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Larnaca Beach || Beach of Cyprus || Hot & Warm || Best Bikini Beach for Holiday - Europe

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Hello friends, This video Larnaca Beach || Beach of Cyprus || Hot & Warm || Best Bikini Beach for Holiday - Europe is taking in the beach of larnaca city of beautiful island nation Cyprus. Larnaca is located on southern part of Cyprus. The beach is quite close to larnaca Marina and there are very fine dining restaurant nearby this beach. You can swim here. Swimming in this beach is perfect for beginners and for expert swimmer you can swim litter further out to the sea from the beach to get more deeper water. The beach is shallow types and fine Sandy. This larnaca / larnaka beach is perfect for family people with children, young and old couple on romantic honeymoon tour, or single travellers. We loved this beach. There were lots of tourist on the beach from different European countries specially country from north Europe and America. Hope you will like this vlog. Please don't forget to subscribe Naulosanchar and keep watching Naulosanchar. Thanks alot ... be happy.
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Shyam Pawar (2 months ago)
Which Country you belong?
Kiran Poojari Kiru (2 months ago)
Hii sister
Dharmendra Kumar (3 months ago)
Miss you baby
700rwhp (4 months ago)
Go to the nude beach area, we wanna see the hairy Greek women.
Anderson Tamayo Herrera (4 months ago)
que hermosa playa... Where is thas?
Naulo Sanchar (4 months ago)
It's larnaca , Cyprus
BWANA BWANA (4 months ago)
Naulo you are very pretty ! 😚
BWANA BWANA (4 months ago)
Naulo Sanchar , 😚
Naulo Sanchar (4 months ago)
BWANA BWANA (4 months ago)
Hi Naulo ! 😚
aarab bista (4 months ago)
Wow 😍
Deepak Kumar (4 months ago)

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