he stands for now, he's using his privilege in a damn good way!
Black Confucius (3 years ago)
Ay he's black so he has to have good in him(sarcasm)
Rajan Allie (3 years ago)
+tonyam187 soooo whats your point...haha I wasn't aware everyone had to be from the hood. Stop making assumptions about someone you don't know bro.
chrisolani LDN (3 years ago)
Hes "arrogant" because he knows hes made it. He has accomplished so much for someone his age.
Jkk Jkkas (3 years ago)
we love u jaden!!!
Christopher Nettles (4 years ago)
Rich kid all the way, lucky him but I think he needs to be more humble 
Brook Fest (3 years ago)
@tre you dont understand a thing lol
Xolani Moon (3 years ago)
He is very humble. I think ppl are frustrated because he doesnt conform with society.
funnierthanu1 (3 years ago)
Just because his PARENTS are rich doesn't mean he has to be humble. He makes his own way just like his older brother and younger sister. They can't help what family they were born into
Jazz Boldene (4 years ago)
Jaden is so cute
King Poseidon (4 years ago)
"When I was very very young, like 2 years ago" lmfao
TEDDY (4 years ago)
Eww his voice
Miri M (3 years ago)
+Yaya Graham these bitches are mad because they think he sounds "white" They want him to talk like he grew up in the ghetto and shit
TEDDY (3 years ago)
+Machaiah Hill lol
MiMi Hill (3 years ago)
Ikr! But his face and body is ALL that matters 💕
Molly Rose (3 years ago)
I'd do anything to have him say my name out loud.
FutureXXD (4 years ago)
Dang. This kid is spoilt :/
ThatOneGirl (4 years ago)
He must be a really good actor because he acted like the boss in "karate kid" but in reality I think of him as a punk now.
Tim Bradley (4 years ago)
Not a Bieber fan but he sounded so arrogant when he said "he doesn't teach me anything anymore" At least Bieber has a good voice, this kid, he is famous because of Will.
A Gamer (10 months ago)
chloe ann exactly
chloe ann (2 years ago)
Treat1999 he's just saying Bieber doesn't teach him anymore. For example when your done with 3rd grade, you move on to 4th grade. It's not like your going to offend your 3rd grade teacher if you say she doesn't teach you any more.
Xolani Moon (3 years ago)
You clearly weren't listening. He said when he was younger jb taught him but he then took that knowledge to the next level so they work together.
funnierthanu1 (3 years ago)
He's not necessarily famous because of Will. He grew in HW because of Will but he often refused to be associated with his dad and his dad's fame just like his older brother and younger sister because they wanted to make their own way.
SEB guy (4 years ago)
Lol kie a cheerio
Mark Hall (4 years ago)
This kid can't act or sing , he gets air time because of his dad and that's period and pisses the kids off who have talent and struggle in life to make a living, actors and music producers also the rich and famous know he is clueless and if it wasn't for his dad they would of told him piss off.
Janice Lim (3 years ago)
Well said! :)
Spirited Away (4 years ago)
Jaden Smith is awesome. I mean, just because he got famous by his parents from being famous doesn't mean you all should automatically hate him. He does what makes him happy and what he enjoys doing. He might be the new version of Will Smith one day.. So stop hating on him! That's all you people ever do is hate! So he's gonna continue to do what he enjoys doing as a celebrate and nothing you all say will ever change that. So get over it. Stop hating. And stop getting jealous (obviously) ;) ♥ #TeamJadenSmith
Cristian Sanchez (4 years ago)
why the hate?
Noire (4 years ago)
His voice is really annoying
Alex Gelenian (4 years ago)
Ok there are things that need to be said: 1. If you say something in public knowing thousands or millions will hear you, and they call you out on it, it's not that they have nothing better to do, but t more that they think you are an idiot. 2. Only reason he got famous is cause of will. I have yet to see anything anywhere near decent come from this kid. I think he only did all right in karate kid. If anything his bestwas from Pursuit of Happiness, which let's admit he played well cause who cannot act like a kid that is young and wants different things. (Not trying to talk bad or anything of the real family(ies) that actually go through it). 3. I don't even think you know what the hell a real person would be like. Growing up from a famous parent and then becoming "famous" yourself, people will pretend to be friends to get crap from you....
Xolani Moon (3 years ago)
Lol his dad is over 40 and wasnt on jadens level at like 16. Dude..you're talking about a 16 year old kid...that was the point he made. You have nothing better to do, if you did, you'd be doing it lol
funnierthanu1 (3 years ago)
Exactly why you aren't famous and barely anyone knows who you are. Nice job buddy
cheese puffs (4 years ago)
And how do you know to what extent Will helped his kids out in?? Even IF he went above and beyond; just how old, exactly, do you think Jaden is...18?? the kid is only 15! he was like 13 in karate kid and way younger than that in pursuit of happiness. You expect him to go out there looking for movie gigs on his own?? The parents have to be HEAVILY involved!  No offense, but you're just some guy making assumptions. You know absolutely nothing about preparing a child to become an actor...
ThatOneGirl (4 years ago)
I would help them but not too much to where people would say they became famous because of me and everything was handed to them which is exactly what Will did with Jaden so you are completely right.
cheese puffs (4 years ago)
+Alex Gelenian  Well no shit he got famous 'cause of his dad. If you were famous and had kids, wouldn't you do everything you could to help your children be successful at whatever career they were trying to pursue?? I swear, everyone screaming "nepotism this, nepotism that" are a bunch of fkn hypocrites. If roles were reversed, they'd do the exact same shit to help their kids out... 
John Mettler (4 years ago)
haters are jealous
John Mettler (3 years ago)
M. (3 years ago)
+John Mettler " lol wut " lol what ...WHAT? it is just the TRUTH !!!
John Mettler (3 years ago)
lol wut
M. (3 years ago)
+John Mettler and youre just defending cause you probalbly think he is cute , if you didnt find him cute you probably would be calling him names right now !!!!
John Mettler (4 years ago)
me and jb and jaden are the clique
John Mettler (4 years ago)
i wanna be him you know?
John Mettler (4 years ago)
TheFlashHK (4 years ago)
what a bratty kid
"you know what i mean"
MVXII (4 years ago)
hes a fukn dumbass
cindy Broteza (4 years ago)
I am a Vietnam there you can tell me what to say Jaden smith
J Parker (4 years ago)
I like this big sean quote lol
22NiggaPlease (4 years ago)
Its safe to say some people have no life to be mad a jealous of someone you dont even know smh 
Heathen On The Track (4 years ago)
I bet ya this dudes asshole is nowhere near as tight as a cheerio. This dude is on the down low. Hes wearing a dress in his new music video too. Im talking no pants on, thighs all out dress. Another thing I notice is hes more like his mom and his sister is more like Will. 
Rajan Allie (3 years ago)
+Stephen Heath I guess ASAP and Kanye are gay too then? nah, it's really just a combo of fashion and not living with parameters.
Cam (3 years ago)
Yea I do "nigga" I hung around him a couple of times g it's a small ass world and I happen to kno or knew the kat. He chill g so don't go around sayin shit about a nigga when u happen to not kno him bruh
MiMi Hill (3 years ago)
Lol stop! He's still very cute tho
elibears54 (3 years ago)
+Cam no you dont nigga
Cam (4 years ago)
Can u stfu I kno this nigga, and chill as fuck bro
Millionaire Playboy (4 years ago)
dope dude
Mack Swans (4 years ago)
Jaden and I would get along I think . He looks up to gambino and Tyler!?!? No wonder he has so many haters he's being a teen just like the rest of us
Svendsen64 (4 years ago)
Envy is so easy to spot on Youtube. When people use the word gay on someone you know they hate the fact that someone is succesful and they are not. It's getting kind of old and obvious.
Ashmad Olayadiha (2 years ago)
Kennedy Beaton gay
Kennedy Beaton (2 years ago)
Svendsen64 you got that right
Ashmad Olayadiha (2 years ago)
Svendsen64 gay comment
Kjersti Flaa (4 years ago)
I totally agree with you. Hate on the Internet only reflects back on the person expressing it. Insecurities, lack of confidence and jealousy. Unfortunately I see that in the comment section in a lot of my interviews. But at this point I don't think people are paying any attention to it any more. It deserves no attention and thats why I have decided to also delete comments from people hating. Its ok to have an opinion, and not agree with other people - and to have a discussion about things, but stupidity and ignorance should only stay where it belongs - inside the heads and hearts of the haters. 
HexBux (4 years ago)
where is this young karate kid :D
Phanci Fox (4 years ago)
jaden your cool 
boss bro (4 years ago)
LMAO I hangout with my clique hahahahaha 😑no
Carol Walcott (4 years ago)
jaden u are very cute love u baby bye
Elizabeth Gutierrez (4 years ago)
He looks better with braids
darielle Holmes (4 years ago)
He looked better when he was younger
Ariel Ortiz (4 years ago)
he says some dumb shit lol this kid mak s me cringe. it's not that people have anything better to do, but when you make pathetic statements people will call you out.
Caden Snyder (4 years ago)
I think he was cool then, but now he seems like a dick.
Deyanira Herba (4 years ago)
Love baby ♡
Toy (4 years ago)
Where can i get this t shirt ?
Blacklight Retribution (4 years ago)
we have nothing better to do... BRO YOUR BROKE ASS NIGGA SHIT BE ALL UP IN THIS MUSIC SHIT BE LIKE im the coolest kid....... them girls be sipin on them juices nigga u gay?
TrillShvt (4 years ago)
This nigga GOT money. I don't know think he's all that either but one thing he's not is a broke nigga lol.
Axeinhollow (4 years ago)
Here kids we see a jealous dumbass 11 year old they are all over the internet its the most common site on the internet!!!!
Topsznxo (4 years ago)
Lol i dont think he's broke
gus garcia (4 years ago)
he ill never be like his dad  will its a pimp not like this lil punk
mr goodone (4 years ago)
Well guess wat he js
spazmonkey92 (4 years ago)
lol this made me laugh
gus garcia (4 years ago)
yeah sorry for send you that maybe your right about jaden 
Akira (4 years ago)
You didn't have to " ask me " to comment I still did though.
gus garcia (4 years ago)
i dont care what do you think i dint ask  you right!!!! don t comment 
Kalvin Reese (4 years ago)
This is a kid who has a lot of money, and fame, and deals with it in a mature way.
Amanda Smith (4 years ago)
Can I just say how much I can relate to him❤️ I love you Jaden you make me smile all day errday👅💦
Leo Glynn (4 years ago)
what a fool. He is such a douche bag, How did he come from Will?
chloe ann (2 years ago)
Leo Glynn how is he a douche? He's super mature. Explain. If you don't back up your hypothesis, you just look dumb.
Faze Ext (4 years ago)
how's he a douche
Sam Cane (4 years ago)
slater1ist (4 years ago)
What's Really Going On In HollyWeird? Part 3 the vid with him in weird clothes.  Like this is the clothes he wears on tours, but in private. HOllyWeird indeed.  I don't say much about Jaden because he was born into this celebrity world.
slater1ist (4 years ago)
They got pics of Jaden walking around in silky dresses (accompanied by pants).  I was floored. At first I saw pics of him and Justin Beibs asleep in a bed together. Now the dresses?  in the meanwhile there's tons of pics of his sister in suits. What's going on in the Smith family???
sarai cruz (4 years ago)
he started making songs about girls LOL
I'm a Dolly (4 years ago)
lol "they have nothing better to do". he's funny lol.
nhi vada (4 years ago)
love u much jaden...
Carlos Santiago (4 years ago)
He's a cool kid
Sorry but i just hate jadens voice
A Gamer (10 months ago)
AnotherAdnanJ exactly
Naebangz. xo (10 months ago)
MMF sqaud shi gettit up I mean like why?
Infusions (10 months ago)
Well now his voice is 🔥🔥🔥
Celestin Mbetchou (1 year ago)
This is really jealousy.
+AnotherAdnanJ Fuck u
Mirelli Sanchez (5 years ago)
Jaden smith Is so fine ;)
Lace (5 years ago)
MSFTS! (and i also like pizza... hot pizza :3)
theruthlessworm (5 years ago)
ruthless worm approves this is good :)
Cute Leo (5 years ago)

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